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Betty's Plight ©This is fiction; any resemblance to real people or places is coincidental. **************************************************************************** Betty jogged and walked the same paths every day. When she stopped to rest, it was always on the same bench in the same wooded area.

She never varied her regimen from day to day, week to week. One shocking day she found out what a mistake that was. She slowed to a stop at the top of the small hill. Her bench, as she called it was empty this time of day as usual. She was a forty-four year old divorc?

Jogging and her workouts paid off for her. Her legs, ass, whole body was tight and trim. Many male joggers admired he C cup tits as they bounced when as she ran by. Often one of them would turn their head and admire her trim ass and smooth muscular legs as she jogged past going the other way.

She sat on the bench puffing a little. She wiped the sweat from her brow with a bandana. Higher, in the brush above her a man checked his watch. "Right on time." He said to himself taking a cloth from a plastic bag. "Time to collect the prize." Betty nodded to one of the many homeless men that camped in the area. Most of them were harmless; she recognized this one as one of the many, who talked to space men.

Not taking any chances she watched him stroll out of sight. Thus occupied she was completely surprised when a big strong arm wrapped her chest and arm holding her tight.

Then a smelly cloth was held against her face and nose. She struggled then passed out. When Betty came to, she found was secured in a frame built of two by fours attached to posts set in the ground.

Thick brush surrounded the small clearing was a place homeless people occasionally used as a campsite.


Still groggy from what was used to knock her out I took a while for the woman to realize she was naked, and secured by broad nylon straps salvaged from dumpsters. The more aware she became of her strange surrounding the higher panic rose in her befuddled mind. She opened her mouth to scream. Before she could even squeak, the rolled up wad of her nylon panties was stuffed in her mouth. "We can't have that now," he said stuffing her panties in her mouth. Just to be sure, he covered her mouth with duct tape.

Fully aware now Betty rolled her eyes around in terror, taking in the gravity of her situation. The wooden frame she was strapped to hold her defenseless in a classic position for rape, on her back her legs spread wide in invitation. Her back was arched thrusting her breasts out, in easy reach of anyone who wished to use her.

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She struggled uselessly against the straps that held her. After Betty gave up fighting the straps, she got her first good look at her captor. He looked familiar but who he was escaped her at the time. He was a large heavyset young man of about thirty with a pleasant smile, shaven head, with tattoos covering his thick arms. Betty's abductor stood by her head holding his thick long hard dick. "Like it?" He grinned waving it over her face. "It's hard for you Betty." He laughed at her look of surprise.

"Oh yes I know who you are. I've been planning to grab you for a while now." She cringed and whimpered when he rubbed the pre cum slick pink cock head on her flushed face. "To bad you can't suck it." He said running his cock across her forehead.

"I'm sure you'd like it, I know I would." He sighed, "You still have two holes open I can use." She felt a stab of panic then she struggled harder. "You wouldn't be going through this if you'd just gone out with me when I asked .you." He remarked with regret." Betty remembered him then. Joe was a street thug who she suspected of selling drugs and running a ring of homeless thieves.

She had seen him hanging around the homeless shelter where she did volunteer work. He actually asked her out one time. He was very angry when she turned him down.

Joe fondled her breasts pinching her nipples. "Ya know your tits are better than I thought they would be," he said. He cupped them with large thick-fingered hands. He kissed and sucked on each one until her nipples pointed out proudly. "That's my girl," he said softly continuing to stroke her taunt belly and strong thighs, working his way down to her pussy.

He sniffed her thickly furred dark muff and smiled. "Nothing smells better than sweaty cunt!" He said, as if in rapture at her scent. Now he was standing between her open legs. Betty stared wide-eyed at his massive cock as he stroked it a few times. "Like it Betty?" He smiled, "It's hard just for you.

I know you'll like it. See how big and long it is?" He laid it on her quivering sweating belly. Then he ran his cock up and down through the thick thatch covering her pussy. "I like trimmed or shaved cunts better." He remarked, poking his long thick forefinger in her cunt. "We can take care of that later." He hooked his thumb in her asshole and wiggled a few times. He grinned then. "Oh Betty." He grinned.

That's tight! You've never been fucked in the ass?" He asked. She shook her head. "Good!" Joe said happily. "I can fix that too." Betty cringed. "I know you think it's too big to fit, but you'll stretch like your pussy did. After all you pushed babies out of your cunt." Betty moaned. "Oh, yes I know about them too." Joe chuckled. "Your daughter is ripe for fucking, but I like MILF'S better." He slipped two fingers in her cunt then hooked a huge thumb into her ass.

"Nice," he said. "You're tight in both holes like your friend Janice." She screamed a lot when I fucked her. That's why I gagged you." Betty jerked in shock. Janice disappeared two weeks ago.

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"Yes," Joe said. "I grabbed her two weeks or so ago. After I get enough money from her pussy, I'll sell her to my associates across town." He said. "She takes two dicks without screaming now." .Joe smeared lube on the head of his cock. "They'll keep her in place safe from the cops." He took another gob of lube, smeared it on her asshole then pushed some of it deep her ass, as deep as his finger could reach.

"I'm going to fuck you now sweetie. I'll be gentle going in, after that I'll fuck you hard, the way you should be." Betty was completely terrorized.


The man was a psychotic monster. "How many women and girls had he taken?" That thought disappeared when he slipped the head of his huge cock head past her folds.

Betty moaned with horror. The monster was raping her! She began struggling again. "Oh stop that!" he said slapping her tits hard. "So warm and so tight! I'm going to fuck the shit out of you whore!" It was a slow agonizing journey to her cervix. Betty whimpered deep in her throat as he pushed deeper and deeper into her pussy. He had little cock to spare when he bottomed out. "Just a little bit more love .You're deeper than I hoped." he crooned.

"When I fuck you you'll belong to me!" With a quick jerk, he was in her cunt to the balls. "Nice cunt Betty." He grinned… He started with long slow strokes that increased steadily until his pubic bone slapped against hers. His face was red and covered with sweat. Suddenly his face was twisted in anguish with a far away look in his eyes.

He mumbled incoherent things about a fuck pig.

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"I'm so sorry Mommy." He mumbled. Joe stopped suddenly and gripped the tube on the underside of his cock holding his cum in check. "I'm going to cum in your ass." He announced. Then he promptly jammed half of his thick cock in her virgin ass. Some of Betty's scream got past the gag. Tears of pain rolled down her flushed face. She fainted briefly when he brutally shoved the rest of his cock up her ass.

When she came to, he was still slamming his cock balls deep in her nether hole. Betty grunted each time his hips slapped hers. "Oh shit!" he exclaimed cumming for the second time in her ass. "Fuck you have a nice ass!" He pulled out then. "If you weren't gagged I'd have you clean up my dick whore. We'll do that next time. Joe zipped up his pants, patted her tits again.

"Nice tight ass whore, I was the first I to fuck you there. I thought you might have lied about that.

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"He said casually. "You're my whore now.

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I bagged you so you're mine" He grinned at that. "We're going to have lots of fun the next few days and weeks." He chuckled then. "After that, you're going to earn me some good bucks. When the Johns get tired of you I'll might sell you down south." He giggled. Her horrified expression made him laugh. "All women are really just whores looking for a dick." He laughed.

"When I grab them they belong to me and anybody who pays for them." Joe looked at her with absolute disdain. "All whores are chunks of meat to sell and use." He pulled out a knife and traced a line around her quivering breasts.

"I could cut these off if I wanted too. Not now." He paused as if in thought. "Don't piss me off and you'll keep them. You'll earn money for me for now." He said slapping her tits again leaving burses. "Be a good whore until I fuck you again." He turned his head listening to a sound in the bushes. "I hear the boys coming up the hill. See ya." He said in a jovial tone. He pulled the gag out of her mouth and laid it on her trembling belly before he slipped away through the bushes without a sound.

Shortly after he was gone, she heard voices coming through the brush. Their rank odor reached her before they did. Completely cowed she didn't make a sound. Three black homeless men she recognized from her work at the shelter pushed their way through the bushes. "Look at this!" The first one to see her exclaimed. "He did get a new one! Hey guys it's the uppity bitch from the center." She was embarrassed that these derelicts could see her exposed body.

Betty found her voice. "Untie me right now!" She demanded. That was definitely the wrong thing to say. "Would you listen to her?" One of them snorted. "If you'd asked nice we might've done that." She flushed with anger and snapped. "If you don't let me go I'll see you in jail." They looked at her and shook their heads. "No way, we ain't letting you go. The last guys who done that ended up floating in the river face down." He was fat and stank like a pile of garbage. "The boss leaves a fuck pig as a reward for good work once in a while." He smiled then.

"You'd best be horny because we're all going to fuck you." The three unkempt very dirty men stopped talking to ogle at her naked body. "Man! That's real piece of ass!" A tall skinny one said. "I get to fuck her first." Betty was stunned at his remark.

He poked a dirty finger deep in her cunt. Then he started dropping his pants. 'No you can't mean that." She protested looking at his long skinny dick. "You can't rape me. I won't allow it!" All three of them laughed.

"Not much you kin' do 'bout it now is there missy?" The third one said. "I get first crack at her." He said I've had to wait the last two times." The other two agreed grudgingly. They pulled their smelly cocks out and began rubbing them on her tits. The other one aimed his dirty cock at her defenseless cunt. "You need fuckin' just like all the broads he catches." His cock was already hard. He pushed it in her to the balls with a grunt "Yep." He said pausing, his long dick deep in Betty's cunt.

"That's some fine pussy." He started fucking her with long deep strokes. "Hey guys." He said to the others. "This one's the best yet." Betty wiggled and squirmed in the wooden frame. "All three of you are going to rape me?" She gasped. "You can't! Stop it! You dirty son of a bitch!" "Yep." He grinned. "I'm dirty and I stink. An'my mother was a bitch. "There are three of us now an' maybe a dozen more coming up the hill." He said grinning widely." All of us will fuck you afore night comes.

A fucking pig like you should have a good time." She started crying when he filled her pussy with cum.


The next dirty man slammed in her ass like there was no tomorrow. He fucked her hard and fast until her filled her ass with a load of thick white jizz Betty pleaded with the men during her gang rape. None of them listened to a word she said. Twenty-two of them used her pussy and ass before it was over.

Some of them came back for seconds. It was getting dark when all the hobos, drifters, and homeless men where sated, they notified Joe's men . Betty was all but comatose when they collected her and spirited her away to the bowls of the city . To be continued…?