Raunchy blonde slut lets a horny stud cum on her latex boots

Raunchy blonde slut lets a horny stud cum on her latex boots
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Vengeance 13 I woke up some Thursday morning at around noon. No class on Thursdays, nice little schedule quirk. My roommate was gone. Lunch? Class? I'd lived with the kid for almost two months and I had barely talked to him, let alone knew where he was most of the time.

He was a partier and a drinker, I was not. He went out, I didn't.

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He hooked up with random girls…do I even need to finish that? Way to go University Roommate Matching Surveys. Annoying as he was, he was gone most of the day and that gave me plenty of time to get work done. Sometimes too much time. I grabbed my shower stuff from my closet and threw on flip flops. It had been a few days, Wednesdays I went shower-free, don't ask me why, just an odd routine I had fallen into.

I set down my box of various cleansing products, stripped and stepped in. Puzzled, I wondered what the problem was. Aha, showers typically need water. I turned it as hot as it would go and stood off to the side until the spray reached a tolerable warmth. It was a tad early for me, even at noon. I heard the bathroom door open, that was a little suprising, most fell into the convention of eating lunch at this time. Even more suprising was when the outer curtain to my shower stall opened. Too stunned to speak, I just stood there against the wall away from the inner curtain staring at the silhouette of my intruder.

The outer curtain shut and the inner curtain opened.


I stared directly into the eyes of a fully clothed Ellie. "Um…there are at least two things wrong with this situation, my head isn't sure where to start…" She smiled, taking a good long look at my naked wet body. My cock began to stiffen. Never before had the roles been reversed; had I been the one in the more vulnerable position. She had on a tight pair of jeans, and one of her trademark white spaghetti string tank tops.

I started again, "You have class today, over a thousand miles from here…you're going to be late…" She smiled mischievously, "No I don't." I saw to the end and smiled, "You transferred…probably not here, engineering and science isn't really your thing, but to SPU…" she smiled a bit wider, "no…to State because you changed your major…human studies?" The smile dropped, "How the hell…?" "I know you Ellie, you can't keep secrets from me." She smiled again, "Close, Psychology with a concentration in…" she looked at my now hard cock, somewhat distracted, "in human sexuality." She grabbed my keys, "how about I go wait for you in your room?" I grabbed her wrist and pulled her into the shower with me, the warm water making her top instantly transparent.

I kissed her quick on the lips then turned her around, bound her wrists with the lanyard attached to the keychain and pushed her to her knees. My hands were on either side of her head pulling her towards my dick before she even knew what happened. I took total control of the blowjob, thrusting in and out while she wrapped her lips and took it like a good little girl. The sight of her tanned cleavage, her salacious lips, and the look in her eyes telling me she was loving every minute of it was too much.

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I came quickly, though strongly. I hadn't pleasured myself in a while so there was more than enough for her to enjoy. After the last spurt finished, I put my hand under her chin and shifted her face so she looked me in the eyes. "No swallowing until I say so." She nodded. She knelt there, soaked, and watched as I finished washing myself. When I cleaned off my cock and balls I saw a tinge of jealousy run through her eyes.

I turned the water off and got dressed. Putting my soap and shampoo back into my shower case, I started to walk out. "Mmmm," she moaned through the mouthful of cum, her eyes wide, her face red. She was still bound, she struggled against the lanyard, they keys jangled. So little material, so effective; her breasts shown through her soaked top clear as day, she would not be able to cover herself.

I lifted her tank top above her breasts so that there was nothing covering them. "I can take off your jeans and panties too. Still feel like complaining?" She shook her head. I left the top scrunched above her chest and led her towards the bathroom door. I peered into the hall before letting her out. Just because I wanted her mind to entertain the possibility of caught didn't mean I actually wanted to.

My room was only three doors down from the bathroom, it would be a quick, but terrifying walk for her. I walked at a medium pace, just slow enough to make her worry as she followed quickly behind.


Keying the door, I let us both in, she bounded quickly inside and let out a sigh of relief. She looked at me with a tight lipped smile, the red still present in her complexion, she'd enjoyed the rush. I undid the lanyard and tossed my keys off to the side. She immediately began peeling off her wet clothing. I hung her tank top and panties up on my towel rack to dry and tossed her jeans in my hamper.

Those would need a little help. "You may swallow now." She shut her eyes and seemed to gulp it down drop by drop.

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When she was finally done, she licked her lips and looked at me. "What am I going to wear? My classes don't start until Monday, and I'm too lazy to head back to my room." It was then that it hit me.

This was for real. She was closer, we'd be able to spend far more time together. The tortured phone calls, the yearning IM's…gone. I started to go grab some of my clothes for her, then got a better idea. Heading into the closet, I grabbed a duct tape sized roll of black bondage tape. She gave me a skeptical look. With a pair of scissor I began cutting it. One full width strip covered her pussy. A half width ran up her ass like a thong, and two small squares fit over her nipples.

All the "inappropriate" parts were covered. She studied herself in the full length mirror on the back of the door. She bounced her freed breasts and gave a little twirl. "Ha, I think I like it," she said. "No idea when you're roommate's gonna be back I suppose." I shook my head. "And its way too soon after our fun earlier…" she trailed off.

I walked up to her and kissed her on the forehead before pulling her close. "Just lay with me," I whispered. She nodded with her head against my chest, and we stood there for a moment longer before moving towards my bed. She climbed in and slid under the covers. She turned to her side, facing my desk. The bed doubled as a chair so it was only a few inches away. I crawled over her and slid in behind her. She rolled over to face me, her lips ever so lightly pressed against mine as we stared into each others eyes for the first time in what seemed like forever.

I ran my fingers slowly up and down her arm as I started to doze. We both woke up to the door being keyed and opened. Ellie slid a little deeper under the covers. "Hey man…whoa, sorry, I didn't know you had a chick in here…way to go dude!" I didn't answer my stoner roommate.

He never stayed long. Ellie rolled over so her back was to me. I pulled her closer and groped her under the blankets. My cock was hard again and pressed in between her ass cheeks.

My roommate sat down at his computer for a few minutes, then grabbed some things and left. Before shutting the door, he peered back in, "I'm partying then probably passing out at Steve's tonight man, if you find me unconscious in the hall drag me in, otherwise have some fun dude. Peace." As soon as I was sure he was gone, I tore off the covers and got up.

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Moving to the closet I got my box of toys. Ellie joined me in the middle of the room, waiting for me to do what I wanted with her. I thought for a moment, and set the box down, then pulling the tape off her body. She giggled and flinched when I ripped off the one covering her pussy.

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I moved behind her and kissed her neck before licking my way up to her lips. Kissing them slowly, sensuously, I cupped her breasts and guided the two of us to our knees. Pushing her over onto all fours, I began to tease her pussy with the head of my cock from behind. Rubbing myself in her wetness, running it up and down her lips.

She reached down to rub her clit, throwing her head back, and letting loose a moan of pleasure. One hand grabbed her hair, the other cupped her breast as I entered her. Shallow the first time, then deeper and deeper, working her up. Tightening my grip I started to work faster and faster as her fingers took tighter turns around her clit. Moving both hands to her breasts, I pinched her nipples hard as I continued to plow away at her pussy. I could feel her getting wetter and wetter and hear her getting louder and louder.

I was close too, but not as close as she. I wrapped my right hand around her face letting her suck my fingers. That somehow pushed her over the edge as she let out a loud grunt. I continued to go at her as she went through one long steady orgasm. I pulled out just ash she finished, and groped her breasts as she sighed happily and calmed down. When her breathing returned to normal, I flipped her around and laid her on her back on the floor.

"Lick my balls," I commanded kneeling over her, "I'm not sure where I want to cum yet." I lowered them towards her mouth and she sucked them in at once. I stayed there for a while letting my dick drape across her face, enjoying the pleasure as she eagerly licked away. Finally I decided, why go against what we both liked best? I pulled my balls out and pushed my dick in. The farther I went in, the more her eyes glazed over, she was really enjoying herself.

Unfortunately, with her laying on her back, the way her throat was I couldn't put it all the way in. I sat back on the futon as she rose to her knees. Immediately she pushed herself all the way down, my balls hanging against her chin. Smiling, I said, "Stay down there until I tell you." It would be torture, there was nothing she wanted more at that point than to drink my cum. We watched each other for several minutes, her brown eyes pleading, lips wrapped tight.

I ran my hands through her hair, over and over, each time she flinched, hoping Id take hold and take control. No such luck as I let her sit there deepthroating my cock for several more minutes.

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Finally… "make me cum." She pulled back until it was only my head in her mouth and started caressing my cock with her tongue while jerking me. It wasn't long at all before I came in spurts. She opened her mouth and let my dick rest on her tongue as stream after steam pelted her. She swallowed quickly and continued to polish my cock, trying to draw every last bit of cum out of me into her mouth.

My cock was less than half hard before she finally pulled her lips off of it. I rewarded her with a kiss as we both stood. We dressed, me in wind-pants and a T-shirt, she borrowed a knee length pair of polyester shorts and a T-shirt to put over her still damp tank top. We wandered out the door to find something to do.