Mey lazo muestra sus tetas

Mey lazo muestra sus tetas
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CHAPTER 5: STONES OF SEKENIG "My liege, I present Miss Kimber and her companion, Jonath," the servant announced. "Ah, you have come at last," said Duke Harold. He motioned to the regal looking woman sitting beside him, "This is my wife, the Duchess Olivia.

My dear, this is the clever young woman that located the fire stone for us, and I presume now has in her possession the other three." "Indeed," Kimber said, presenting the stones in outstretched hands.

"And I presume you have the payment we agreed upon." The Duke stood, came towards her and retrieved the stones. He examined them and nodded. "My man here will see to it. Take them to the treasury and give her the bag of gold I prepared, then see to it they are well stocked with provisions for their journey." He turned back from the servant to Kimber and said, "I thank you greatly.

You have done me a great service." "Pleasure doing business with you, as well," Kimber replied. The servant motioned for them to follow and led them out of the great hall. As they passed through the doorway, they could hear the Duke announce, "This is a momentous day! At long last, the four stones of Sekenig are reunited! Make ready the preparations!" - - - As they left the castle, Kimber giggled excitedly and embraced Jonath.

"We did it! We have a small fortune!" she said with a look of elation on her face that he hadn't seen except when his cock was inside her.

"How shall we celebrate?" he asked. "There's an inn at a crossroads to the south. Let us go, have a feast, drink as much wine as we can, then rent a bed and exhaust ourselves," she said, with eagerness evident in her voice. They set out southbound, but they did not make it all the way to the inn.

As dusk approached, Kimber pulled Jonath off the road and exclaimed, "I can't take it anymore! The gold in our bags is making my pussy drip down my legs. I need you inside me right now!" She damn near tore her clothes off, then impatiently helped him out of his armor until he was naked as well. She pulled him to the ground and he entered her body with his hard cock. She moaned and urged, "Harder, fuck me harder!" She thrashed wildly with excitement and desire, and soon Jonath's moans turned to a scream as he came inside her.

He didn't even pause, but continued to pound into her as she called out in pleasure louder and louder. Suddenly, her voice cut out mid scream.

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Her face turned from being twisted with the joys of fucking to an expression of worry. "Did he say stones of Sekenig?" "I. believe so," Jonath answered, halting his actions with his cock buried deep in her pussy. "Shit!" she exclaimed. "Get dressed, we have to go back. Shit!" "Wait, what?" he asked as she pushed him off and transformed into her cat shape. Then she went to their packs and tied the rope around them. "I said get that armor on!

We have to stop him," she said, and with no further explanation, scampered easily up the tree with the rope. She pulled the packs up behind her and secured them high up to a branch where they could not be seen from the ground.

She leaped to the ground and changed to the centaur. Jonath was barely finished securing his armor, and got on her back. She took off in a gallop immediately, heading back the way they had come. When the castle came in sight, Jonath said, "It looks like the portcullis is closed." "I need you to dismount without me stopping.

Do you see that tree branch?" Kimber asked. "Indeed I do," Jonath answered. She galloped directly underneath the tree, and Jonath raised his arms and caught the branch, pulling him off of Kimber as she continued on. Right away her body glowed and shifted, wings spread and horse legs vanished. Without losing any speed, she rose into the sky, high above the castle's wall, then dove down behind it.

Jonath dropped from the branch and ran towards the castle. He could hear screaming inside.


The portcullis opened and he ran under it, sword drawn. In the fading light, he could see Kimber attacking the guards, lunging at them with her snake tail and sinking large fangs into their flesh. So this was her reptilian form. He could see why the guards were afraid, though there was a certain deadly beauty and grace to it.

Another guard charged at her from behind, Jonath jumped in and parried with his blade, then struck a blow deep enough to take him out of the fight.

Kimber noticed that he had arrived and waved him forward, saying, "This way, come on!" "Are those men dead?" he asked while following her across the courtyard, more curious than sympathetic. "I only gave them a little venom. If they are lucky, they'll recover," she said.

Two more guards had stood their ground in front of the large double doors leading inside, rather than rushing out to fight. Kimber and Jonath took them out of commission easily. However, the door was barred from the inside. Kimber looked around for an alternate point of entry and spotted a window high above their heads. Her hand went to the medallion and her body glowed as she changed form yet again. She crouched low, then her powerful cat legs launched her into the air, and she landed gracefully on the window ledge.

She broke through the flimsy wooden shutters and jumped inside. Jonath could hear sounds of a skirmish inside, then the doors opened and Kimber said, "Inside, hurry!" They quickly passed through the antechamber into the great hall, and were met by a gruesome sight. The corpses of four young women hung from the ceiling, arranged in the shape of a square about fifteen feet to a side.

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Their ankles were shackled to the ends of three-foot-long iron bars, and they dangled upside down from chains connected to the shackles. Their hands were secured behind their backs and their hair had each been woven into a single braid, which now hung down from their necks. They had been stripped naked and skewered on pikes that had been pushed into their pussies, driven through their bodies, and out through their mouths. Beneath each one on the floor sat a bowl with one of the stones inside: fire, earth, water, and air, one for each girl.

Their blood ran down the pikes, dripped from the points down onto the stones, and collected in the bowls. It was only a slow trickle, but it was clear from the blood pooled in the bowls and spattered on the floor that they had suffered as their bodies drained.

The Duke stood off to the side chanting an incantation from a large book, with the Duchess next to him. "By the Gods!" Jonath said in horror.

"The virgin sacrifices," Kimber said, equally disturbed at the sight. "Stop! You've got to stop! You don't know what you're doing!" she shouted.

"Who let them in here? Guards! Seize them!" ordered the Duchess. The nearest guard rushed toward them, but fell to Jonath's blade. Just then, the Duke finished reading. Something stirred in the air in the area between the sacrificed girls. The other guards stopped and stared in awe as a tear opened out of nothingness, as if the very fabric of reality were ripped in two, and flames burst forth from it.

The Duke laughed joyously. "It worked! He is coming!" he shouted. "What is all this, what wickedness has the Duke brought upon us?" Jonath asked Kimber. "The lore is inconsistent, save for one thing: we're fucked.

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Be ready to fight," said Kimber, fear evident in her voice. A form rose and stepped forth from the tear that could only be described as a demon. It was like a man, but twenty feet tall, and antlers on his head like a stag's, which added another four feet of height.

His skin was bright red, his long hair and long, thick beard were black. His feet resembled that of some sort of giant lizard, and his cock was both thick as a tree trunk and hanging out for all to see.

"The mortal world is again open to us! Come, my minions!" the demon bellowed. Its voice grated on the ears, somehow existing simultaneously in a low, deep register and a high, screeching one. The Duke set his book down on a podium and stepped forward, toward the demon. He called out, "Oh Great Lord of desires, it is I, Duke Harold, who has freed you. I beseech you, grant my most fervent wish, to unify all the kingdoms of this continent together under my rule!" "That idiot.

Fucking lunatic," Kimber hissed. "Get ready to throw a sword to me." Jonath nodded and picked up the guard's sword. Kimber leapt onto a tapestry hanging on the wall behind them and climbed to its top, leaving claw marks behind in the delicate design. "A human, make demands of me? Begone, pest!" replied the demon, with a dismissive wave of his hand.

The Duke instantly burst in flames. His screams didn't last long, but the Duchess's screams continued as her husband was reduced to smoldering ash on the floor. "Sword!" Kimber called. She was now facing out from the wall, crouching against it, holding onto the tapestry with her left hand behind her, her right arm held out waiting for the weapon. Jonath held the sword with the blade pointed down and hefted it straight up into the air. Kimber caught it and immediately sprang from the wall, her left hand swinging around to touch the medallion.

Within moments, she was soaring across the hall on her wings, sword aimed forward towards the demon, screaming a battle cry. That cry was cut short as her flight came to a sudden halt. She lost her grip on the sword and it continued on, falling uselessly to the ground ahead of her, as she was dragged down by something that had taken hold of her legs. Bright yellow tentacles came into view and grabbed her arms as well, and she could also feel them roughly clutching her wings.

They held her in the air, several feet off the ground. She looked down to their source, and saw a new type of demon staring up at her. This one was only five feet tall, all yellow like its tentacles, which it bore in two clusters where its arms should have been. Its legs where stranger still, four of them, placed at right angles to each other.

These tentacles were round, with no suckers, but they showed similar interests to the squid as they ripped Kimber's feathered clothing off her body and coiled around her breasts, squeezing them tightly. Kimber realized their shape actually reminded her of cocks, albeit very long and very nimble cocks.

She looked around the room at the growing mayhem. The tentacle creature was the least of her worries, she had lost her chance to strike against the great and terrible dark lord. She spotted the Duchess, still screaming, but no longer over the death of the Duke.

Rather, another of the yellow demons had hoisted her into the air on its tentacles and was just finishing ripping her fine dress to shreds, exposing her naked body. Kimber felt a tentacle push against her pussy. She knew what was coming, and tried to suppress her moan as it entered her, reaching deep up inside.

Shadows filled the air as another type of creature started appearing. These at first glance resembled large, violet-colored bats. As they drew closer, however, it could be seen that they possessed the visage of beautiful unclothed women, with slender legs and bodies, hairless pussies, utterly gigantic breasts, and aside from the large pointed ears and mouth full of fangs, faces most fair indeed.

Rather than separate arms and wings, they were one and the same, extending another arm's length past their clawed hands. The wing membrane stretched from there down to their ankles, and between their legs as well, connected to a long tail.

They swooped low, attacking the guards that remained in the hall. Jonath raised his sword to strike as one headed his way. He swung the blade as she came near, but she caught it bare-handed, and then plowed into him, knocking him to the ground on his back.

He watched as the skin of the wings shrank inwards, reducing to much smaller webbing hanging from her arms. They were now insufficient for flight but gained her free movement of her legs, which she used to full advantage as she straddled his body. She tossed the sword away and swiped at Jonath with her hands, claws slicing through the armor like it was nothing, tearing away as his protection until his cock was exposed. It stood quite erect, somehow having failed to receive the message that the impossibly hot naked girl sitting atop him was part of the vanguard of a demon invasion force.

The she-bat lifted herself up, moved forward, and then lowered herself onto his rod, letting it slowly enter her pussy. Jonath moaned as he entered her, it was warm, very wet, and the tightest pussy he'd ever felt. She sank down all the way, completely engulfing his cock within her. She started moving up and down, riding him, fucking him.

The sensation was incredible. Some last vestige of reason spurred Jonath to try to push her away, but all he got were handfuls of soft breasts that didn't sag the least bit despite their inhuman size. He squeezed them, with arousal overpowering fear and all notions of not enjoying this slipping away.

Kimber had long since lost that same battle. She continued to moan and yell in primal enjoyment as the long tentacle plunged in and out of her pussy, pounding deep up into her. Her pleasure had only increased when another had invaded her asshole. They fucked her together, filling her pussy to its limit and stuffing her ass equally as far. She had lost the ability to care what source it came from if her body could feel such ecstasy.

The tentacles grasping her breasts and wings treated them roughly, but the discomfort oddly only intensified the sensations filling her.

She could feel a powerful orgasm building inside her, and urged it on, desperate for its release and as many more as the yellow monster could create in her. In between his own moans of pleasure, Jonath could hear similar moans from the Duke's guards, all of whom had also fallen and were being fucked by the she-bat demons. One of the guards was nearby, just a few yards away. The pitch of his moans increased, indicating that the release of his load was imminent. Then he screamed, but it was a scream of great pain rather than of orgasm.

Jonath watched in horror as the demon female rose up on her knees, and he could see that her vagina was filled with triangular teeth! His eyes drifted down to the helpless guard, and where his cock should have been there was only blood. Then the demon's pussy opened wide, and a tendril launched forth from her clitoris and wrapped around the man's testicles. She lowered herself once more, as the tendril pulled them inside her fanged cunt. The guard screamed with renewed vigor as his balls were separated from his body, bitten off and swallowed by the demonic snatch.

"By the Gods!" Jonath swore. He began to hear more cries of pain from the other guards, and realized how incredibly fucked he was. The only thing sparing him so far was the romp he'd just had with Kimber, he had blown his wad then and it was delaying his orgasm now, but not by much.

He would succumb soon. However, he had another advantage these guards did not: he was an archer. He moved his hand down to his waist and withdrew several arrows from his quiver. He clutched one in each hand, pointing downward from his fists, then reached up and stabbed them into the demon's breasts, directly through her dark nipples. The monster roared in pain, and Jonath moved his hands to the backs of the arrows and pushed them in even deeper. He grabbed two more arrows, then rose up and drove one into the creature's throat, and the other into her head through the bottom of her jaw.

Though not yet fully dead, the demon fell limp and Jonath shoved her to the side, freeing himself. He retrieved his sword and scanned the room, looking for Kimber. The great demon lord still stood in the center of the room, apparently enjoying the chaos around him. Jonath spotted the Duchess, naked and held aloft by a demon creature that was raping her as she struggled and screamed in fear.

Then he saw another of the same, this one with Kimber in is clutches, and she was definitely enjoying the fucking it was inflicting on her.

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"Kimber!" he shouted as he began running towards her. He could hear her moaning now, he knew from the sound that her climax was nearly upon her. He raised his sword, preparing to strike the demon down as soon as it was within reach. He was too late. The very instant before she would have cum, a multitude of sharp spines popped out along the full length and circumference of every tentacle.

They stabbed into her along her arms, her legs, her wings, her breasts, and deep up inside her pussy and ass. Jonath could even see a few protruding out of her skin from within her, just above the entrance to her pussy. She screeched in agony at the top of her lungs.

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"No!" he cried as his sword struck, beheading the vile creature. The strong tentacles fell limp, and Kimber crashed to the ground on her back. Jonath ran to her and knelt beside her. She moaned in impossible agony, blood draining from her wounds, and almost pouring out around the tentacles in her holes.

"Kimber!" he again said, watching helplessly as she suffered. "Kill. me." she somehow managed to say. "What? No! I. I can't!" he protested. "Can't survive this," she said. "Dead anyway. All of us. Put me out. of misery. Please! Please, kill me. kill me." She began sobbing, occasionally moaning out those two words again. Jonath froze, at a total loss of what to do. Was this really how it ended?

Suddenly it registered on him that her medallion was glowing, just like in Princess Rowena's tower, only even brighter this time. The center circle, always blank before, had developed an animal symbol of its own. It resembled the cat head silhouette, but with the addition of a snout extending from the bottom of the face. He nervously reached out his hand, extended two fingers, and pressed them to the new shape.

Nothing happened. Of course, it would only work for her. He looked to the spined tentacle holding her arm, starting at her wrist and wrapping around it all the way to her shoulder. He used his sword to sever it at her wrist, and again at her elbow, restoring mobility to the arm. He took her hand, gingerly pulled it to the medallion, and touched her fingers to the center.

The bright flash of energy forced him to shield his eyes with his arms. When he lowered them again, Kimber was gone. So were the tentacles. He stared in disbelief at the empty floor for a moment, then felt a presence looming over him. He raised his head to look up, and gasped. Kimber hovered in the air some ten feet above, her body completely healed of the wounds the spines had inflicted. She was wearing a white jacket of sorts, with wide sleeves that hung down from her arms, and a bright red pleated skirt that hung from above her waist down to her ankles, with white stockings and sandals on her feet.

The jacket was tight across her large breasts, rating in size between those of her cat and mermaid forms. Her long hair was reddish-orange, with pointed furry ears tipped in back. On her rear were several bushy tails with white tips. A fox, she has become a fox. A fox with. at least seven tails, perhaps as many as ten. They were difficult to count. Her eyes glowed bright white. She pointed a finger at the demon lord and announced, with a voice that echoed upon itself, "You do not belong in this world.

Return to whence you came." The great demon turned towards her and laughed, a slow, wicked chuckle. "You have great magic in you, but nothing close to what you'd need to stand against me," he said. "I don't have to defeat you in combat," Kimber said. She held up her hands, and a metal spike appeared in each one with a puff of smoke.

She flicked her wrists, and the spikes revealed themselves to be bladed folding fans. She drew her arms back and then threw the fans forward. They spun through the air and sliced through the chains that the sacrificed girls hung from, then embedded themselves in the opposite wall and finally disappeared with another puff of smoke. The girls, however, did not fall.

They stayed suspended in mid air, held in place by an invisible force. Kimber was still holding her arms forward from releasing the fans. Then she raised them up, and said, "I just have to close the gate." The great demon finally caught on. "No! Stop her!" he ordered. Kimber thrust her arms down.

The sacrifices followed suit, falling much faster than they should have from that height. The points of the pikes that had been each girl's savage death impacted into the stones, breaking each one into several pieces.

"Noooo!" the demon roared, as the tear that had admitted him to the castle began to waiver, and a strong wind started blowing into it. Jonath could hear the wind, felt it against his skin and through his hair, but it applied no force against his body. He got up off his knees and stood his ground with no effort at all.

Kimber was similarly unaffected, only her hair and clothing were caught by the wind, and it looked both dramatic and beautiful. The demons, however, were entirely affected by the wind. The she-bat demons were sucked in, leaving behind the guards they had castrated, all of whom were already dead or close to it due to blood loss.

The corpse of the tentacle creature that had brutalized Kimber, missing both its head and its tentacles, was sucked in next. The other tentacle creature was hanging on with its tentacles to both a stone pillar and to the Duchess, whose body hung limp in the spiny tentacles. She had clearly succumbed to pleasure at some point despite her putting up more of a fight. Another metal fan, summoned by Kimber, flew through the air and sliced the tentacles off the demon.

The Duchess fell to the floor as the demon was pulled into the closing tear. Only the great lord remained, at first holding his own against the gale, but finally he too was drawn in with one final howl of "Nooooo!" As he vanished into the void, the tear sealed itself and disappeared.

Jonath stared in amazement, then turned towards Kimber and asked, "Are you alright? That was quite a display." Kimber sank through the air slowly until she reached the floor in front of him, and said, "The magical energies that saturated this place and allowed the nine-tailed fox to emerge are beginning to disperse." Then she closed her eyes and tilted her head forward, as if concentrating on something.

When she reopened them, they had ceased glowing, revealing them to be brown with golden flecks. She grinned widely and spoke again, but no longer with an echo. "So if you want to fuck me like this we need to do it now." Jonath immediately realized that his cock was still swinging free, having been exposed by the she-bat demon, and was currently very erect. Although given their history together, Kimber didn't need to see that to know that he certainly would like to become intimate with her newest incarnation.

He returned the smile and said, "Perhaps we should find a bed, then." "Yes, good idea," Kimber replied. She took hold of Jonath's hard cock and he felt the floor fall away as she levitated both of them. They moved through the air towards the wall, but passed right through it, and continued on through several more of the castle's walls until they reached an opulent bedroom that could only have belonged to the Duke and Duchess themselves.

Still hovering above the floor, Kimber made a motion with her free hand and Jonath's armor and clothing passed through his body and crashed on the floor below.

He looked down and noticed that the damage to it had been magically repaired as well. She motioned again and her own clothing fell away and drifted to the floor. Jonath reached his hand behind her head and pulled it to his own, their lips meeting in a fierce kiss. His hand moved up the back of her head to her fox ears, and began stroking and fondling them, while his other hand moved to her breasts to do the same. She guided his hard cock into her dripping pussy and they started thrusting against each other, plunging his rod in and out of her fuck tunnel while they moaned into each other's mouths.

Kimber broke the kiss as her head went back, her back arching in pleasure. Jonath leaned in and set his mouth to work on her breasts, licking and sucking them while squeezing them gently with both hands. As he teased her nipple between his lips, his hands ventured around to her back, and then down to her large set of tails. He stroked his hands along their soft and fluffy lengths, moving them from tail to tail, trying to pet all nine of them in turn. Kimber squealed in delight. He pulled his dick out of her and moved around behind her, both of them still floating in the air, over the large, plush bed now.

Kimber pulled her legs forward to expose her pussy towards her rear, and Jonath grabbed her hips and plunged his manhood back into it, pushing deep and hard.

The furry mass of tails moved against his chest now, he couldn't even see Kimber beneath them, though her could hear her moaning just fine. As he thrust over and over into her, he pushed his face into them and felt them stroke against it. He groaned long and loud as he came and unleashed his seed into the depths of her cunt. This put Kimber over the edge as well, and she screamed out her own orgasm as her muscles squeezed against his cock.


Jonath pulled free of Kimber and contemplated his next move. He was still hard and didn't want to change positions again. He pressed his member to her tight asshole. "Yes! Yes, do it!" Kimber urged. He pushed hard into her rear passage as they moaned together, and then began ramming her hard.

He leaned in close against her back, trapping a few tails between them while the others splayed to the sides, surrounding his body with orange fur. He reached forward and grabbed her hair, then gently pulled it back, forcing her head up. He reached with his other hand and ran his fingers over her ears.

"Ohhhhhh, fuck me, all of me! All that I am is yours!" Kimber said as her fingers went to her clitoris and rubbed it furiously. Her moans reached a crescendo as she came again, and as her ass tightened around Jonath's cock, so did he. Finally satisfied, he pulled himself around to Kimber's front side again and resumed kissing her, with one hand on her ears and the other buried in the midst of her tails.

Their bodies, tight against each other, slowly sank down, coming to rest on the plush bed with Jonath underneath Kimber.

With a quick flash of light, her fox features vanished and she was again fully human, and still quite naked, since in her hurry earlier she hadn't bothered getting dressed again. She moaned softly as they continued to kiss, then nestled her head against Jonath's shoulder.

"In the morning, let's find a cart and get some horses from the castle stables," Kimber began. "Then we raid the Duke's treasury, his pantry, his wine stores, and his library, including the book that got left behind in the great hall. I know a place where such dark knowledge will be kept safe. We'll quickly retrieve our things from that tree and be away from this place." "That sounds like an excellent idea," Jonath replied.

"So do you have any more mad quests for us to pursue that will end in disaster?" he asked teasingly. "I'm sure something will turn up," she said with a smile. THE END - - - © the Perv Otaku, 2015 This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivatives 4.0 International License.