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Nude teen boys hairy cock movies and small boy fuck with teen video
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This is the second story of mine about my first sexual experiences taking place at boys schools. I left prep school at 13, already taller and more toned than most of the other boys my age. I still didn't have any pubic hair but I knew that my dick was larger than most, having spent time in the communal showers up to the age of 13.

I joined a well-known public school, and moved into a house with ten other boys my age. I was immediately curious on my first day as to who would also be on my corridor, as we all had individual rooms. The room directly opposite mine, as I could see from the name card on the door, was being moved-into by a young guy my age called Freddie.


At this stage I didn't know what he looked like as I had never met him, so I remained intrigued to find out. Sure enough I met him that evening, and I was surprised. Surprised at myself, as I never thought I would have feelings or 'fancy' another boy, however Freddie was a different story. He was smaller than me but not short, tanned skin with green eyes and a smile that would make anyone melt.

He had an incredibly handsome boyish face with strong cheekbones and jawline, and seemed to be the definition of the word 'cute'.

It was obvious that he even caught the eye of some of the older boys. Being in opposite rooms, I got to know him very well.


He (and I) were both quite shy, however as the first few weeks of term passed we both came out of our shells. I can't quite remember how anything between us started precisely, however I know that I spent as much time as possible in his room in the evenings talking, and a fair bit popping across the corridor to see him after we were supposed to be in bed.avoiding the watchful patrols of the housemaster.

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One night I came into Fred's room in my dressing gown, while he was lying in bed. I knew I fancied him and was fuelled by my experience at prep school (Story 1), so I wasn't too nervous when I asked him to play a game where I would 'test' him. My cover, for fear of him telling other people about me was that it was a joke and I would see how far I could run my hand up his leg without him flinching.

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At first Freddie didn't sound like he wanted to but I continued to laugh it off and just went for it. He was lying on his front in some pyjama bottoms, and I started at his ankle and made my way slowly up his thigh, and gently rested on his firm young bum cheek.

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My dick at this stage had grown and I had a full erection, however my hand rested on Fred's bum a little too long and he became uncomfortable, asking if I was gay etc and pushed my hand off him.

I again tried my best to laugh it off, saying it was only a joke. The next night I was in his room again, and over the course of a few days Freddie seemed to become more accepting of what was happening.we were both young and only fooling around. I specifically remember one night however, I came into his room and tried to talk to him but he sounded half-asleep. I pushed my hand under his duvet, and as he was lying on his front I pressed my hand against his hips, hoping he would sleepily make-way for it.

Unbelievably, Freddie raised his bum up and let my hand slide in underneath. My heart was pounding, he then lowered himself down and I felt his small 13 year old dick press into my palm. It quickly hardened, sticking out no more than an adult's thumb. Even though my hand wasn't able to move much, I kept it still, as Freddie pretended to be asleep. After about thirty seconds he said 'right thats enough'.and I left grinning to myself, I walked back to my room with my dick in my hand.

That night I came harder than I had ever done before.

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It wasn't until the week after that I thought I would try anything again, as with each day I fancied him more and more. I entered his room when it was dark, and he was only in his boxers.

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His hairless tanned body was standing there before me, and I again in the same joking manner said he should take his boxers off. He refused, but said he would if I took down my pyjamas. At this point I got the impression that he was curious about a lot of things, especially sexuality, and wanted to know (like most boys would at that age) if he was normal, so would use the opportunity with me there to find out more.

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I, embarrassed as my dick was hard, dropped my trousers. As I was more developed, my dick was a lot bigger than his and his eyes widened as he saw. At first he thought it was 'weird and gay' that I was hard, but seemed to be curious as he came up to me and grabbed my dick with his hand. Mine wasn't circumcised, a normality in England, so he watched as he pulled the foreskin over the head of my hard dick and back up again.

I stood there stunned, I was experiencing pure pleasure as this boy jerked me off. Suddenly, as I looked up to the ceiling in pleasure, I was shocked as I felt a warm feeling over my balls.

Fred had opened his mouth and let them drop in, the feeling was unbelievable!


He quickly stopped when I looked down and giggled to himself, and seemingly embarrassed he said that he was going to go to sleep now. I was disappointed but didn't want to ruin things by pushing him so I said ok, my dick still pointing to the ceiling. As Fred got into bed, he pulled down his little boxers and flashed me while giggling.

I had the image of his small circumcised dick on my mind as I made myself come that night. (Part 2 to follow)

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