Big tit brunette milf comes home to find college boy in her bed

Big tit brunette milf comes home to find college boy in her bed
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Phil made his way briskly along the dark street, hands plunged deep into his pockets against the harsh wind. On the cusp of his thirty-fifth year, Phil was still an attractive man, at 5'10 and broad-shouldered. His brown hair framed a face that was only slightly beginning to show the wear of years of manual labour.

It'd now been three years since he'd first spotted Sadie during a hazy stag night out with his builder mates. Something about the way her glossy lips shone that night and her flirtatious nature trapped him right there. A few drinks later and they were sharing an impatient fumbling taxi ride back to his place.

She inevitably stayed the night at his, and somehow, Phil was never quite sure how, but she'd never really left. Brief visits over to his turned into longer visits and then, even without it really being discussed or agreed upon, she was moving her stuff in.

Normally Phil would've objected quite vigorously to this turn of events. He'd been an enthusiastic bachelor for as long as he could remember, and it wasn't in his style to just let a casual fling turn into something more permanent.

But Sadie could cook, the sex had been explosive to start with, and, most importantly, she brought Kiara with her. Kiara was Sadie's thirteen year old daughter and ever since the first day she'd wandered shyly into Phil's place, a rucksack of her meagre belongings on her back, suddenly something in the whole crazy set-up made sense.

Her ash blonde hair bounced off of her shoulders as she walked, her stunning turquoise eyes shining brightly whenever she smiled. She had soft, slightly tanned clear skin and Phil couldn't help wondering where she'd inherited her curvy toned body and ample breasts from. All of that was now a few years ago, and although Phil had no problem playing the dutiful stepfather, he did notice his feelings gradually changing towards the teenage girl.

As the relationship with her mother inevitably became ever more turbulent, and his lust for her waned dramatically, his appreciation for Kiara rocketed. By now she'd grown a couple of inches taller, become more confident in her attitude and her chest was quickly filling out to a 34D cup size.

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{Phil was pretty sure she hadn't noticed his long lingering glances at her when she stepped unsuspecting from the bathroom in just a towel, her burgeoning soft cleavage on show, her voice tinkling as she greeted him good morning.

He'd often lie awake in bed at night, picturing himself in the next room lying beside the sexy girl instead. What he wouldn't give to sneak out from next to her frumpy mother and slip under her covers next to her, feeling her firm young body against his. Not only were Phil's intentions spiralling out of his own control, there was also now Jake to consider. Jake was Kiara's new boyfriend, and had been for the last few weeks.

Phil knew it was only something adolescent and experimental between them, but some strange bitter jealousy seemed to grip him whenever she brought him up, or talked about meeting him, with that misty far-away look in her eye.

Sadie positively encouraged her nubile young daughter's new relationship, but Phil was trying to exorcise his power to stop things from getting 'out of hand'. He knew that the pair was probably up to all sorts whilst they were around at Jake's place and it drove him mad.

Whenever the subject was touched upon, the usually conservative Phil suddenly became incredibly moralistic and up-tight, often dropping heavy hints to the young girl about the dangers of sex before marriage and pregnancy, practically lecturing her about it. This week Phil had been left in charge of everything at home. Sadie had announced last Friday that she was off to her sister's for the week: Something she generally did when she needed 'space' from the relationship and its heated arguments.

Ever since her departure, he'd been spending his evenings after work out in the pub, drinking himself stupid and grabbing take away dinners for him and Kiara before coming home. Tonight though there was no stopping off for food. Phil staggered on with large but unsteady strides towards his home, angry intention gleaming in his blue eyes. He still wore his grubby overalls and button-up casual shirt from work, his cuffs still open from the pub.

He turned up the path and raced up to the front door, extracting a fist to punch down on the door-handle. The early spring evening was freezing, yet his cheeks were practically glowing. "Kiara!" he barked out, slightly slurred. Kicking his work boots off, he ran up the stairs, taking them two at a time.

He thumped on her door, then unceremoniously pushed it open, coming in and breathing hard. "You in here?" He looked blearily in and there she was, sitting up in her bed, her clear eyes skimming over a book resting on her knees. She was already changed for bed, in a long t shirt, blue push up bra and matching lace panties with short white Cotton shorts. She turned her head and found herself looking up at his hulking figure standing in the doorway.

His body shifted unsteadily to one side in his drunken state and she noticed his unclear speech. She put down the book she'd so comfortably been reading and looked up. "Yes Phil?" she asked pleasantly. She'd never been able to call him dad like her mum had requested her to, it just sounded too weird to her.

He came in and shut the door firmly. He stumbled clumsily over to the bed and shifted the book from her lap, leaning over the bed and grabbing her chin, angling her face up to look at him. "Do you know where I've just been huh?" He was talking fast, his eyes glaring at her. "And who I've just been talking too hmm?" he put a knee up on the bed, giving himself more leverage as he grasped some of her hair with the other hand.

She cried out in shock as he touched her and pushed her face up to his, forcing her to engulf the horrible stench of whiskey and beer up her nose.


She tried desperately to pull away, but he held her fast. "No. Where?" she asked, scared. She was curious as to why it should involve her at all. It didn't seem much like him to treat her like this. Apart from the silly lectures about sex he was generally kind to her, and he never came into her room after he'd been drinking. By now the smell of alcohol was making her gag and she wrinkled her nose, trying not to breathe too deeply.

She managed to jerk her head to the side but he twisted her back to face him. "Look at me!" he knelt up properly on her bed now, breathing and trying to gather his swimming thoughts. "I was at the club. And. I happened to bump into Sean O'Neil." There was no real reaction from her, but he grinned anyway. "Ahhh, I thought that would make you start. Yep, Jake's Dad. And you know what he was telling everyone in there huh?

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He was telling us all, how, when you get yourself around there, you spend the whole time up in his son's room doing Christ knows what with each other!" his fury began to boil over again and his voice cracked slightly as he shouted. "Your mum didn't leave me in charge here for you to turn into some kind of slut. How am I meant to tell her that her little girl's been whoring herself out the minute her back's turned then hmm?" he took a breather from his diatribe.

"Well?!" She was shocked. It was true that she spent time up in Jakes room but the most they'd done was kissing and a little awkward fumbling. She had told him she wanted to wait a little bit for sex even though Jake had suggested it a few times. She shook her head at Phil in disbelief, that her boyfriend's dad could possibly tell such tales about her. The thought hurt and tears started to glisten in her eyes at the horrible words Phil was now calling her.

"But I-I didn't! I'm still a virgin, I promise, I promise we only kissed!" she begged. Her desperate pleas didn't seem to be having any affect, but she was desperate to defend herself and tell the truth. She shut her eyes tightly, the tears beginning to fall freely down her cheeks.

The crying didn't deter him one bit, and he shifted his legs to place them either side of her, moving his hands to her shoulders, harshly rattling her. Her book fell to the floor as he shouted more loudly, spitting drops of alcohol out. "Bullshit! Now you're lying to me!

I know what you get up to in there." he fumbled for her wrist and grabbed it, slapping her fingers over his crotch. "Don't cry at me.

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I'm so disappointed in you Kiara. You like cock though do you huh? Had plenty of fun with Jake's cock have you hmmm?" She tensed up as soon as he pressed her hand into his crotch and pulled it away within seconds of realising where it was.

He held her face still, his eyes on fire, his voice still having a deep growl in it. She cried harder, shaking her head as she tried to make words into a sentence, desperate to convince him it never happened. But the words simply vanished as he continued to shake her back and forth. Her voice was choked up and cracked as she begged through her sobs.

"P-Please Phil, I didn't! I-I didn't do anything I swear!" She suddenly wanted to scream out for her mum to come and rescue her from this horrid situation. But right then her mum was miles away up the other end of the country and it was just the two of them there, alone in the house. She looked up at him and then lurched backwards, trying to scramble away from him.

He darted after her but his movements were jerky and he only managed to collapse on top of her, pressing her small frame hard down into her mattress. He licked his dry lips as he wrenched down his fly and fished his cock out, growing harder by the second. "Oh really," he spat incredulously.

"Virgin are you? Sweet little virgin are you Kiara. Never even sucked a cock I bet." he laughed drunkenly, crawling up her body and slapping his cock against one cheek, then the other. He saw her glistening tears and chuckled through his teeth. "Suck!" he bellowed. "Go on! It's not your boyfriend's but you can still show me how good you are can't you babe." She shook her head and kept her mouth shut tightly, trying with all her might to pull away as she felt his rigid cock slap her face.

She yelped at the sudden contact, thinking how this was certainly not how she saw her day ending. His offensive name-calling was stinging her and forcing more tears to stream out down her cheeks. The eight inch cock loomed large in front of her face and her eyes widened. "I-I don't want to.!" she sniffled out, her crying making her words indistinct. As soon as she realised she'd opened her mouth to talk, she shut it again. His reactions were slowed by the drink and he couldn't push forward quickly enough.

By the time he did, his cock just nudged at her closed lips. He leered down at her, becoming impatient. He planted a finger and thumb over her nose and clamped it shut. His other hand tugged at her chin to force her unwilling lips back open. "Come on! My cock not good enough for your mouth?

You don't mind choking yourself on the whole of his though do you!" The accusations continued to rain down on her, his force getting greater, his stiff cock now starting to squeeze between her lips into her defenceless mouth. She sobbed harder and looked up at him beseechingly. Why couldn't he just leave her alone to cry herself to sleep?

She didn't want any of this. He should be doing this kind of thing to her mother, but not her. The look of his huge cock so close scared her. It was much thicker than Jake's, and she'd only touched that under the covers to jerk it. He'd certainly never rammed it violently under her nose to invade her mouth. She couldn't bear to see it anymore and shut her eyes again as he wrenched her lips apart.

She decided to keep her eyes shut so she wouldn't have to see what was happening and who it was that was forcing her to suck his cock. "Open your eyes," he ordered. "Open them!" he shouted again, seeing her not complying. She slowly obeyed, terrified but hoping if she did it he might go easier on her. Her whole body was shaking in fear at this horrible turn of events. He instantly pushed forward, making her lips splay wide to accommodate his thick girth.

His fingers twisted in her blonde hair and he pulled her face forward, wanting to fill her mouth right up. She watched in horror as the shaft began to disappear, the veined shaft feeling huge as it slid over her tongue.

The drink had numbed his senses and as his tip bashed against the tight constriction of her throat, he just pushed on further, jerking her head back and forth. He grunted as he started to move his hips, fucking her warm mouth in Ernest now, running the underside of his large cock against her rough tongue. A mixture of fear, pain and distress was now perfectly visible in her eyes for him to see, endless tears still streaming down her cheeks as he forced his cock down her tight, unwilling throat.

The sound of his pleasured groaning only made it worse for her as she went limp, now powerless against the constant pounding. Finally, after what seemed like forever, he pulled out and she coughed, gasping for breath.

She looked up at him pleadingly, wanting only now to sleep, exhaustion taking over her whole body. "P-Please now just leave me alone.


You're not going to do any more are you Phil? Please, I don't want to do any more, I swear nothing happened with Jake, please just stop hurting me." She implored him, trying to make him see sense before he did something irrevocable.

Why couldn't he see the cruelty in this awful scene he had just created. He brandished his hard cock again, now glistening with her spit. "You dirty little tease.

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This what you do with Jake is it? Deep throat his cock and then don't even let him fuck you? No way!" he moved menacingly down, ripping her shorts down her legs, tugging her skimpy panties with them and hurling both away. He parted his lips and licked them, his eyes washing over her as he spread her thighs wide.

He knelt clumsily over her ankles, keeping her legs spread and pinned in place as he started rubbing two of his large fingers over her virgin entrance. "Mmmm he's a lucky boy isn't he? Getting to fuck this every weekend." He moaned in satisfaction, his fingers slipping inside her moist hole up to the first knuckle.

He didn't even sense her hymen as he gently finger fucked her, barely even registering her weeping above. "N-No you can't, please, I haven't done that before, please stop it!" Her voice was frantic, reaching a high pitch as she protested urgently. She winced at the pain of his fingers penetrating her, as they stretched her tight, untouched entrance.

The tears flowed once more as she quivered, petrified of his next move. She looked away in disgust as he intruded deeper into her innocent body. Her arms flailed wildly about, before she reached down to shove weakly at his broad shoulders. The struggling had no effect against the burly builder, and he simply added a third coarse finger to open her pussy wider. He pressed his knees even harder into her ankles, smirking broadly at her flailing and trembling.

"Haven't done it before.


That's not what we all heard tonight." his memory was already blurred about what was really said and what wasn't, but his cock was raging by now and he wanted it inside his girlfriend's little daughter. He inched forward, dragging his wet fingers out of her and wiping them on her T-shirt.

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He crawled up the bed, his throbbing cock already pointing at its target between her thighs, determined to fuck the sweet little girl deep right here on her bed. He kicked his overalls and boxers away, making his movements easier. He then bunched her top up, pulling her bra down and leering over the sight of her developing breasts. "Mmm when did your tits get so nice Kiara?

You should get these out more often." he chuckled inanely at his own joke as his cock was prodding at her hole, desperate to fulfil years of fantasising and wanking over her. He fumbled into position, not made any easier by her petrified shaking. He grabbed her hands and pinned them down on the pillow by her head, his body looming over her. He licked his lips, savouring the last few seconds of her being a virgin, before he thrust forward. He pushed deep into her with one swift motion, rupturing her hymen harshly and forcing her tightness to rip open wide and accommodate his thick girth.

The pain was like stabbing electricity between her legs and she screamed out with all her might, her crying mixing with her yells as he held still, breathing deep as her sore pussy clutched onto him.

Through the haze he saw her mouth open and took advantage of it to launch into a deep tongue-lashing kiss.

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He completely disregarded her terror, moaning into her mouth, revelling in finally being inside the sweet sexy girl. He rested breathlessly above her, smirking as his cock pulsated rhythmically inside her body.

He held himself, enveloped fully by her freshly penetrated hole. By now he didn't know quite how they'd got there but the feelings of a virgin pussy clamped around his cock were amazing. He pulled back, her blood and juices making him slip easily in and out.

He mashed his lips against hers again, his tongue invading her mouth as his cock started to hammer away at her pussy. "Mmmm fuck yeh. You like that cock. You like that cock inside you don't you baby. Fucking take it!" he mumbled almost incoherently between kisses, the bitter taste of whisky still on his tongue. He wanted to feel more friction and sped up, grabbing and squeezing one of her breasts as the wet sucking sounds began between them.

"Fuck that's tight," he gasped out, more to himself than to her. His eyes were still burning into hers, her body feeling like a limp rag doll underneath him as he took what he wanted with his cock.

She continued to screech in pain as he forced his way in and out of her again and again. She'd wanted to wait for someone special. She'd wanted her first time to be sweet romantic lovemaking, and now here was this monster shattering all of her dreams of that, brutally raping her. Her body trembled violently as she silently prayed for it all to be over quickly. She concluded that this must all be because of her mum being away this week and Phil having sexual frustration.

Maybe in his drunken state he even imagined she was Sadie. But it wasn't that at all. Phil knew exactly who she was and his cock was only so throbbing hard right now because it was the younger girl he was fucking. Her legs were knocked wider apart with his pounding and he was starting to snort and grunt above her, his animalistic cravings for her kicking in. She tried to turn her head away, imagining being somewhere else entirely until he was done. Despite his blurred vision though he noticed immediately and yanked her face back, kissing her again.

Her screams were now in time with his thrusts, their bodies slapping loudly together. "P-Please Phil.I'm not mum! Please" she begged, trying to knock some sense into him. Her words were jerky and broken up as he pounded the breath from her body. He let go of her hands above her head to grope at her growing tits, and she seized the opportunity. As his coarse fingers mauled at her soft mounds, she brought her hands down to hit him on the head in one last desperate attempt, trying to force him off of her enough to be able to scramble away, her only thought now to call the police or her mum.

His thrusting was interrupted as he felt her attack. He thrashed wildly up and grabbed her wrists again, slamming them down and drilling the heels of his hands into each of them. "You vicious little whore! Stay still whilst I'm fucking you!" he humped away hard, his shaft making her sore swollen pussy lips gape wide.

She wept harder as she had no choice but to give into his strength. He glanced down between them, seeing his thickness driving inside her, disappearing over and over, the sound of her helpless squeals in time with his thrusts.

His eyes could pick out the scarlet stream of blood trickling out of her pussy and down her thighs, and he grinned as he looked back up. "You really were a virgin slut." he showed his teeth as he chuckled, kicking her legs further apart and jack hammering hard.

His dulled drunken senses meant he had to pound harder than ever to get release, drilling her deep into the springs of her mattress. Her body felt tired and already drained from the abuse. She tried to scream out again for any kind of help but the tears were overwhelming her and her voice only came out as a silent whisper. Angry and annoyed at her reluctance to everything, Phil dragged his cock out and crawled up her body, holding himself up on one hand as he aimed his cock right at her tear-stained face, wanking it hard above her.

As he started to jerk his fist up and down, she shut her mouth but kept her eyes open, looking right up at him as he started to moan again and she realised he was getting ever closer to his climax. He grabbed onto her hair and forced her face up to look at him, clenching his fist tighter as his cock began to flex violently, spurting rope after rope of cum onto her face. He kept his eyes glued on the scene, laughing silently.

His cock drooped a little, the last few jets landing on her neck and chest. He sighed heavily as he relaxed, then toppled over sideways, coming to lay beside her, getting his breath back.

She lay there, drained, distraught and utterly broken. As he pulled her onto her side, she didn't even have the strength to wipe the cum off, and she simply wept softly into her pillow, half facing him and half squashed into the pillow as he looked at her, his eyes meeting hers.

She cried harder at the thought that her own mother's boyfriend had raped her.

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She flinched as he reached over to touch her, gently stroking at her hair and tracing his fingers at the stray strands that clung onto her cum-covered face, tucking them behind her ear.

Her sobs were audible in the now silent room, her tears still present and her body still shaking from the shock of the events.

He panted as he tried to regain composure, his lips constantly plastered into a smile. "You are. mmmm just. wow." he yawned as his drunken haze finally threatened to overwhelm him. He ran his thumb in circles over the slippery cum squirted on her cheek. He laughed at the whole absurdity of it all. He began to drift off, snoring loudly next to her, his cock still out, now growing limp.

She lay next to him, scared and shaking, tears still racking her body for a long time afterwards.

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She wiped her face in the pillow, cum, sweat and tears all over it now. She turned it over to the clean side, only then realising she was still lying in a pool of her own virgin blood. She tried to ignore it as he snored away loudly next to her in the double bed, pain shooting through her sore, used and swollen pussy. She got up on shaky legs, just about able to at least put her shirt, panties and bra back on.

She watched him as he slept, the satisfied smirk still there as he lay unconscious from the booze. She looked away and staggered out of the room and into the bathroom, washing her blood-stained legs and her sweaty body, being careful as she washed between her legs. She sobbed as she cleaned herself, trying as best she could to remove any trace of their encounter, as if the warm water could also remove the shame and disgust she felt inside.

As she made her way to the door of her room she hesitated, not wanting to go in there again. She shook her head and moved away to the top of the stairs, letting him sleep on her bloody cum-covered sheets. Her breath was trembling even as she pulled up a blanket and tried to make herself comfortable on the settee. She twisted and turned, vivid images of the hellish nightmare still flashing in her head.

Eventually she drifted off into a troubled, restless sleep.