Reifen heiße Frau Dating schwarzen Mann im Hotelzimmer

Reifen heiße Frau Dating schwarzen Mann im Hotelzimmer
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*****************************************Best Movie I never saw" ******* I went to a Adult movie theatre a few towns over.I wore jeans a t shirt, boat shoes and a pair of nude silky pantyhose( I have a Huge pantyhose fetish).


I walked in the theatre and there was 3 rooms with movies playing. I went into 1st room and there was a gay movie on the screen and maybe 10 guys or so sitting there watching, a few of them were playing with themselves.

and a few were standing against the back wall checking out all the new " meat" comming in.

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The other two rooms were the same thing. Now I was wondering about all "those stories" you hear about adult theatres and if they were true. At the other side of the hallway there was a stairway, so I went up it.


It lead to a big carpeted room, with bathrooms off of it.I went into the bathroom and went to the urinal next to the stall. I heard two guys in there fucking. I stood at the urinal with my dick out and started to rub it listning to them fuck.I was getting into it when this guy came up next to me and reached over and touched my cock, I was surprised but very excited. He played with it for only about 2 minutes then grabbed it and led me out into the big hallway/room( he led me out with his hand on my hard dick as i followed him).

I noticed there were around 5 or 6 guys standing against the wall watching us as he led me to the center of the room. he then went to his knees and started to suck me, right there in front of everyone. He then told me to take off my pants. I took off my shoes and pants and stood there only in my pantyhose and t-shirt as he sucked my cock thru the hole in my hose.It was such a turn on having everyone see me in just pantyhose.

All of a sudden I felt someone else hand rubbing my ass as he continued to suck me.


the next thing I know there are 4 naked guys joining us( including the 2 guys from the stall) there were hands all over my pantyhosed legs,feet and everywhere else, as one guy with a nice hard dick rubbed it against my hosed ass, It was all i could take as i came all over the guys face who was sucking me.

next I grabbed a hard dick in each hand and jerked them off at the same time as they were rubbing me all over. They came all over another guys cock who was laying down under them, IT was a pretty wild scene.

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when that was over I put on my shoes and carried my pants as i walked down the stairs wearing only pantyhose, shirt and shoes( the mere thought of anyone else seeing me got me rock hard again).

I went into one of the rooms where a movie was playing, and as i walked by the men against the back wall, quite a few of them rubbed my ass as i walked by ( I slowed my walk and let them) then i went and sat down up front.

within minutes there was guys sitting on both sides of me. they both rubbed my cock thru the nylon, and just when i was about to cum the one guy put his mouth over my cock and took all my cum.

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I got up put my pants on and walked out the door. WHAT A DAY!!!

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I dont even remember what was on the movie screen. They have since tore down the theatre and put up condos there. But it was a day i will never forget.

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And my first true gay experience (Other than fooling around with friends from school) I am since married and my wife is OK with my bi side and pantyhose wearing. She has even had a few threesomes with me and another guy.Tell you about them another time.