Hot moustache guy handling BBC with his capable hole

Hot moustache guy handling BBC with his capable hole
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I am sorry for anything that is not written well in this story. It's my first story and was originally written for a friend however i hope some of the people on this site will like it.

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I am working on an edited version, if this one gets enough good/critical comments i shall post it and some other stories i've written. So lets begin.

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M It's 2:45 and you supposed to be in class, but for some reason you're not. You have a black leather collar on and your standing with me, as I pull out of the kiss we were in I take a leash and attach it to the collar then I lead you along to a vacant room, room 105.

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As I pull you in I walk over to a table and sit down, I pull you in between my legs and I start kissing you on your neck. As I use my fingertips to get your nipples hard, as I break away I hear a moan as I break away I hear a moan, THAWK you yell as the whip crosses your legs.

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I start taking off your black t-shirt, I see that your wearing your sexy lace bra, so I lean around you and slide my tongue in the open gap and start licking your beautiful breasts then I hear it again. "OHHHHH" THAWK the whip lands across your stomach, as it hits I say no sounds bitch you will get you master in trouble, I hear a humph as agreement, so I continue to toy with you, then I pull off your bra I give you a deep kiss and I feel like I'm in heaven as my tongue crosses yours, then as I break, I lean around again and take your left nipple in my mouth, it's so sexy as I toy with it, so then I reach into your shorts, and I grab your phone, I get into your contacts and I text a friend, come to room 105 in 20 minutes, then I turn your phone off and I set it on the ground as I set it down I pick you up and I set you down so I can pull off your shorts, but be for I do I start kissing down from your bottom lip to your stomach and I keep kissing you there until your shorts off and the I move down to your pussy lips as I slide your amazing black g string to the side and I slide my tongue in to you, I hear it again OHHHHH, then you hear it, the only evidence that its coming, THAWK right across your ass, I stand up and walk behind you, I start tugging on your G-string as I lean forward and I whisper in your ear, one more sound bitch and you will be a kitty with lashes on you for a while then I walk around you again, I kneel down and I pull off your g string thong and give your pussy a nice deep kiss with my tongue going in and out, the I hear it, the door starting to open, so I get upset you on the table and walk into the shadows, as she enters you whisper to her "come here but you can't speak any more or else." As she walks over she starts to say why and you hear it but she doesn't, SWISSHHH THAWK as the whip lands across her ass you reach over and grab her and say, my master will punish you if you do, then I walk out of the shadows and I look at her, sit down bitch your about to get repaid for calling me a whore, you see it in her eyes but you know better than to say anything, she's afraid, as she stares at me she walks over to your tables and sits, I walk over to her and I say undress slut, as I look in her eyes I see the same look I saw upon yours that first day I took control, she had disobedience in her eyes so as I saw it appear, THAWK right next to her hand on the table, I say "you will learn to obey quickly whore if you don't from the beginning." So I lean in close to her ear and whisper so it barely audible get undressed whore NOW, as she does she looks at me with hate as I look into her eyes I decide something, she need to be broken and the person who should do it is you, so I walk over to you and I say break her the same way I broke you kitty, you hesitate and immediately knew you shouldn't have, THAWK your eyes go wide as it meets your pussy lips, I know you're going to do it and I give you a chair to sit on, I tell you 20 on each cheek to start, as she bends over you she looks at you pleadingly but you know you can't stop, but as you hand meets her ass I hear it "owww" so I signal for you to stop and the you see it for the first time, the whip, its long about two feet and black as night, as it comes across her ass I yell at her no noises whore, I tell you to continue, as you finish I stand her up and I give her a kiss, she doesn't resist, she actually kiss back so I tell you you're done and I give you a deep kiss saying "sorry you had to do that", I tell you to start playing with her and for her to toy with you and then I reach into her phone and I choose a random guy, his name is josh, I text him come to room 105 now please, when I hear him approach I disappear again, when he enters he starts to speak so I start to bring the whip around to his legs when he hears it, swisshhhhh he turns around and grabs my hand and starts to throw a punch when he sees it a large fist heading towards his stomach, as he crumples I drag him over to you girls and I set him there I tell you girls to tell him what to do and nothing more, he is allowed to touch not tease and not dicks allowed to be touched, as he stands up you tell him what is to happen and don't speak again as he starts to ask questions I 5 star him across the back knowing he will hear the whip, I yell at him, "SHUT UP YOU CUNT ENJOY WHAT YOU HAVE IN PEACE OR ELSE", I can tell he's broken he won't fight back, as he pulls a table closer so he can reach you two I walk up behind you and I start to pull u back telling her to scoot closer and pull her fingers out of you, as you ass leaves the table you seem a little worried but then your pussy came off the table and I slide in all the way as her sees how badly you need to moan she looks at me pleadingly, so I tell her toy with you and I then whisper in your ear, if you want to moan do it in my mouth then I lean around and I give you a deep kiss, I feel you moan I relief and I slide my tongue across your, I know you are ready to orgasm as I start to slide in and out but when you do it's so powerful I almost empty myself in you, but then I remembered I have another girl to satisfy, so I set your limp body back on the table I tell josh to toy with you to wake you back up, I tell him not to be too mean but to have fun, as I walk over to her I start to rub her, she's about your height, a few inches taller and wider, fuller tits but those don't make a difference to me so, I start to fondle her and I see you start to stir so, slid her butt off the edge and I feel her gasp in shock, so to make her less surprised I grab under her ass, as I slid her off I start to slid into her when I feel it, her virginity, so to be nice I pull back and in one quick thrust I break through, just as she's about to scream in pain I wrap my head around her and I kiss her, you are finally awake and you stare at me as you think about her, as I pull out of the kiss I stand there, I look at you and at her and I ask, are you all right?

she nods and says I just need to rest for a little bit, so I pull out and I walk back over to you, I give you a deep kiss and I start to play with you, as her starts to feel better she joins in, when she does I go back over to her and I start to slid back in, when I feel her tighten I wait until I'm in to the hilt, I tell you to start playing with her and josh to start playing with you, as her and I start going at it see josh starting to lick you and then I see it, he has two fingers in you going for a third, before he heard it hit him*THAWK* only two fingers at once I say, finally I feel her tighten and then she starts to orgasm, as she falls asleep from her first fuck I'm walking back over to you as I walk over I pick you up and I start toying with you, as my finger runs up and down your slit I feel you moan in my mouth, then I slid my finger into you and I feel you gasp and clench, you're so tight my finger can't even move but I still keep toying with your nipples, I nip and lick them as I wait, then I look up we are running out of time, so I pick you up for the second time and I set you on my cock to the end of it, with it all the way in you I can feel your bottom wall, so I start fucking you fast, each time I enter you I feel you grasp at my cock but I keep going, finally I feel you starting to orgasm, so I start going faster when you start to come back down from your orgasm something happens and you start clenching even tighter, our having a second orgasm, you finally start to relax and you are almost dead tired, so I let you sleep, I walk over to josh and I tell him you may go, we will call on you again and next time you will get more out of it but go now and tell no one as I walk over to her she is still out, so I pull her over to you and I start toying with both of you.

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as you finally wake up I band you over my knee and I start to spank you because I forgot to earlier, as we are finishing she wakes up, I have both of you put your clothes back on and we walk out you still wearing your leather collar, the only evidence of what happened is our memory and the smell in the room.