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Eve lawrence cumshot compilation lord of cumshots
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The day started out like any other day. I woke up at the crack of dawn, got dressed and went downstairs to tie my shoes so I could be on my way to school. My brother tiredly thumped down the stairs. Still groggy from waking up 10 minutes before, I gave him the classic "what's up?" head nod. He acknowledged by nodding back and I continued to put on my shoes. I slung my backpack over my shoulder, put in my iPod's headphones and went to the garage to get my bike out.

As I pushed the bike out, I thought of my school schedule today. First was Speech, the worst class I had that day. I don't know why they made the schedule that way.

It is truly hell trying to give a speech at 8:30 in the morning in front of 30 other students who don't gave a rat's ass about what you have to say. Then I have lunch, followed by Bio, and last, English. I pedaled my way down the street to school. Nothing really noteworthy happened whilst riding down the street.

I did nearly get hit by a black Buick, but then again, people suck at driving in my town, so it happens at least once a week. I arrived at the last crosswalk/ stoplight and saw a girl from my Speech class. She looked over her shoulder and gave me a warm greeting. "Hey Andrew! How's it goin'?" I couldn't hear her on account of my headphones blasting Metallica into head. I put my song on pause and took a headphone out of my ear. "Sorry, Courtney. What did you say?" Enunciating, she said, "I said: What's up?" I looked into her deep blue eyes, trying to be polite and replied, "Nothing, I guess.

What do you think were doing for our next speech?" just trying to make small talk. She looked up for a moment, thinking. Replying, she said, "Well, I heard from my friend that her speech class is doing "how-to" speeches. I guess you just have to give a speech to the class about how to do something. Sounds easy enough, right?" I replied, "That's the problem; with Mr.

Tyler, nothing was ever simple." We both had a laugh and crossed the crosswalk. We saw each other again in speech class about 10 minutes later as I raced through the door as the final bell was ringing and jumped into my seat. I wasn't exactly inconspicuous, so Mr. Tyler, at the front of the class, bellowed "Hey there!

It's nice of you to join us." I gave him a little half smile and he continued. "So today, we are going to discuss the guidelines for this next speech. It's a big one, 100 points to be exact." As he handed out the rubric, he continued.

"This speech is a how-to speech." I glanced over at Courtney and she glanced at me. I gave her a little thumbs-up for being right.

She smirked, showing off her blindingly white smile. "For this assignment, you'll have to compose a speech demonstrating how to do something that most of us don't know how to do. This means no "tying your shoes", no "how to drink water, no "how to walk". It can't be simple. However, this is the last month of school, a time to kick back and enjoy your projects, so nothing else is off limits. I'm giving you the rest of the day to brainstorm ideas.

You can even talk to your friends, IF AND ONLY IF it pertains to this speech. You can also talk to me if you're having trouble." After he stopped speaking, the whole room was bustling with talk. My desk was situated right next to Mr. Tyler's desk, so I was able to overhear everybody's questions.

Courtney sprung out of her seat, which was right next to mine. As she did, her 34C breasts bounced up, catching my eye and waking me up a little more. She ran up to Mr. Tyler and nervously said "I have an idea, but I don't think its school appropriate. Is that OK?" Mr.

Tyler replied, slightly annoyed, "Courtney, what did I just say? We are in the last month of school, so nothing is off limits." Relieved, Courtney walked back to her seat and gave me a nudge. "You wanna know what my speech will be about?" she whispered. I replied, "Yeah, I guess so. What is it?" She continued, "Well, it might be a bit embarrassing, but I'm going to teach the class how to properly pleasure a woman." My eyes grew wider out of surprise.

After thinking about it, I went on to say, "That's actually a really good idea. I doubt anyone else in the class has the same idea as you. And I can't wait to see your speech." Interjecting she cried, "That's just 'cause you're a guy…".

Replying I stated, "And did you notice that half the class are guys too? They'll be hanging on your every word. That'll get you extra 'audience engagement" points. See? It's right here on the rubric", I said pointing to the rubric. Courtney responded, "Hey, you never know, I might need a helper during my speech. You can be the help if you want to", she said suggestively with a hint of lust in her eye.

I didn't know what to say. My friend just basically asked, if I wanted to help fuck a girl in the class. I had no problem with it, but it was just a surprising question, coming from her. I accepted. I told Courtney I need to have a brief talk with Mr. Tyler. As Courtney rummaged around in her bag, I leaned forward across Tyler's desk.

"Tyler, can Courtney and I work together on the same speech?" Tyler looked up. "I honestly don't care what you do as long as you have equal parts." My day had just gotten 100% better.

I told Courtney that we could work together and she let out a gleeful squeal while doing a little dance in her seat. She couldn't believe that we were able to work together, and on something as fun as this speech (our speech in particular). We got started planning our speech. "The first thing we have to do is to figure out which girl we'll be "pleasuring", Courtney said, gesturing for the quotes.

It obviously has to be someone sexy who isn't a virgin." I interjected, "Why can't it be a virgin?" Her immediate response was, "Are you kidding me? That hymen will only get in the way. Besides, we don't want to hurt her AND taker her virginity in front of the whole class!" Knowing she was correct, like she always is, I said, "I guess you're right". I looked around and my eyes were drawn like a magnet to Kaitie.

She was perfect. She had a trim figure with the most beautiful eyes. Her black eyeliner and mascara behind her black rimmed, rounded square lens glasses made her hazel eyes pop even more so. Her shoulder length hair matched her eyes. The hazel was emphasized by a small black streak on the back right side. I pointed her out to Courtney and she absolutely agreed. "She's perfect! So is her skin; no blemishes to be seen. Her tits are a bit small, but we can get around that.

It's not like we're shooting a porno…" We burst out laughing. Kaitie stood up to go talk to a friend. "And look at that ass", I said to Courtney, "that has got to be the tightest ass at this high school." Courtney shook her mid-back length, chocolate hair out of her face, got out of her seat, saying, "I'll go talk to her and see if she'll volunteer." She walked over to Kaitie and started talking to her.

I couldn't hear the conversation, but from the looks of it, Kaitie had said yes. "What did you say to her?" "Well, I said that you and I were working together and we needed someone to volunteer. She asked for what and I told her that we would be pleasuring her… sexually. That was the turning point and she immediately said yes after that." "So I guess we should start drafting what we'll do to her." I said intriguingly. We began to draft everything there was to know about pleasuring a woman.

Right as we put our pencils to the paper, Mr. Tyler said, "Remember, we will begin presenting first thing tomorrow, so be sure to have all of your supplies." I turned to Courtney, "What kind of "supplies" do we need?" "Don't you worry about a thing all you need to do is show up tomorrow.

I'll tell you everything that you need to do." She said biting her bottom lip in a suggestive fashion. I went through my entire day just wondering what tomorrow would be like.

I thought about it all throughout lunch. In biology, I couldn't learn the function of mitochondrion because I was too distracted by thinking of me, my friend, and sexy babe getting it on in the front of the classroom.

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My mind was fogged so much that I forgot what a personal pronoun was in English. But none of that mattered because in a day, I would be banging with two of the hottest girls in the entire school.

I awoke the next day groggy again, but then I remembered that something good was going to happen today; something very, very good. I did my morning routine and sped off to school on my bike. I met up with Courtney at the crosswalk again. This time I actually heard what she said to me when she talked to me. "Hey Andrew! Ready for our speech today?" I looked at her and responded, "Of course! I mean, all I had to do was show up today and you said you'd do the rest.

I'm here, so did you do your part?" She slung her bag off of her shoulder and opened it up to reveal the plethora of sex toys inside. "I've got it all here". The "walk" sign turned on, so we sped through the crosswalk and got to class. After the final bell rang, Mr. Tyler stood up out of his seat, sipped his coffee and finally asked "So… uh, who wants to go first? I'll take volunteers, but if there aren't any, I'll start calling people out." Courtney looked over at me and gave me a nudge.

"Come on. Let's do it! I don't want to carry dildos around in my backpack for more than a day". Reluctantly, we raised our hands and went up to the front of the class. "We just need a moment or two to prepare" said Courtney, trying to avoid awkward silence.

She pulled out a big folding table from behind the cabinet and set it up. Courtney began the speech, "Today, I am going to teach you all how to pleasure a woman." The entire class burst into an uproar. "Hey, settle down!" Mr. Tyler interjected. "I said that nothing is off limits! Now, please Courtney, continue. "And to demonstrate I need my lovely assistant volunteer, Kaitie! Come on up." Kaitie leapt out of her seat in anticipation, awaiting the inevitable.

"And to help me with a portion of the demonstration, I have my good friend, Andrew!" I gave a modest wave and said hello.

Courtney continued, "Well, the first and probably most important step of pleasuring a woman is to get her clothes off. So Kaitie, if you'd be so kind, please undress yourself. You too, Andrew. I'll need you to be naked in a little bit." It must have been 10 seconds until I was out of my clothes revealing my 8 inch cock to the entire class.

After seeing my huge cock, Kaitie started to undress fantasizing about it inside of her. As she kicked off her shoes, she unbuttoned the top button of her blue and white striped sweater; then another button and another. When she ran out of buttons, she allowed her sweater to fall to the ground, exposing her 36A breasts concealed behind a black lace bra.

Following that, she reached for the clasp on her jeans. As she unfastened it, she fondled with her tits to get more into the mood, but more importantly, get me even harder. When the clasp was undone, her zipper slowly made its journey down. She inserted her thumbs into her jeans and pulled them down slowly exposing her full ass.

She reached behind her back to unhook her bra. The bra became slack and fell down her arms onto her elbows. As she moved to set her bra down, the cold air in the room flowed against her soft, milky breasts making her nipples hard like rocks. Subsequently, she was only left in her black lace panties… and those needed to come off as well.

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As she hooked her thumbs around the hips of the panties, she arched her back to give us an even more impressive view of her curvy ass and the horny, shaved pussy protruding from behind it. After Kaitie was fully embracing the open air on her naked skin, Courtney continued. "Taking into account that it's hard to pleasure a woman with your clothes on, I think I'll need to strip too", she said with a thrilled smile stretched across her face.

Courtney kicked off her sneakers while she pulled her tight black T-shirt over her head showing off her perfect tits. Because she was wearing no bra, her tits sprung from their fabric restraints. Her nipples met the cool air and instantly hardened making her lavish tits all the more desirable. She cupped her hands over her tits in an attempt to get them more comfortable with the chilly surroundings, but to no avail.

As she unclipped her belt buckle, I was hoping she was going commando today. Courtney pulled the belt out of her belt loops and went on to unfasten the clasp and unzip her worn out jeans. She hooked her jeans in the arch between her thumb and forefinger and slid them down while leaning against the chalkboard. As her jeans journeyed down to her ankles, her sexy mound was pushed forward, showing off the small strip of hair resting above it.

She climbed out of her jeans and continued with the speech. "The next thing you will need to do is to get the girl in the mood to make some love. The best way to this is to kiss her all over her body." She spoke to Kaitie, "Kaitie would get up on the table so everyone can see more clearly?" Kaitie climbed up onto the table and helped Courtney get on as well.

Courtney pressed her lips against Kaitie's bare belly and tongued around her navel. Courtney's lips advanced upwards towards Kaitie's neck. She sucked on Kaitie's skin trying to get up the courage to go all the way. All of a sudden, Courtney pressed her lips to Kaitie's.

This caught Kaitie off-guard, but it was so passionate; she couldn't help but allow Courtney to bite her lip and stick her tongue deep in her mouth. Courtney pushed Kaitie's back down onto the table and kissed her while Kaitie let her dominate her fragile body, as well as clutching around Courtney intimately.

Courtney got a little more confident and grasped onto Kaitie's right breast and squeezed softly. Kaitie let out a quiet moan. She had never been touched so delicately before.

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Courtney reached over to Kaitie's left breast and twisted her nipple gently. Kaitie let out another whimper. Courtney took this as a sign to continue and she went a little more risky.

She moved her pouty lips closer to Kaitie's yearning tits. Her tongue streaked its way across Kaitie's soft breast. The curious tongue made its way to Kaitie's hard nipple and began lapping circles around it, covering it with thick spit. Kaitie's moans intensified into soft cries and heavy breathing. Kaitie was overwhelmed by how good this felt; a tongue darting in and out of her mouth, having her tits teased by a woman's slender fingers; she could not believe how good it felt. "Now that she is nice and warmed up, I'm going to head south on her and give her the time of her life; this will always get a girl worked up", Courtney panted.

Courtney moved her head from Kaitie's enlarged tits down to her radiant pussy. "You will want to focus on the clitoris or more commonly known as the clit", Courtney said before plunging her tongue into Kaitie's vagina.

Her tongue penetrated into Kaitie's satin pussy lips faster than anything I've ever seen before. Her tongue traveled up slightly and began to flick Kaitie's clit. Immediately, Kaitie let out a yelp of pleasure. "That yelp means 'you're doing a good job.

Keep doing whatever you're doing'", Courtney interjected. "After you hear about 5 of those, you're ready to move on. And by that, I mean fingering, of course". Kaitie's bright eyes widened as the words left Courtney's mouth. She gave an excited smirk as Courtney inserted her forefinger into Kaitie's awaiting pussy. "You use one finger only to start teasing her.

That or if she's a petite girl", Courtney stated to add some humor to the speech. "After you think she is ready, move onto two fingers so you can train her pussy of what's yet to come", she said with a grin.

Courtney inserted another finger into Kaitie's tight pussy. She pushed her fingers deep into Kaitie's hot twat.

The fingers slid into her cunt like a hot knife through butter, taking in as much as it could. Kaitie started to moan erotically, reaching a mild orgasm. "It looks like she can handle more. Let's just slip in an extra finger", said Courtney forming a triangle with her fore, middle, and ring finger.

"This positioning of the fingers ensures that they will all go in comfortably". "Oh my God! Fuck! Please… please put them in!" Kaitie exclaimed desperately wanting more. Courtney pushed her fingers into Kaitie's silken shaved pussy.

Kaitie's pussy was now flowing vaginal juices freely, craving more. Courtney's fingers rocketed in and out of Kaitie's pounding pussy. "Oh, oh, oh, ooooh fuck! Oh my god! Oh… my… god!" Kaitie cried from behind clenching teeth. "More! More! Please!" Courtney obliged pulled some lubricant out of her bag.

"Sometimes, a couple of positions will be hard, so you need some extra help", Courtney said coating her entire hand in the slippery oil. "If your girl is up to it, you can attempt to stuff your entire hand into her pussy.

This is also known as 'fisting'". Once Courtney's hand was covered in the lubricant, she brought all of her fingers together into a point and positioned them at the entrance to Kaitie's soft pussy.

"Usually you would put some lubricant on the pussy as well, but Kaitie is already making so much pussy juice, there's really no need." Courtney began by pushing her fingertips into Kaitie's yielding twat. Receiving approving whimpers from Kaitie, Courtney began pushing harder and harder until her hand was knuckle deep inside Kaitie. Kaitie's breathing became more erratic from the sensations she was getting in her expanding pussy. Courtney got bolder and shoved the rest of her hand inside Kaitie's flexible pussy.


Kaitie instantly let out moans of appreciation while looking into Courtney's eyes. "Oooooh, fuck! Oh, oh, God! That's sooo good! Don't stop! Shhhhhhhit!" Kaitie started to gyrate on Courtney's fist, intensifying the sensation down below. Courtney continued ramming her fist into Kaitie until Kaitie let out a massive cry and squirted out 3 streams of pussy juice, consequently forcing Courtney's juice covered fist out.

"After she has an orgasm, like Kaitie just had, the thing to do after fingering her is to use a phallic object to stimulate her vagina. I find that an 8 inch long dildo usually does it." Kaitie got on her hands and knees and bent herself down to the table to get penetrated easier. Courtney pulled a penis resembling flesh colored dildo out of her bag and poised the dildo at the entrance to Kaitie's flawless twat.

Seconds later, she teased Kaitie by rubbing the dildo lengthwise along her pussy lips. Kaitie was releasing tons of vaginal lubricant just by Courtney teasing her. Without delay, Courtney plunged the fake cock halfway into Kaitie's shaking vagina. She repeatedly shoved it back and forth and worked her way up to pushing all 8 inches deep inside Kaitie until the balls of the dildo were slapping up against Kaitie's creamy thighs. Kaitie grabbed her ass and spread it apart, giving Courtney a better view of her shockingly smooth cunt.

Courtney pulled the dildo out and addressed the class. "Contrary to popular belief, woman don't find giving blowjobs a chore. In fact, many enjoy giving head. Kaitie can demonstrate on this dildo." Courtney guided the dildo up to Kaitie's awaiting mouth. Kaitie opened swirling her tongue around the head and took the cock like a pro. The dildo pressed up against the back of her throat and she didn't even gag. Courtney interrupted this hot display of affection saying, "I think that Kaitie is ready for the real thing.

That is why we have Andrew." I walked up to the table and Courtney instructed me to stand at the end of the table with my penis facing toward the table. Courtney then told Kaitie, "Lie down on your back and allow your head to hang off the edge of the table." She changed her focus to me and told me, "Go ahead. Stick your dick in her mouth. I think she wants your meat". Kaitie had already opened her mouth and stuck out her tongue in anticipation. I had waited all day for this to happen.

Finally I was going to get some action. I aimed my shaft right in front of Kaitie's wet mouth. Her tongue reached out and licked the tip. As she did, a drop of precum stuck to her tongue and created a string between her mouth and my cock. I couldn't take it any more; I had to shove my cock deep into her mouth. I grabbed Kaitie's head and forced in my shaft deep between her lips. While I was penetrating Kaitie's mouth, Courtney grabbed Kaitie's ankles and bent them up to her ears.

"If we are going to be pleasuring Kaitie even more than her have been already, we need to have 2 simultaneous things happening. Instead of just her giving a blowjob, we are going to use a dildo on the most sensitive part of her body; her asshole." Kaitie bent her head up, "Wait… you're gonna stick that huge cock in me?

I don't think I'm ready for something … something that big inside my ass." Courtney reassured her saying, "No, no, no. You're definitely not ready for the 8 incher. You may be ready for the 8 incher in your mouth, but not in your ass… yet. Which is why I'm starting you out with this." Courtney reached into her bag and pulled out a bright pink dildo about 6 inches in length and 3 inches in circumference. Courtney positioned the dildo at the entrance of her ass.

"Are you ready for this?" Courtney asked, knowing Kaitie would say yes. Kaitie gave a nervous nod and bent her head back over the table with my cock in her face. Courtney lubed Kaitie's asshole with a nice wad of spit.

When the spit had welled up in her asshole, Courtney swirled it around with the dildo, saying, "OK, right now you need to relax so I can get it in you. Can you do that?" Kaitie gave a muffled moan on account of my meat being halfway in her mouth. She relaxed her tight asshole. Courtney pierced through Kaitie's asshole, pushing the dildo deep inside. Kaitie moaned as the dildo bottomed out in her ass.

Courtney spat on Kaitie's asshole again to provide more lubrication and began to twist the dido around as you would to make a funnel shape, while thrusting the dildo up and down into Kaitie's relaxing asshole.

Meanwhile, my stiff cock was nestled in Kaitie's slippery mouth. She popped it out, brought her hand up and began giving me a handjob while slurping up my balls. She was approaching climax extremely fast just by sucking my balls and having a dildo in her ass. This girl was easy to please. She stopped sucking my balls and moved back to my hard shaft. She placed in front of her mouth and said it, "Go ahead. Fuck my mouth. Fuck it deep!" I obeyed and thrust my dick deep down her throat.

The best part was she didn't make a sound. Even though my huge dick was pressing up against the back of her throat, she didn't gag one bit.

However, she was moaning; I couldn't tell if she was moaning because of the giant dick in her mouth or because Courtney was really working her ass. Either way, she exploded into orgasm. I heard muted shrieks coming from her while her mouth enveloped my cock. "That sound means that we can move onto the next portion of pleasuring real penetration", Courtney stated while picking up the 8 incher with the circumference of 5.5 inches. She opened the cap on the bottle of oil and drenched the dildo in a thick layer.

Kaitie look up and saw the massive dildo. You could see the desire in her eyes as she thought about that enormous cock in her tight little ass. Courtney spat on her asshole again and applied pressure to Kaitie's asshole with the dildo. Because of the previous "training", the 8 incher slid down into her effortlessly. While Kaitie was deep throating me, I could feel her tight throat contracting, trying to squeeze the precum out of my cock. As Courtney pushed the fake cock into Kaitie's tiny ass, I could sense Kaitie's approach to blowing me was changing.

She used to be gentle, letting me do the work, but now she took action and started ramming my cock against the back of her throat. Courtney noticed that Kaitie's ass was so relaxed that even this monster dildo was penetrating Kaitie's ass too easy. She spoke up, "Now, Kaitie is ready for the best feeling of her life. We know that vaginal sex is good and we know she absolutely loves anal, so if you combine them into double penetration, you're sure to get one hell of a result." "I just need to pull a little something out of my bag." Courtney reached into her bag and pulled out a strap-on dildo.

"Obviously, I don't have a penis, so I can't pleasure Kaitie the way I want, so I'm gonna make use of this strap-on. Now I can have fun helping Andrew fuck Kaitie's brains out." She equipped the strap-on onto her hips and ordered Kaitie to stop sucking my cock and sit on the table lengthwise.

Relentlessly, Kaitie gave my dick one last lick on the head and sat down. Courtney then asked me -the sexy question, "So Andrew… would you rather fuck Kaitie's ass or pussy?" Responding impatiently I said, "Well, you've had her ass for the past 10 minutes, so I think it's in order that I get her ass now." Neutrally Courtney stated, "If it's alright with you Kaitie…" Kaitie looked down at my throbbing cock and couldn't resist having it in her firm ass.

Courtney lay down on the rigid table and instructed Kaitie to lower her sleek pussy onto the strap-on while facing her. As she lowered herself all the way down onto the dildo, Kaitie felt a shiver pass through her entire body, making her nipples hard again.

Courtney guided Kaitie in what to do next. "Remain still on me so that Andrew has a clear aim at your backdoor." I kneeled on one knee and positioned my pulsing cock at the entrance to her sexy ass. Kaitie looked behind her and saw the massive dick pressing against her entrance.

After lubricating the asshole with my precum and applying minimal pressure, my penis popped through the barrier as Kaitie watched my meat slide into her slick ass. Courtney and I started to thrust back and forth into Kaitie. She leaned forward and spread apart her ass to give me easier access to her asshole. Courtney was rather sluggish compared to me. Like a jackhammer, I was shoving my shaft all the way; balls deep, into Kaitie's ass.

Kaitie bent back over and placed Courtney's tit into her mouth. Sucking on Courtney's supple breast, Kaitie turned Courtney on even more. Consequently, Courtney repeatedly rammed the 9 inch strap-on all the way into Kaitie far more passionately than before. I reached forward and grabbed hold of Kaitie's petite tits squeezing her hard nipples between my fingers and twisted them making them a radiant crimson. Kaitie was in heaven; being penetrated from both sides, suckling a soft tit and her stiff nipples being teased by the man who took her anal virginity.

Courtney pulled out of Kaitie's ravaged pussy and ordered Kaitie to get on her hands and knees and drool over the dildo that just ruined her sweet, little cunt. Kaitie bent over, mouth open wide, waiting for the big cock to part through her soft lips.

Courtney pushed forward and penetrated into Kaitie's mouth with great force. From behind, Kaitie was having her asshole savagely assaulted by my immense shaft.

I pulled my hard cock out and popped it back in. I must have done it for 10 seconds before I got bored of it and shoved my meat back in and thrust deep inside Kaitie's ass. Kaitie had covered Courtney's strap-on with her spit and wanted more.

She pushed the dildo far down her throat. When she ran out of cock, she tried desperately to feed more cock into her mouth, but that was it. Courtney held Kaitie's head down on the cock for 5 seconds, finally releasing her to regain her breath. Kaitie had tears streaming down her face, but it wasn't a moment until Courtney's dildo was nestled deep in Kaitie's throat again.

I thrust harder and faster into Kaitie, leading up to me slapping Kaitie's ass red. She let out a stifled cry from her gagged mouth as her back entrance was violated by my smooth, rock-hard shaft and her velvet ass spanked a bright pink. After Courtney had throat fucked Kaitie, she pulled the rubber cock out of Kaitie's mouth and continued, "As you can see, Andrew has really assaulted Kaitie's asshole and still is.

How are you holding up Andrew?" I gave a thumbs up to her because I was simply astonished and speechless from how good Kaitie's ass wrapped around my cock felt. "You can also see that she has lubed up my strap-on with a nice, thick layer of spit." Kaitie gave a proud smile and a small shrug to the class recognizing her accomplishment. I slowed my pace so I wouldn't cum inside Kaitie's ass before Courtney was done with her speech. "When you add lots of lube and an extremely assaulted asshole, they can only lead to one thing; double anal." My eyes lit up.

I had seen a couple double anal videos, in fact I've wanted to do double anal on a girl for a while, but I never had the chance. But my chance was finally here. I laid my back down on the table. Facing away from me, I directed my stiff shaft into Kaitie's relaxed asshole ass she laid her back down on my chest. Courtney situated herself over Kaitie. Kaitie took the dildlo in her hand and guided it gently to her asshole. Courtney thanked her by thrusting the veiny dildo in between Kaitie's asshole and my rocking shaft.

Kaitie let out an excited yelp as another intruder passed into her ass. Kaitie gazed in awe as the two thick cocks penetrated her exceptionally tight asshole. With each penis going at a different rhythm, Kaitie was really enjoying this part of the demonstration. But for Kaitie it wasn't enough. She peered onto the table and saw the dildo Courtney used to violate her alluring vagina. A spark of genius went through her mind. She picked up the 8 incher and plugged her raw cunt with it. As she plunged it in, she let out an erotic moan.

Being penetrated by 3 cocks at the same time was too much for Kaitie to handle; she released a piercing shriek and along with it, 2 long streams of pussy juice landed all over Courtney's sultry breasts. The streams splashed over Courtney's body and dripped down over her cleanly groomed pussy. With the sensation passing over her pussy, Courtney moaned and become more aggressive, sticking her tongue deep down Kaitie's throat while still pushing the flesh colored 8 incher into Kaitie's recently-made-slick pussy.

Continuing to rock back and forth into Kaitie's lustrous asshole, Courtney pushed the dildo far into Kaitie's ravaged cunt. Courtney tweaked Kaitie's tender nipples as she avidly kissed back, hoping it would mean another fake cock could be shoved into her sweltering pussy.

Kaitie longed to be penetrated by four cocks at the same time; two cocks ramming deep into her asshole and the other two shoving their way into her elastic cunt. Kaitie was in luck; Courtney's bag of assorted sex toys was sitting right next to them on the table. Kaitie reached into the bag and extracted a 24 inch long, clear purple double headed dildo.

Kaitie looked at Courtney and raised her shapely eyebrows suggesting what Courtney was thinking about the whole time. Courtney adjusted her strap-on so that her warm pussy was in plain view. While still driving the strap-on dildo deep in Kaitie's asshole and the thick 8 incher into Kaitie's glistening pussy, she pushed the first head of the 24 inch dildo into her own restless cunt about a third of the way in.

When she pushed those 8 inches in, she was overcome with euphoria. A shockwave traveled through her body making her lesbian actions that more aggressive. She aimed the second dildo head at Kaitie's anxious twat. As she shoved the strap-on dildo violently into Kaitie's raw asshole, she used the rhythm to shove the second dildo head deep into Kaitie's already full pussy.

Kaitie let out a sexy moan as the other fake cock invaded into her cunt. She stared into Courtney's lust filled eyes and began to breathe hard through clenched teeth and pursed lips.

"Oh yeah! That's right! Stuff my holes with those cocks! Ooooh… FUCK!" It was easy to see that Kaitie was having a good time and so was I. Courtney had to have ramming both of those dildos into Kaitie' for 5 minutes nonstop. I don't know how a girl could last that long. After listening to that erotic moaning for some time, fate came knocking.

I felt my cock start to constrict inside Kaitie's ass meaning that I was about to cum gallons. I whispered into Kaitie's ear, "I'm about to cum!

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Where do you want it?!" Her voice hoarse from all the screaming she had done, she replied, "Oooooh… I want your hot load all on my face. I wanna get your cum all in my hot mouth." I took my shaft out of her ravaged asshole as Courtney did the same with all of the dildos she was controlling. She pulled the strap-on out of Kaitie as well as the 8 incher and the double header.

Kaitie's pussy was a deep pink and so relaxed; it had a huge gape as did her ass. But she didn't care about that. All she was thinking about was my salty cum running down her throat. She opened her mouth and stuck her tongue out to ensure that not a drop was wasted. When she was waiting for my cum to shoot out onto her face, Courtney took the double headed dildo and propped it up against Kaitie's vulnerable pussy.

With one swift movement, she thrust the cock into Kaitie's cunt. Taking her completely by surprise, Kaitie gave out a sexy cry. With that one sound, that tiny whimper, it pushed me over the edge. I could see Kaitie's eye's brighten and her full lips form a smile as she was about to reap the fruits of her labors. My cock swelled and erupted in multiple streams of cum. A stream burst forth and splashed over Kaitie's left cheek. The cheek shot met with the skin of Kaitie's smooth neck and soft breasts as it dripped down.

Another shot landed on her upper lip eventually dripping into her open mouth. As the other shot of cum exploded out of my shaft, the cum landed in Kaitie's mouth, hitting the back of her throat. My last strong burst splashed onto her bottom lip and trickled down her neck and over her right tit. My cock had stopped constricting which meant I could not longer get my cum onto Kaitie… but she could. With her face and chest covered in hot cum, Kaitie wrapped her mouth and hands around my smooth cock and massaged it trying to squeeze every last drop into her craving mouth.

She gripped the cock, placed the tip in her mouth and made a wringing motion, forcing the cum out of my cock and into her mouth. Kaitie loosened the vice grip she had on my cock and began using her finger to wipe the cum off of her face and into her mouth. Her slender finger ran across her left breast, collecting the cum on her finger. When she had gotten all the hot semen off of her tit, she opened her mouth wide and licked it all off. Then Kaitie focused on the cum on her beautiful face.

She ran her tongue over upper lip, dabbed the cum off and returned the cum covered tongue into her mouth. With a giddy perk to her voice and full mouth, she said, "Is that it?


Did I get it all?" Courtney returned the answer, "Not quite; you still have some on your neck. I'll get it for you." Courtney stuck out her long tongue and licked the dripping cum off of Kaitie's neck.

"Ooooh, that tastes good! Don't you agree Kaitie?" Kaitie gave a thrilled nod on account of her mouth being filled with cum. She didn't want to lose any of it. With my cum still in her mouth, Courtney tilted Kaitie's head up and drooled the rest of the cum into her mouth.

Kaitie returned the favor by squeezing Courtney's jaws, forcing them to open. Kaitie aimed at Courtney's open mouth and dribbled the cum and spit combination into Courtney's panting mouth. The solution filled Courtney's mouth completely and got her in the mood for some love making. She wiped the semen that was on her upper lip off and placed the finger into Kaitie's mouth.

Kaitie greedily sucked the cum off the finger and licked her lips. Courtney grabbed onto Kaitie's petite hips and brought her pussy to Kaitie's. Her breasts nestled into Kaitie's and her lips pressed into those of our sexy volunteer.

They kissed passionately, exchanging spit and semen alike. As they made love, the cum dripped out of their mouths covering both of their soft breasts.

After swapping spit and semen for about 30 seconds, they stopped, their breasts covered in cum and spit. Seeing all this cum going to waste just sitting there on their tits, they immediately licked up all the cum that was on their partners' chest. Courtney was still playful, so while she licked up the cum, she kept sucking and biting on Kaitie's perky nipples.

After they both had an equal mouthful of cum, Courtney and Kaitie both looked at me and gulped it down. They opened their mouths to me, showing that all of my cum was now running down their throats. They both gave each other one final kiss and stood up on both sides of me. Exhausted, worn out and tired we all panted, "And THAT is how you pleasure a woman!" Courtney gave out the special thanks, "Give a round of applause for Kaitie.

We couldn't have done it without her!" Kaitie sat down on the table and waved as her bright red pussy and hard nipple tried to get back to normal.

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"And now give a big hand to Andrew! It wouldn't exactly have been impossible to do this without him, but he made it much easier!" Leaning up against the whiteboard, I rolled my eyes, scoffing, "Heh… yeah right! Thanks…"and then a smile to show her I was only teasing her. We all gave a bow as applause thundered through the room. We had to sit down now, but it would be pretty awkward if we sat down in the nude, so we got busy putting our clothes back on.

After I was done putting on my shirt and pants, I helped Kaitie fasten her black lace bra back on. She thanked me with a soft kiss on the cheek. Courtney walked over to us pulling down her black T-shirt, "I think we'll have to do this again sometime over the summer. What do you guys think?" I looked at Kaitie and back at Courtney. Kaitie looked at Courtney and back at me.

Courtney looked at me and looked back at Kaitie.


You could tell from the looks we were administering to each other, that we all thought that was a great idea. Courtney, Kaitie and I all sat back down and waited for the next person to give their demonstration. For the rest of the class, we just kept looking at each other, not able to get what we just did out of our heads. The class flew by and we went our separate ways as the bell rang. I even took a nap in biology; I was just too happy to care about the consequences.

I biked home after the long day. As I walked through the front door, I saw my brother casually watching TV. His head turned and as he addressed me listlessly, "So, how was your day?" I stared at him for a few seconds, finally answering, "Ehh… nothing too exciting…"