Teen nancy a gets fucked while on a leash pornstars and hardcore

Teen nancy a gets fucked while on a leash pornstars and hardcore
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Soon after I left the classroom I called Terrell and went straight to my house. To my surprise she had grew extremely fast since the last time I saw her.

"Terrell what the hell happened?" He looked at the ground for a second and contemplated. After a few moments he looked at the young girl who was standing before us both and looked back at me and said "I don't know bro. I don't even want to think about it to be honest." "What happened bro?" I asked concerned. Once again he looked at the ground and looked at her, "Dude I know you said you slept with a goddess and this is your child with her but I think you're asking for too much trouble raising this child.

That kid isn't normal." "What are you talking about? I know she isn't normal." "You weren't there bro," Terrell shouted. "There we were just sitting in the middle of McDonald's and out of nowhere she started crying and screaming.

Nothing I did worked bro. She went crazy, she started to choke me and started to scream why papa why? Why would you choose her over me papa." I was in disbelief how could a child take down a guy Terrell size to the point he's scared for his life.

"Listen Terrell," He interrupted me. "No you listen. That kid only stopped choking me because she was in pain. My guess is because she was going through growing pains. She passed out from the pain and I used that as a chance to bring her back to your place." I didn't know what to say I just stood there shock from the story. Terrell went on, "look man you're like my brother we've been to hell and back with each other I wouldn't lie to you.

Something is dangerous about that girl." I was about to speak my mind when she interrupted us, "Papa did I do something wrong to that man?" I was taken back again. How could a girl who was just born a few hours ago already speak perfect English?

"Papa I didn't mean to hurt him. I was just sad you were with another woman when you have me by your side that I took my anger out on another person by mistake." What should I say? What should I even do? Should I scold her? How did she even know what I was doing? All of these questions kept running through my mind. "Um listen what you did wasn't right to my friend." She turned around to Terrell and gave him a kiss on his cheek and said "I'm sorry I didn't mean to hurt you.

I'm just a puppet made for my father sake. And it's hard for me to control my first stage body." "What do you mean by first stage body?" I asked. She looked at me amazed, almost shocked that I didn't know what she was talking about. "Silly papa, mommy told you in the letter what you need to build me and how my body works." She paused and asked if I had a pen and paper.

She started to draw 3 figures; one looked like a baby the other 2 looked like stick people to me. "You see papa I have three stages. My first one is in the shape of a baby which mother said we are no more than just clay when we're in that form." "Wait there is more of you out there in this world?" "Yes papa, I am not the first or the last. Where was I? That's right you see now I am in my second stage." She pointed to the medium stick figure and went on.

"In the second stage I am clearly more intelligent but it usually depends on the first women you come in contact with that decides what my personality and intelligence will be like." I thought about it and I remembered Megan was the first women I slept with. She was indeed smart but her psycho side made her hard to deal with. Would I have to deal with that with my so called Dream girl?

"Papa don't worry I'm in my molding phase you can choose and change my personality anytime you like before my last phase." She smiled at me gave me a hug and said. "I love you papa." It just hit me that she wasn't wearing anything. "Do you have a name?" She looked at me excitedly and said "No," so I thought about it and decided to name her after my favorite actress Jessica Alba who she resembled a lot.

"How about I call you Jessica?" She just smiled and nodded "Yes." Terrell Left saying I was crazy and I was asking for too much. After he Left I gave Jessica one of my old shirts and we left to go to the mall to buy her an outfit. After an Hour of trying on outfits she decided on this Blue blouse, black skirt with white compression tights. "Papa what do you think?" "Can you please stop calling me Papa my name is Chad." "Why?" "Because it's weird having a girl who looks like she 14 calling me papa in public you know what I mean?" She looked at me with a confused look.

"What should I call you then papa?" To be honest I didn't think that far yet. What should she call me?

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"You can call me brother." "But I don't want to call my Father Brother that's stupid." Jessica said with a sad expression on her face. I gave in and said "Fine, you can call me papa in private but you have to call me brother in public okay?" She agreed with a simple nod and grabbed on to my arm.

"You know you're too adorable for your own good." "Only for you papa," Jessica said with a smile. With that beautiful smile my resolve was set I didn't regret anything. "Hey are you hungry Jessica?" "Yes." As we made our way to the food court I saw a familiar figure at Season of Japan standing in line with a downhearted expression on her face. It was Stacey. I was about to shout out her name before I was reminded from a pull on my hoodie that I was walking around with my daughter.

So I turned around hoping she wouldn't notice me. "Papa, I mean brother what's wrong? Do you not like that woman over there?" "No that's not it you see that girl over there is my friend." "If she is your friend why don't you go say hi to her?" "Because you're with, I mean because she might be with her boyfriend." Jessica saw right through me, "Papa its fine.

I understand you're still embarrassed of me because of my childlike state and you don't want your friends to see me like this." "I didn't mean it like that!" "It's fine papa." Jessica spontaneously grabbed my hoodie collar and pulled me in for a kiss.

It was lustful yet at the same time passionate. I could feel her trying to tell me "Papa it doesn't matter what people may think of us I will always be here for you." It was if she had poured all of her emotions into that one kiss. My body started to feel light and my mind started to fade but then it all disappeared in a quick moment. "Mama, why is that man kissing a little girl?" A boy said while pointing his finger at us.

"Because some people have no shame especially perverts and loose girls." His mother said to answer the boy question. I pushed Jessica away in embarrassment. "I told you we can't be doing stuff like this in public." The gentle and warm air around her change, "I see papa only wants to be with a women and not some child." She started to cry and took off crying.

"Jessica wait comeback." I shouted chasing after her. I soon lost her in the crowed mall. I decided to go back to clothes store we got her outfit from hoping by some miracle she was there waiting for me with a big smile on her face.


I ran as I could and prayed to god that she was there, but she wasn't there. "Why do I always fuck good things up?" I mumbled to myself. "What's wrong Chad bad breakup with your girlfriend?" A female whispered in my ear. "No, look can't you see I'm busy right now?" when I turned around to my surprise it was Mrs.

Jones. "I'm sorry did I bother you at a wrong time?" "No, I'm sorry. I'm not in a good mood right now and I'm busy." I said "Chad do you mind coming with me for a moment I think I'll be able to calm you down and help you look for the person you're looking for. My best friend is the mall cop here.

I'm sure he wouldn't mind us using the camera room." "Really," I said surprised at the turn of events. "Yup, don't ever underestimate the power of a woman." On our way to the security room I justice notice how sexy Mrs. Jones was today.

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She was wearing a pair of skinny jeans that bought out her peach shaped ass, a white blouse that revealed the black bra she was wearing, and her sandy blonde hair was in a cute yet sexy bun hairstyle. "What I'd give to be with a one like that." "Did you say something?" "No, I was talking to myself." "Oh okay, well where here.

Just give me a second I have the keys in my purse." Mrs. Jones said as she opened the door to the security room. "Why do you have the keys to security room? What if someone is in there? We could get into trouble." "Have anyone ever told you your adorable when you're scared? Chad there's no reason to be worried no one is in here." She was right no one was in there. It was a cold and dark room lilted up by 10 or 15 cameras and had a single chair.

"Take a seat and see if you find the person you're looking for." I took a seat and looked closely at every camera. I couldn't find her. "Where could you be Jessica?" "So it's a girl you're looking for?" "Yes." "Maybe I can help you.

Two heads are better than one." She had a point so I got out of the chair and then Mrs. Jones said "What are you doing? I didn't tell you to get up." "No, but there's only one chair in here and I thought you would like a seat because you're wearing high heels." "Don't worry about me. As long as you're here I always have a seat." Mrs. Jones said with a smile. "What do you mean?" She pushed me back down into the chair and turned around to sit on my lap.

"See I told you I always have a chair to sit in. Now let's look for this girl your worried about." "Mrs. Jones this isn't right." She stared to grind her ass against my ass. "What isn't right?

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All I'm doing is helping my student look for his friend. So tell what does she look like?" "She's about 14. She has long blonde hair and she's wearing a blue blouse and a black mini skirt." "That should be easy to find.

Wait is that her?" "You see her where?" "Right there on the far left camera. Give me your hand." She grabbed my hand and placed it on the small TV but it wasn't Jessica.

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"I take it that's not her." "No but it's okay at least you're trying. We'll find her." I said with a fake smile. She looked at me and guided my hand that was on the TV to her breast. "Chad you have to calm down. Maybe I can help you calm down." She started to unbutton her shirt and slipped my hand inside her bra. "We can both look for her while having a little fun." "Mrs. Jones what are you doing this isn't the place to have sex." Mrs.

Jones started to laugh "That's funny coming from the guy who was having sex in my classroom of all the places in the world. I told you didn't I. Cougars get hungry when they see a weak innocent animal all alone." She said while getting off my lap. "Don't worry Chad; we'll take turns looking for her. While one is having fun the other person can be looking for her." "How is that even possible?" I asked confused.

She dropped to her knees and unzipped my pants and said "Easy you'll take the first shift and watch the cameras while I take care of your shaft. Do you like the sound of my idea?" I thought about it for a second and remember that Jessica said she could feel if I was having sex, maybe I could you that to bring her out of hiding.

Plus I may never get a chance like this again. "That sounds okay to me." Mrs. Jones kissed the tip of my cock and slowly engulfed my cock in her mouth. She started to bob her on my cock with rhythm.

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Up down, up down, pause, up down, up down. I could feel myself getting closer to cumming and tried to pull out. "What are you doing? I love giving blowjobs because of the pure satisfaction of pleasuring someone. Right from the start, swallowing is the best part to me.

There's no mess, and it feels great feeling a cock throb in my mouth when it's close to an orgasms.

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It's a huge turn on for me. Even more if you give me a big load, there's a sense of pride in making young boys come so hard and feeling exactly how much with in mouth. So don't ever pull out again." She took me in her mouth again but this time she was a little rougher. She was using her teeth.

After a few minutes I ended up cumming in her mouth.


"Wow, I never felt anything like that before." "Years of experience. I guess it's my turn to watch the cameras. Damn I forgot my glasses at home." She said as she pulled off her pants and bent over, showing her beautiful round ass. "Oh well I'll have to work like this.

You don't mind if I work like this do you?" "No, I don't mind at all." I said as I guided my cock between her pussy lips. I stuck the tip in and pulled out. "What are you," Mrs. Jones said before I slammed my cock deep in her pussy. "Oh God," She shouted as her knees buckled.

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"Now that's what I'm talking about that's why I love them young." While pounding Mrs. Jones Pussy doggie style I grabbed her by her hair and pulled her in for a kiss. Our tongues danced together in our mouths. Mrs. Jones bit my lip and said "Chad I can't look for your missing girl if I'm not facing the cameras." She had a point so rough her up a little and slammed her onto the table and forced her head to look at the camera that was watching main entrance.

"No matter what I do you better keep your eyes on the TV and tell me if you see the girl I'm looking for." She nodded with pleasure. I started to get rougher and grabbed her breast from behind. They had to be a B cup but firm and her nipples were long and hard and it seemed like every time I pinched them her pussy got tighter.

Soon she and I were gasping; the slapping of our bodies making wonderful, fleshy noises, the sounds of sex filled the room.

I moaned and said, "I'm going to cum!" Mrs. Jones pulled me into her, and the orgasm shook me. I came deep inside of her. Her pussy clamped down around my cock, and she came as well, her body shaking.

I then slumped down on top of her and saw something strange on the main camera. "What's going on down there?" I asked Mrs. Jones "I don't know a woman passed out on the ground but that doesn't concern us we're looking for a girl." For some reason I had a feeling that it had to be Jessica. I pulled out of Mrs. Jones and ran out of the room. I ran as fast as I could down the stairs towards the main entrance.

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There was a crowd of people. I pushed and Pushed to I was able to reach the Center of this swarm of people and I was right it was Jessica but not the girl I was hanging out with just an hour ago. This was a grown woman. She had beautiful blonde hair, bright sky blue eyes, and perfect C cup breast. "Papa am I worthy of you now?" She asked with a smile.