Grandpa teach about gay sex to boys stories and movie farm sex with

Grandpa teach about gay sex to boys stories and movie farm sex with
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Gypsy soul My name is Scott and tonight is the night. Tonight, I put everything behind me. Tonight, I start a new life. Where no one knows me. Where I can be anyone. Tonight, I set myself free. I don't want to go too far back in my past.

But I will tell you the important parts. The why and the how. It truly began in high school. Being a small kid, I was always the target for bully's. Their play thing. Something insignificant in their eyes. There where times I went to my parents. But the end result was worse than the original beating I had received. My family wasn't poor, but we wasn't rich. They couldn't afford to buy me a new car, but they bought me a 90's model Chevy box van. At first I hated the thing.

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But I learned to deal with it. My junior year I gotten a job at a camping and outdoor store. I loved the outdoors and loved working there. One day I was complaining about how I hated the van to my co-worker My manager over heard me and gave me an idea. Take the seats out and turn the van into a rolling camper. Soon after the idea had been introduced to me I had a really bad day at school.

As the nurse was putting a cast on my arm after I "fell" I decided that I was going to fix the van into a camper, and after I graduate from school I would leave. No destination. No time schedule. I would travel America away from all the hate and hurt of this small town. I received a large discount working at the outdoor store. I put a bed inside. Big for someone of my frame. A sink. Gas stove. Water tank. I had it all. After the van was finished I invested in stocks after I had turned 18.

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In the few last months I had until graduation I had earned nearly $7,000. That would be my starting money. And earlier tonight was high school graduation. And still the bully's managed to force me into the bathroom for one last swirly. It was fine by me. It doesn't matter. Tonight's the night. Tonight, I live a free man. I left a note in my room for my mom and dad to find in the morning. Saying that I have left on my own wish and do not wish to be found. I checked the gas gauge one last time to make sure it was full.

I had never been so excited in my life. I was going to start a life for my self. I put the van into drive and slowly rolled out of the drive way. I wanted to look back one last time, almost in saying goodbye.

But I refused. Soon I was on my was to my first destination. A camp ground just a few hours away. I was just going so I could get a good nights sleep on my own. For the long drive tomorrow. The interstate lead to another small town. The small town lead to the country side.

I was nearly an hour away when I seen a car on the side of the road. Next to the car on the side of the road was a female figure. She had several bags and suitcases next to her as she was flagging me down. On the front of the parked car was a muscular man and another woman next to him. They where both yelling at the woman on the road.

My mind was telling me to keep going. But my heart was telling me to help her. After a short debate in my head I stopped the van. When I came to a stop the woman picked up what she could and hurried to the van. I moved to the back and opened the door. When I did she was already there. I could then hear some of the things the other two where saying. Calling her a whore, slut, and home wrecker. "Where are you headed?"I asked. "Anywhere but here" she replied.

Tears swelling in her eyes. "Ok" I jumped back into the driver seat as she climbed into the passenger. As we drove off the other two had picked up a few rocks throw them at the van. Making loud banging noises and causing my new passenger to recoil into the fetal position and sob.

But soon we was far gone from them, but I was worried they would pursue us in their car. I looked over from time to time to make sure that she was ok, and because she didn't buckle her seat belt and it bugged me.

It was dark so I couldn't tell much about her. He had wavy blond hair that went down to her shoulder blades or more. Her clothing lose and free forming. It was hard to tell, but she seemed to have big breasts.

The more I looked the more it seemed that she didn't have a bra on. After nearly 10 minutes she broke the silence. "I'm sorry about that" She half whimpered. "It's fine. It looked like you was in a bit of a bind" I tried to calm her.

"It's still not ok" she began to tear again. "Do you want to talk about it?" I asked. As you could probably guess, not being popular I never talked to any girls. So I felt very uncomfortable and didn't know what to say. Or even if it was ok to talk to her. "Not just yet. What's your name?" She looked into my eyes. The tears in hers reflected the moon light and seemed to make her eyes glow. I was hypnotized instantly. ".Um. My name. It's aaaa.

Scott. My name is" Fuck I'm stupid. "Having a little trouble remembering your name uh?" She gigged. I turned beat red in the face and focused on driving down the road. I was so embarrassed. "You don't talk to girls much do you" She asked. I only nodded my head in more embarrassment.

"It's ok. I guess your the only friend I have now." She lowered her head and looked at the ground.

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"What uhh. What's your name?" I asked "Miranda." "It's nice to meet you." I said awkwardly. "So Scott"she smiled" where are we headed?" "To a camp ground site about 45 minutes away. But I can drive you to the nearest gas station if you need me to" "Camping sounds good. Do you have a tent and all set up. It's going to be hard doing it in the dark" she noted. "Oh no. I'm. Or we are staying in the van." She then turned and looked back into the camper part of the van.

"Oh cool! I've seen these on the Internet. I can't really see.could you turn the light on?" With that I turned the light on and slowed the van to a crawl so I could point out the key parts of my mobile home. But when I turned Miranda was turned and already looking and talking, but I was off guard by her beauty. I looked her up and down. She had freckles on her nose and cheeks. Her eyes had dried and shown her bright blue eyes.

Then I looked further down. She had a very lose deep v cut blouse. Now with the lights on I could see that she indeed did not have a bra on. With every bump and pot hole I could see the shadow of her great heavy breasts bouncing and swaying. I could feel my member grow harder the more her boobs moved. "See something interesting? Ha ha" she laughed as I snapped out of my dazed state.

"Ummm.I.I. Uhhh.sorry.I.ummmm.I don't know.I'm sorry." I mumbled. I have a small body, but I never felt so small at that moment. I was waiting for her to call me a perv. A freak. "Ha ha. It's ok. A lot of guys like to look. You wasn't very popular in school was you?" "Uhh. No" I finally got out of my mouth.

"I wasn't either. I'm very free spirited. I'm like a new age hippie." I was beginning to sweat and my hands where shaking slightly at the thought of seeing Miranda's huge tits "By the way, how are we going to sleep?"she asked.

I hadn't thought about it.

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What was we going to do. I didn't think she would want to sleep in bed with me. We would fit though. "Can we fit on that bed. It looks ok" she pointed out. "Do you want to do that?

Sleep with me I mean." "It's fine with me. Like I said I'm a free spirit. I'm game for anything." She stated with enthusiasm. "Ok. Well when we get to the camping spot we'll get settled in." "Ok!" She said. We spent the next 40 minutes talking idly,well she talked. She explained how she had gotten here. She had a huge fight with her parents. After that they told her that she was never welcome again.

So Miranda left to travel like I did. She stayed with a friend for a few weeks. It ended quickly when she had a affair with her friends boyfriend. She left just yesterday with the other two. They became lost and a argument started when she decided she was going to leave until I found her. "Other people have always called me a slut or whore." She explained "I mean I do have a high sex drive, but I can't help that their man leaves them for me.

I don't know. Maybe I'll just be alone forever. What do you think?" "The way I see it is your almost like me. Just running away from your troubles, to start a new life. To always be free" I said. And in a way I was just like her. An outcast. Drove away by the wolfs of society. "Ya. We are kinda the same ain't we? Would you mind if I travel with you? I have money so you wouldn't have to support me or anything." Miranda asked with hint of hopefulness in her voice. "Ya.

No problem. I like having you with me. Your the first girl who's ever talked to me for more than 10 minutes. Absolutely." I almost blurted out. "Ok great. It was the boobs wasn't it?" She teased. I once again turned red in the face as she wiggled them around. "We're here." I said as I tried to no stare at the big globes on her chest. The camping spot was one of perfection on this night. The full moon cast its bright pale light across the river. As I climbed out of the driver seat and stretched my legs, I set my eyes on the wondrous beauty.

Miranda, to my right was staring at the sight as well. She began to walk to the water. I stood there watching her as she strolled along.

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She swayed her hips back and forth with a hypnotizing rhythm. She slowly began to remove her lose blouse. When she dropped it on the ground her back was to me, and I could see her perfect figure in the moon light. She continued to walk and shimmy her booty shorts off. When she finally did so, Miranda was about 10 feet from the water.

Miranda turned to face me, and exposed herself to me.

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Her breasts where bigger and fuller than I could have imagined. I instantly become hard as she motioned me to come closer. She stood seemingly motionless as I weakly stammered ever closer. When I closed the gap she took my hands into hers. Miranda looked at me, with her pale blue eyes. "Make me feel good" She whispered into my ear. She began to walk backwards towards the water.

I couldn't help myself, with every step her breasts bounced ever so slightly with a little jiggle at the end. Smiling slightly, she removed my shirt and tossed it behind me. She then undone my belt and shorts and with one solid motion pulled them down, along with my underwear. Miranda looked down at my 6 and 1/2 inch member then looked back in my face with a deep hunger in her eyes. The July wind was softly licking our naked body's.

Reaching down and putting her hand on my hard shaft she lead me past the man made beach and into the lukewarm water. After reaching waist deep Miranda lowered herself to her chest. I followed suit. "What are we doing? This is crazy! We're going to get into trouble" I was in full panic mode. My heart was about to beat out of my chest and my cock felt like it would explode soon. She put her finger over my mouth to hush me. " We start our new lives today. We can be anyone, and do anything.

This is your chance to be the person you always wanted to be. Be shadow the very beings you envy." She said soothingly. After I listened I realized she was right. What good would it do me if never changed who I was. "Ok" I finally spoke after a few long seconds "What do we do now?" She only smiled in a mischievous way.

Raising herself up, she wrapped her legs around me and held my cock and guided it closer to her opening. Looking me in the eyes, Miranda lowered her body and forced my member into her. It was incredible, to feel the tightness. The extreme heat. The fire in her eyes.


At that moment she began to lift and lower herself on my cock. "I am fucking her" was all than ran through my overloaded mind. "Not only am I having sex with a girl, but the most beautiful and kind woman I ever meet." After 30 seconds the reality was too much for my body to handle.

The swelling felling began to rise. I couldn't hold back much longer. "Miranda, I'm." "Shhhh. Just let go!

Do it!" Miranda half whimpered half moaned. I could hold back. Going stiff as a board, I released my first virgin load into Miranda wanting pussy. My member swelled up so much I thought it was going to rip in certain areas. After unloading into Miranda I went limp but not so much I couldn't support the both of us.

"I'm sorry. I didn't mean to" I panted.

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Felling sorry for what I had done, and scared of getting her pregnant. "It's ok. I can't have any children. I'm infernal. We don't have to worry about having kids" she smiled. I took me a few moments to realize what she had said. But when I did I felt so relieved.

I was sorry that she couldn't have any children if she wanted, but relieved I hadn't make a huge error on the first few hours of my new life. We soon made our way back to the shore and laid on the warm sandy beach.

I was in a sea of raw passion. Miranda laid next to me. Resting her head on my arm. We both were staring into the open sky, taking in the glory of the moon and the stars, talking of places that we need to travel to. After 30 minutes or so Miranda raised up and straddled me, preparing me for round 2. As she gridded on my already hard cock. I took my hands and felt of her massive tits making her moan and purr in approval. Soon she slipped my manhood back into her wet hole.

As she began to bounce up and down I started to meet her by thrusting up. It soon became fast paced. Her massive melons bouncing in my face, so I finally took one of her nipples in my mouth. After a few moments I decided that I wanted to be in charge for a while. Without saying a word and in one solid motion I swung her down into the sand and rises myself over top of her.

She was so hot and ready. Her legs where quivering under me. "Fuck my hot little pussy! I want you to cum deep down in my cunt" she begged. No more motivation was needed. I began humping her like there was no tomorrow. Miranda's tits flopping back and forth. Her freckled face twisted in pleasurable agony. Soon I felt the need to cum agin, but I could feel her being to tighten around my shaft. Only a few more thruster and I pushed myself over the edge, and throw Miranda over hers.

We came at the same time. The second time seemingly felt better than the first time. As I came down I rested my head on Miranda's massive pillows and I wondered to myself. If the first day is this great, what's in store of me and Miranda tomorrow.

Let me know what you guys thank. How did I do? What could I add or remove to make the story better. And thank you for reading.