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NWORSHIP horny blonde pussy Nicole Gaucha fucking with latin bbc
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The Stranger: Part 3 "No, there - there's no way," Lily sputtered. "My family. I have a family! They'll wonder where I'm at, and they'll call the police. they'll find me. They WILL find me!" "Lily, dear. I'm afraid that's already been taken care of," Nicolae said smoothly. "What?" "If I'm correct, your family is at St. Mary's funeral home right now, mourning your death. You were thrown into a river and forensics couldn't find a body.

At least, that's what the police report says." He turned and focused his eyes on hers now, and his solemn expression morphed into a cocky smirk. "Lily, to put it simply - " His gaze burned holes through her eyes as he finished. " - you don't exist." She felt the stinging of tears in her eyes as she crumpled to the ground. Her knees buckled and hit the cold tile, sending a wave of sharp pain up her legs.

But she didn't care. "HOW COULD YOU," she screamed at him as rage overtook her entire body. "HOW?


I THOUGHT I COULD TRUST YOU!" "You CAN trust me," Nicolae responded. "All you have to do. is obey. If you do that, I'll never hurt you. Never. You have my word on that." "NO," Lily shrieked in response. At this, she grabbed a glass sitting on the nearby counter and hurled it at him with all the strength she could muster.

Nicolae dodged it, barely, and it crashed into the wall behind him, shattering. Glass flew everywhere, and a shard flew past Nicolae's face. It grazed his cheek and left behind a thin cut where the glass had touched him. "AUGHHHHH!" He roared as he reached up and touched his cheek.

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When he pulled his hand away, his fingertips were wet with blood. Lily watched, frozen, as his face twisted into an angry and irritated scowl.

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Realizing what she'd done and how angry she made him, she turned on her heels and sprinted out of the room and down the hallway.

Knowing he was much faster, Nicolae caught her with ease. He grabbed her waist with both of his hands and yanked her back, a loud yelp escaping her lips. "Put. Me. DOWN!" Lily shrieked as he lifted her off the floor and hoisted her body over his shoulder.

She kicked and punched, desperate to get free from his grasp, but he was much sturdier than she was, making it impossible. "Absolutely not. You've been very, VERY naughty and I plan to give you the punishment you deserve," Nicolae grunted.

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He carried her into the bedroom and threw her down hard onto the bed. "STAY," he instructed, "Or I'll make sure you'll regret it." Lily scrambled to sit upright on the bed. Shuddering, she huddled in a corner up against the wall and grabbed at the comforter at an attempt to cover herself. Nicolae scoffed at her actions. "Too late for that, isn't it?" He said, smiling slyly.

He strode to the closet and opened the doors swiftly. Lily watched him as he felt for the top shelf and pulled down. rope. Coiling it over his hand, he shut the closet doors and walked slowly towards Lily, whose eyes widened in fear and anticipation as she saw what he held. "Hold still," he said, yanking the covers out of her hands and leaving her exposed. "I'm going to position you just how I want you. If you resist, I'll make sure you pay for it later." He put his hands around Lily's waist and lifted her into the center of the bed.

Placing one hand on her chest and giving a slight nudge, he pushed her down and onto her back. "Stay," he reminded her. He spread her arms and legs apart so that they reached each corner of the mattress. Using the rope, he tied her hands and feet to rings that had been planted in the bed - protruding from the four corners specifically for this purpose. Lily was fully exposed now. She struggled a bit, testing her restraints in protest, but it just gave Nicolae more pleasure with what he had done.

He smiled at his work and began to stride out of the room when Lily cried out. "Wait! You can't just leave me here like this," she protested. It wasn't that she wanted him with her in the room, but she felt too vulnerable to enjoy her time alone.

"Of course I can," Nicolae said quietly as he wandered back to the side of the bed. He placed a hand on her breast and squeezed gently. His other hand slid softly down her stomach. She groaned slightly and the ropes tightened, straining.

She clenched her feet as his finger found her entrance. He teased her, stroking her clit and gliding his fingertip around her opening. Lily moaned loudly in protest when he suddenly stopped. Nicolae smirked. "We'll finish this later, pet. later." ---------- Nicolae had left the apartment for business matters. He was only gone for a few hours, and when he returned he was surprised to find Lily asleep where he had left her. He padded to the bathroom, where he removed his clothing and replaced his business attire with a pair of tight, black underwear-like shorts.

When he walked back into the bedroom, he stopped and stared. He had never taken the time to see Lily sleep before. She was stunning. Even spread out in front of him, she looked like a goddess. Nicolae was fully aroused now. He walked silently over to Lily, examining her. He placed his fingertips just beneath her breasts and began caressing up and down her stomach to wake her. Lily was awoken to him standing above her with his fingertips exploring her lower chest.

She arched her back slightly in pleasure and reaction to his touch. "Finally awake." Nicolae trailed off. "It's time to finish what we started." "Mmmh," Lily began to moan, but it was silenced when Nicolae pressed his lips roughly against hers in a hot kiss.

He placed one knee on the bed, lifted his other leg over Lily, and mounted her hips. "Hh - uhhhh," Lily exhaled as Nicolae placed his lips on her neck, just below her ear.

He continued kissing her softly, leaving love bites where his mouth touched her. He stopped at her collarbone and received a groan from the back of her throat. He reached above her head to her hands and then to her feet, pulling the ropes back through the rings and releasing her from her bound position. Lily began to sit up, but was immediately pushed back down by Nicolae. He held her hands above her head, pressing them down and holding her in place.

His mouth moved to her breasts. He licked, flicking his tongue over her suddenly erect nipples, and finished by sucking on them, placing his whole mouth over her nipples and tugging slightly. When he was done with her chest, Lily hoped for him to keep exploring, but instead he grabbed her waist and flipped her over onto her stomach.

He lifted her ass up and slid his legs underneath her stomach so that she was bent over his lap. He began to slide his hand over her soft cheeks, rubbing them and giving an occasional squeeze. Then, out of nowhere, he lifted his hand and slapped her ass, creating a loud smack and leaving a pink handprint.

Lily thrust her hips up into the air in surprise and pleasure from the sudden pain. She breathed in sharply as Nicolae grabbed one of her cheeks, groping it hard just above the back of her upper thigh.

It pulled her pussy's lips apart, and she and Nicolae realized together that she was dripping wet as the cool air reached the walls of her entrance, making her shudder. Lily moaned louder, and Nicolae moved his other hand to her ass, groping her with both of them. He lifted his thumbs inward and pressed on the outside of her pussy, rubbing gently. By now he had learned all of her sensitive spots on every inch of her body, and she knew it.

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Lily never stood a chance against the pleasure he could give her. He continued to massage her outer walls, occasionally reaching up and caressing her clit with his fingertips. Lily was bucking her hips now, trying desperately to get away from his addictive touch, but she knew she was helplessly intoxicated by it.

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Her pussy was dripping with her juices now. She was ready for Nicolae. He grasped her waist with both hands and pulled her upwards onto her hands and knees so that she was on all fours like a dog.

Still teasing her, he trailed his finger all around her wet, tight hole. Lily gasped as he inserted a long finger into her. Her pussy clenched around it as he thrusted - slowly at first, but he was picking up speed. With his finger pumping inside of her, she began to pant as he repeatedly found her g-spot. Nicolae slowly retracted his finger, sure to make Lily savor every moment of it inside her. He reached up to her hair and pulled it, forcing her head back.

She instinctively opened her mouth, and when she did he pushed his finger inside, forcing her to taste herself. When she was done, he waited a few seconds before moving again at all. Impatiently, Lily groaned, begging for more. Just as she was about to turn around and look at him, she felt two rough hands grab her bare ass and pull her cheeks apart, fully exposing her pink pussy.

Soon after, his tongue attacked her cunt, swirling around her clit and thrusting into her tight hole, making her gasp.

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He devoured her juices, savoring every drop of her sweet fluid. She was arching her back and bucking her hips at his touch. It was driving her insane. She was his. He owned her, and he loved it. She would never leave him. Nikolae reached up once more to her face, forcing her to taste herself again. After his finger was clean, he readjusted Lily's position - this time he kept her ass up in the air, but pushed her shoulders downwards so that her chest was touching the bedcovers.


Lily felt the bed move as Nicolae slid off of it and stood on the floor. Out of the corner of her eye, she saw him remove his shorts. When he did, his cock sprung out, fully erect. At nine inches, it was a bit hard for her to take, but she loved it. She sighed, wanting it inside of her, and in response she heard Nikolae chuckle softly.

He knew she was watching, and it aroused him, making him grow harder. He moved back onto the bed and positioned himself behind her at her entrance, ready. He could feel the wetness of her juices on the tip of his cock. "How much do you want me?" "I want you. inside me. NOW," Lily answered, and for the first time, she meant it with complete certainty. "And, again, what is it that you want?" "I want you. to fuck me. hard," she replied. When he did nothing in response, she screamed out of her building anticipation for the feeling of him inside her.

"FUCK ME!" This time, at her command, he thrust hard and fast into her, making her scream. "Nikolae," she moaned, "faster. ohhh," as he reached her g-spot. She could feel his cock throbbing inside of her, rock hard as he pounded her relentlessly. He pulled out briefly and flipped her over onto her back; her legs spread apart, displaying her tight cunt. He slid his cock back into her, pounding her, his balls slamming into her ass with each thrust. Nikolae came and emptied his hot, thick load into her as he pumped his cock in and out of her hot cunt.

She screamed in a mixture of pleasure and pain. Every inch of her was shaking as she took him inside of her. Again, her back arched, out of control as she clenched the sheets, clawing them with her nails.

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"I think. Nikolae. NIKOLAE," she screamed as he kept thrusting. "I'M.


I'M - I'M GONNA -" Lily's orgasm shook her entire body, making her quiver with pure pleasure. She'd never had an orgasm like that before. Even though she had just lost her virginity two days ago, she knew this orgasm felt different - better.

".CUM!" Lily screamed as she rode out the orgasm while Nikolae was still inside her. When he pulled out, he was covered in a combination of both of their juices. "Fuck, Lily," He panted. "Holy. holy shit." He stepped off of the bed and stood there for a moment, looking at her and breathing heavily as he tried to catch his breath.

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He took her hand and led her across the room to where the bathroom was. "Come on, Lily," he said with a hint of seductiveness. "Let's go clean up." ---------- Hey, thanks for reading!

I just wanted to say that I'm not the original author of the first two stories (The Stranger and The Stranger: Part 2), but I read them both a long while ago and I know we've all waited a long time for part 3 and it hasn't arrived, so. I made a third part for those who were interested!

I'll probably make a part 4 as well, but like the original author I don't have a lot of time to write, so it might be a while. But I promise that I'll try as hard as I can to write more! Until next time ;)