Gorgeous blonde takes long strapon then cums

Gorgeous blonde takes long strapon then cums
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Geri & Jody's Sexual Adventure and Beyond Vol. II By Geri_w Hello. We are back for another sexual adventure. If you missed our South American adventure Vol. I ; let me catch you up. My name is Geri; I am a 40-year-old woman with blonde hair, long legs, a tight ass and a pussy that is insatiable.

My traveling friend is Jody. She is a beautiful 30 year old nymphomaniac. She is at 5'4" shorter than my 5'9" but has beautiful long legshuge perky titsan ass that is high and tight and a pussy that can take anything … We were on holiday at a small coastal town in South America when rebel troops overtook the town. We became the sex whores for two of the generals until their army was overrun by another band of rebels.

We escaped with the help of a guard that had been fucking me.

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He took us to his small home town where Jody met his friend, Tino. We have been staying with Gilberto, my guard, and Tino for 6 months now. Both Jody and I need variety and the town is too small for us. We have fucked almost every man and woman in the town that we can find so we need to leave. We told Gilberto that it was time for us to go. He was not upset and said that Tino and he would miss our nightly fuck fest but if we must ; we must.

He took us to the nearest airport. We stopped just before we got there and gave him and Tino a last blow job before they dropped us off at the airport. Good bye South America… Hello New Orleans! We arrived in New Orleans and found a nice little apartment on the east side of the French Quarter. It was Saturday night so Jody and I decided to see what the town had to offer us in the way of fun and sex.

We both dressed in our shortest mini skirts, loose blouses and high heels… no panties or bras for us tonight. We were hunting for sex.

We found a dance club/bar/ pool hall on to the east of the Quarter. It was called "the Hole" and as soon as we walked inside, we saw why… this was no family tourist place. It was rough and ready. Mostly men were there but a few women were there too; but they were dressed in jeans and big over sized shirts. We were the only ones in skirts or heels… just our kind of place for us to be sluts.

we both looked at each other and laughed. Jody said, " Geri, we are both going to get plenty of attention tonight" I said, " Yes we are. I am already getting wet" We walked on in and found a table near the dance floor… The band was a blues type of band with a lot of bump and grind sound to it… We were not sitting there long before men started asking us to dance… I began to notice that the band was only playing slow songs.

This was set up by some of the men so they could slow dance with us. I would not call it dancing. Mostly it was these guys holding their crotches into our crotches and their hands squeezing our asses… Of course, we let them do what they wanted. We were back at our table when an older man sat down with us. He told us that his name was Bill and the people here were all construction workers here for the New Orleans clean up. He was the foreman for two of the four crews here.

He said that he had been doing construction for 30 years and that he had turned 55 last week. Jody and I gave him a kiss on the cheek for his birthday. I now notice that the men had stopped coming to ask us to dance and Bill said that they were afraid to interrupt him.

I told him that he was cutting into our sex life and he laughed… He motioned for a young handsome stud to come over. He told him to dance with Jody… I pouted and said, "What about me? Don't I get a man?" He said, " Look honey, you got all the man that you will ever want tonight right here." I said, " Are we going to dance?" and he said, " No but I will let you dance with a friend of mind that has been wanting a piece of you since you all walked in" He motioned toward me and a woman came walking up to us.

She said, " Hi Bill" and Bill said, "Hi Tonya. would you like to dance with Geri?" Tonya's eyes brightened and said, "Oh yes. Yes I would" so, Tonya took my hand and lead me to the dance floor… she held me tight and danced me around the floor… About half way through the song, she said, " Come with me" and she led me off the floor.

We went into the ladies room and Tonya locked the door… "I don't want to be disturbed," she said… as she walked over to me and held me against the sink… She took my hand and put it in her now unzipped pants… as she did that, she reached under my skirt and found my clit… I was already getting wet and she knew it.

She smiled and said "Sit on the sink, I am going to eat your pussy" She quickly had me spread on the sink top as she dropped to her knees and ran her long tongue into the opening of my crotch. I could tell that she had done this before as she worked me into a fucking frenzy… I was cumming and she kept sucking my clit. I came again before she stopped. I slid off the sink and my knees were weak. As I was pulling my miniskirt down over my wet twat, she kissed me then unlocked the door and walked away… I composed myself and walked back out into the bar.

Everyone knew what Tonya had done to me but I did not care.sex is sex and I love it all. I walked back over to our table and Bill was still sitting there. He said, "Did you enjoy Tonya?' I answered, "Yes I did, very much, she has a very talented tongue." He laughed and said that pretty much every man and woman in this place has had that pleasure.

We had a few more drinks and talked for a while as Jody dry humped some guy in a corner booth and then Bill said, "Would you girls like to come to our house?

We have rented an old redone firehouse about two miles from here" I said, "Sure, how many guys live there? He said, "Depends, usually about 5" So we went out to Bill's car. He and I got into the front seat and Jody was sitting between two guys in the back seat.

I scooted very close to Bill and we were off to the firehouse. Jody was giggling and I was running my hand up and down the inside of Bill's right leg, just stopping short of his crotch. Then one of the guys in the back exclaimed, " Fuck, you got no hair on your pussy! Damn!!" She was laughing and I turned and said that I have no hair on my pussy either. We like it that way. Makes it easier for you men to find what you are looking for.

I turned back around just as the other guy was putting his hand from Jody's tits to her pussy. I smiled at Bill and ran my hand on up onto his crotch to find that his cock had gotten rather swollen and hard… I smiled again and whispered in his ear. "You can do anything to me that you want to do" He smiled and said, " I know I can" We finally got to the house and the two guys in the back with Jody were zipping up their pants as Jody was wiping cum off of her chin… I looked at her and said, " You little slut, couldn't you wait?" She said, "No, they wanted me and I wanted them so, what the hell" We all laughed and went into the house.

Inside, the house was clean but sparse.


A table, couple of couches and beds scattered around the rooms. We sat and had a glass of cheap wine that someone produced from the kitchen. Jody was on the bed with two more guys and they had her naked. One guy eating her pussy while the other was sucking on her tits. Bill and I watched them for a while and I said, "Are you going to fuck me?" He said, "Yes I am going to fuck you but when I want to, not just because you are horny." At that, he got up off the couch and walked over to where the guys were now fucking Jody.


He pushed the two guys away and told Jody to get on her knees… As she didhe dropped his pants and pulled out a very thick, large cock which he crammed into Jody's open mouth…She was experienced enough to know what to do and she started sucking and bobbing her head in tune to Bill's hip movements. Just before he came, he pulled his dick out of her sucking mouth and motioned for some of the other guys to come and fuck Jody as she pouted for not getting Bill's cum on her.

Now Bill walked over to me with his cock still rock hard and standing at attention. He grabbed the back of my head and slid his hard-on into my willing mouth… He put all 9 inches of it into my mouth and down my throat.

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I sucked but did not move and I could feel him building up to a sperm explosion. Before he came, he pulled out and picked me up and carried me up the stairs to a room that had a huge bed in it. He laid me down on the bed with my ass in the air, pulled my legs apart and tied each ankle to a bed post that kept my legs spread apart but gave me room to move my pussy up and down.

Then he ties my hands above my head. He took off all of his clothes and climbed up on the bed with me. He still had that enormous erection and he had lubed it with KY jell. I knew what was coming… he was going to ass fuck me .I could hardly wait!!!

First, he eased the head of his penis into my tight ass and massaged me with his finger… then as I became looser he crammed more of his dick into me until he had it all inside me; then he began to pump me. At first slowly then faster and faster. I was cumming all over myself and I could feel him building to that sperm explosion again.

This time, he did not stop; he kept pumping and began to cum… He came deep inside of me and as he pulled out, I could feel my ass stay open and inviting. He had stretched my ass as wide as it had ever been and it felt painful yet sexually exciting. As soon as he was done, he climbed off me and left me there tied to the bed with cum running out of my ass.

Bill went back down stairs and I could see through the railing down into the main room. The guys had moved the couches into a semicircle and they were all sitting there, naked and drinking beer.

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Jody was also naked and I saw that she was being passed from one guy to the next. She was being fucked by the first guy then the second guy would pull her over to him. Each guy was taking his turn with her, cumming on her, in her mouthin her ass and in her pussy. They were all laughing and I heard on guy say, "Fuck that whore harder, I want a piece of her ass" Then I heard Bill say, " Does anyone know where Rocko is?

I have a piece of ass for him that he will love" I heard him tell someone to find Rocko. A very young guy that I had not noticed before came up the stairs. He had an empty wine bottle with him and walked over to where I was lying on the bed. He untied me and said that Bill told him to get me ready for Rocko. I asked, " What is the wine bottle for?" and he replied, "It is to get you ready for Rocko" He then turned me over and put Ky jell on the wine bottle.

I am thinking to myself, well this will be interesting. He told me to spread my legs and he began to insert the wine bottle into my already wet pussy. At first he just put the neck of the bottle into me… As he didI began to moan, not from pain but from pleasure.It felt so good!

Then he withdrew the bottle and turned it around. He said, "I think that you are ready for the other end now." I said, "Oh yes babe, I am ready for it." So, he inserted the large end of the bottle into me as I loosened my pussy muscles to take it.

He gently put it into me and then he kept putting it in deeper and deeper… Finally he had in so deep into my stretched pussy that all he had hold of was the very end of the neck… It hurt but it was a pleasure pain… I felt as if I was about to cum when he withdrew it and said, I think that you are ready for Rocko now." He then ran his hands over my tits, down to my pussy that was still gapping open from the bottle and he said, "Rocko will love that big pussy of yours." He then helped me up and found a big shirt for me to put on and lead me down the stairs.

When I got down stairs, I could see that Jody was having all the men that she ever wanted… They had passed her to the end of the line with every guy getting his fill of her. They were all exhausted and Jody was lying on the end of the couch with cum running out of her pussy and her ass.

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Bill said, "Give her a rest and then you can pass her around again." I went over to Bill and asked"Who is this Rocko that you have gotten me ready for?" He said, that is was a worker that worked for another crew that loved to fuck big, talented pussy such as mine.

I said, "Great, where is he?" As I asked that question, the door opened and in walked the biggest man that I have ever had the pleasure of meeting. Rocko was black, stood 6' 9" tall and weighed close to 350 pounds;all muscle. There was no fat on this hunk of a man. Bill led me over to Rocko, opened my shirt and said," Rocko, this is the finest piece of ass that you will ever want; she is all yours" At that Rocko put his huge arm around me and picked me up like a feather.

As he was doing this the other guys had found a mattress somewhere and had placed it in the middle of the floor.

Rocko took off my shirt and laid me down on the mattress. As I laid there in anticipation for what is to come, he began to undress. He had broad shoulders, a slim waist and as he took off his shorts I gasped, "Oh my God!!

I have never seen a cock that big before!!" He was at least 15 inches long and his cock was as thick as my arm. I am thinking; I have had many men and I have had some very large cocks, but nothing like this. I was wet with excitement to have him fuck me with that monster of a cock. First, he sat me up to my knees and had me put the end of his shaft into my mouth. It was so thick that I had to stretch my mouth just to get the head of it into my open mouth. He stood there and told me to suck him until he was hard… as I sucked the head of his shaft I could feel him harden and Oh my God, he got bigger.

By the time he was ready, his prick mush have been 18 inches long. He began to finger my willing pussy to get me ready and his finger was as big as some of the cocks that I have fucked… when I was wet enough, which did not take me long to accomplish, he then took a bottle of cooking oil and poured it over his dick.

laid me back and got on top of me. For a man his size he held his weigh off of me but I could feel the weight of his shaft gliding into my steaming hole… First he went slow and slowly inched that enormous thing into me as I loosened my muscles to accommodate him.

As he got more of himself into me I could feel him getting excited and he started to pump harder and faster… Soon I could feel the end of his shaft banging on the very back of my opening. He became more excited and he pumped me harder as I wrapped my long legs up around him and humped him as hard as he was humping me… He humped for what seemed like a very long time and my pussy was stretching to widths that it had never been before.

I was moaning and screaming for him to keep fucking . He began to grunt and moan and I could feel that he was about to explode… Then he did. His cum filled my whole pussy and as he withdrew that still hard prick, his juices ran out of me and down into my ass as my legs were still held in the air by his huge hands… He smiled and said, "Honey you are the only slut that has ever been able to take all of me!" I smiled and said, "I will fuck you any time that you want me!" I laid there in our sex sweat and cum and my pussy maintained its openness for quite some time.

When I felt that I could walk, I was helped up and went to the bathroom to clean myself up.

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While I was in there, Bill walked in and asked me how I liked Rocko. I told him, " He was great. I have never had such as fuck before. I loved it!!" I wanted to see him again before Jody and I left town.

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Bill laughed and said that he bet that Rocko would love it. He said, " I have never seen a woman take all of him that way you did. " I laughed and said, " I love sexual experiences and I have certainly had some tonight and I can tell by the way Jody is acting that she has enjoyed herself too." Bill said," I have never met women such as you two before… most women don't like sex as much as you two do…" I said, "Jody and I, we are made to fuck and suck.

We love it and can't get enough of it." Bill asked how long we were staying in New Orleans and I said only for a few days. We were next going to Atlanta. He said that he knew a man there that would want to see us and he would give us his name and number before we departed." I said, " I would love that." As I opened the door I could see that Jody had rested enough and that she was fucking and sucking her way back down the line of men again.


I turned to Bill and said, You wanna fuck me now?" Until our next adventure THE END