Fette geile alte

Fette geile alte
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It was the Spring Quarter of my Freshmen year of college at a very academically prestigious school. I was studying for my Biology degree, coming to the end of my first year. Usually this is the time when people go out, have fun, and have sex, but I was having none of those things.

I had completely overwhelmed myself. While my dorm mate was constantly going out, getting drunk, and bringing home suitors, I would study, sleep, and attempt to not get turned on by the moaning happening next to me.

I was taking 2 advance study courses, and a special seminar course focusing on molecular biology that I had sort of let slipped through my fingers.

The course was hard, so hard that I had already assumed I was going to fail the class and was just going to accept defeat. We had just taken our midterm, and I came back with a D. Not even a D. With a note on the top to see Professor Williams after class. Professor Williams was about 5'10", and probably around 70 years old, and was known as a complete hard-ass. He had a silver mustache and thin framed glasses that he wore on the edge of his nose.

My only encounter with him thus far was when he had randomly called on me to answer a question about the interaction particular molecules experience when forced together, and I had nothing to respond with.

I couldn't even pretend. He stared at me from beneath his spectacles and said he was "disappointed". I couldn't imagine what he was going to tell me now. As the rest of the students cleared the classroom, I packed my bag and walked towards his office, connected to the front of the class.

I was so nervous: I've never been in real trouble before for anything. I always respected authority figures, refusing to do anything that would make them angry. And now this was happening.

I cracked the door open. He was sitting there in his rolling chair behind his desk checking something on his computer. I knocked slightly on the door. His eyes popped up and met my gave. "Ah.Miss Mason. Looks like we have some sorting out to do, don't we?" I awkwardly let out a small laugh, but it didn't seem like he was amused by his statement.

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He motioned for me to sit at the chair across from him, and I did. "Let's look at those grades, shall we?" He opened up a document on his computer, and scrolled through rows of A's, B's and C's.until he found my row of grades. "D.C.F.D.I didn't even realize D-'s existed until you, Miss Mason." I was red. Never had I gotten anything even close to those grades. "You didn't listen to me, Miss Mason. I told you and your classmates exactly what sections to study, and yet it seems like you completely ignored my directions." "I'm.so sorry." I said softly.

"Out partying, Miss Mason?

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Meeting boys? Having fun?" "I wish." I said without thinking, and then suddenly tried to repair my mistake with, "I mean, but, academics are super important to me, honestly. I haven't gone to a single party since I've started here. The library is literally my party." He smiled.

"Well, you seem like a very good girl, Miss Mason. Which is why these grades are so confusing to me." "I know." I sighed. The embarrassment was really getting to me. My face felt warm and tingly. "Sorry." I said, and started to pull my sweater over my head. I realized I was feeling an extra breeziness.and that's when it hit me: my t-shirt was also being peeled off.

"Oh my god." I ripped my shirt off the inside of my sweater to bring it down. My sweater was off, my shirt was on, but my dignity was definitely missing. "I'm so sorry about that, sir." My head hung down in shame and Professor Williams looked at me, slightly off-balanced himself. "Miss Mason," he started, "The only way you're going to pass this class, is if you do everything I say." I looked up at him, still slightly flushed.

"Really? It's still possible?" "As long as you do everything I say-" "Absolutely." Our eyes locked in the first real eye contact we had made up to that point. "Good." He paused, and then.

"Take off your shirt." I held my breath. "W.what?" "If you want to pass this class, Miss Mason.you're going to have to do as I say." I felt my whole body light up in flames. I felt sweat on the nape of my neck. And a familiar heat in my groin. "Um.o-okay." With shaking hands, I took off my shirt to reveal the plain white bra I was never thinking would ever be seen by anyone else. I felt my nipples harden underneath the cups.

Professor Williams looked at my chest, imagining what was hiding underneath. "Now the bra, please." I felt a tingling sensation all of a sudden. Was I really doing this? My shaky hands reached behind my back and I slowly fumbled with the clasp. I finally unhooked my bra, and slowly, as if doing it slower would mean more time my breasts were covered, I placed my bra in my lap.

My breasts weren't overly large to not be able to wear certain low cut shirts or dresses, but large enough to fill a hand's worth.

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Professor Williams gazed at my breasts, his eyes soaking in my nude image. "Very good, Miss Mason." He got up, and slowly walked behind me, my nipples getting harder with each step closer he took. I felt his hands brush my breasts, as they then came back up to cup them. I could feel the blood travel to my nipples as they turned completely hard, and without wanting to, I let out a small moan. He removed his hands, and walked back to his seat. "You see, Miss Mason," He said as he sat down, "Even you will enjoy doing what I tell you to do." I could feel my breathing quicken.

"I'd like you to take your pants off for me." I knew this was next, and all I could manage to say was, "Yes." Professor Williams looked at me with disapproval. "Yes, who?" I paused, until I said the first thing that popped into my head.

"Yes, sir." "Very good." As I stood up, I could see his manhood through his pants, much larger and more swollen then before. I slowly unbuttoned my pants and zipped down my fly, pulling my pants down to my ankles, about to take my tennis shoes and socks off when. "I didn't tell you to take off your shoes, did I?" I paused and looked at him before replying, "No sir." and slipping my pants off over my white tennis shoes and socks.

My underwear was plain, baby pink.

Classic-Hanes panties. But as the air hit them, I could feel how soaked they had gotten in the last 5 minutes. "Turn around." He growled. I did. "Come on my desk." I turned to him slightly- "I didn't say you could turn around." "Sorry.sir." I slowly back up, feeling the back of my thighs hit the desk. I put one leg on the desk and then the other, with papers and exams of other students under my knees.

I was now on my knees, standing, waiting for my next direction. "Bend over on all fours." I shyly bent over, trying my best to stay as far from him as possible on the desk. "Move closer to me." I slowly shuffled my bottom half of my body closer to his face, my wetness exposed to him. "Your pussy is soaked, Miss Mason." He said, his face getting close enough for me to feel the air of his words on the warmth of my groin.

Him pointing out my wetness just made me even more wet. "When is the last time you came, Miss Mason?" I sucked in my breath, nervous to hear my own voice: "Um.7 months ago.sir." "You are a good girl, Miss Mason.you don't touch yourself?" I had always wanted to while the sounds of my roommate receiving her pleasure next to me, but always resisted.

"No, sir." "You're such a good girl, aren't you." I felt his hands lightly touch my buttocks, making goosebumps appear like magic. "Yes, sir." He stroked my thighs up to my buttocks again, then slowly caressing my inner thighs, just missing the outer edges of my panties. I let out another sounded exhale.

He slowly peeled my panties off, revealing the place I hadn't touched myself in so long. I felt it twitch and long for anything to just caress it, just touch my wetness. "You're so wet, Miss Mason, and I've barely even touched you." "I'm.sorry, Professor Williams, sir." I could feel him smile, and then say, "No need to be sorry." as he gently glided one of his long fingers through my clitoris.

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I unconsciously let out a small gasp. His finger, lapped up with my juices and glistening, reached out in front of me. "Look how wet you are." He placed the wet finger in his mouth, as I heard the smacking sound of it coming out of his lips. "Mmm.that's delicious, Miss Mason. Turn around." My limbs were shaking as I slowly turned, now sitting on his desk facing him, legs stuck together.

"Open your legs." I opened them slightly.


"More." I opened my legs until my wetness was now completely exposed. "Beautiful. Now lay back." I slowly lowered my body to the desk, with Professor Williams looking down at my exposed body. "Here's how this will work, Miss Mason. You must come for me when I tell you to.

Or else, you will not pass this class. Is that understood?" I felt like I was going to burst. "Yes.sir." I managed to get out. He took a seat at his chair, and pulled himself closer to my groin. He let out a slight moan, as he gently let his tongue lightly caress my clitoris. A flinch of pleasure came out of me. I could've come right there. My breath inhaled. "Delicious." He lapped my wetness again, seemingly consuming the wetness that had escaped me, his mustache gently tickling me.

"Oh my god." I heard myself say. I felt my muscles tense, and wanted to release. But then.a knock at the door. I gasped. Professor Williams looked at me as if to tell me not to let a sound come out.


"Yes?" "Professor Williams? It's Brett." Professor Williams dove back into my pussy. I almost gasped, as he put his hand on my mouth. Brett continued as Professor Williams continued. "I just wanted to see id you thought Chapter 8 was gong to be prevalent in the next in class exam, since we never went through it in class." Professor Williams lightly sucked on the top of my clitoris, his hand muffling my small sound of pleasure.

He stopped to reply, "No, Brett, I think you'll be fine." and then continued. I wanted to come so badly, my slit completely full of fire. "Oh, cool, okay, good to know, thank you, sir!" I heard Brett's footsteps step away, and the Professor's tongue flick against the right side of my clit. I sucked in my moans until he finally released my hand. I moaned, and could feel him smiling.

"You're a very good student, Miss Mason." I was at the brink. I couldn't hold it any longer. He could feel me becoming overwhelmed with it. "You have to ask, Miss Mason, if you'd like to come." He placed a finger inside of me. I shook with pleasure as I felt him slowly go in and out while still lapping me up. "Please.please, sir." "Please what?" I another animal sound released through me, "Please let me come, sir." "You want to come for me?" He whispered.

"Yes, please sir, let me come for you!" My muscles tensed, I felt fire through my whole body, my leg was shaking. "You can come for me in" I felt my heart beat out of my chest, my body was totally out of my control.

"Come for me." My body released, and euphoria shook me. I felt my pussy gush, and he pressed his face into my wetness, licking it all up as he moaned. My breasts heaved up and down with my breath. I twitched as he lapped up the last bits of my juices. "Mmm.good girl." I lay there for a second, until reality hit me on what I had just done.

I saw up, watching him lick his lips. I could see he had a small wet stain on his dark grey pants.

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"Put on your clothes, Miss Mason." I clumsily started reaching for my clothes, putting my bra and shirt on, then reaching for my panties. "These are mine, Miss Mason." Professor Williams took the wet pair of underwear from my hands and put them in his desk drawer.

"Yes, sir." I started to put my pants on, reaching for my bag as my thoughts felt completely clouded. I headed towards the door, started to leave until. "Miss Mason." I turned. "Congratulations on passing the class." I nervously nodded, started again until I was stopped again.

"Please, don't wear these to class again." He said, pointing to my underwear. "I want you, for now on, to sit in the front row, skirt on, no panties.

If I check and see otherwise.I will have to fail you again." I blushed, feeling myself getting wet again. "Yes, sir."