Family guy gay sex movietures Jaques Lavere Fucks Dakota North

Family guy gay sex movietures Jaques Lavere Fucks Dakota North
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To put things into perspective, I'll start off by introducing myself and the various characters involved in this segment of my life. My name is Ethan Parker and I am 17 years old. I am currently a junior attending high school in a northern US state.

I am goal oriented and a bit hyperactive and because of this I cannot stay still in one place. This has worked to my advantage. Unable to stay still, I practiced hard and became an important part of my school's athletics team. I maintain a consistent position on the second decile of my grade. Because of this, I am neither a loner nor very popular.

I have a small but dependable group of friends. I have a nice sculpted body with wavy jet black hair and have had a few hook ups that weren't very serious. Each of them have complimented me on my body and skills in bed. (The internet is a vast place with abundant knowledge on how to pleasure a girl, seriously guys, it may be beneficial for you'll to read) The other person that you should be concerned with is Celia White. Celia is the perfect daughter and the perfect student.

She has never gotten anything below an A in any of her tests. She is most likely to become the Valedictorian. She also plays volleyball and works out frequently. Due to this she had a highly toned body. Wait, backup a bit. When I say she has a "highly toned" body, it is an understatement. She has an extremely tight and luscious butt due to her years of playing volleyball. Her ass tops two very sexy and long legs. Her sculpted, long legs have driven many of her "admirers" to get unexpected boners in class when she wears short shorts or a skirt, exposing those exquisite legs.

She has a toned stomach and is well endowed with C cup boobs. They were the perfect size, not too big but fit perfectly in your hands.

She has dirty blonde hair that frame her cute face perfectly. Her deep blue eyes is the perfect cherry that can drive any boy mad. Standing at a modest 5 feet and 8 inches, her assets fit perfectly on her body. I would not be lying when I say that every boy I know has fantasized about Celia at least once in his late night "self-discovery" sessions.

To watch Celia workout is a privilege only a few are privy too. The way her curvaceous body bends and stretches to manipulate the machines is hands down one of the most erotic images.

Seeing her in a sports bra and shorts is merely an added advantage.


Her incredible physique and brains made her the perfect woman to pursue. The way in which she could carry on a conversation and with wit (I only know a few women that are able to do so!) made her even more desirable.

The only issue at hand was that she was unachievable. She had never dated anyone in her entire life. The amount of dedication she put into her studies and into volleyball made it impossible for any free time. Any boy (and girl) that asked her out was ruthlessly denied. This earned her the nick name 'Celibate Celia'. I know so much about Celia is because my twin sister, Rose, and she are close friends. As a result, she comes over to my house often and we have spoken often. We also share a few classes in common, my favorite being Chemistry, as I'm her lab partner.

(I'm not a creep, I promise!) This is where my epic tale begins, which would change my entire school life. I was walking down the hall towards the Economics classroom when I spotted Celia approaching then lab from the opposite direction. She was wearing a tight fitted white T-shirt that hugged her curvaceous body like python hugs its prey.

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I could clearly see the outline of her tits and could also see her nipples stick out due to the brisk air. She was also wearing skinny jeans. I would have given anything to be walking behind her at that moment. Thinking about her tight ass in those jeans almost gave me a boner right then and there. I was lost in my thought, and she was probably too because we crashed into each other. Celia was trying to put her binder into her backpack.

The crash made her lose her balance and all the contents of her backup fell down. "Ugggg! I'm so sorry Celia! I did not see you there!" I lied. "It's my fault I was not looking where I was going" she added as she bent down to pick up the contents of her backup. I bent down to help her.

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At that moment my eyes saw an object next to her foot. It was black and think. It was 6 inches long with a helmet like head. It was unmistakably a dildo.

I gasped silently seeing the dildo next to her and to avoid any awkwardness I acted as if I did not see it. Celia leapt forward in a feeble attempt to cover the dildo, before grabbing it and stuffing it into her backpack. I handed her binder and book to her and we stood up. "Thanks" she mumbled and went into the classroom, her face gone redder than a tomato. I was too dazed to reply but followed her in and tried to concentrate on the lecture. I failed the surprise teach and test.

All I could think was perfect fucking Celia owned a fucking dildo! I'm pretty sure she assumed that I had not seen the dildo because on the car ride home (we live 5 minutes apart and me and my sis drop her on the way) she acted normal, gossiping with my sister about the latest fashion trends. I did not get sleep that night. I lay awake in bed constantly thinking about the dildo. Why would she risk carrying a dildo to school? Was she returning it to one of her girlfriends? No, I thought, that would be unhygienic and she is way too smart to share one.

Then this crazy theory formed in my head. Celia masturbated in school. She was some kind of voyeur. She got off on public display. I laughed silently at my craziness. But as I continued to muddle over this, it sounded more and more believable. When I saw her in the hallway, her faced was flushed (probably from an orgasm?) and her nipples were sticking out.

I had dismissed the later due to cold air, but now could it have been from arousal? I came like a geyser that night and just as I was about to fall asleep, I plan started to form in my mind.

A plan so erotic&hellip.that I came again:c. "Rose! Get your ass down here!" I screamed. I was waiting for her in our car that we had bought jointly by working part time jobs the previous summer. "God! What's gotten into you today?" she asked me as she climbed into the car. I ignored her as I drove towards Celia's house to pick her up. I was way to giddy at the moment. My plan depended on what she wore.

As I turned the corner to her house, I saw her standing in jeans and a sweater. "Fuck" I cursed under my breath but gave her a smile as she got in the back.


The two girls ignored me and started chatting animatedly. Two days had passed. Two days without implementing my plan. These two days were the horniest days of my life. I just hoped that the third time would be the charm. "&hellip.Ethan? You there?" Rose asked me with a curious look. "Ya, Ya I'm here, just tired" I sighed.

I slowed when we reached Celia's house and my mood lifted almost immediately. I saw Celia at the curb in a knee length blue summer dress. The color complemented her green eyes and blonde hair well. She looked cute and fuckable, but most of all, I could implement my plan. I was giddy all day and I got funny looks from my fellow students but I didn't care.

Then the bell finally rang for Chemistry and I headed for the lab. I took my place at the back of the class and waiting for Celia. The worktable was waist high and required us to stand. My palms got sweaty when I saw Celia enter. My heart skipped a beat. She placed her backpack down and took her place next to me smiling. Our teacher gave us our assignment for the day and we began working on it.

I 'accidently' dropped my pen and went to pick it up. I slid her bag over to me and started to phish for her dildo. I started to panic when I could not find it but then my hand felt the unmistakable cold plastic of the black dildo. I had little time. I quickly slid it out and crawled to her side of our join workstation.

To anyone looking, it would seem as if I was finding a dropped item. I reached her long exquisite leg and quickly looked up to see her wearing a lacy white pair of panties. It was now or never. I reached for her panties and pulled them down in swift motion and inserted the dildo in to her waiting pussy. I stood up to see her reaction.

"What the Fu&hellip.ugggg" she moaned. She bent forward to hold the table top so she could steady herself against the intrusion. She reached for the dildo but I anticipated this and caught her hand.

I went close to her ear and licked her earlobe and said, "Don't" " can't!" she stuttered. I laughed softly before gripping the free end of the dildo that was jutting out and slowly pushing it inside. Her eyelids shut halfway and I heard her softly moan. "You're going to do exactly as I say and besides, I'm pretty sure you're enjoying this" "N…no.Ugg.please take.hmpf.take it out!" she panicked.

She tried to distance herself from me but I quickly spanked her naked tight teen ass softly, before going back to sliding the dildo up her pussy.

"Try to stop me again and this dildo goes up your ass" to reinforce my idea I started moving the dildo faster while I caressed her ass under her skirt. I whispered in her ear, "Finish you assignment." With shaky hands she went back to work. For a few minutes I continued to stretch her pussy. Her face used to get scrunched up when the dildo slid across a sensitive spot in her pussy. She would bite her lower lip and moan softly. If anyone looked at us, they would only see us above our waist and thereby covering our secret fondling.

I could feel her arousal drip onto my hand as I continued to thrust the dildo into her. I went close to her and whispered, "You sure do like this, I can feel how wet you're getting. Perfect Celia is being fucked using a big fat dildo right in the middle of class. What does that make you Celia? It makes you a dirty, horny slut" to emphasize the last part I jammed the dildo right up her pussy.

She moaned audibly and I could feel her grip the dildo tighter. She was close. I decided to have some fun and I removed the dildo fully and placed it into my drawer. "Stay" I whispered to her and I walked off, adjusting my rock hard cock first.

I walked over to a few friends and we started talking about sports. All the while I kept my eyes fixed on Celia and Celia eye's looked directly into mine. A sea of emotions played across her face. She was angry, annoyed, pleading and distressed all at the same time. But the one expression that was the most frequent was that of arousal.

I decided that it would not be wise to keep her waiting. I walked back to our station and flipped her, making her back face the class.

We were right at the back and as a result, no one was behind us or beside us. I extracted her perfect boob from her summer dress and was surprised to see her braless.

Her naked tit was one of the best things I had seen in my life. It fit my hand perfectly and was surmounted by a juicy pink nipple.

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"Naughty slut, seeing you braless makes you sexier." She blushed at that comment and I started to fondle her boob. I took the erect nipple between my thumb and forefinger and twisted, pinched it mercilessly.

The effect on her was immediate. I could see her juices slide down her inner thighs and her hips started to involuntarily make slow piston like motions, as if she was riding an imaginary cock. "Hey Celia" someone in the front row called out. She panicked and expertly put her tit back into her dress before turning around. I spun to see one of Celia's friends hit a conversation with her. She was half dazed and had gone into autopilot, only answering her friend in mono syllables.

I extracted the dildo from my drawer and pushed it up into her soaking pussy in one fluid motion. "Ya that shou&hellip.FUCK" Celia groaned. "Excuse me?" said the friend, a bit puzzled to hear Perfect Celia curse.

"Oh, I'm sorry…hmpf…but my tongue by&… by mistake." Celia said between low moans. "As I was saying&hellip." the entire conversation fell deaf to my ears as my sole purpose was to make her cum fast.

I started pounding her aggressively, and I occasionally gave her ass a gentle squeeze. I could not go very close to her as the friend who she was talking to may get suspicious. I sat down on the stool and removed the dildo completely and put it in my pocket. She breathed a sigh of relief as I'm pretty sure she was scared of being caught. I had realized that the dildo would not be enough to make her cum and replaced it with my fingers.

She looked down at me with wide eyes as I started to stroke her outer lips. She bit her lip and looked back at her friend when I found her clit.

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I teased it mercilessly before inserting two fingers into her dripping pussy. I finger fucked her in the most discrete way. I rubbed my finger against her squishy g-spot.

I could sense she was close. "Yes&hellip.fuc…I was thinking the same……thing" I partially heard Celia say. I redoubled me efforts on her clit with the three fingers that were outside. I spanked her ass hard and the sound could not be heard as the other students had started to talk loudly.

She took a deep breath and she came. Her face showed no signs that she was cumming, she only bit down on her lower lip(something I found extremely sexy). Her pussy on the other hand (or should I say around my hand ;p) was a mess.

Celia's pussy gripped onto my hand as her flowed freely flowed onto my fingers. Just as she came down from her high, the bell rang and her friend said bye and strolled out with the others. Celia was pleased that she left because she simply collapsed on the table. I stood up smiled at her.

"I think that was fun" I simply said grinning. She slapped me. Hard. I extracted my fingers from her pussy and brought them to my mouth and licked them. I grinned harder and said, "Yum! Tastes like strawberries! I certainly will try that again later!" She bit her lip and I smelled her getting wet again. "What makes you think that it will happen again? I don't make anyone my boyfriend nor do I fuck any-" "I don't intent to make this a sappy relationship.

We're just gonna use each other. Besides, you weren't thinking about stopping when you came all over my hand and I bet you're horny as hell right now. Perfect Celia White is dripping her pussy juices onto the lab floor." My boldness caught her off guard and she smiled sexily, "hmm, i must confess, that did feel really really really good&hellip."She brought her lust filled eyes to mine and started to stroke my rock hard dick through my pants,"……and who knows, Ethan, I may be a dirty, horny slut after all" she said as she winked at me.

I moaned loudly. We started to pack out things when I noticed her panties on the floor, I picked it up and showed it to her before stuffing it into my pant pockets. She laughed at this and started going towards the door.

I followed her through the class and before she opened the door, I pulled her back towards my chest and placed one hand on her naked ass, under her dress, and one hand on her tit and squeezed them before planting a kiss on her neck.

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I remembered one last thing. I removed the dildo from my pocket and slid it into her cunt and whispered to her,"You forgot this." "Oh fuck Ethan!"She moaned as I opened the door and joined the crowding hallway. My guess was right, Celia was a slut after all. END OF PART ONE Please feel free to pm me with constructive criticism.