Super hot brunette stripping what s her name please tube porn

Super hot brunette stripping  what s her name please  tube porn
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For years I fantasized about my Mother. She was the first woman I ever imagined fucking. I jerked off to the thought of her placing my cock in her mouth after she took a long drag on her cigarette. Even after I got older, when she started aging a bit more in the face and her body wasn't quite as toned and she replaced her Misty 120's with the new E-Cigarette, she was still sexy to me and still the subject of an occasional fantasy. Even though I viewed her as a sex object for over half of my life, I never imagined that she could or would actually be a sex object.

She was too wholesome and committed to our family. She was a terrific mother and a loving, loyal, attentive wife. As much as I wanted her to be a slut that had no self-respect, it was something that I knew would always remain just a fantasy. That was until April 21st, 2016.

I was supposed to be at my girlfriend's house that day, but little did my Mom know, she and I had broken up the night before. It wasn't too upsetting. She was a good looking girl and a fun fuck and we had been together for over a year, but it was becoming clear over time that there wasn't any long-term future for us.

Besides, I was only 24 years old and I didn't even know if I wanted to settle down with anyone at that point or any point. Anyway, I stayed at my friend Colin's house that night and decided to come home later in that next morning. I expected to come home to exactly what I always came home to . Mom washing the kitchen floor or cleaning her bedroom, maybe talking on the phone with one of my Aunt's or my Grandmother, likely with her E-Cig in her hand since she never let it go.

She would probably be in a t-shirt top and gym shorts, her normal attire around the house, and when she saw that I walked in she would be ecstatic to see me and ask how I was doing and what my plans for the day were. That's not what I walked into. As I walked in the house that morning I stepped on a pair of Nike Slides by the door that weren't mine or my father's. Before I even had the chance to close the door behind me I heard loud but muffled moaning coming from the other side of the house.

I walked through the entrance hallway, past my bedroom and the guest bedroom, then into the kitchen and living room. The moaning continued to get louder. The only room I had yet to reach was my parents bedroom, and the door was completely shut. The noise had to be coming from there. I inched closer to the door, trying not to make any noise. As I got closer I heard a very familiar sound . the clapping and smacking of two bodies fucking. I got all the way up to the door and I listened to a female getting a hard dicking for thirty seconds before I heard my Mom's voice say, "Keep fucking me with that big young cock baby!" It was a phrase I never thought I'd hear come out of my Mother's mouth.

It sound so odd coming from her; even though she was a long-time smoker, she had a voice that sounded like an 18 year old honor student. I had heard that voice welcome me home from work everyday, and say "I love you" to my Father, Patrick, when they talked on the telephone. Hearing her say the words "Keep fucking me with that big cock baby," was a shock to the system. As badly as I wanted to bust into the room and see exactly what I was listening to, I used my better judgment and decided not to.

I tip-toed back toward the front door, and as I did whoever it was that was pounding my Mom followed her directions; the smacking got louder, so loud that I could hear it as I quietly closed and locked the front door behind me. When I got outside I took a moment to regain my composure. For half of my life I had fantasized about fucking my Mother, but in this moment I was just as much enraged as I was turned on. My head was spinning. Even though I knew with absolute certainty that this was her voice coming from her bedroom, I needed to see her in the act with my own two eyes to believe it actually happening.

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I walked from the front door to the road to see if anyone was walking down the street. On weekdays in the late morning and early afternoon things were pretty quiet in our small gated community. Nobody was coming in either direction by foot, and I knew all neighbors close enough to see me snooping through my side yard were at work.

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I walked through the side yard to the back of the house. I don't know why I was expecting anything other than a window covered by blinds, but part of me thought I would actually be able to get a clear view of the pounding my Mom was likely taking. But to my surprise, there was the slightest crack in the bottom left corner of the blinds; a tiny crack that was just big enough to allow me to see my Mom getting fucked from behind by a muscular guy that looked to be about the same age as me.

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I couldn't hear her as clearly as I could when I was in the house, but I could still hear her muffled screams as I was watching her take the dicking I always wanted to give her. For close to five minutes straight he pummeled her from behind, grabbing her tits, spanking her ass and pulling her hair like she was a young, slutty porn star.

Eventually this young stud pulled his cock out of my Mother's pussy and I could see why she was screaming and moaning so animatedly. He was incredibly well-hung, noticeably larger than me and I am 7 inches myself. He laid down on his back and motioned for my Mom to climb on top of him. She obliged, but not before grabbing hold of his massive cock and sliding the tip into her mouth as she jerked his shaft with her right hand and rubbed his balls with her left.

He grabbed a hold of her shoulder-length brown hair with one hand and reached the other down past her face and grabbed a hold of one of her 36C tits, which were not nearly as saggy as I expected a 56 year old woman's would be when she was completely naked.

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She moved her hands behind her back and started using only her mouth. Amazingly, my Mom was able to shove the majority of his rod into her throat without gagging.

After performing some of the most impressive oral sex I've ever seen, my Mom climbed on top of him and slowly slid down onto his stiff dick, which was standing straight up for her. She started rocking back and forth, side to side . riding his dick like it was her life's purpose. For all I knew at this point, it was. I had the visual proof now that my mother was a slut.

She rode his cock non-stop for another ten minutes before I realized I had been standing at the back window peeking into her bedroom without considering whether any neighbors had come into their backyards. Just as I was about to leave my Mom hopped off of him and knelt down beside her bed. She tilted her head back, grabbed a tit in each hand and stuck her tongue out.

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It was like she had done this a million times. He rolled off the bed as she was getting in position and he started jerking his cock just inches away from her face. He didn't bust right away; there was enough time for my Mom to tongue his ballsack while he stroked his dick over her head. Finally he grabbed her by the hair with his left hand and continued jerking with his right as he splattered a huge load all over my Mother's face.

Globs of cum sat on her forehead and cheeks and lips. He rubbed his cock head across his face as he shook the last of it out, and once he was all finished she began scooping it all into her mouth.


It was the nastiest and sexiest thing I had ever seen. I wasn't sure if they would go again, but I couldn't take the chance that he would leave out the front door and they would see my car in the drive way. I quickly ran to the front of the house and pulled my car into a driveway of a vacant home about a quarter mile down the road.

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I walked back to my house through various backyards and I peeked in through the crack in the blinds again. My Mom was laying under the covers of the bed but her mystery man was nowhere to be seen. I stood there and watched as she wrapped her lips around the tip of her E-Cigarette; it paled in comparison to what she had wrapped her lips around just minutes before. She was still breathing heavily from the hard fucking she had just received.

Her hair was a mess and her make up was smeared. She looked like a proper slut. Suddenly her young man, with a body chiseled from stone, emerged from the bathroom and stuck his hand out for her. She grabbed a hold of his hand, rolled off the bed and followed him back into the bathroom. My Mom is an average-sized woman -- 5'5", 125 lbs -- but her young buck made her look downright tiny. He must have been at least a foot taller than her. I ran back up to the front of the house and again quietly opened the front door.

I crept back toward her bedroom and I heard the shower running and shortly after I again heard my Mother moaning. Apparently they weren't done for the day. I stood outside her bedroom door listening as this young stud was giving my Mom another rough pounding. Once the shower turned off I retreated back to my bedroom, which was right next to the front door.

I waited there for another hour or so after they finished before I heard them walk to the door. "I had a lot of fun, Dylan," my Mom said to the young man. "I did too Anna," he replied. "12 o'clock on Monday?" "I'll be here." she answered. Little did they know, I would be there too. I listened as my Mom walked back in the direction of her bedroom and I made my way over to my bedroom window, which offered a clear view of our front yard and drive way. Dylan was walking the opposite direction of where my car was parked; I had no idea if he lived in our community or if he simply parked in the clubhouse parking lot and walked over, but I needed to find out.

After he was out of my view I quietly opened my bedroom window and climbed out into the front yard. I sprinted to my car and started the hunt to see where he was going. Fortunately, when I reached the end of our street I saw that he was heading towards the clubhouse, so that's where I went. I backed into a parking spot not near any other cars and waited for him to walk in.

Three minutes later I saw him walked towards a Silver Ford F-150 that was about 30 feet away from me.


As much as I wanted to approach him right then and ask him what series of events led to him giving my Mother a brutal pounding, I decided I would wait until Monday afternoon. After all, I didn't want to be a cock block.