Horny slut want some dick

Horny slut want some dick
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info my name is George and im a 16 yr in high school of my sophomore year. I am 6ft nothing but muscle blue eyes dark hair and tanned skin with a rich family (though no one at school knows) and I hang out with a small group of guys and girls to my liking.

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I'm also kind of there protector when it came to the girls. even though there only two girls in the group all they when they saw me at launch or any were else was want to be around me it was like heaven.

having two beautiful young women all tan ( thanks to their Italian American blood)greats breasts all in the high c to low d range, and asses that would make a guy cum in his pants just by looking.

the leader of the three was Christina, with shoulder length dark hair always in a pony tail. she is 5'4" and an attitude that makes her hard to catch to most other guys but not me.

than there's Gigi.


she is 5'5" and with out a doubt the most beautiful girl that I have ever seen always with a pony tail. she is some what shy when it comes to talking to other besides me that is she has the most perfect ass with c cup tits to complete the deal. Part 1.

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"George its time for school!" my mother said from down the hall of the second floor of my house. Getting up out of bed in my overly sized large bed room I when to my closet to put on a plain black t-shirt and a pair of semi baggy dark blue jeans with a pair of white k-swiss shoes.

Running out of my room down the split stair case I went to the kitchen meeting my mom I quickly gave her a kiss good morning then ran to the other side of the large room that was connected to the living room to grab my back pack and my car keys. Running out the door that connected to the four car garage I went to my black 2006 navigator got in started up the engine back out and went to school. I got to school and parked got out and headed in to the building.

I had the first period today free since it was third period first. I decide to go the other side of the school where I could hang out with my friends at what we call the back room. It was a 10 by 10 room with a big window on each side with blinds and only room for six to seven people because we had two white folding table that were under the windows four computer chairs a television that we used for ps2 or xbox and the rest of the space was to fit in and the worst part of this is it is in the middle of two large connected rooms.

The wood working room and systems of tech room. When I finally got there my best friend was there doing his homework that was due the night before. "Hey john… didn't do your homework again?" I asked as I entered the door dropping my bag under the table with the computer on it. He just gave me a eat shit look and I just laughed Sitting down in one of the rolling comp chairs.

"John I have the answers if you want them" I said grabbing my bag taking out the papers and with the answers on them handing them to him as he sat in one of the other rolling chairs. "Thanks." john said to me then turning his back to me facing table that faced the tech room on the left side of the room while I faced the wood working room on the right side were the t.v and computer were and in between was the door.

About two minutes later I heard the door open, I thought maybe john had to go the can but when I turned to see who it was I was jumped by Gigi.

Gigi giving me a hug she got up and took off her north face jacket to show off her yellow v neck t-shirt with a black lacy bra that was two sizes to small to fit her c cups. Wearing a hot pink short skirt as well with white nike shoes to complete her hottnes. Bending over with her back turned to me I gave her a little nudge in the ass.

She immediately stood straight up turning around with a smile on her face.

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"Hey" gig said with a giggle as she straddle me lap hitting me in the shoulder than putting her arms around my neck. Smiling back at her I put my hands around her back rubbing up and down. "George what are you doing?". gigi said as looked into my eyes. I answered with a grin on my face not saying a word but instead bringing my hands down under her skirt and squeezed her ass to my surprise she was wearing only a thong. "ah George" she said giggling hitting me in the chest.

So I squeezed her ass again and she yelped. After about twenty minutes john said he had to go see a teacher so that left me a her alone for the moment. "Gigi turn around so your back it me so I can use the computer." I said as she complies by turning around. Once in my lap again I signed on and when to a game site. "George I want to play" she said so I let her while I watched what she did. About ten minutes later the first period of the day started the two classed started.

The wood working class was all freshmen boys. I got bold when I saw them working with us in there plain view with only our upper body's showing to them. Seeing this I got bold and put my right hand on her right leg and started to slid up her thigh. At first she didn't feel wait I was doing until I got to about a couple inches from her thong she stopped and looked back over her shoulder. "what are u doing uh. George?" gigi said with a soft grunt as I started to rub her pussy over her green thong.

"I want to have some fun." I said as I pulled her thong to the side and started rubbing her clit. "oh.uh, umm George. Wait. what if they see" gigi said to me concerned as the teachers back was to us just on the other side of the window. Just try to keep a straight face. Keep playing your game. And I play me game" I said as I inserted two of my fingers in to know shaved wet pussy pulling my fingers in and out slowly while rubbing her clit with my thumb.

"oh shit George I don't know how long I can last if you ohh" gigi said with a moan as she was interrupted as I speed up for a second getting the reaction I wanted. I kept on fingering her for the next ten minutes as I heard moans come from her every know and then.


As I started to speed up again she stopped playing with the computer and held on to my hand as I felt her shake. "oooHHH god I'm gonna cum, I'm gonna cummmm!" she said breathing very heavy panting. Realizing this I picked up speed as furious as I could with my palm rubbing her clit like there was no tomorrow.

Suddenly she started twitching and then came like a water fall with her juicesd covering my hand and staining my jeans. "oh GODDD George ,George George" was all she could say as pure sexual bliss took over her senses. Falling back towards me with the back of her head in my chest still shaking. "Bravo!" hearing clapping coming from a female voice from behind me not realizing that someone else came in as I was doing my deed for the day to gigi.

With a horrified look on my face with shock I turned to see Christina with an a look of excitement on her face with a smile going ear to ear. Looking back over to gigi who started to come to turned her head to look up at me. "that was incredible" gigi said as she turned her head to look at Christina.

Christina had on a jean blue skirt that made it easy for me to see that she didn't have panties on with her leg apart not even trying to close them. Also wearing a white see thru shirt with a white lacy bra to cover her d cup breasts. "Very nice gigi" Christina said looking at gigi.

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"Jesus George ya couldn't help your self could you. You just had to go after poor old gigi who is still a virgin and you just took advantage of her" Christina saying as a joke to me with a laugh. Gigi getting up from my lap to turn around to face notice the huge bulge in my jeans and her eyes went wide. Gigi not able to take her eyes off steped backwards to Christina and whispered something in her ear but I couldn't tell what is was.gigi sitting down next to Christina on the other table as Christina got up and her eyes widened as I watched her brown eyes locked on my huge dick.


Then as she came over to me the bell rang. Picking up her bag putting it over her shoulder's "Don't forget about me George. I want what gigi got. Just keep that in mind." Christina said as she got on toes to give me a kiss on the cheek. The rest of the day went by pretty smoothly as I didn't run into Christina or gigi for the rest of the day. As the day ended at school with the final bell I got in my car and drove home. Tomorrow is Christina 's turn to get what she wants.

To be continued ? I will write more if you want me to.

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