Thick huge large mega juicy booty

Thick huge large mega juicy booty
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Mistletoe, Candy Canes & a Lesbian Summary: Frigid MILF turned by one of her husband's young employees. Note 1: This story is dedicated to DAVE who requested it for his wife. Note 2: Thanks to MAB7991, goamz86 and LeAnn for editing this story. Mistletoe, Candy Canes & a Lesbian "You haven't had sex in over a year!" I asked my colleague Dave, stunned by his admission a moment ago. He shook his head as he took another swig of his beer at the pub where we hung out after work, Dave and I the last two remaining.

"It wasn't always like this." "But she is still ridiculously attractive," I pointed out, "and you are not bad yourself if I was into men." "Good to know I'm attractive to the lesbians," he joked, finishing his fifth beer. "What happened?" I asked, my head already spinning with the thoughts of the challenge of making a frigid woman my sex slave. "That is one of the great mysteries of the world," he sighed, clearly very frustrated at his long sexual drought. "Was she always a prude?" I asked, digging deeper for more intel on my next prey.

"God no," he said, "although I was her first and only." "She has only fucked just you?" I asked, not able to fathom such a concept. I was 99% lesbian, but I still had fucked more than one guy. "Yeah," he nodded, as he ordered another beer.


"Was she always so timid?" I asked, curious about a woman who only had been with one man. She was clearly prime material for my lesbian seductive wiles. "No, but I don't think I should get into the details," he said, although I knew men, and he was dying to talk about it. "Oh, come on, I am not some guy you are bullshittng with," I challenged, knowing exactly how to manipulate him. "You won't tell anyone?" He asked. I thought to myself 'you already have told me way too much', but instead I said, smiling sweetly, "Who am I going to tell?" "You need to know she came from a very strict upbringing and although at first she was timid and insecure, once she opened up." he explained, his face spreading into a wide grin.

I teased, "Both literally and figuratively." He laughed, "I suppose so. Anyway, she really loved it doggy style and for such a reserved girl, she could get pretty vocal. But the best thing was, she was a gymnast in high school and although she is tiny, just over five feet, she is very flexible. Nothing was better than watching her facial expressions, the quiver of her lips and hearing her loud moans as her heels were behind her head.

Yet." He paused and I probed deeper, even though I already knew what he was going to say, she was obviously a prototype of a woman torn between the intense pleasure sex brings when she lets go and the shame that comes from not being in control.

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"Yet, what?" "Yet as soon as she, um," he struggled for the right words to say in front of a colleague. "After she came," I finished for him. "Yeah, after she came," he agreed, "she would feel dirty and guilty and then we wouldn't get that intimate again for a long time, usually only with a reasonable amount of wine." "Wine will loosen up moral values," I smiled, finishing the glass of wine I was drinking. "It sure did with Lynne," he nodded, before adding, "but now she won't have more than one glass of wine and even that is rare." "Is she coming to the Christmas party this weekend?" I asked.

"Yes," he said. "We actually got the grandparents to watch the kids for the night, so we can host the party as you suggested." "Delicious," I smiled, my devious mind seeing the stars lining up for a seduction of my boss's beautiful wife. "What does she do for a living?" "She doesn't have a job. You know I have started three of these IT businesses and they have left me financially very secure," he said.

"Of course," I nodded, assuming just that. "What does she do all day?" "She works out almost every day, does a lot of charity work, is chair of our children's PTA and really enjoys shopping," he finished, chuckling. "But she doesn't have time for sex?" I asked, setting up my next statement. "It seems not," he sighed. "Well, maybe your wife is switching to my side," I smiled, already making plans for changing my teasing into reality. He laughed, "She is way too conservative for such a thing.

Her ancestors would be spinning in their graves all the way back to Plymouth Rock." "I have been told that before," I smiled, thinking of the many older women I have seduced and turned in my life.


"She would never," he said, finishing his drink. "Never say never, isn't that what James Bond says?" I teased, me being an American in London. He laughed, "He also has a license to kill." "I have a license to thrill," I teased, already planning my seduction of his hot MILF wife. . Five days later, it was the staff Christmas party and at my suggestion (before the seduction plan was thought up) Dave had made it a classy gathering at his house. It would start with a cocktail party, followed by a five course meal, before a dance.

Wanting to look completely irresistible, even for a straight woman like Lynne, I dressed in an elegant red dress, beige thigh highs (for easier access later in the evening if my plans went well), and four inch red heels. I arrived early, to assist with any last minute items and was greeted by Lynne who was dressed elegantly. For a forty-seven year old woman, Lynne was in amazing shape. She was so tiny, just over five feet and not even a hundred pounds and yet her gorgeous blue cocktail dress and matching three inch heels greatly accentuated her small perky breasts and slim figure.

I towered over her at five foot ten and over six feet in my heels; my 38D breasts were each almost as big as her head. I greeted, "Lynne you look absolutely stunning." Her face flushed, "As do you, as always Stephanie." "Why thank you, and it is just Steph," I smiled, squeezing her shoulder, the first of many innocent touches meant to set her up. "How do you stay so slim?" "Swimming and running," she replied, not moving away from my touch. "Well, it is paying off. Maybe I should start working out too," I said, myself in good shape, at 140 pounds.

"I wish I had a body like yours?" Lynne said. "And I wish I had a body like yours," I countered, building her trust. "I wish I had bigger breasts," she admitted. "I wish mine were smaller," I said, cupping my breasts, I added, "These are a burden to carry around all day." "I suppose," she said, her eyes lingering a little longer than socially proper. I joked, "Maybe we should body swap one day." "I wish," she laughed. "Is there anything left to do?" I asked.

"I don't think so," she said. "Well then, let's have a glass of wine," I suggested. "Okay," she agreed, the first step of my seduction plan fell in motion. "Actually, what about some egg nog and rum," I suggested. "That's rather festive," she agreed. The next twenty minutes we talked about life. I asked her lots of questions, made lots of innocent, yet meaningful, physical contacts. I squeezed her hand, her arm and even her thigh once as I continued to build the intimacy needed to make her trust me when the time came to make my move.

Dave joined us for a drink too and after a little arm twisting by me, Lynne had a second drink also. Guests started to arrive and the next hour I socialized while visiting other people at the party. Seeing that Lynne no longer had a drink in hand, I got her another and handed it to her. I whispered in her ear jokingly, "I am going to get you drunk tonight and have you switch teams." Her face went bright red but she took the drink and then asked timidly, "Are you really a lesbian?" I shrugged."Oh I have had a few men and probably will have a few more," I answered, my hand going to hers, my fingers gently tracing her fingers, "but I have found that only a woman knows how to truly please another woman." I squeezed her hand and left her alone, allowing my words to marinate in her slightly intoxicated mind.

She'd get more relaxed, feeling the lingering pressure withdrawn and maybe letting down her defenses. After cocktails we had dinner and I again left her be.knowing the more aloof I played the more curious she would become.

All women are curious; they just need the right woman, the right moment to cross that line. Tonight I was the right woman, and tonight was the right time. After dinner, while we were waiting for dessert to arrive, I sat beside Lynne and handed her another drink and she joked, "You really are trying to get me drunk aren't you?" "Moi?" I asked innocently.

She laughed, "We are in England not France and yes vous." I laughed back, "And yes I really am trying to get you to try out for my team. There is always an opening." Her face went as red as a face can possible go and I was about to move the seduction along when Dave returned to take his seat, the one I was currently sitting in.

"Enjoying the party, Steph?" "What is the English word for this?" I asked, faking an English accent, "It is delightful." "I don't think it quite qualifies as a bacchanalia.

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What do you think, my dear?" Dave asked, turning to his red-faced wife. "I agree with Steph, it has been delightful so far," she answered before adding, "And dinner was delicious." "Wait until you get dessert," I quipped, the innuendo obvious to her, but not to her husband. There was a look of shock and excitement in her eyes, a conflicting mixture of emotions that I would use to finish her seduction soon. "What's for dessert?" Dave asked.

"Oh something super yummy," I quipped, my eyes never leaving Lynne. "I hope so," Dave said. "I hope it is something sweet." "Oh it is the sweetest thing you will ever taste," I continued, adding layer after layer of naughty implication upon the red-faced beauty.

"I can't wait," Dave said. Standing up, I broke eye contact with the dazed Lynne and said, "Well I will leave you two love birds alone." I left, allowing my less than subtle innuendo to linger in Lynne's head while she ate a desert that would be a constant reminder of me.

Eventually the dance started, after a few toasts and speeches were made, and I pulled out some mistletoe I had brought for this occasion and sauntered over to Lynne. "I already have a drink," she smiled as I approached. "Good girl," I smiled, continuing to build her up, the mistletoe behind my back.

"Although that wasn't what I had for you this time." "W-w-what do you have for me this time?" She giggled, like a young teen girl anticipating someone making a move on her. It was so adorable how drawn into my world she already was. I pulled my hand from behind my back, lifted it above her head and said, "Time for a kiss." "H-h-here?" She stuttered, instantly nervous. "It's just a kiss, my dear," I smiled, continuing my soft approach with her.

"O-o-okay," she struggled to say.

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"Kiss me," I ordered, wanting her to make the first move. She looked around, no one was really looking our way so she nervously leaned in and kissed my lips. It was less than a second but she had made the first move.

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I smiled, "That wasn't so bad now was it?" "No," she answered, although I could tell she was still processing her feelings over the kiss. Confident she was already caught in my seduction net, I handed her the mistletoe and said, "If you want to kiss me again just use this." I turned and walked away, again leaving her questioning her sexuality and her undeniable attraction to me. The next twenty minutes or so I didn't see Lynne.

When I did, she was across the room looking at me. Her eyes went big with the I-just-got-caught-checking-you-out-and-I-am-embarrassed-by-it look and she looked away. I noticed in her left hand she still was holding the mistletoe. I had just finished visiting with Janice, a very nice co-worker and as I was going to get another drink, I saw Lynne sheepishly walking towards me. Reaching me, her hand trembling, she lifted the mistletoe above us.

I grabbed her hand and led her to a secluded hallway. Not surprisingly, she followed. "Lift it above us, my dear," I said, making her do it again. She did and I pulled her in and kissed her. It was soft, passionate and intense. It was the kind of kiss that always leads to fireworks, and future fun. Breaking the kiss, her arm still in the air, I smiled, "You want more my dear?" She stammered, "W-w-what? I, um, I need to go." She quickly scurried away. It was obvious she enjoyed the kiss, was likely wet in her panties from it, but was now embarrassed that she liked it, wanted more, yet felt guilty for enjoying it.

I waited a moment before rejoining the party. A few minutes later, I grabbed a candy cane from the tree and went to the bathroom.

I sat on the toilet, unwrapped the candy cane, and slid it in my pussy. I fucked myself briefly, long enough to get the majority of the cane wet with my cunt juice. Pulling it out, I returned to the party and found Lynne talking with Beth, the wife of our company's assistant manager. I grabbed two more candy canes, unwrapped them, popped one into my mouth, and went to join them. Reaching them, I handed one to each women, the wet one with my cunt juice to Lynne, and said, "Join me for a holiday treat." They laughed taking the candy canes and both putting them in their mouths.

Lynne's eyes went big after a couple of seconds as the unique taste of candy cane cunt hit her taste buds. Beth, who was clearly drunk herself, quipped, "It's been a while since I had a cane in my mouth." "How about you, Lynne, are you enjoying having a cane in your mouth?" I asked. Lynne stammered again, "Y-y-yes, it is very delicious." "Well, there is much, much more where that came from," I promised, as I watched Lynne continue to suck the cum coated candy cane.

Again, I left her confused and wanting, confident her inevitable fall would be coming very soon. Another twenty minutes passed, the lights turned down making the room quite dark, I saw Lynne was sitting at a table snacking on chips. I grabbed another candy cane, two more drinks and sauntered over to her. Joining her, I handed her a glass and I could see a slight glow on her face. She smiled, "You're getting me drunk." "I heard that it is a good way to loosen the inhibitions of beautiful, shy women," I countered, my hand going under the table to her leg.

She trembled as she agreed, "It definitely does that." I handed her the candy cane and said, "I think you owe me a special candy cane treat." "I don't understand," she said.

My hand went under her dress and directly to her wet pantyhose clad crotch, "I think you do understand." "Y-y-you want me to put the candy cane in my vagina?" She asked, eyes wide. "No, no, no," I said, my finger tracing her pussy lips through her pantyhose and panties. "Oh God," she said, relieved, obvious she would obey me and thankful I hadn't asked her to do such a task. I leaned forward, my hot breath on her ear and neck, "I want you to fuck your pussy, your cunt, with it, my pet." "Oh my," she trembled, my finger just barely touching her cunt.

"Rip your pantyhose crotch open, my pet," I ordered, putting just a little more pressure on her cunt. "R-r-really?" She asked, like a little girl. "Yes, my pet," I purred, my tongue flicking her ear.

"O-o-okay," she agreed, her trembling hands going under the table. I moved my hand away and watched her obey my order with nervous eagerness. She struggled, but eventually I heard the tear. "Good girl," I complimented. "Unwrap the candy cane, my pet." Again she obeyed. "Hand it to me, my pet," I ordered softly.

Again, she obeyed, completely in my seductive trance. I returned my hand between her legs and tugged her panties to the side. My finger brushed her clit and her body twitched and she let out a moan. I whispered, "Oh, this is just the beginning of those moans, my pet." "N-n-not here," she pleaded. Ignoring her pleas, I slid the candy cane into her cunt. "Ooooooh God," she gasped, as the long thin candy cane slid in her.

I slowly pumped the candy cane in and out of her cunt without saying a word. A couple of male co-workers joined us a minute later to grab a quick snack. Lynne's eyes again went big, her cheeks red and her body trembling. Max, a chubby analyst, said, "Having a good time ladies?" "It is almost orgasmic," I quipped, Max and I having a strange sexual joke filled relationship.

"Apparently you are having even a better time than me," he laughed, finishing his drink, before adding, "And I am having a good time." "Are you enjoying yourself, Lynne?" I asked, as I continued to slyly fuck her pussy with the candy cane. Lynne answered, "It has been a revelation." Danny asked, "How so?" "Um, I'm just, um, getting to know Dave's employees betteeeer," Lynne answered, unable to hold back a moan in her reply.

Max gave a look, but said, "Well, I need another drink." Danny joked, "Actually Sandra needs another drink if she is going to lower her standards tonight." "Fuck you," Max shot back. "No, no, fuck Sandra," I added.

"Touché," Max nodded as the two guys left. Lynne said, clearly humiliated, "That was so embarrassing." "I don't think they knew you were getting fucked during the conversation," I replied, enjoying my power over her.

"Oh God, oh God," she said, mortified, yet not making any attempt to move my hand from her cunt. I saw the opportunity too good to ignore, as I pulled the candy cane out of her cunt and put it directly into my mouth, "Are you ready to say those words in private, my pet?" She looked at me with a mixture of shock, trepidation and lust, but was speechless.

"Hmmmmm, this is delicious. I bet it would taste even better directly from the source," I teased. "We shouldn't do this," she said. "But we are going to, aren't we?" I asked, my hand going under the table again and directly to her very wet pussy. "Oh God please," she moaned, my touch having the exact impact I expected it would.

"Oh God, ask me to crawl under the table and eat that sweet cunt of yours," I purred, teasing her clit.


"Oh Steph," she struggled to say. "Please stop." "It's now or never," I smiled. She looked around as if everyone was watching us and knew she was being pleasured under the table. Finally, she said, "Meet me in the last room on the right upstairs." "You sure?" I asked, already knowing the answer.

"God, yes," she moaned as my finger parted her wet pussy lips and wiggled around just a little bit. "You understand I'm going to give you pleasure unlike any you have ever experienced," I promised. "Oh my," she moaned at my promise and my finger sliding inside her cunt. "And you will be a good obedient girl," I added, my finger just lingering inside her. "I, um, I," she stammered, overwhelmed by my words and touch. "I expect you upstairs in five minutes, on your knees in the room you already mentioned, is that clear?" I asked, tapping once on her g-spot.

"Aaaaaaaah," she moaned, much louder than she meant to. "Is that a yes," I asked.tapping her g-spot three times in rapid succession. "Yes, yes, yeeeees," she moaned, biting her lip to avoid making noises that would draw unwanted attention. "Yes what?" I asked, wanting her to give into me completely. "Yes, I'll be a good girl," she barely got out.

I slipped my finger out of her fevered cunt and put it to my mouth. "Hmmmmmm, very yummy." I stood up and said, "Five minutes, on your knees, ready to obey." She just nodded as I walked away, smiling wide at the thought of another seduction ready for completion.

I watched her get up, wobble a bit, a mixture of being tipsy and weak from my touch, before she headed up the stairway. She avoided eye contact with others and slyly made her way up the stairs and down a hallway and assumedly to the room in which we were to rendezvous in a few minutes.

I waited a few minutes, got us two more glasses of spiked eggnog, and made my way up the stairs and to my next conquest. Reaching the door, I opened it and saw Lynne on her knees, her head down, her body trembling ever so lightly, just as I expected she would. I quickly closed the door and locked it. I coyly asked, "Are you ready to switch sides?" Lynne looked up with a look of lust that was undeniable. She answered in a whisper, "Yes." I put the drinks on a night table and asked, "Is this the guest room?" "Yes," she answered, her eyes following me as I walked past her.

I sat on the edge of the bed and said, "Crawl to me, my pet." So drawn into my seduction, Lynne didn't hesitate, didn't break eye contact, as she lowered herself onto all fours and crawled the few feet to where I sat. "Take off my heels," I ordered. She obeyed, positioning herself back onto her knees.

My heels off, I said, "Kiss my feet." She lowered herself to the ground and again without hesitation, she kissed my stocking-clad feet. I smiled as I replayed Dave's conversation and adamant view that Lynne wouldn't be interested in such submission, "Are you hungry?" I asked. "Yes," she again whispered, looking up at me from her submissive position. "What are you hungry for?" I asked. "You," she answered. "What particularly about me are you hungry for?" I asked.

"I l-l-lick your cunt," she stammered, saying such words obviously difficult for her.

"You want to eat my cunt," I asked, standing up, unzipping my dress and allowing it to drop to the floor, revealing my thigh high stockings and lack of panties. "Yes," she admitted, staring between my legs at my shaved cunt. "Go ahead, my pet," I purred, "taste your Mistress." Her eyes went big at the word 'Mistress', yet she leaned forward and began licking my cunt. Watching a straight woman become less straight is always the biggest turn on; their nervous trepidation; their shy exploring of my cunt.

Then when the taste of my pussy reaches their taste buds, it was like a revelation (a why wasn't I doing this long ago) and then their slow tentative exploration becomes a concentrated, yearning hunger to taste more and more. I moaned, "That's good, my pet. Tell me how much you love eating my cunt." "I love it," she said, like most newbies do, continuing to lick like a person lost in the desert finding water.

Her thirst could not be completely quenched so she kept licking and licking wanting to satisfy her growingly uncontrollable thirst.

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"What do you love?" I asked, loving to watch the complete submission of a straight woman giving in completely to their insatiable lust. "Your cunt," she answered, her brain on sexual cruise control, "I love the taste of your cunt." Hearing the prim and proper woman use such words only enhanced the hotness of the scene.

Not surprisingly, being tipsy myself, mixed with holding back all night during my seduction of the beautiful MILF, I was pretty horny myself. Although her style was almost non-existent, she made up for it through sheer eagerness. As she licked and licked, my orgasm began building and I knew it wasn't going be long before I came all over Lynne's pretty face. "You ready for your Mistress's cum?" I moaned. The question was irrelevant, it was happening either way. She quickly answered, referring to me properly like a good submissive, "Yes, Mistress." Smiling, I grabbed her by the back of her head and pulled her deeper into my wetness.

She understood my intent and began licking with more hunger and eagerness, quickly increasing my fevered pitch until I was unable to hold back any longer, and, being a squirter, flooded my new pet's face. She licked and licked seemingly loving my sweet perfection. I rubbed my pussy all over her face, her absolute submission the ultimate turn-on.

Eventually, I let go of her head, once my orgasm began to wane. I looked down at her and smiled, her face covered in my pussy juice, a make-up mess of lesbian submission.

"Does my new pet need to come?" I asked. "Yes, Mistress, soooo badly," she admitted, her propriety long gone. "Bend over the bed, my slut," I ordered, as I stood up. "Yes, Mistress," she eagerly agreed, getting off her knees and obeying my command. I moved behind her, pulled up her dress, ripped her pantyhose apart more and asked, "What does my pet want done to her?" "Oh please, lick your slut's cunt, Mistress," she begged and moaned, as my fingers traced her very wet pussy lips.

"You understand I expect you to obey me from now on and not just tonight," I clarified, as I lowered myself behind her pantyhose clad ass.

"Yes, Mistress, I am yooooours," she agreed and moaned as my tongue gave one flick of her very wet pussy lips. "Good girl," I purred, as I began lapping her wetness. Although I was a seductress and love to be in control, I also loved to lick pussy.

I loved the power I have with my tongue, deciding when my pet would come and to be rewarded with her sweetness. Not surprisingly, her moans escalated in a few seconds. "Oh yes, Mistress, lick my burning cunt," she moaned, as I recalled Dave saying she used to get quite animated when she got horny.

I slid two fingers in her cunt and began pumping her cunt furiously while sucking her clit between my lips. "Oh, Mother fuckeeeeeer, fuck, fuck," Lynne screamed, her focus of keeping quiet gone as I pushed her to the brink of euphoria. "Fuck my cunt, suck my clit, make your sluuuuuutty, peeeeeeeeet come." I obliged, loving watching a straight woman give in to her unconditional lust. I found her g-spot again and tapped it like a drum. Seconds later, I was covered with cum as she screamed, "Yeeeees, Miiiiistress, I'm comiiiiing." She continued screaming throughout her orgasm unlike any other women I had ever got off, apparently a year plus of no real sex cumulating in her most intense orgasm ever.

"Oh thank yoooou, yes, god, yes, Mistress, so good, god, fuck, cum, more, aaaaah," Lynne babbled, with an incoherence so sexy and amusing. I didn't stop tapping on her g-spot, teasing her clit, or licking up her cum as her orgasm seemed to go on and on.

Surprisingly, she begged, a couple of minutes later, "More Mistress." I again obliged, continuing the ruthless multiple attack on her cunt as her first orgasm ended and a second one came a couple of minutes later, my face covered in more cum, another first in my many sexual conquests. "Shiiiit, I'm comiiiing again," Lynne whimpered, her voice implying she was exhausted and yet her body was not yet done with the pleasure it was experiencing.

Finally, I slipped my finger out of her cunt, pulled her up, turned her around and pushed her onto the bed. She looked up at me both dazed and longingly as I leaned in and kissed her.

She returned the kiss as we explored each other's mouths. Breaking the kiss a couple of minutes later, I looked down at her and asked, "So did you like your Christmas present?" She laughed weakly, "It was the best present ever." "Oh wait till I fuck you with my strap-on, or double ended dido, or take that sweet ass of yours," I listed, already envisioning all I planned to do with her.

Somehow there was something different about this seduction. Usually once a conquest was done, I was already getting dressed and walking out the door, yet this time I was imagining all we could do together. "I can't wait," she weakly said, her whole body obviously completely exhausted from the sexual submission. "We should probably return to the party," I suggested. "I suppose so," she sighed. "Of course, your face looks like you just ate cunt," I pointed out.

"As does yours," she countered with a smile. "Well let's wear each other's cum on our faces as we return to the party," I suggested. "As you command, Mistress?" Lynne agreed, still drawn into me even after her sexual urges had been fulfilled. "Let's go," I said, pulling her up and kissing her again. When I broke the kiss, she looked in my eyes and whispered, "Thank you." "You're welcome, my pet," I smiled.

We returned to the party, both our faces hinting at our naughty indiscretions, yet no one thought more than two drunk women at a Christmas gathering. That said, I couldn't resist letting Dave know what we had done. I whispered to Lynne, "Let's go see how your hubby is doing?" "Sure," she agreed, showing no trepidation in what may occur. Reaching Dave, I greeted, "I think this party was a success," although my definition of success was much different than his. "Indeed," he agreed perusing the room.

Lynne, suddenly verbal, added, wanting me to know it seemed she enjoyed her submission and wasn't embarrassed by it, "Yes, this has easily been the most fun I have had in years, maybe ever." "Really?" Dave asked. "I haven't seen you much all night." I smiled, "Don't worry, Dave, I have taken very good care of her." Dave took a moment before he began to put two and two together; as he looked back and forth at our two messed up faces and disheveled hair.

Lynne added, ending any uncertainty in Dave's assumption, "Yes, Mistress Steph showed me a whole new world," before leaning in and whispering something to him. Dave's eyes went wide and he looked at me with a mixture of stunned shock and nervousness. Lynne ordered, as she moved back to me, "What do you have to say?" "How may I serve you, Mistress?" Dave asked, his eyes looking away from me.

I smiled to myself impressed at just how whipped Lynne had Dave, although I guess that made sense if she could refuse sex with him for a year. Instead I turned to Lynne and said, "I think we are going to have a lot of fun together." Lynne smiled back, "I wasn't kidding, Mistress, I will obey you without hesitation. As will Dave." "Delicious," I smiled, never having had a cuckold to play with. "Why don't we let Dave here continue to play host, while you come back to my place so I can take that ass of yours you promised me?" Lynne said, "Dave I'm going to Mistress Steph's to get ass fucked is that understood?" "Yes, dear," he said, clearly still in shock of what had just transpired, even though he had a tent in his pants.

I squeezed his cock slyly, "Does me making your wife a lesbian turn you on?" "Yes," he whispered. "What about me fucking your ass with my strap-on?" I questioned, rubbing his cock through his pants. "Shiiiit, yes," he grunted and came in his pants, a stain forming in his brown trousers.

I laughed, "No wonder you haven't fucked him in over a year." She sighed, "Go clean yourself up." "Yes, dear," he sheepishly said and headed up the stairs. "So, ready to get that ass of yours trained?" I asked with a smile. "I'm ready for everything as long as it is with you," she said, leaning in and kissing me. The kiss lasted a while, long enough for others to see the boss's wife making out with a female employee.

"Others are watching," I whispered. "I don't fucking care, they might need to know where the power really is," she said, kissing me again, her tongue slipping in my mouth. Grabbing her hand, I led her out of the room, eyes following us out of the house, and to my car. As I drove away, I couldn't help but sense a feeling I had never felt before, it was a warmth inside that made me giddy.

Could I be falling in love with Lynne? As if reading my mind, Lynne said, "I know this sounds weird, and I am a bit drunk, but not drunk enough to not know what I am doing or saying, but I, um, I." She paused, a tear forming in her eye, "I think I am in love with you." I smiled, my strange internal feelings sensing the same thing.

"I think I may be falling in love with you too." The End