Outdoor lesbians muffdiving and pussylicking

Outdoor lesbians muffdiving and pussylicking
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Fbailey story number 759 AUTHOR'S NOTE: I almost never write a story longer than one part. I have had many requests to do so. This may be my only time and as far as I'm concerned each part will be a standalone story.


That way I can end it anytime that I want too without annoying you readers too much. Speed Dating With Guaranteed Sex Part 04 = Beverly and Jake Beverly almost cancelled her 'date' with Jake. She had been on over sixty 'dates' and that was Jake's first 'date.' She had booked herself with him because she had dated all of the men in the speed-dating group. The problem was that Beverly had been enjoying the company of her youngest son.

They had not had sex yet but she loved it when he watched her dress, undress, and use the bathroom to pee, shower, and shave her pussy. Jake was a handsome man about her age. He brought her flowers and chocolates. She had to smile but knew that the cut roses would most likely be dead when she was brought home on Sunday quite late.

He held her door like a gentleman so she let him look up her skirt as she got in. He smiled as he drove and soon his hand was on her leg slowly creeping up to her panties. Jake asked, "Is sex really guaranteed?" Beverly lifted her ass up off the seat and pulled her panties to her knees. From there they went to her ankles, off from her feet, and were hung from his rear view mirror. Beverly spread her legs, placed his hand back were it had been, and said, "Does this answer your question?" Jake felt the ultra smoothness, he felt the heat radiating from her pussy, and he felt the moisture that was lubricating her slit.

When his rough callused finger slipped into her vagina, Beverly let out a gasp.

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It was a gasp of pleasure. Jake took her to a motel instead of to his home. When Beverly asked him about it, he replied, "I have a teenage son and he is home. I try not to bring my dates home. He is at that awkward stage." Beverly asked, "How old is he?" He answered, "Eighteen. He's a senior in high school. I think he will be a virgin forever. He has a few issues.

He is very tall at six feet four inches, skinny weighing about a hundred pounds, and he is extremely nervous around all girls, young and old alike. Most times he can not even speak to them." Beverly went into the motel room, undressed, and gave Jake the best sex of his life. She kissed him very passionately.

She sucked his cock, played with his balls, and rubbed her finger across his asshole. She let him slip his hard cock into her very wet pussy, she let him hump into her for a couple of minutes, and then she rolled him over and was on top. Beverly lowered her breasts to his face and let him suck on one of her nipples while she raised up and ground her pelvis back down onto his.

She changed nipples and continued to fuck him. Then without any warning she turned around into the reverse cowgirl position and rode him like a jockey trying to win a big race.


Jake had never been with a sexually active woman before. His wife would never have sucked his cock or gotten on top. He looked right straight ahead at Beverly's tightly puckered asshole and poked at it with his finger. Beverly purred then turned and said, "Go ahead.

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Poke it all you want too. I'll let you fuck it if you want too." Wow! Jake had never had an offer like that before.

He was very pleased that he had joined the speed-dating group. It had been a little over three years since his wife had run off with his best friend. Like the old joke says, "I'll miss him." Well Jake and Beverly had tried everything that he had every dreamt about doing to a woman…and a few that he hadn't. She let him fuck her tits, fuck her ass, and stick his cock down her throat. As they cuddled in bed waiting for sleep to come over them Beverly asked, "Do you think that your son would like to see me naked and maybe have sex with me.

Maybe after that he just might be able to talk to me. Would you consider sharing me with your son?" Jake thought her suggestion over until he fell asleep holding her tit in his hand. In just a few hours he had fallen in love with Beverly and thought of her as the perfect woman for his son.


In the morning he took her up on her offer. He took him to his house. His son Jimmy was still in bed, which was not at all unusual for him on a Saturday morning. Beverly undressed and took Jimmy his breakfast in bed…served by a naked woman.

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Jake waited patiently in the living room for her return or of his son screaming. Neither happened for a long time. Jimmy was shocked to see a naked woman in his bedroom. He was even more shocked that she stayed, sat on his bed, and bent her leg so that he had a nice view of her open pussy.

She was so pink inside that he could hardly believe it. She slowly pulled the covers down until she could see his hard cock. It just as big as his father's cock was. She told him that any girl would love to let him fuck her. She asked him how many girls he had been in bed with. When he said none, she climbed in with him. When she asked how many girls had sucked his cock he said none, so she sucked on it for a couple on minutes.

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When he blew his load into her mouth she swallowed it all. In a few minutes he was hard again and Beverly asked him if was a virgin, after he said yes, she asked him if he wanted to loose it.

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Again he said yes. Before she would let him fuck her she asked him all about school, friends, books that he had read, television shows that he liked, and about the girls that he liked. After he had been talking to her for a good half-hour she let him fuck her. She spread her legs for him and held his cock in the right spot.

All Jimmy had to do was push it into her pussy. He lasted all of about two minutes and filled her love tunnel with his love juice.

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Beverly sucked Jimmy's cock clean, had him get dressed, and then she waked him out to his father. He told Jake all about the previous two hours with Beverly. His father could not believe the change in his son. For the rest of the weekend the two men shared Beverly. They took turns having sex with her, taking naps with her, and sharing a shower with her. When Jake and Jimmy dropped her off at her house, her youngest son met her at the door.

She gave him a big hug and a kiss. Then Beverly took him to her bedroom and to her bed. Things were going to change drastically in her future. Her days with the speed-dating group were numbered.

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She had had sex with all of the male members and now her own sons needed her services. She fell asleep a very happy woman. Part 05 will be about Jake and Cynthia. The End Speed Dating With Guaranteed Sex Part 04 = Beverly and Jake 759