Two hot sexy blonde girls suck on guys

Two hot sexy blonde girls suck on guys
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This is the story of how my girlfriend's sister caught us having sex. It was the beginning of winter break, and my girlfriend's, Carrie's, pa rents were out. Her parents weren't out a lot. Most of the time at least one of them was home.

With her dad home, I was too scared to even touch her hand. Her dad wasn't a particularly scary person, but being the 14 year old I was, I was still scared. Her mom was worse though. Carrie would get in trouble if we sat too close on the couch with her. Needless to say, we didn't get a lot of privacy.

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That was until one day when her house was empty. I had come over to her house and when no one was there, I was overjoyed. I couldn't have been happier. Immediately I kissed Carrie. There wasn't a lot to do at their house though. We sat down and started to watch a movie.

We watched a romantic movie. I wasn't much into it, but anything was fun with Carrie. It was a little boring, but it was something to do. Whether or not it was planned, I don't know, but it seemed like my girlfriend didn't realize that the movie she picked was rated r.

It was rated r for good reason, as we found out. She was sitting on my lap as we were watching the movie. It wasn't long before A particularly, "sensual" scene came on.

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I wasn't exactly sure what to do, so I let it happen. I didn't say anything, and neither did she. We just sat and watched as the couple on screen had sex. That was until I started to get hard. I couldn't ask my girlfriend to get off of me without being either awkward, or revealing my concealed weapon. I knew that I was screwed. I had no idea how Carrie would take it. We really weren't that sexual of partners, at least up until now.

Immediately Carrie felt my 6.5 inch, rock hard member poking her butt. I thought the day would be over, but it was just getting started.


Carrie noticed it and turned around so she was facing me, all while sitting on my lap. "Someone's excited." She said with a wink. She leaned in and began making out with me. I could taste her tongue on mine for nearly ten minutes. I put one hand on the back of her head, and the other on her ass. I felt her ass for quite some time. After a while, she got off of me and leaned down in front of me. Without speaking she unzipped my jeans and unbuttoned them.

She pulled them off me. I didn't struggle. Next, with another passing glance, she pulled down my boxers. My hard cock sprung out into action, almost hitting her in the face. Still without a word, she dove down onto my dick.

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She wasn't the most experienced but neither was I. It was the best thing I had ever felt. Her warm lips over my cock. Her wet tongue circling the tip. I couldn't hold it in for very long. After not that long, I could feel myself about to blow. She took her mouth off of me while continuing to rub me off.

I sprayed all over her face. She cleaned herself off by licking it up and using her fingers.

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I picked her up and dropped her down on the couch. I continued to make out with her as I unbuttoned her pants and took them off.

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She stopped me momentarily as she took off her shirt. I reached behind her and took off her bra, pulling it off of her. Now, in all their beauty, I saw my girlfriend's c cup boobs. I gave them each a long lasting kiss while holding them both. I continued to kiss Carrie until I got to the waistline of her soaking wet panties. I bit the fabric and began to pull them off with my mouth. Soon I was revealed her shaved pussy.

Without skipping a beat, I dove into her tight pussy and licked her clit. I ate her out until I felt her gasping for air. I could hear her moans now.


I could taste her juices. I licked away as hard as I could before kneeling up. I gave her another look, before stuffing my thick cock into her tight pussy. I didn't waste any time shoving my dick as far into her as I could. I could hear her let out a slight scream as I took her virginity.

I slowly started to pump more and more. She was near crying now, but I kept going. That was, until I heard the door slam.

"Oh my god! What the fuck?!" I heard from across the room. I looked up to see Carrie's sister, Elie, watching us. Immediately Carrie stood up and chased her without even putting her clothes on. I wasn't sure what to do. I started to gather my clothes as Carrie and Elie were yelling at each other in the other room.

Eventually they both came back. "Leave your clothes off," Elie said. I was confused, but I dropped my pants once again.

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"Me and Elie came to an agreement," Carrie began, still in the nude. "The only way the Elie wouldnt tell my parents about this, was if we both double teamed her." After discussing the details, Elie started to strip for us. She took off her black shirt, revealing a pink lace bra.

She slowly removed her jeans to show a matching thong. She took off her undergarments and instructed us with what to do.


For a minute, I was dazed by my girlfriend's sisters sixteen year old d cups. They were spectacular. I was assigned ass duty. Elie turned over and spread her cheeks. I put my head in and licked all the way from her ass to her clit. I continued this for a few minutes as my girlfriend squeezed her sisters tits. "Now fuck me hard in the ass," Elie yelled at me. I did as she said and poured a little bit of lube into her tight asshole. I jammed my cock in and felt her all around me.

I fucked her hard and quick while Carrie licked a combination of my balls and Elie's pussy. This went on for a while. I had been fucking Elie for a good 15 minutes before I finally came into her tight asshole. "Carrie. I want you to lick his cum out of my ass!" Elie yelled. Carrie did as she was told. She drank my cum as her sister squeezed it out of her as best she could. Next, Elie stood up and began to suck me off. Unlike her younger sister of two years, Elie knew how to suck a cock.

It was a completely different sensation, but it yielded the same result. I started to feel myself about to burst soon. Elie realized this and pulled her sister in front of me. I came all over Carries tits. "Lick her nipples!". I did as I was told. I licked my own cum off of my girlfriends tits. I ignored the taste and just circled her nipples. The last thing Elie did was spank us both.

She spanked me ten times. My ass was extremely red afterwards. I couldn't feel anything. Then I stood up as she began to spank Carrie. I watched as she hit carries ass, making it jiggle for what seemed like forever.

In the end, Elie didn't tell their parents. I did have to help both Elie and Carrie out on occasion, and I didn't mind at all.