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My girlfriend is a slutty exhibitionist… I just had an incredible Saturday night with my sexy girlfriend, Misty… We got blissfully drunken in the VIP lounge at my favorite club downtown and left around midnight. Misty and I needed to catch the bus home before the buses stopped running for the night. Plus, I was aching to get my dick inside of her to give her a pounding! She had been teasing me all evening with her dirty dance moves, grinding her ass into my crotch on the dance floor and rubbing my cock through my pants when we were sipping champagne and sitting in a velvet booth.

We were both giddily drunk and boldly making out in the lounge, my fingers every once and awhile creeping up towards her inner thighs. When I grazed her smooth, hot pussy mound with my fingertips, my cock stiffened instantly as I realized she was wearing no panties.

Knowing she had no panties on under that tight black mini skirt drove me wild. Misty, being almost 20 years younger than me (I'm in my early 40's), can be a lot to keep up with in many ways. Her breasts heaved out of a thin, low-cut silken sleeveless top with no bra, and I went so far to lick and kiss almost down to her nipples right there in the club while she giggled and tossed her long blond hair over her shoulder.

I tweaked her hard nipples through the thin fabric, making her moan in my ear. My cock almost exploded out on the dance floor! We tried to go fuck in the bathroom but the line was way too long, and so I tried very hard not to jizz in my pants all damn evening. I had to actually hold Misty up while we were waiting outside at the bus stop; she was feeling more than buzzed after a few shots of tequila at the bar.

She stood in front of me, ass still grinding hard against my crotch as I helped her stay on her feet. When we boarded the bus I guided her to some empty seats all the way at the back, choosing seats that were facing away from the other riders.


There weren't many other passengers on the bus, and it was rather quiet. Two women who looked to be in their late 20's were next to each other, chatting softly, dressed conservatively. A man around my age sat reading a newspaper, dressed in business attire.

Another older man was dressed in a trench coat, silently staring out the window. There was also a couple up close behind the bus driver. Misty sat down drunkenly in my lap as the bus began moving. All of the normal bumps in the road were heightened by the intense pleasure of my sexy young girlfriend sitting on my lap. Every pothole made my cock press harder against her ass crack. I slid my hands up her blouse and began fondling her perfect C-cup breasts as she deliberately grinded her ass into my crotch.

My hands firmly grasped her full breasts, squeezing them hard as I nibbled and kissed her neck. She gasped when my fingers began tweaking and playing with her nipples. I had to stifle a moan into her neck when she reached down and gave my throbbing package a squeeze. The bus slowed to a stop to pick up another passenger, another older man in business attire.

My hands held firmly to Misty's hips as the bus lurched forward after the new passenger settled, making me moan out loud that time as my cock rubbed hard against her. I tried covering up my moan by coughing, which made Misty giggle. She then pulled her skirt up so that her bare pussy and ass were on my crotch. My cock was so erect now that it was beginning to hurt. She bent over, hands reaching to the floor, raising her ass so that her little puckered asshole and bald pussy lips were in my face.

There was an obvious wet spot on the front of my trousers-- it was from her wet pussy sitting on me. I licked my lips at the sight of her engorged lips and inhaled her sex. The slick cunt waving in my face looked so delicious, I had to taste it.

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With alcohol giving me my courage, I bent my head down and buried my nose in her ass and dove my tongue into her pussyhole from behind. Eagerly, I lapped up her salty pussy juices and ran my tongue up and down her slit and asshole. I began using my fingers to play with her clit and she tried to stifle a little moan.

Her tits were bouncing while she was bent over as the bus rode along. I reached my other hand up to grab and twist her rock hard nipples and her pussy writhed in my mouth. I stopped eating her succulent cunt and she sat up while the bus slowed to pick up another rider and let one of the businessmen off.

The new rider was an older gentleman, maybe around 60 years old or so, who sat near the middle of the bus.

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Misty started straddling my lap, pressing hard against me and bouncing up and down after the bus began moving again. Again, I reached under her shirt and felt her marvelous tits in my hands.

My cock was aching to be free, so I proceeded to discreetly pull my zipper down as Misty hopped off my lap to sit down next to me.

She reached in and stroked my cock through my boxers and I groaned. I glanced behind us; none of the other riders seemed to be paying us any attention. Misty bent her head down, pulling my cock out of my boxers with her hands. Once my cock was out, she licked and sucked the head of my dick.

I began breathing hard and sweating and had to unbutton a few of my shirt buttons… Misty continued to suck me while reaching into my boxers and caressing my balls. I threw my head back in ecstasy as my young, slutty girlfriend swallowed my prick on a public bus. The bumps in the road made Misty occasionally choke and sputter on my cock when she attempted to deep throat me.

I pulled her off of my cock, not wanting to cum in her mouth.

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It was her pussy I wanted to explode inside of, and very badly! She was well aware that I wanted her cunt, and she proceeded to straddle me while hiking her skirt up. My throbbing cock head touched her hot pussy lips and I shuddered.

I groaned as her pussy swallowed my shaft and she wrapped her arms tightly around my neck. She began bouncing up and down on my lap, each bump in the road driving my 7" cock harder into her womb. My hands clutched her firm, bare ass as I held her close to me.

She was sweating now and breathing heavily, and to my shock she began smiling and waving at some of the passengers who had noticed us fucking around. I turned my head to look at the other riders and saw the two women staring at us and whispering to each other. A couple of the male riders were also staring intently in our direction as Misty bounced harder on my cock.

My hands held firmly to her ass, forcing my meat hard up inside her. We were drunk and now totally fucking in public. Her hot, wet pussy felt so good around my shaft that I was now willing to risk incarceration to cum inside of it while riding on the bus. I had never had such public sex, but Misty told me of a few past public encounters she had on highway overpasses, planes, trains, boats, and stadium bleachers, to name a few, so I knew she got off on exhibitionism.

I was astonished when Misty waved to one of the male riders and signaled for him to come over to where we were fucking around on the back of the bus. The bespectacled man, obviously surprised, was sporting an enormous bulge in his khaki pants. After a few moments, he tentatively walked to the back of the bus and sat across from us. Misty got off my cock and turned around to face the guy with her ass in my face. I raised my fingers and pushed them into her cuntlips, finger fucking her pussyhole as she greeted the stranger.

Unzipping the guy's pants, she sat back down on my cock while facing away from me and started bouncing up and down on my prick again. While I fucked her, she pulled the other man's cock out and proceeded to suck it while he moaned. I thrust into her for several moments while she sucked the guy's prick.

Then, just as the stranger was about to cum, she pulled her mouth off his cock and aimed his spewing dick at the bus seats all around us, his thick ropes of jizz spraying on the floor and handrails as well as all over the seats while he gasped. He put his dick away while mine was still inside my sexy, young girlfriend.

Then, grinning broadly, he patted Misty on the head and walked back to his seat before getting off at his stop shortly thereafter. Misty then pointed to one of the women sitting on the bus, and waved her over to us. The two women had been staring at us for awhile now, giggling and whispering amongst themselves while watching us fuck around.

The woman Misty pointed at came over, and Misty sat still on my lap. "Do you wanna suck my boyfriend's cock?" Misty asked the woman, who gasped. "Aw, come on, it tastes great! Watch, I'll try it myself…" Misty hopped off my cock and bent down to suck her juices off of it while looking up into the stranger's eyes with a heated gaze.

"I bet he'd love it if you sucked on it, too," Misty said sweetly, withdrawing my cock from her mouth and offering it up to this unknown woman. My heart was beating fast with all the sexual excitement. I was amazed when the woman, a brunette in her 20's looking very sensibly dressed, bent down and sucked my cockhead gingerly.

Misty smiled. The woman began sucking more of my cock into her mouth, cupping my balls. She soon swallowed my entire prick down to the base, her nose reaching my pubic hair as I groaned. Then she came up for air, her hand tightly on my shaft, jerking my cock and then tonguing my cockhead.

The woman stopped as abruptly as she started and then went back to her seat, looking somewhat bewildered. I was stunned when her redheaded friend then got up from her seat and walked over to us. This new stranger lifted Misty's blouse and began sucking and biting her hard nipples, making Misty moan.

They French kissed and made out for awhile as Misty sat back down on my cock, facing away from me. The stranger bent down and started licking Misty's clit while Misty was writhing on my cock.

Misty was breathing hard and moaning louder, and I grabbed her tits in both hands while plunging into her again and again. I noticed then that we were stopped at a traffic light and I could see cars below. I couldn't see into the cars, but figured they could see into the dimly lit bus to observe me fucking my girlfriend's cunt while a stranger ate her clit.

They could at least see Misty bouncing up and down on me, I was sure. Then I saw a window roll down in one of the cars and an arm reached out, giving an enthusiastic thumb's up, and a man's face showed out the window with a huge grin.

Misty moaned out that she was cumming as I jammed my cock into her as hard as I could and the strange redhead nibbled her clit. Her screams were heard loud and clear throughout the entire bus. I looked behind me and saw a male passenger with his cock out, wanking his dick to the scene of brazen public sex. After Misty's orgasm subsided, the female stranger walked back over to her seat and I continued to pound Misty's cunt (alcohol often prolongs my orgasm).

The male rider who had been jerking off walked over to us while Misty was sitting on my cock, my hands up her shirt and squeezing her tits hard.


Without a word the man jerked his cock off into Misty's face and chest, globs of cum dripping down her cheeks, into her open mouth, all over the front of her low-cut blouse. She didn't seem to care. He walked back to his seat and got his newspaper back out as if nothing had happened. The women and another rider got off at the next stop, leaving a couple men and the man and woman that were sitting close to the bus driver. The man and woman up front got off shortly thereafter, and it looked like the other two male riders were getting off on the last stop like Misty and me.

Looking over my shoulder, I saw that both the remaining male riders were watching us. Meanwhile I was still fucking Misty from behind with all my might, her breasts slapping against her chest with each of my thrusts.

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She got up off of my cock and turned around so she was facing me, taking her top off to expose her perfect tits. I buried my face in her titties, sucking her nipples while she moaned loudly. My ass had been hurting from the hard bus seat, so I got to my feet and started fucking Misty while we were both standing.

The men were watching us intently, erections raging in their pants. Her bare tits swing wildly while I pounded into her, my pants and boxers now at my ankles. I loved the feeling of my balls slapping into her sweaty ass with a loud smacking sound. One of the male passengers now had his dick out and was groaning as he jerked off to us. Sweat was dripping off of me in the air conditioned bus, my shirt now completely unbuttoned.

I felt like finally I was going to cum soon when I noticed the bus slowing to a stop. We hadn't reached our bus stop yet though, and we weren't at a traffic light. It seemed the bus driver had pulled over on the side of the road.

I started slowing my pace fucking Misty as the bus became still. Just then, while Misty was bent over with my cock in her twat and one of her long legs up on a seat, the bus driver began storming down the aisle towards us, walking swiftly past the aroused male riders. He was big, black, and surly, with an angry look in his eye. I knew I was close to my orgasm though, and even though the mean looking bus driver was a few feet away, I thrust my cock inside Misty's cunt hard one more time and erupted my sperm deep inside her while she moaned loudly.

I stayed still inside Misty's pussy while the bus driver began yelling. "What the fuck do you two think you're doing on my goddamn bus? You think I don't know what you been doing the whole fucking ride? You people got a lotta nerve, I tell you! I can't believe you'd fuck this little slut right here in public for all my passengers and all the people out on the streets to see!" he screamed "Sorry sir…" Misty began to say. "Shut the fuck up, nasty slut!" he bellowed.

"Getting your nasty pussy fucked here on my bus! Your goddamn cunt juices dripping all over our city's public transportation! You should be ashamed, but I'm sure you're too much of a fucking slut to have any shame! Getting your fucking whore-hole filled on my bus…" he was muttering to himself and unbuttoning his pants.

He was blocking our path off the bus as he stood menacingly in front of us. "Wha-what are you doing?" said Misty, timidly, as the bus driver pulled out his long 9" cock.

It was thick and veiny, with a huge bulbous cock head. Misty gasped when she saw it. I held tight to her, my prick having subsided and fallen out of her cunt. "Bitch, I won't have you arrested but I'm not letting you get away that easy.

Suck it." He forced his meat in Misty's face and grabbed her blond hair, guiding her lips to his massive erection. The bus driver proceeded to roughly face-fuck my girlfriend. I could see the two male passengers still watching us, one of them having come a few seats closer to get a better view. Misty choked on the big, black meat, tears welling up in her eyes.

The bus driver was forcing his cock down into her throat with reckless abandon while I just watched. To be honest, I was happy if we could get away with the public sex by Misty just giving the driver a blowjob or other sexual favors. Her mouth was stuffed with his meat; her hands looked so tiny on his thick shaft. She was still topless, bent over wearing only her heels and mini skirt. The bus driver roughly fingered her pussy, exclaiming: "Damn, bitch, you got cum all up in your cunt, dripping down your thighs, dried up on your face and chest… What a slut!" His thick fingers prodded Misty's asshole and she tried to wiggle her ass away from him, making him laugh.

"Alright, good, no one's fucked your ass yet tonight. Your ass is mine," and with that he roared with laughter while Misty gasped. She was not into anal at all-- she never even let me fuck her up the ass! The bus driver then pushed Misty to the floor, right in the aisle facing the male passengers.

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He got behind her, his huge meat in hand, and raised it to her tiny asshole. Spitting on her ass crack, he forced a little bit of his saliva into her asshole with his finger as Misty began crying. He replaced his finger with the head of his dick and began stuffing himself into her asshole, inch by throbbing hard inch. By the time he was halfway inside her asshole, she was sobbing as he held her down to get his meat in her. Then he jammed his cock deeper with another hard thrust, pushing her body further along the dirty aisle floor.

He was almost completely inside her when he pulled out to the tip of his cock and then paused. Misty was whimpering on the floor. Suddenly, he slammed his cock back inside her asshole, making her scream loudly. I tried to pull him off of my girlfriend, seeing that she was getting hurt, when he turned slightly and punched me hard in the face. The force of his hit sent me reeling backwards hard into some cum-splattered seats. The driver just laughed and continued fucking my girlfriend.

His immense balls were loudly slapping Misty's ass, and he was reaching down and squeezing her tits hard. She cried at his rough touch. I sat weakly, stunned from his punch, as his huge cock plunged in and out of Misty's poor orifice.

Her asshole was stretched lewdly around his throbbing member. She did not appear to be enjoying the anal sex at all. After several more minutes fucking Misty's ass with a rapid pace, he groaned and pulled his cock out. Rather than cumming in her asshole, he pulled her upper body off the floor by grabbing her sweaty blond hair from behind, and then he unloaded his sperm right there on the aisle floor in front of Misty's face.

Then, as his cum puddle shined on the floor in the dim bus lighting, he pushed her face down into it. He made sure she was covered from forehead to chin with globs of his cum before he picked her up and stood her on her feet. She looked up at me helplessly as the bus driver then effortlessly picked up her near naked body and carried her over to one of the male riders who had been jerking his cock at the entire debauched sex show. The bus driver made Misty straddle the strange man's cock and ride it.

I watched as the stranger's prick sunk into Misty's cunthole; she moaned weakly while grinding on his dick. She rode the man's cock for a few minutes when the bus driver summoned the other male rider over. The bus driver instructed the second passenger to fuck Misty's asshole while the other man's cock was still in her pussy. It was to be her first double penetration-- she looked terrified. And sticky as hell with cum all over her body! She squealed when she felt the stranger's prick head pry her asshole open.

His cock looked to be about my size, around 7" or so, and very thick. The man in Misty's pussy stayed still so the other rider could get his cock in Misty's ass.

She was screaming while the rider stuffed his fat meat in her asshole. Once he was balls deep in her ass, the two men began rhythmically fucking in and out of Misty's holes.

The look of terror on her face was gradually replaced with a look of pleasure. She soon began moaning while the strangers filled her holes with their meat. After several minutes of intense double fucking, Misty yelled out that she was going to cum.

Her entire body shook in between the men as a powerful wave of orgasm crashed over her. The bus driver was laughing as her orgasm subsided. "Ah, I see you like that, slut!" said the bus driver.

"I should have known you'd enjoy getting both your holes stuffed at once. Filthy!" And with that the bus driver zipped his pants up and walked back up to the front of the bus to take us to our stop.

The men fucking Misty's holes lasted a few more minutes, spewing their sperm into her womb and guts right before the bus slowed down to drop us off at our stop. Once they were done grunting and unleashing their seed inside my girlfriend they hurriedly zipped up their pants to get off the bus and scramble off down the road, erections still subsiding.

Misty quickly put her cum-stained silk blouse back on and pulled her mini skirt down as far as she could. Cum could still be seen dripping down the inside and back of her thighs. She was dirty from head to toe from being on the bus floor and from being used up like a whore. We took a long, hot shower together when we got home. I helped her clean her sore holes and feet and back. She was tired, but also satiated. Seeing her get fucked so aggressively tonight had made me worried, but she confessed that she had enjoyed it, for the most part.

She said she wished the bus driver's cock was smaller so her ass didn't get so sore.

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And she said she wouldn't mind trying another double penetration again sometime, either. Perhaps what made my cock start stirring to life again was when she told me how turned on she was knowing people in passing cars could see us fucking.

My cock was rock hard when she said she already wanted to fuck me again in front of an audience. After our shower I fucked her on the bed with the lights on and the curtains wide open for everyone in our apartment complex to see, an open fucking invitation. Oh, how I love Misty's sexy cock-hungry pussy!