Yummy shemale bitch wishes for getting asshole busted

Yummy shemale bitch wishes for getting asshole busted
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Hello readers, welcome to another installment of debauchery. Leave helpful comments about the story and let me know if you see errors. I try hard but shit happens. One last thing, check the comments for answers to questions before asking. Many questions have already been answered there. Potential by Bistander Chapter 15 Close Shaves An hour after Evan had left her room, Deana was still tossing and flipping her pillow, searching for sleep.

Before she was awake, he had set off the alarm and activated her defenses. By the time Deana realized it was her brother, fear had engulfed her. That made her angry, and she responded irrationally.

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How many times had Deana prayed it would be Evan? He had finally come to her, and she ran him off. Thank God for unanswered prayers.

If she had overridden all the ingrained emotions and welcomed Evan with a smile, she might have been able to implement plan D, ahead of schedule.

Their father, probably coming for her because Gloria wasn't home, would have walked in while she was giving Evan the very thing he wanted to steal from her. The mean, angry part of her smiled at the thought. Fuck you, Dad, I'm giving my cherry to a real man, someone who loves me. She, of course, would never put Evan in that position. Now, she had to do damage control and make sure Evan wasn't suspicious.

Deana closed her eyes and went back in the shower with Evan. The memory of her brother's dick head jamming into her opening made her stiffen, but in her fantasy world, he glided inside her body. She gave him the most valuable thing a girl can give, once in her life. Evan was the only guy she'd give it to, then for the rest of their lives; they could remember their special moment together. Why couldn't she be like Gloria and sneak upstairs, slip into his bed and tell him she had a nightmare?

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Deana started playing out different scenarios in her mind. Half sleep took hold of her thoughts and built on them; then she entered dream world with Evan on top of her naked body. Deana's arm jerked.

It was like when you've just fallen asleep, and suddenly you're awake, except she hadn't just fallen asleep. It was morning, and the remnants of her last dream made her swallow hard. She searched her brain for enough pieces to build a whole scene. Evan had been in her throat, she might have been choking, but it didn't matter in the dream that she couldn't breathe.

It amazed her how her mind could take slivers of past events and create a fantastic motion picture while she slept. A bit from the dirt road, the kitchen, the shower and the basement workout all became a long night of Evan almost entering her, then a sudden shift back to them making out.

She'd been denied what she wanted, over and over again. Deana threw the covers back and looked at the underwear twisted around her ankles. What the hell had she been doing to herself? It's time, ready or not, she thought and got out of bed. In the shower, while her soapy hand moved over the course new growth, fear stabbed her in the gut.

What would happen if her father saw that she had shaved her vagina? Didn't she use to think only a slut would do that? Once the steam cleared, Deana sat on the edge of the tub and looked down at the mirror she had propped up on the floor. She inched forward, her puckered ring came into view, and a whimper escaped her throat. Rebecca's tongue had licked and plunged into that sensitive flesh. The spuurrrup sound sent a chill up her back, but the creamy foam warmed her lewdly exposed crotch.

Rebecca had practically done cartwheels, and Evan seemed to like it. She spread the white foam over her lips and along her slit, fighting the urge to finger herself. The razor settled between her silky brown flesh and her vaginal groove. She held her breath and watched the blade clear her skin. It made her dizzy with excitement.

She panted while diligently removing every hair. Deana wiped away the excess cream and stood. She rubbed her ass where the edge of the tub had been gouging into it, then stepped up on the toilet lid. The frontal view of her naked mound and the bald pussy lips between her legs excited her.

She slid her hand down her stomach and over her mound. There was a slick line that made it easy for her finger to break the seal. She was ready. With a new sense of urgency, she stepped down and went to work on her towel. It had to hang seductively at the hinge of her legs and groin.

She left the bathroom a mess and tiptoed up the stairs. If Evan didn't already have morning wood, he would after she was sitting on him. She eased Evan's door open, stepped inside his room and froze, staring at the empty bed.

At ten minutes to eight, Jason pulled into McDonald's and yawned until they reached the order window. "What-da-ya want?" Evan finished his yawn and said, "Number one and two sausage burritos." "I assume you want coffee," Jason said.

"Hell yeah," he said, "then maybe I can wake up." "Maybe you shouldn't have said we were starting so fuc—" "Order when you're ready," the speaker squawked. After he ordered and pulled forward, Jason finished, "So fuckin' early." "It's better than having to go back tomorrow," Evan said. "I need to go to Gloria's game before the races. Cindy's gonna let me drive her car for hot laps. Maybe Dale will, too." "Don't the sponsors pay to see the car do good in the race?" "You wait," Evan said, "you're going to eat your words after you see me drive.

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I killed it during practice." "I hope you kill it again and don't get killed. I don't have any other friends who hook me up with a sweet hundred bucks for raking some leaves." Evan hoped Jason would still be saying that when he saw Ms. Style's yard. He took the drinks from Jason and said, "That's what friends are for." Even if Jason thought it was too much work, meeting Ms. Style would make up for any blisters on his fingers. He started getting their food out of the bag and thought about how to phrase his question.

Jason asked, "Where is this place, anyway?" "You won't know where it is, so go West. I'll tell you when to turn," Evan said. "I might know," Jason said. "Okay, take us to Beaver Dam Road." "Seriously." "What, you been there?" Shit, he thought, he was going to have to pay for gas if Jason knew how far it was. "Ah, no, no, I've never been there," Jason said. "It sounds far.

How far is it?" "No, it's not that far," Evan said.


"Take the interstate. We'll be there before you finish eating all that food." "You're paying for half the gas or my pit pass." "Fine, just drive." All of Deana's urgency, excitement and determination turned to disappointment, then anger.

She laid her towel down and stood next to Evan's bed, right where she had been the morning she saw his erection move under the sheet. The fear she had felt while taking off her underwear and straddling his body could only be compared with how she felt the first time Rebecca made love to her.

Somehow, she had overridden it and placed her pussy on her brother's dick. Even through the sheet, she felt how hot he was. Her body responded automatically to the touch like it knew what she wanted before she knew. An insane desire consumed her fear and prevented a retreat, even when Evan was waking up. Today, without a sheet between them, things would have turned out different. Deana laid on her back, opened her legs and put Evan's pillow on top of her.

There was an instinctual desire to have a body on top of her. It was soothing, peaceful, and it gave her a safe feeling.

She wrapped her legs around the pillow and forced it against her spread pussy. That was how she wanted it to be when her brother took her virginity. Would he smell her tonight and dream about making love to her, or would he have already done it?

Evan swallowed the last bite of his sausage burrito, gulped his coffee and said, "You look pretty tired, did you stay up late?" "You're the one drinking coffee," Jason said. "I don't know how you can drink that stuff. It's nasty." "I like it," he said. "When you're up late, you ever go in your sister's room?" "What?" He had Jason's attention now. "You heard me, do you ever go in Becky's room after your mother goes to bed?" "Why wouldn't I?" Jason asked.

"If I wanted to, I would." "Would your mother get mad?" "Huh.why, why you asking?" "My father got pissed, acted like there was something wrong with me being in Deana's room after he went to bed." "Dude, you finally decided to listen to me and—" "No!" "Why else would you be in her room late at night?" "Same reason you might need to go in Becky's room," he said. "Anything, get something, leave something in there or maybe you need to talk to her.

Not a big deal, right?" "No, not a big deal," Jason said. "Of course, if your sister was giving you head and your dad walked in, then—" "Don't be stupid," he said. "I think he was tripping because I scared him, that's all. I just wanted to make sure it wasn't some brother-sister rule I hadn't learned yet." "What were you doing in her room?" "Nothing, really," he said. "I was up working out, and I stopped in there because I saw her light on.

She was sleeping, so I turned it off and left." "Mm, was she naked.on top of the covers?" "Dick." "Don't pretend you wouldn't get a boner if your sister, one of the hottest girls in school, happened to be naked.

Fuck, I can't imagine having to live with Deana, Gloria and your mother. I'd be hard all day, every day." "That's because you're—" "I'm not the one who made out with my sister.

Has anything else happened since you two were—" "No, nothing, nothing is going to happen, and if you kiss Becky, you'll know it's not a good thing." Jason didn't say anything after that, and the look on his face was similar to the one he had when he heard Beaver Dam Road.

Something was up, and he planned on finding out what, before the day was over. The justification and motivation for getting the spy camera had been lost in all the psychological twists and turns it had induced. Candy had stopped questioning when or why she was using it, and her guilt only lasted until the window lit up with the voyeuristic images.

What you don't know, doesn't hurt you, she thought, and nobody would ever know. Someone in a coma doesn't know they're like a dead person unless they come out of it. She hadn't even realized she had suffocated the real Candy. Evan's attention had been her life support system. The camera had jolted her into consciousness. Would seeing Sally nurse sneaky-peeky back to health? It was a scary thought. It might be better if the old Candy only had life in her secret world, behind locked doors.

Deana's early morning shave had set the stage for Candy's day; her work wasn't getting done. The girl's brazen act sent Candy's mind back in time to her first shave. Of course, Sally was the instigator. Her big sister had walked into their bedroom and tossed her towel on the bed. It was normal for them to walk around their room naked, and it wasn't unusual for her to secretly look at Sally's body.

It wasn't the kind of body you got used to seeing, no matter how many times she had peeked at it. That morning, she wasn't sneaking a peek, she was staring. The thick, red mat of hair she was so familiar with, was gone. The hairless flesh was white, standing out as much as Sally's giant tits and cherry-red nipples. Sally caught her looking, smiled and said, "You like it this way?" Candy should have pretended she hadn't noticed. "Yes, wow, it's so different." "Feel it," Sally said.

"It's smooth." It was, and Candy held it longer than she expected. Sally said, "Come on, let's get yours done, then you won't have to stare at mine." It wasn't that long ago when her hairless pussy had finally started to show some peach fuzz. It was a relief because she was a late bloomer and had been embarrassed around her friends. Now she couldn't imagine her pussy without that triangle of strawberry-blonde hair.

How embarrassed would she be if someone saw that she was bald again? "I wasn't staring, but it's hard not to notice." After Sally had undressed her, she said, "Come on." Candy followed her sister. "Why not in the bathroom?" "It'll be easier for me to see what I'm doing," Sally said. "Don't worry, nobody will see us." Candy sat on the kitchen counter, her butt hanging over the edge. It gave her a chill, and her nipples stiffened. Sally pushed her legs apart and placed a hot cloth on her crotch.

Her sister would never force her to do anything, so she could have said no, but Candy didn't. She was worried about someone in gym class making fun of her, but the way Sally's smooth, bald flesh felt under her fingers was exciting. She wanted to be like her big sister in every way. Sally tenderly and thoroughly spread the shaving cream.

Candy held her breath and watched, her pussy lips getting hot and tingly. The cool steel sliced across her skin and left it naked, screaming with heightened sensitivity, like a clit at climax. Pressure started building deep inside her pussy tube. Sally grinned, and her fingers pressed down on Candy's labia, flatting the swell for the blade to strip away her hair. She didn't want to get aroused, but a climax fluttered on the brink of release.

If she yielded to it, it might consume her, and she'd slide off the counter and crash to the floor. "Almost done," Sally said. "Close your eyes." Candy did, and Sally rinsed the rag. The warm cloth wiped across her mound, around her thighs and over her inflamed lips. Her restrained orgasm threatened to explode, and it would if her sister touched her throbbing clit.

"Voila!" Sally blew a stream of air on her bald pussy. "Look how big your clit is. It's bulging.

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You're about to get off, aren't you?" It was the middle of a bright summer afternoon, she was nude in the kitchen with her legs spread, and her sister had shaved her pussy, of course she was about to get off. She opened her eyes and looked down. Sally was holding a mirror below her crotch. Candy had never seen her pussy from that perspective.

If she spread her lips apart, she could look straight up into her hole. She wanted to cum, explode and watch her orgasm splatter the mirror. The floor creaked, Candy jerked, crossed her arm over her tits and tried to close her legs. Sally's boyfriend, Mark, was standing at the entrance to the kitchen, staring.

Sally's hands were on her thighs, holding them open. "Sally, Mark, it's Mark, he's there." She realized she hadn't heard the door. "You knew!" "You like spying so much, I thought you'd like it." Sally snickered. Mark was walking towards them. "That's different." Mark was cute, and she had enjoyed watching him and Sally, but he was her sister's boyfriend. She feigned resistance and shyness, but it was exhilarating having an older boy looking at her with desire in his eyes and a bulge in his pants.

Sally wouldn't ever let anything happen between them, but being admired by Mark was enough to send her mind into imaginary bliss. "Do you like it?" Sally asked. Candy didn't know if Sally meant being spied on or being bald, so she didn't answer. Mark said, "Yup, sure do." "Don't get any ideas," Sally said and started kissing him.

Her naked sister was making out with her boyfriend. Candy's heart started thumping against her ribs. She had seen Sally give Mark a blowjob and watched them fuck, but always from a distance, her view obscured by whatever she was hiding behind or under.

How much would her big sister let her watch? Sally's lips were so plump and sexy. Her tongue was pink and snake-like, moving in and out of Mark's mouth. Candy had hoped Sally was going to use her mouth on her freshly shaved pussy, but that didn't seem likely, now. She was opening his pants. Candy could already see the purple dome of his cock pushing out.

Her previously suspended orgasm was building again. She needed relief, needed to touch her smooth, tender flesh, open her lips and thrash her pulsing bud, but she'd be embarrassed getting herself off in front of them. Mark's pants and underwear slid down his legs and Sally's hands wrapped around his boner.

"My, my, you are excited." Who wouldn't be excited, Candy thought. Her hand inched closer to her crotch. "Is that why?" Sally asked, and pointed at Candy's pussy. "Are you thinking about my sister? Do you want to fuck her?" Candy's heart stopped. She was a horny little spy, but she was still a virgin. Mark's dick suddenly seemed huge. Their sibling relations had been taboo up to that point, and even if they weren't sisters it would have been, but she didn't want Mark to take her cherry.

She was saving that for someone else. Sally knew that, didn't she? Mark didn't answer. Candy thought he was asking himself the same question she was asking, is Sally serious? "Got ya," Sally said. Candy felt some blood return to her face. "I knew you were joking," she said, then jumped off the counter.

Her breasts bounced, so did Mark's eyes. "Don't leave," Sally said. "Sit right there. You can watch and get a good close up view. Maybe that will get you over all your sneaky-peeky urges." Candy sat in the chair Sally turned out from the table. It was one thing to hide and secretly watch people do naughty things; but being in the same room while they were doing them, and having them know you're watching, was frightening.

The same scary excitement she had the night the power went out fluttered in her belly. Her parents hadn't known she was awake, spying on their lovemaking. Didn't that make it okay? Sally's loud, slurping mouth went down Mark's cock, and Candy knew she wasn't going to leave.


She might even get up the nerve to finger herself in front of Mark and Sally and release the unbearable pressure. Sally sucked hard and let Mark's balls pop out of her mouth, one after another. He gasped. Sally stood, glanced at Candy, then asked Mark, "You think I'm a bad girl?" Mark took off his shirt, and his muscled arms and chest rippled. "Yes, you're a very, very bad girl, and you know what you deserve." "I think you're right." Sally bent over and put her elbows on the table.

"You better punish me." Candy was next to Sally, facing Mark. She could feel Sally's breath when she said, "I'm so bad, and I'm gonna get a spanking." When they were little, and their father or mother had to spank them, she'd go to her room crying, but Sally always showed up smiling.

Sally even played a game with their brother, Bobby, that ended with her needing to be spanked. Sally would tell her when they were going to play, then pretend to be mad when she caught Candy secretly watching. Sally was the exhibitionist, and she was the little voyeur, but what was Bobby's role?

The first three whacks made Candy wince. By the sixth slap, her adrenaline had spiked, and her pussy was drooling. Sally's ass was burnt-red with hand prints, and her face was flushed. Her massive tits were flattened against the table.

She blew a kiss at Candy. Mark lowered his giant log of cock and aimed it between Sally's cheeks. Candy gasped and grabbed her crotch when Mark thrust forward and slammed into Sally. It was almost the way her daddy had been doing her mother, but her mother hadn't been whimpering like Sally.

Candy moved her face closer to Sally's backside. Mark's fingers gouged into the meat at her hips and yanked her back with each thrust. Candy was breathless, staring in stunned silence at Mark's shaft as it appeared, then vanished back inside her sister's body. The act of fucking was fascinating to her. She took in the sounds, the smells and the glistening moisture on Mark's dick, and forgot about her need. It surprised her when he pulled back, and all of his cock appeared. He grabbed the head and thrust forward.

His slippery dick shot through his fist, and a shower of hot cream pelted Candy's face and chest. She was too shocked to close her gaping mouth. The next blast splattered her taste buds, then slid down her throat. She savored the salty flavor while Mark's cum spill down her body and pooled where her pussy pressed against the seat. Candy pushed back from her desk, trembling in climax. No wonder I get off watching my stepdaughter shave her pussy, Candy thought.

She had been born into an environment that developed a precocious child into a horny slut; then she'd spent years denying her true nature. All those years wasted. Candy closed the window into Deana's world and sighed loudly. Sally told her, "You try it if you want, but it won't work. You're just like me, and one man, that narcissistic bastard, will never be enough." Easy for Sally to say, she gave her baby up, then ran off to wherever. Her sister was wrong, Candy thought.

She had changed, hadn't been with another man and was a good mother for Gloria, working even though she didn't have to and John discouraged it. Was that because she needed to prove she could make it on her own or was it yet another brick in the wall of denial? Hadn't she wished Tonya would touch her or say something that would give her the courage to make something happen? Wouldn't she cheat with Tonya every chance she got? Didn't she flirt with the teenager who installed the security system, and enticed Evan so he would masturbate for her viewing pleasure?

Of course she had, and worse, she wanted Evan. She had been having urges ever since she noticed the bulge in his pants. She hadn't acted, yet, but she needed help, or she couldn't be trusted alone with him. Sally was the only person on the planet who understood her and wouldn't judge her if she confessed. What else could Sally do for her? When they arrived at Ms. Style's, Jason barely said a word for thirty minutes. Evan thought he was upset about the length of the drive and the size of the yard, but Jason didn't complain about either.

However, when Ms. Style called and said she'd see him next week because she had to go someplace, then Jason bitched. Seemed like meeting her was more important than the money. Though, she did stash his three hundred dollars in an envelope.

There was a lot of work to do, and they got too busy to think about Ms. Style, or Brutus, who Jason was interested in. When they finished the front yard, Jason suggested they cool off in the pool before tackling the back.

Evan thought about it, but despite the erotic appeal of getting naked in Ms. Style's yard, he rejected Jason's idea.

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"No, she said, use the pool, not skinny dip. Besides, who knows who might show up. Probably be some Girl Scouts dropping off cookies." "Please, don't tease me," Jason said. "You know I got kicked out of the Boy Scouts for eating a Brownie." "No, we're not doing it. You're only here today. I have to come back next week." "Dude, nobody would ever come all the way out here.

We're in the middle of nowhere." "Can we just finish," Evan said. "When I see her next week, I'll mention your idea and see if she's okay with you coming by to swim. I'll make sure I tell her about the mule, who knows, maybe she'll want to swim with you." "Fuck you." Later at Jason's house, Evan said, "I'm gonna go home, shower and collapse." Jason said, "Dude, I may collapse before the shower." "I know what you mean," he said.

"Thanks for helping, I never could have gotten it done without you and your truck." "Anytime you wanna give me a hundred bucks, I'm in, but I really gotta meet her next time. I have to see what you were trying to explain. I'll go with you next week." "We'll talk about it. I'm going home. If you feel like it, we can meet at the ballpark tomorrow and go to the races from there." "I'll send you a text and let you know if I can get out of bed tomorrow." "Cool." Evan got in his car and started home.

It's normal for kids to be clueless about social, financial and moral matters. For the most part, they think everything is great, and they are happy unless they don't get what they want at the store. Even then, they assume their parents are mean; they don't understand any of the actual logic behind the denial.

Car problems, landlords, mortgages, layoffs, relocations, divorces, and the like could affect them; but nobody consults them, and the explanations given are rarely factual, and hardly understood, beyond how the situation is affecting their immediate happiness. Before long, they are settled into their new reality and never consider how or why they got there.

That is until they grow up and start having those aha moments. They think back and see things from an adult's perspective; then they get an idea of what was going on in their parent's world.

That was all true for Evan, but despite being afflicted with teenager's narcissism, he sensed a shift in the dynamics of his parent's relationship and saw a change in his mother's demeanor.


He just didn't know how to put words to it, not yet. In the kitchen, Evan found his mother, where she often seemed to be when he came home. He wondered if he had never noticed how much time she spent there or if the frequency of her greetings had increased.

He said hello and watched her as she approached him. A light bulb flickered in his mind, then he saw it. Deana still wouldn't, and he'd never try to explain it, but he knew what was different about his mother.

She had an incredible body, that wasn't anything new, he had been aware of it since before he started getting boners. All he had to do was look around at the ballpark or go-cart track, and he could tell Candy was hot compared to the other mothers, but she had never used her body to its full potential. That's what had changed. His mother's shirt highlighted her massive tits, and her walk demanded attention. He thought about Darlene. Candy wanted to be looked at, have somebody want to watch her.

It had nothing to do with him; it was just that his mother needed more attention, love or affection. His father barely even bothered to kiss her hello or goodbye. What else did he neglect to do? "You look beat," his mother said. "You're dirty, too." If you only knew how dirty my thoughts are. He kissed her cheek but resisted the desire to hug his mother, and not because he smelled like sweat, gasoline and dirt.

"I am. I'm going to take a shower, then lay down." "I suppose you don't want to go get Gloria then?" "Um—" "That's fine. I'll get her," she said. "We're having pizza for dinner." "Pizza!" "Yes, your father will be late. What do you want on yours?" "Oh, yeah, he's meeting with Uncle JC about—" "Honey, I know it upsets you that you're not getting to race, but don't give up hope. You never know." You have no idea, he thought and considered telling her, but it wasn't the right time.

There probably wasn't going to be a right time. "I know. Thanks, Mom. I'm going to shower." "Good," she said and squeezed his sides. "What do you want on your pizza?" There was still more to it that he didn't understand. "Everything," he said, and started walking towards the bathroom. His mother felt more like Candy every day. After his shower, Evan was about to get in bed for a before dinner nap, but there was a rap-tap-tap on his door. He knew it was Deana, but he said, "Who is it?" then pulled a shirt on.

His sister said, "Princess Dee," and opened the door. "What are you doing?" "Nothing." He sat on the end of his bed. It wasn't a good time to finally talk about the shower. "What?" Deana closed his door and walked over to him. "You mad at me?" "You mean for treating me like an evil villain last night?" "I'm sorry, it's just that.listen, I'm sorry, I shouldn't have freaked out.

I felt bad. Came up here this morning to tell you, but you were gone already. You didn't tell me you had to leave so early." Good, he thought, it has nothing to do with his dick almost penetrating her.

"It's okay. I guess I shouldn't have bothered you while you were sleeping. You know Dad saw me coming out of your room." She said, "Shit. What happened? What did you say?" "Relax, I told him I was putting your CD back.

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Why is it a big deal?" "Did he buy it?" "Yeah, yes, but he told me to stay out of your room. Why what's up with him and why was he up?" Deana sat next to him. "You know how he is, he was probably checking on us.me.to make sure I hadn't climbed out the window for a hook up with my secret boyfriend." He put his arm around her back.

"You all right?" "Yeah, fine, it's fine," she said. "What did you want?" "Nothing, I mean nothing right now. I'm beat, can we talk about it later?" "Sure," she said. "Have you talked to mom yet?" "No, I'm not sure I should. What could she do?" "She always knew how to get us out of trouble when we were little." "Yeah, she did, didn't she." Evan thought about that for a minute. "She was good at that." His thoughts made him angry. "That's when she was still our nanny." "She's still on our side," Deana said.

"Cindy told me we could trust her.with anything. She understands stuff." "What else did you and Cindy talk about?" He sensed there was plenty that he needed to know about their conversation. "I don't know, we were just talking. She's awesome. I can see why you had a crush on her." Now he knew Deana didn't want him to know what they talked about. "I don't.didn't have a crush on her. What are you—" "Right." Deana got up and stepped out of reach.

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"Candy neither." She spun on one foot, then skipped towards the door. "Whatever. See ya." "You're retarded. Wake me up when it's time to eat." Evan spread out on his bed. Now his brain was more exhausted than his body. There was so much going on in Deana's head. She was concerned about their father knowing he was in her room, and she wanted to understand his feelings about their mother, but she was clueless about how the shower had affected him.

Although, his sister was better at keeping her thoughts to herself. She might understand how complicated their relationship had gotten, but wasn't letting him in on it. It wasn't Deana who came back to wake him up. "Evan, wake up." He reluctantly opened his eyes, and Candy's mini-me was kneeling next to him.

He rubbed his face and said, "You're home." Gloria said, "You think so? Wake up." "I am." "I mean all the way," she said. "I need to tell you something." "The pizza is here?" "Yeah, it is, but I want to say I'm sorry." How was it possible that he had practically screwed both of his sisters and they were the ones who wanted to apologize to him?

"Why?" "Jayda told me what happened." He was suddenly wide awake and sitting up. "She did?" "I assumed something that wasn't true, and that's why I acted crazy yesterday." "She told you nothing happened?" "Yes, and I thought—" "I know. Don't worry about it, but we need to talk about, um—" "The pizza is getting cold," Gloria said and got off the bed.

"Come on." His sister was embarrassed about what happened, and he knew she was smart enough to know how wrong it was, so he let it go. Deana would handle it for him. That night, Deana surprised him and asked, "You want to play cards?" "Really," he said.

"What do you want to play?" He was only wearing sweat pants and a T-shirt, so if she said strip poker, he was screwed. "Go fish or crazy eight." She laughed. Deana's laugh and smile were infectious and reminded Evan of the old days when he loved her and wasn't afraid of falling in love with her. "Okay, I'll get some food and drinks and meet you in the playroom." For two hours they talked about their childhood, while Deana beat him at every game they played.

Evan blamed it on how hard he had worked, but he was enjoying her company too much to care if he lost. "Hey, I'm sorry dad's so hard on you about the boyfriend thing. The only thing he ever told me was not to bring those race track girls home with me." "Dick," Deana said under her breath, then added, "It's okay, I got a girlfriend." Evan waited for a chuckle or grin.

When it didn't come, he said, "Dee, I'm not sure how to ask this, but, um, you and Rebecca.have you done it, I guess, you know?" Deana was blushing. "I guess we have, sort of, but technically, I'm still a virgin." "Oh." "Does that bother you?" "That you're a virgin?" "No, dumb ass," she said. "Does it bother you that your sister fools around with a girl?" Other than being a little jealous, it didn't. "No, not at all, but what about boys, you think—" "I'm not a lesbian," she said.

"If I were, I'd still want my first to be a guy, my true love. You know, the kind where you tattoo their name right here," she pointed to her groin, "after you make love." Jeez. "Oh." Now, he wished he hadn't started this. "I guess. Hey, you'll handle that thing with Gloria, right?" "Sure, don't worry about it." "Thanks. I need to go to bed," he said. "One more round." "No, I have no chance of winning.

I can hardly keep my eyes open." "Sore loser," Deana said. "You have no idea how hard I worked today." "Fine, come on, I'll clean up tomorrow." He followed Deana up the stairs, watching her ass change shapes with each step. His sister had a fabulous bubble-butt that anybody would look at if they had a chance, so he didn't feel guilty. Deana stopped on the top step and turned around. He stopped and looked up. "What?" "Thanks for playing," she said and rested her forearms on top of his shoulders.

"You're a good brother." Her hands joined and her arms tightened on his neck. "I'm glad.me and Gloria are lucky to have you as a brother." "Is everything alright with you, with us?" "Yeah, it's fine," she said. "Being a teenager can be tough, though." "Tell me about it." Deana lifted her leg to his hip and rotated it, so her calf hugged his back.

"Carry me." He stepped up and her other leg wrapped around him. He grabbed her butt first, then moved his hands to her lower back. She dug her chin into his shoulder. He said, "You know how long it's been since you made me carry you to your room after beating me at cards?" "You used to carry me up the stairs," she said.

"Drop me off at my bed, please." It was a short trip from the basement door to her bed. He leaned over until her back touchdown, then he let go and started straightening up, but his sister's arms and legs were still wrapped around him. She asked, "How come you stopped?" "Stopped!" "Stopped carrying me." He wasn't laying on top of her, but it was close enough to being between a girl's legs that his body was responding.

It was a wonderful position. "I guess we grew out of it." "I miss it, miss the way things were." "Me too," he said. "Can I go now?" "You used to kiss me good night after you dropped me off." "Dee, there's things you don't understand." "I think I do," she said.

"One kiss and you can go." She touched her lips to his and a current flowed between them. The inside of her mouth was hotter than he expected and her tongue felt better than he remembered. Her arms and legs tightened. He could blame it on her tomorrow. He pushed his hands under her back and shoved her to the middle of the bed. Now he was on top of her, between her legs.

She dug her heels into his ass and pulled his groin into her crotch. He didn't consider it humping her, but his erection was crushed against her pubic bone, and his body was gently hunching.

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His sister had to feel his desire. She knew how badly he wanted her and it didn't scare her. Thank God I left her door open. "Ah, Deana, I'm gonna go now, go to bed." Deana didn't let go. She stared into his eyes, looking deep inside him. His body trembled. "That was a nice kiss," she said. "Thank you." Her arms and legs loosened.

"We can't kiss like that anymore," he said. "I, ah, I.I'm going. Good night." Deana kissed the tip of her finger and touched it to his lips. "Sweet dreams." Evan stopped in Deana's doorway and looked back. His sister was right where he left her, flat on her back with her legs open. Her cheeks were flushed, her eyes sparkled, and her lips were curved up in a lazy smile. If she wasn't so beautiful, it might be easier to resist her.

"No more kissing," he said and closed her door.