Heightened Senses Daisy And Zuzana

Heightened Senses Daisy And Zuzana
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Laney and I had been married for about 4 years, I was 24 and she was 22, and had a very active and creative sex life.

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She was into exhibitionism and every time we went out partying, someone got to see and sometimes grope her tits. Although we let others touch her tits, we had never involved anyone in our sex life any further than that until this night.

It was a Friday night and we were sitting at home watching TV. A friend of ours, Bob, called and asked what we were doing. His wife was out of town and he was bored. We told him we were staying in for the night and if he wanted to come over, it was OK.

About twenty minutes later, Bob shows up with a couple of six packs. The three of us started drinking and talking and it soon became obvious that TV was out of the picture for the night, so we started playing rummy. As the night wore on and we starting feeling good, the conversation turned toward Laney's adventures in flashing.

She had never flashed around Bob before, so he was unaware of her antics. Rather than just coming out and flashing, we decided to play Truth or Dare. We knew her tits were going to come out sooner or later and Bob would finally get to see those luscious 34 C's.

The beginning of the game went rather slowly and was pretty tame. Laney was answering the questions asked rather than taking a dare and the dares Bob and I were given were basically a joke.

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Finally Laney took her first dare and of course it was showing her tits to Bob. Her next dare was letting Bob touch them and the following dare was to let him suck on her nipple. We had never let anyone go that far before, but the beer and being in our own home with a friend let down the inhibitions. I didn't realize how excited I would get seeing someone suck on my wife's nipple so I decided to open the door a little bit more.

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The next dare, which I didn't think Laney would agree with, was to let me tie her to a chair and blindfold her. She went for it! After she was tied and blindfolded, the game continued but got kinkier. First Bob was to open her shirt.

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The bra had come off when she had showed him her tits earlier. Then I had to put my dick on her chest. Then we each massaged a tit at the same time. Next came the biggie.

She had to suck a dick. Being blindfolded, she didn't know whose dick she was going to suck. With a little bit of silent coaxing, Bob started rubbing his dick on her lips and she sucked him right in. He was larger than me, so she immediately knew whose dick she was sucking, but rather than protesting, she continued sucking him until he was about ready to come.

She stopped and said she wanted both of us, so I moved in and we alternated getting our dicks sucked.

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We both came at the same time. She swallowed every bit of his cum and I shot my wad all over her face and chest. She insisted we untie her but wanted to stay blindfolded and take on the two of us. It was wild. Bob started eating her pussy while she was sucking my dick again.

Then we switched and she was sucking Bob, while I was eating her. When she started to shudder, I went from eating her to cramming my dick in her pussy to the hilt and she exploded into orgasm. At the same time, Bob started cumming again and so did I. She pulled Bob's dick out of her mouth and let him spew his jism all over her face while I continued pumping and cumming.

We all collapsed in a pile on the living room floor and lay there for about 20 minutes. Laney took off the blindfold and saw Bob naked for the first time. She insisted on giving us each another blowjob, but this time being able to see and using her hands.

With a dick in each hand, she went back and forth, sucking one dick then the other then licked them both together.


When we were about to cum again, she lay down and jacked us off until we came all over her tits, face and neck. By this time we were pretty well spent, so the three of us got in the shower together. Bob and I washed Laney's entire body together and with four hands all soapy and slippery all over her body, she started getting hot again, so we finger fucked her to another orgasm.

Then she washed both of us, trying to coax us back into the game by sucking our dicks, but we were both pretty well done for the night.

We ended up crashing in the bed together and sleeping well into the morning. Over breakfast, we found out Marcia, Bob's wife, was pretty adventuresome when it came to sex also, but they had never involved others in their sex life.


We discussed a way to see if she would go for it, tried it a few weeks later and she did. That opened the door for more sexual adventures, but I'll save those for other stories.