Sexy asian whore gets horny jerking

Sexy asian whore gets horny jerking
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CHAPTER 5 Now where was I? Oh yes, I was telling you about Jim's plan to get hold of a pair of unwashed panties, and it was that sunny June morning that really made his mind up for sure. Yes, he had the videotape of that wonderful scene involving the Lewis twins, but how much better it would be to watch if he had their panties as well.

He had a plan. The panties he so desperately wanted would, he thought, soon find their way from those delectable girls' bottoms to the family washing machine. And if what he remembered of family life still held good, first they would find themselves in the dirty washing box, and that would most likely be in the bathroom. Genius. All he had to do was get the Lewises to let him into the house, then find some excuse for making a visit to the bathroom. Pretty easy really.

The good bit was that Jim sold raffle tickets for a local charity, and when he was selling them he often got invited in for a drink. He decided to try his luck, and went down the road to the Lewises, who he had known for years, after having his lunch.

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Luck was smiling on him, and as soon as the door was opened, Anne Lewis asked him in for a cup of tea. He accepted, trembling with excitement. She was small, dark-haired like her daughters and in her mid 30's. A very attractive woman, and Jim could not help notice her slim, well cared for figure.

They chatted for a few minutes, Anne Lewis saying how quiet the house was when the twins were out, until Jim asked, casually, if he might just use the toilet. No problem of course, and Anne showed him upstairs to the bathroom. He had to be quick.

Yes! He was in luck. There it was, in the corner, a tall Alibaba basket, which he knew would contain the dirty knickers he was looking for. He opened the lid. Success - full of the family's washing. They'd never miss a pair of panties. He rifled through the shirts, the dresses, the towels - nothing. Yes, there were some panties, but these were obviously Anne's, and, tempted though he was, he had to avoid making his little theft too obvious by taking too much.

He was upset. It had all been going so well, and now this. But, wait a minute, these girls might not want to put their wet, stained panties in with the family washing in case their mother noticed what state they were in and started asking awkward questions. He thought for a minute. Pretty clearly the twins wouldn't have gone out wearing wet knickers, and if they weren't in with the washing, they had to be in the girls' bedrooms.

These were three bedroom houses, and since the Lewises also had a son, chances were that the daughters shared a bedroom.

But which one, and would he be able to get into it without getting caught? The phone rang downstairs. He thought nothing of it, except that if Mrs Lewis started chatting to a friend she was less likely to wonder why he was taking so long upstairs.

He was in luck again, and it was clear from the way the conversation was going that it was likely to go on for some time. He sneaked quietly out of the bathroom to look for the girls' bedroom. It wasn't very difficult to find. The bedroom doors were all shut, but he could see at a glance which one it was.

There was a large Keep Out sign on the door, and pictures of the Spice Girls. He opened the door. What a mess. He thought that girls kept their rooms tidy, but these two certainly didn't. There were clothes thrown around everywhere, and papers scattered all over the room. He felt sorry for their mother, but that wasn't what he was here for.

There were two beds on opposite sides of the room, quite a large room, and he wondered which one Katy slept in, and which was Jade's. Not that it really mattered, because it was pretty well impossible to tell them apart, and Jim was equally interested in both of them, in a pervy, dirty old man kind of way. They were very pretty indeed, and he grew excited to think that their young bodies lay at night in these very beds.

They would lie there, their young breasts and cunts rubbing against the sheets, and from what he had seen earlier, possibly even sharing the same bed sometimes.

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He imagined them coming in from school together, still in their uniforms. They were hot, they were horny, they had seen a lesbian photobook one of the boys had, and they wanted to try it out. Too sexed up even to take their clothes off, they jumped into Jade's bed. Jade took the lead by gently rubbing Katy's breasts under her blouse. Katy rubbed Jade's hard, jutting nipples, and they kissed. Their warm wet tongues mingled together, as they exchanged saliva. Katy moved her mouth down to kiss Jade's nipples, and sucked them as if breast feeding like a baby.

Jade loved this, and softly moaned to herself. She moved her hand to Katy's legs, and slid it up her pleated skirt until she had found her moist panties. She rubbed Katy's panties gently, massaging her clitoris as she did so. Now it was Katy's turn to make noises - little panting sounds of pleasure, as her sister's fingers slipped slowly but deftly into her vagina.

Jade slipped her fingers in and out of Katy's cunt until they were wet with Katy's vaginal juices, then licked her fingers with pleasure. They sat facing each other on the bed in their school uniforms. Katy made the next move, and thrust her cunt toward her sister's face. She had on her dark green thick cotton PE knickers, and although they had been clean on that morning, they were now stained with the juices that had dribbled from her cunt in the day. Jade didn't mind at all, and buried her face deep into Katy's green cotton panties, thinking to herself how warm and how nice her sister smelt down there.

She pulled the panties aside, and poked her tongue inside Katy's cunt. It tasted nice, and as she lapped away at her wet pussy, she rubbed her clit with her finger. Katy started to come, and as she did so Jade could taste the cunty fluids become sweeter, and somehow different. She could always tell when her sister was about to come, just from the different taste.

Katy came and came. As she did, the juices just poured from her gushing vagina, soaking her green knickers and making Jade's face all wet. Now it was Jade's turn, and as Katy lay down on the bed, Jade lowered herself slowly onto her face. She was wearing her white cotton panties, and sat astride her sister so that Katy could lick her hot little cunt from below. Jade had dribbled a little into her nice clean panties, but Katy didn't mind either.

Happily she lapped away at her sister's quim until Jade had come as well. But this was all in Jim's mind………&hellip.

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Back in reality, he thought he had better find the panties he had first come in for, and looked around the untidy, rather dirty, room.

Were all girls' rooms like this, he wondered. In the corner of the room was a heap of clothes, and Jim went over to it. Oh joy! A pile of socks, dresses, skirts, but best of all, loads of dirty panties. Jim knew what he was looking for - the panties that Katy and Jade had pissed in earlier that day, but he found it difficult to concentrate on the job in hand when there were so many other things to distract him.

He picked up a white school blouse, then a pleated school skirt. He held them to his nose and breathed in deeply. What a heavenly smell. Then he saw the panties, right at the back of the pile, Jade's pink ones and Katy's white ones. He picked them up, holding them as if they were treasure, which to Jim they were really.

They were both still damp with pee, and Jim held them to his face. There was a soft aroma of girly piss, not at all unpleasant, just musky and very erotic. He inhaled the beautiful scent, and grew hard as he did so.

He wanted to masturbate into those panties there and then, but he knew his time was short. He put both pairs in his pockets, and quietly walked back to the bathroom. He wished he could spend longer in this lovely bedroom, but he daren't. Perhaps he could come back another day. He certainly hoped so. After flushing the lavatory, and coughing a lot, as if he had had some sort of problem, he went back downstairs.

Anne Lewis was still chatting away, and had obviously forgotten that Jim had by now been upstairs for some time. "I'd better be going now", said Jim, and waved to Anne as he went out through the back door.

Anne waved goodbye. Jim went back to his house as fast as he could, the knickers in his pocket. He needed to relieve the pressure building up in his cock. He went up to his bedroom and pulled the panties out of his pocket, excitedly. Good, he thought, still slightly wet with pee and cunt juices.

He sniffed the pink cotton panties first, then the white ones, remembering with pleasure how Katy had first pissed into her own white knickers, and then all over Jade's pink ones. He let his tongue rest for a second on the damp cotton panel of the white knickers, then put just the piece of fabric into his mouth. He sucked, and allowed the still fresh pee to mingle with the saliva in his mouth. He tasted the fluid which resulted, but instead of swallowing it (a treat he was saving for later) allowed it to dribble onto the front panel of Jade's pink panties.

He lapped and licked at Jade's pink knickers like a thirsty cat, enjoying the taste of Katy's piss mixed with Jade's vaginal juices.

Jim wondered what Jade's piss would taste like, and whether he'd ever get the chance to find out. Stretching Katy's white panties across his face so that the yellow stained gusset covered his nose and mouth, he spread out Jade's pink knickers on the bed.

Smearing his fat cock with lubricant, he rubbed himself firmly and slowly, breathing in deeply the smell of Katy's pee as he did it.

He put out his tongue, pulled the scented fabric into his mouth, sucked, and swallowed down the juices. As he began to masturbate, fixing his gaze on Jade's little pink panties, his fertile imagination took over once more. He could still see the panties, but they began to blur, and inside seconds Jade was there, wearing them. It wasn't his bed, though, that he could see, but the bed in Jade's bedroom - the room he had not long left. His imagination took over entirely……&hellip.


Jade was there, lying on her bed in her school uniform. Her sister Katy was out.


Jade was reading a book, lying on her back, and Jim was there, in the room, but somehow invisible. Certainly Jade thought she was alone, because as she read the book she began to get aroused, and started to circle her jutting nipples with her fingers. As Jim watched, she moved her hand down to her little white panties, pulled them aside, and started playing with her clit. As she rubbed her clit with her forefinger, she slipped two fingers inside her cunt, and gently fucked herself with them.

The doorbell rang, and she rapidly put her knickers back into place and pulled her skirt down. She went downstairs to answer the door. It was one of her classmates, who had come round to ask about the homework they had been set to do that night.

At least, that was what he said, but really he just wanted an excuse to see Jade out of class. They went upstairs to Jade's room and chatted for a bit about the homework, but the boy, Nick, couldn't keep his eyes off Jade, as she sat on the bed in her school uniform. Jade quite liked Nick, almost fancied him, and she couldn't resist teasing him a bit. Her skirt was very short, and she let it ride up her long legs until Nick could see her panties.

His eyes were drawn like little magnets to those pure, clean white cotton panties, and he started stammering. Jade asked him what the matter was, and just smiled. She pulled her skirt down. "I'm sorry Nick. I almost forgot you were there." He looked disappointed. "No. I'm sorry. I didn't mean to embarrass you, Jade. I think I'd better go home now." He was obviously very embarrassed at having been caught looking up Jade's skirt, but Jade wasn't at all embarrassed.

"No, don't go. I do like you, Nick. You can kiss me if you like." Nick did like - very much he did. Gently, he leaned forward and kissed Jade softly on the lips. Jade responded by opening her mouth and pulling Nick towards her. Jim was still there, invisible, watching as the two kissed deeply, Nick's tongue now exploring Jade's soft wet mouth.

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Jade moved her hand deftly towards Nick's trousers, and unzipped them, pulling out his cock which had grown so big inside his pants. She knew exactly what to do with it, and as he lay there on the bed, she allowed her mouth to envelop it gently. Nick had never been this far with a girl before. He was enjoying the sucking so very much, and was very close to coming in Jade's mouth, when, abruptly, Jade pulled her mouth away from him. "No. No. Don't stop now", he whined pitifully, but Jade wanted so much more than this from him.

She lay back on the bed herself and pulled him down on her.


Jim was watching all this action from a very close viewpoint, and rubbing his own cock hard. Jade pulled Nick's mouth to hers, and they deep kissed again, Nick aroused with the taste of his own cock in this girl's mouth. Jim knew that it would not be long now before Nick entered Jade, and he was right. As he watched and masturbated, Nick's cock appeared to take on a life of its own and pushed itself to the side of Jade's panties and into her tight young cunt.

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It did not go in very easily, and Jim wondered whether this large erection would actually go in at all. Jade winced with pain as Nick forced his penis into her vagina, but the pain was momentary. In a few seconds it was right inside her, and she felt the pleasure of the thrusting dick. Jim was able, in his invisible state, to position himself right beside this hard cock slipping in and out of Jade's pussy, almost as if he were the camera in a porn movie.

He watched in fascination as Jim's cock slid in and out of this young cunt. He was right there, in with the action, almost able to feel the cock entering Jade's cunt. If he were to just put out his tongue…… He tried, and to his surprise he was able to insert his tongue just inside Jade's tight vagina, feeling the cock thrusting in and out, in and out. This was Nick's very first time (but obviously not Jade's), and although he wanted to spurt his seed deep inside Jade's pussy, he also wanted to see it pump out from his pulsating cock.

He pulled his cock out of Jade just in time, and held it over her cunt.


Hardly stroking it at all, it poured out a thick white jet of hot spunk right across Jade's cunt, dripping slowly into her vagina. He ejaculated again, this time spurting his sticky seed all over Jade's nice white panties and across her school uniform skirt. One final huge spurt shot across her white blouse and her tie. He was amazed at how much cum he had shot out - even more than when he masturbated. Nick fell back, exhausted, but Jade was not quite there, and was rubbing her clit with spunky fingers to make herself come.

Jim watched as the spunk dribbled out of her cunt, and he found the splashes of semen across the rest of her clothing strangely exciting. As she continued to rub her clitoris, he put his tongue right inside her vagina, licking at her friend's sperm.

He could feel his cock reaching its climax. He was back to reality again. His vivid imagination had worked as well as it always did, and the damp pink panties on his bed were about to receive another soaking, this time with his own semen. He could smell Katy's cunt still, through the panties across his face, and as he continued to rub his cock, he felt that glorious moment a fraction before orgasm when he knew he was just about to come. The semen shot suddenly from his stiff penis, in three quick spurts, each of which was enough to make a very sticky mess of Jade's knickers.

Each jet landed fair and square, right across the cotton gusset, and before his orgasm had completely disappeared, he lifted the panties to his mouth, licking his own semen, now mixed with Jade's own juices. It was a powerful mix, and he carried on rubbing the panties across his nose and mouth with sheer pleasure.

The pleasure died, almost as quickly as it had arisen, and the panties were put away carefully to dry, ready to add to the collection for later use.