Grosse salope de beurette marocaine au cul magnifique et belle comme un ange bonne baise

Grosse salope de beurette marocaine au cul magnifique et belle comme un ange bonne baise
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It was a typical midsummer day in the office, everybody was working on the projects at hand trying to meet the according deadlines. But for me everything changed last weeek.

All my office days were tense now. For several days I had been torn between being terrified that my co-worker would force me to have sex again, and being equally frightened that he wouldn’t. He had blackmailed me, intimidating me with a video of a former makeout session showing me being finger-fucked by him and giving him a blowjob.

He threatened to mail it to my husband and colleagues. He had then taken me, used my body in every way he wanted, humiliating me all the time. He called me his office toy, to use as he pleased. "What should I do?" I thought. I felt confused.

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This man had taken me, forced me and yet I couldn't help wanting him to do it again. The sex had been against my will but I had the most intense multiple orgasms ever. My mind screamed in protest, yet I could feel my body tensing in anticipation, wanting a repeat.

What kind of wife was I, what kind of woman? If he took me again no-one would believe I had been forced. With shame I realised I enjoyed it.

I stopped myself, disgusted with myself for fantasising about the idea of being taken again. I realised my nipples had grown hard while I thought about it, they were poking through my top. When I raised my head I saw him grinning at me. I could feel his eyes stroking my body, his gaze causing a tickling beneath my clothes and making my skin crawl. He walked over to my desk and took my hand, laying it to rest on the bulge in his pants.

He whispered “I see we are both ready for another session my little toy”. With that he tweaked one of nipples and said “Seems as if we have to work late again today!”, after giving my nipple another tweak he walked back to his desk. A few seconds later I found a message on my chat-tool: "And as I told you last time.I dont take no for an answer! You know what will happen if you don't deliver".

Somehow I managed to block everything from my mind and concentrate on my work. I was deep in thought when he shocked me by placing the toys he used last time on my desk. My eyes were first drawn to the black 9.5 x 1.5 inch vibrator and then wandered to the 10 x 2 inch jelly dildo and finally rested on the two transparent jelly cock-rings.

I jumped up and made sure all our co-workers had already left. I did a double take on the office door checking the lock, making sure the door was firmly locked. “Please, no! Don’t do it again, stop!,” I pleaded. “Shut up, toy. I saw your nipples this morning. You liked it, didn’t you? My little toy,” he whispered. “I know you’re embarrassed, but I also know your pussy is wet already.

And now you’re going to let your horny nature take over. You see, that’s just what you like, what you are. Born to be a sextoy.” My mind was racing. What should I do. Did I really want this to happen. I stepped forward as if testing myself, closer to him. "Good" he said grinning “I knew you'd come round.” His hands worked their way up under my top to massage my breasts through my bra. „What in the world am I doing here?“, I thought.

The answer became irrelevant as his hand moved to my groin and began to rub me from the outside of my jeans, he moved me along from excited to aroused in no time. His hands fumbled at opening my jeans, and then he took my arm, leading me to his desk. He sat down, leaning back in his chair to enjoy the view. “Take off your clothes,” he ordered. I obeyed. I pulled my jeans down as swiftly as I could, the rest of my clothes followed quickly. In seconds I was completely naked.

He looked me over. “My, My, I did not order you to shave,” He snickered. I gazed down at my bare lips and replied defiantly, “I had a lot of cleaning to do after my first session as your toy.” “I'm sure you did. Oh, yes! Yes, that's good, toy. You look hot. I like your naked pussy", he said. "Show me some more pussy. Open your legs." I moved my thighs apart.

“I know what you want. I bet your pussy is already creaming. Come over here.” I walked within reach and he pulled me closer. “Is your pussy wet?” he asked. He spread my lips slipping a finger inside me. He smiled. “Dripping.” He inspected me. He fingered my pussy again. He used both hands to squeeze my breasts. He switched to my crotch again and started rubbing my clit. He smiled at the look on my face and teasingly slid a finger inside my wet hole.

He wiggled the finger around and watched me squirm. “Good, it’s better if you like it, though I wouldn’t particularly care if you didn’t. What are you?” he demanded. I opened my mouth to speak, but couldn’t make any sound come out. “What are you?” he demanded. “I, I’m your office toy” I choked. Then he ordered me to turn so he could see my ass. I turned my back to him. I felt his eyes on my body and then his hands joined them.

He chuckled as he stroked my ass cheeks. "It's a nice ass. Come on, get those legs apart." I did what he wanted.

He tickled my pussy lips with his fingers, spread my lips wide open. He slid a finger inside my pussy slowly, teasingly sliding it in and out. When at last he told me to face him again, I turned and saw that he had his cock out of his jeans and was stroking himself with the hand that had not been busy on my pussy.

He stopped and put one hand onto each of my breasts, and started roughly tugging and twisting my nipples. “I think we need to teach these nipples a lesson first,” he murmured, “do you want me to teach your nipples their lesson?”, he demanded. I tried to beg him to stop, to be gentler but he landed a stinging bite on my left nipple. I realized that he wanted me to say yes. “Do you want me to teach your nipples a lesson?” he asked. “Yes” I forced myself to say.

“Yes, what?” “Yes, I want you to teach my nipples a lesson,” I said. I screamed as he pinched my nipples hard, sucked and bit on them. Then his mouth clamped down on one. I felt his tongue, gently, sensuously, slide across the nipple. Over and over he did it, alternating between biting and licking. I could smell his cock, the musky scent of his balls, it filled my senses. When his mouth left my nipple my frustration showed.

Suddenly his teeth clamped onto my other nipple and I screamed again. His mouth didn’t give me a chance, as it suckled, I felt a finger lightly glide across my pussy lips.

My back arched so quickly that his finger slid an inch into my pussy before he had a chance to react. It moved to my clit, softly circling the nub without actually touching it.

My hips started to rotate of their own volition. I couldn’t help it, I wanted something between my legs and the sex hadn’t even really begun yet. Was I really becoming a sextoy? I told myself with what little conscious reasoning I had left to go ahead and be his toy for today.

Besides, I wasn’t in control anyway. Toy or no toy, I was going to take whatever he wanted to give me whether I liked it or not. I decided I might as well like it. He smiled at me. Silently he began to undress until he was naked as well. He smiled and said “You’re going to learn to worship this cock of mine, and service it in every hole you’ve got.

Your pussy, your mouth, your ass. All mine, all the time. Now take my cock and get on your knees between my legs toy.” I obeyed once more, and found myself upon my knees in front of him. I reached up and gripped his erect cock in my hand, pulling the skin up and down around his head. He pushed his cock against my lips, and after a moment I opened my wet mouth and took his cock in, pumping the base with my hand. His cock slid inside my mouth, continued to slide over my tongue.

He guided my head with his hands and told me to take more. In a moment, his head was pushing at my throat. I felt his cock grow and harden with the shoves until I gagged on it. He moaned "Thats it toy. Gag on my cock". Being called a toy again made my pussy twitch. Was that what I was? An office toy. I felt shame and humiliation, which only seemed to excite me more. I felt my pussy my free hand. It was soaking wet. I admitted it to myself, finally realising what I was.

He started fucking my mouth slowly. He moved his cock slowly in and out of my open mouth and stroked my head. After a while, he started thrusting more forcefully. I could tell he was getting close. I groaned with each thrust, fingering my swollen clit as he abused my mouth. One of my hands was pumping his cock while the other was plunging into my pussy, occasionally tweaking my clit, until I came to a shaking orgasm.

He continued shoving his cock in my mouth getting faster as he noticed me climaxing beneath him. He held my head in place as he spurted his cum-load over my tongue. Then he pulled back and let me pull my face away. He used his hand on his cock, another big spurt of cum suddenly shot out and hit my breasts. He stroked on for a bit and rubbed it all over my face and breasts and made me lick his cock some more.

“You’ll service this, little toy, every time I want it, every time I tell you. You belong to me, my personal office toy.” His cock wasn't completely soft yet. He laughed and told me to suck his cock hard.

He said he wanted me to get his cock ready again. He jiggled his balls against my chin as I sucked his cock. I quivered when he told me to lick his balls.

I let his cock slide out of my mouth, still pumping it with my hand. I moved my lips to his hairy ball-bag. I licked his balls until my salvia got them soaking wet, sucking them into my mouth now and then until he told me to suck his cock again.

I cupped his balls in my hand, rolling them gently as my tongue worked his cock, deep throating him. I continued sucking his cock until he had another throbbing hard-on. He told me to get up to stand in front of the wall next to his desk.

I was facing the wall waiting for his next move. I was suddenly pinned up against the wall by his two hands. My head was faced into the wall. I just felt his hands around parts of my body. Squeezing my ass. Pinching my nipples. Teasing the front of my pussy. His hands were everywhere. I was scared, confused, excited. Then I felt it. Hitting my behind could only be his rock hard cock. I tried to turn around, but he wouldn’t let me.

When he touched my pussy I thought I would fall down. "Oh yes, little toy, you like my finger in you like this, huh? You're wet, I can feel it, you like it! That's my toy." he muttered, and wiggled his finger up my pussy. He pulled his finger out and rammed it in again, I could feel my pussy massaging his finger.

His cock throbbed as he fucked me with his finger. My knees were weak, my hands were shaking! He pressed against me now as he started playing with my ass. I felt his cock rubbing up and down my ass crack. He slid back and rubbed the head of his cock in my slit. I could feel the bulge of his cock getting harder as he cupped my ass cheeks, pulling them apart, still rubbing his cock against me. “Feel it, little toy.

Feel that cock, that’s going inside you. You’re going to get fucked today, and fucked good.” He grabbed my hips and pulled me towards him, I gasped at the thought of him shoving his cock into my pussy. I was trapped against the wall, powerless to stop his exploration of my body. Then there it was. The head of his cock touched my ass, I tried to pull awayI squirmed, trying to break free.

The more I moved, the harder the pressure came from his cock assaulting my behind. Then the head found its way into my ass, he had successfully lodged in my ass.


The pressure continued. He seemed to sink deeper with every thrust of his hips. The pain was sharp! I yelled. Tears rolled down my face when his momentum stopped. He was in complete control and this was his intention from the start. I felt as if I had been ripped apart.

He didn’t move, but he did give me an order. “Get it together,” he said. He just stood there with his cock buried into my ass. “Is this what you want?,” I asked. “Yes,” he groaned. He started gently, but then he began to hump my ass with a passion. He was slamming into me, I felt this cock deep inside me. As he rammed his cock into my asshole, he squeezed my breasts.

I moaned and groaned as I tried to pull away, but he held me there! He fucked me so hard I was screaming again. His hand, that had been squeezing my breasts, slipped down to my waist. Suddenly there were two fingers in my pussy and a thumb rubbing my clit that, overloading my senses, caused me to cum extremly hard. He did not stop and I felt myself rising rapidly toward another orgasm.

I urged him on with my clenching muscles and with my voice. “Please. Don’t Stop! Please fuck my ass. I need your cock in my ass,” I pleaded.

“Fuck me hard. Fuck me, fuck me. I want to come again, I’m so hot, I need to come again.” “See there my toy, I knew it from the first time I had you.

There is something inside of you, other than me,” he grinned. “Something that will not let you quit. Blame it on whatever you wish, but it is you.” I humped back into his cock just as it was assaulting me.

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I needed it. I wanted it to shoot its load deep inside me. Both of my holes began to spasm as I felt myself swept away by a blinding screaming orgasm, taking him along. He came hard and deep in my ass. "OK toy. Suck my cock clean, lick everything off before I fuck your pussy".

Like an trained animal I span round as he withdrew, slavering and licking at his cock. He inspected his flaccid cock and said "OK, now you get it in your pussy". He walked over to my desk and brought the toys back to his table. He handed me the two cock-rings and told me to put them where they belonged.

I took the bigger one and slipped it over his balls squeezing them a few times while I was at it. The smaller one went over his cock and I took my time sliding it slowly down to the base. “Now sit down on my desk,” he ordered. I leaned back and placed my hands on the desk pushing my body up to take my seat, bracing myself for what I assumed was going to be his cock intruding me.

“Now it’s time for us to teach that pussy a lesson, isn’t it?” he asked, “And you’ve been looking forward to it, haven’t you, toy?” “Yes, it’s time to teach my pussy a lesson,” I responded immediately. At first he fingered my wet pussy and sucked on my hard nipples. He stroked me between the legs, driving his fingers along my thighs.

I began to squirm. He made me lie on the desk and spread my legs. He stepped forward and to my surprise knelt down. He leaned in and I felt his hot tongue ramming into my slit. He sucked each clean shaved lip, pulling till it was stretched completely. Somehow this increased the blood flow to my senses. His tongue would flick my opening and then slid up the frontal wall roughly flipping my clit.

With each pass of his tongue, my entire body did shake uncontrollably. I soon found my ass moving trying to force his lapping to stay on my sweet spot. He grabbed my thighs and forced my knees onto my chest, and in doing so, plunged his tongue as deep as he could into me! I gasped in delight! He slid his right hand up my thigh and rested his thumb next to my steaming pussy.

He kept his left hand pressed against my thigh and removed his tongue, as he slid his thumb inside my quivering opening. I could not look at anything in my position, but I could feel him. When he would enter his thumb, I could feel it, and upon its removal, my soft lips gently glided down and flipped off of the end. He went back to licking my pussy, driving his tongue inside me. Then I felt his finger at my asshole. He had heightened every nerve with his tongue and there was no sensation that I could not feel.

That is why my entire body clenched when I felt his thumb intrude my unprotected sore ass. I felt his first joint find my opening and there was a sharp pain.

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“Fuck that hurts,” I yelled, “Shut up toy, it’ll just hurt a moment,” he said as he pulled it out gingerly. My ass contracted uncontrollably when he removed his thumb. He eased it in again and I felt another twinge! “Oh, Shit,” I exhaled with a softer tone. “Almost there,” he said as my ass again contracted upon his exit. This time when it had relaxed from its spasm, he slid his thumb completely in! I didn’t move for a moment, but when his tongue returned to my pussy my senses exploded once again!

I could feel through the slight skin that separated my openings. His tongue seemed to touch his thumb and vise versa. I was still tight and the room that his thumb took up in my ass made his tongue feel cock sized. I lay still until I felt his left hand slid from my thigh and onto my swollen clit. My body erupted in orgasm! My hands shook uncontrollably from the pleasure and I just managed to whimper, “Oh fuuuck.” He stood again and was between my legs with his cock in his hand.

He grabbed the base laying the head on my clit and quickly shook his cock in small but violent movements wanking it hard near the tip. The vibes sent my over stimulated clit in a frenzy and again my whole body quivered.

“Don’t!! It is too sensitive right now,” I begged, but he just smiled and placed the very tip into my dripping pussy and again twitched his cock.

The sensations from his cock sent me into a hormonal rage. I begged again but different, “Please, fuck me! Please.” I continued to plead as I grabbed the sides of the desk! “As you wish,” he said, sliding his head just past my opening! My pussy just seemed to quiver in an erotic massage! He pulled ot again and I found myself begging for it, just like he seems to like. But this time I really meant it.

„Please. Stick it in me.

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Please fuck me. I can’t stand this any more. Please take me now. Please!” I felt him moving against my other lips. At last! Oh God how I needed it. My soaking pussy lips parted easily as the head slipped into me again and held steady. I tried to force it deeper but as I moved toward it, he moved away. I just couldn’t take it any more.

“Stop teasing me! Please stick it all the way in. I need it now. Please!!” I was a pathetic toy begging to be fucked. He placed his hands on my ass and moved me side to side. His head remained in me and he used my entire body to roll my wanting pussy about his cock.

I was about to cum when he pushed me forward and his cock came out. “NO!! Don’t tease me,” I begged to the point of tears. Say ‘Fuck me. Fuck my pussy”. “Say it!” I swallowed hard and whispered, “Fuck me now. Fuck my pussy.” “Louder,” he demanded, pushing again. “Fuck me. Fuck my pussy!” He shoved me flat on my back on the desk.

He rammed himself in without any further warning. I was stunned. And still I had to admit it made me so very hot inside. He began fucking me. I had never felt anything like it. He pounded my pussy like a machine.

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I could hardly breath. He pushed into me relentlessly. “Yes, toy,” he said, leering at me. He thumbed my clit, and shocks of pleasure kept bouncing around. “That’s it,” he said, chuckling. “Keep squirming around on my cock, I like it that way.

Push back, that’s good. Say you want me to go on, say Fuck me.“ And over and over he made me say the variations on the theme, “Fuck me, fuck my hole, shove it in me, harder, harder. Fuck your little toy.” He did, hard and for a long time. I was ashamed and humiliated, yet squirming inside with sensations, building up inside me until I felt like I didn’t want him to stop.

I did, but I didn’t. I was thankful he was fucking my pussy now and not my ass. He grunted as he drove his cock home again and again. Leaning over me, he grabbed my breasts in his hands and continued to pound my pussy. His belly slapped my ass cheeks each time he fucked in. Then he was leaning back, holding my hips with his hands, as he fucked me. I felt his cock sliding in and out of my pussy.

I could feel the lubrication in my channel. I sensed he was about to come. How much of a toy was I? How deep into depravity could I descend in two afternoons? I already knew the answer. As my orgasm began to take over again I placed my hands on his buttocks.

With a smile I pulled him deeper and began to whisper "I want to feel you explode in me, hot and hard in my wet pussy. I want you to come so I can run my warm tongue up and down your big cock and lick you clean. Come for me, come hard, Cum inside me. Your the best. I belong to you. Your little office toy." On and on I went until he couldn't take it any longer.

At the peak of my orgasm I felt him tense and then explode deep inside my belly. He rolled his hips around as he churned his cock in my pussy.

Suddenly he pulled his cock out and pointed it at my mouth. “Open up, little toy, and swallow a load of my cum.” I opened and another hot shot of cum jetted onto my breasts, my face and then into my mouth. „Swallow!” he said. I swallowed it down. He rubbed his slimy cock all over my face. “Now lick me clean. Lick off your pussy juice and all that cum.

Rub it into your breasts, too. Suck it off, toy. I like a clean cock." I worked him over as best I could. I knew where this was going and I needed to give my abused pussy all the time I could to recover. I carefully rubbed my clit with one hand while the other worked the cock that tasted all the better with each passing moment. I sucked his limp cock, until he pushed me away. I reached between my legs to my pussy. I was sore and leaking thick cum. A side of me said "Enjoy the moment" and I raised my cummy fingers to my nose and sniffed at what he had left in me, then I licked my fingers clean.

„Hmm, that’s nice.” he said, “Don’t move, I’ll be right back.” He told me to lay back on the desk again and stood between my legs. „Now spread your legs wide and show me your pussy.” Then he ran his hand over my belly, down into my pussy, and the contact made me jump.

“Still sensitive clit, that’s good.” He shoved the whole 9,5 inch of the vibrator into my dripping pussy and turned it on, sending shivers through me. “Once you’ve come a few dozen times, my sweet little toy, you’ll be begging for more.” He reached for my clit. “You want to cum again, toy? You want to cum really hard, don’t you?” And then he roughly pinched and rubbed my clit.

By then I was so hot I didn’t care how hard he did it. He removed the vibrator and pushed the dildo inside.


The impalement was sudden, intimidating and took my breath away. I immediately felt myself completely full. The shaft felt bigger than the vibrator. I could feel the dildo widening my pussy. Suddenly I was aware of the pressure on my clit. When he turned the vibrator on, I simply lost my mind. My orgasm was very strong. Nor had I any warning. He could just press a button and change me into a rutting toy incapable of conscious thought.

"Too much excitement my sweet toy? Ok, we'll do it a little slower this time." He removed the vibrator from my clit and pressed it against my sore ass and pushed, forcing it inside slowly. I tried to escape from the painful vibrator but he just kept sliding it in until the full length was buried in my ass.

The pressure between the two toys was strange, disconcerting. I felt violated. Delightfully so. With the vibrator now fully inside of me he turned it on. The toy, both toys, were deep in me, the one in my ass vibrating. My clit was happy and sore. The tickling and vibrating in my anus was exciting me and I knew if he did nothing else, that alone would send me over the edge again. It was actually very pleasant feeling my climax slowly building.

But such peaceful excitement was not to be. Again I felt my clit mechanically manipulated by his fingers circliny it. Perhaps I was becoming more sensitive. My clit seemed to rupture with pressure in response to the terrible, erotic stimulation. My hips buckled as I crashed through another orgasm. I was reeling with lust and exhaustion by now. He smirked "So, no trouble there. You actually enjoy it, do you?" He told me to start rubbing my clit myself.


My fingers began to rub and stroke my already painfully aroused clit. He now took hold of the dildo and the vibrator and pumped me fast and hard with both. "Now tell me this is that what you wanted. Getting it in your two holes, two toys fucking you at once." I groaned from pleasure and pain and gasped "Oh yes! I want it, toy my pussy and my ass! Double fuck me! Harder, faster. Fuck me." With that, he started thrusting into my pussy and ass faster and faster.

He kept it up, fucking me with the vibrator and and the dildo. Throughout this ravaging of my body I was having one orgasm after another, my body shuddering again and again as I came, sweat all over me.

I was crying in pain and ecstasy as he made me cum in wave after wave, until I thought I would faint.“Very good.”, he said, his big hands squeezed my hips.

He left the vibrator in my ass, and pulled the dildo out. He set the Vibration on high and told me to turn over. He'd already cum three times, and I doubted he would want to fuck me again, even with his cock-rings still in place.

My pussy and ass felt raw and I suddenly trembled with fear that he'd want to fuck my hurting, sore ass again, but I had no choice. I rolled over and positioned myself with my ass facing him and my head down.

Then I felt his hand on my ass. He laughed as he tickled my pussy from behind. "Hold still toy." But I squirmed when he touched my ass hole.

He told me to spread my ass cheeks with my hands. I hesitated a moment, then I did that, too. I felt him looking at my ass hole. He touched my ass hole with his finger.

He began to push, and I cringed from the pain. He growled. “Don’t even try to pull away. You know you want it,” he said, and then added in a lower voice, “You want it bad, and I’m going to give it to you, little toy”.

I felt something sliding around in my ass crack, I froze, unable to move or speak — I realized it was his cock! I was amazed that he was hard again.

Say ‘Fuck me. Fuck my pussy”, he ordered. When I didn’t answer fast enough, he buried his finger deep in me. I cringed in pain and said “Fuck my pussy.

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Fuck my wanting pussy now.” “Louder,” he demanded, pushing again. “Fuck me. Fuck my pussy! Please fuck my pussy" I gasped, again in my role of his obedient toy. I could feel the head of his cock pushing in, he shoved his cock into my sore pussy. He gradually worked it inwards, the burning pain and pleasure made me cry out with each shove.

I squeeled and moaned as he took me. I begged, I pleaded, I screamed, but he kept pushing. He leaned over my back as he pushed downwards, and said, “That’s right, toy, give it to me”, he murmured as he pushed harder. Nothing would stop him, I could feel him going deeper and deeper and nothing was going to stop him! In and out. In and out.

Each time deeper. And deeper. In and out. “Oh, yeah,” he said, his full weight pressing down on me, grinding my battered nipples into the desk, “that’s how my toy likes it, isn’t it?

That’s what my toy wanted“ “Yes” I answered, dutifully. “You like it, don’t you?”, he asked.

“I knew you liked it,” he said. And then he started pushing his cock in and out again. He raised off of me a little and started pumping in a steady rhythm. He drilled inside me harder and faster, until I was rocking on the desk so fast that I was afraid it would tip over.

He put his hands on my back and pushed me down hard as he picked up his speed even more. “Oh, yeah. Little toy, fuck it toy, fuck my cock!” I felt his cock jerking, and I felt him deep inside me, I realized that he had just shot his cum deep up inside my pussy again. “Oh, that was good,” he said as he lay on top of me.

His cock was still packed into my pussy, but I could feel it going soft. He pulled out and said “Okay, now you are going to clean my cock again." I answered "I'll do anything you want." "Good toy." I removed both cock-rings and I licked him clean, leaving his flaccid cock wet but clean. By the time I got home, my bottom was a mess and the shower didn’t help at first. When the water reached my holes, his cum became a gooey substance that managed to stick everywhere. It was stunning how my fingers could easily slip into my ass now and explore for any remains.

My ass was still quite open and sore. The next morning was a wonderful saturday morning. I got up and showered again with no mess this time.

My pussy felt fresh but still sensitive. For curiosity sake, I pushed one finger into my ass. It was tight again but gave away to me with relative ease.

I eased another finger inside my pussy. There was a difference. My pussy was soft warm and plump, while my ass was firm. I thought about yesterday’s sex and remembered that once the pain left from the expansion, his length did not hurt me. Now I’ve been used as a sex toy two times. And I found myself looking forward to the next time.