Watch The European Porn Star Couple Jasmine La Rouge And Titus Steel Sex Tape Where They Share Some

Watch The European Porn Star Couple Jasmine La Rouge And Titus Steel Sex Tape Where They Share Some
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The Summer Job I'll Never Forget Part 4 The months passed by quickly. Alisha and I were commuting into North Platte going to school. We were taking a rather heavy class load trying to finish early. If Alisha and I kept up the pace, we would graduate in the spring. It seemed we were always studying or working on the farm, but there was always time to fuck.

The winter was cold and there was a lot of snow. Some days Alisha and I couldn't drive into North Platte so we would spend the day having sex and enjoying each other's company. I was having a great time with these two beautiful women. Lori still couldn't get enough of my cock, you might say she was insatiable.

But I didn't mind, I really liked being inside her. During Alisha's "time of the month", I would sleep in Lori's bed. She took full advantage of having my complete attention. There was nothing she wouldn't do. She really enjoyed being tied up and letting me have my way with her any way I wanted to.

I had found a brand new saddle at the horse barn and brought it and the saddle stand to the house. When I brought it into the house, Lori asked me, "What are you going to do with that?" "Well I thought it would add to the décor of your bedroom. Why don't you come in here and I'll show you," I told her. I set it up and closed the door. As I began to kiss Lori and caress her body, I began to undress her. "I think I see where this is going," she told me as she pressed her tits into my chest and she kissed me.

I grinned at Lori and said, "Now, I want you to lay over the saddle, I'm going to tie your wrists to your ankles." She grinned at me and obeyed. She stood at the side of the saddle and leaned across it.

I took shackles and tied her wrists to her ankles under the saddle. She was a beautiful sight to behold bent over like that. Her outer lips were swelled and I could her juices dripping from her inner lips. I savored the sight for a moment, then took off my clothes and released my hard cock. I knelt down behind her and licked her juices from her wet cunt.

Lori was moaning and begging me to fuck her, but I thought I'd tease her first. I had also brought a riding crop with me, so I swatted her lightly across her ass with it. The sting of it caused her to jump and scream. I repeated the swats several times and I could see the red imprints of the crop on her ass. I then went down and ate her pussy till I made her cum two times. By this time my cock was so hard it was about to burst. I eased up behind her and pushed the head of my cock into her pussy and held it there as my finger flicked he clit.

Lori was going nuts wanting me all the way inside her. I took it slow and finally pushed myself balls deep inside her. Lori started another orgasm when I bottomed out. She was moaning and groaning and begging me for more. I began to fuck her hard. I licked my index finger and spit some saliva down into her crack and began to push my finger into her ass as I fucked her.

Lori was definitely feeling good. She couldn't move much the way I had her tied. I continued fucking her for the next fifteen minutes like this, then I pulled out of her and pushed my cock deep into her ass. She screamed as my cock penetrated her fully.

I held it there for a minute or two and let her ass stretch to the size of my cock, then I began to pump her again. When she came the next time, she squirted profusely. I continued to fuck her ass hard. I could feel my balls filling to capacity. I pulled out of her ass and pushed all the way into her sopping wet pussy and began to shoot my load deep inside her. She felt my hot cum painting her insides and began to cum again.

Her pussy muscles clamped down on my cock, squeezing every drop of sperm out of it. I pulled my cock out of Lori and untied her. I sat down on the edge of the bed. Lori was ecstatic. "I fucking loved that, damn I have never had such strong orgasms. I felt completely helpless while you worked me over." She said as she knelt in front of me.

Lori pushed me back on the bed and began to suck my flaccid cock. She was a master at giving head and I totally loved every minute of it. Within a minute, she had me hard and was trying to suck my balls out the end of my cock. She had pushed her index finger up my ass and was rubbing my prostate when I let loose another load of cum. She ate it all, not losing a drop.

She looked up at me and smiled. "That was delicious," she said as she licked her lips. Unknown to us, Alisha had cracked open the door and was watching the whole episode. She walked in and said, "Damn that was hot, if I wasn't having my period I'd make you tie me to that saddle and fuck me good too……I want to do that as soon as possible&hellip.damn that was hot." That was the first of many times we all used that saddle.

It definitely was one of our favorite ways to screw. Sex was always good for us……nothing was out of the question. April was upon us. The winter wheat was in good shape and was beginning to grow again as the warm weather began. The weeds were also growing in the fallow ground so I was back on the tractor.

Last fall, we had bought 800 head of yearling steers and put them out on wheat pasture. Several times through the winter the storms had grounded out the electric fence and the cattle escaped. Lori and I had discussed it and decided to build a 5 strand barbed wire fence around the outside of the property to ensure that the cattle would not escape the farm when storms grounded out the electric fences.

I hired 8 men from McCook to build the fence for us. It was going to be a big job. I figured that we would build over 12 miles of fence to complete the project. The materials arrived and the construction project had begun. The crew were all men between the ages of 22 and 30. Alisha jokingly commented to me, "That's as good looking of a group of guys as I've ever seen. I'd do any of them, wow." "Alisha, just cool your wheels," I told her.

The end of school was fast approaching. Alisha and I had accumulated the required amount of credits and would be able to graduate. May 22 was graduation day and we could not wait. I called Norm and asked him if he was going to come to graduation.

He told me he wouldn't dream of missing it. I know he had an ulterior motive…… When I told Lori that Norm was coming, I saw a small smile and a gleam in her eye. I had felt that she had really liked Norm when he was here, now I was sure of it. It was Saturday and I needed to go out and check the wheat fields and check on the fencing crew.

Saturday was a good day to do this. I usually took a cooler full of beer with me and spent the afternoon checking for any problems that might be out there. Alisha was busy with a paper she had to turn in on Monday so Lori decided she would go with me today. We opened a cold beer and began to make the rounds. Checking the fields usually took me all afternoon. I had a case of beer iced down and we drank our share. We were at the far side of the farm and Lori spotted the fencing crew and wanted to go see how that project was coming along.

When we drove up, the guys all stopped and came over to talk. Lori looked beautiful, as usual. She was wearing a sun visor, sunglasses, a pair of cut off jeans and a low cut tank and no bra……very sexy. When she got out of the truck and came around, the crew immediately noticed her. I dropped the tail gate and pulled the cooler out on it.

"You guys want a cold one?" I asked. Jimmy, the boss, replied, "You bet, it's hot out here today and I know we're all dry." All of the crew was all from McCook, which is about 40 miles south of North Platte. The guys are staying in campers which are set out near the edge of the property. We all talked and drank beer for quite a while. Lori told the crew how pleased she was with the fence they were building. "This will surely keep the stock in next fall and winter when the storms come." She told them.

The sun was setting low in the West and none of us were feeling any pain. We had finished off the case of beer in my truck. Jim had a cooler full in his truck so we started on it. Lori was feeling no pain and getting really friendly with the crew. I noticed how she was checking them out as she drank her beer. She was sitting on the tail gate with me.

Everyone was talking and enjoying the evening.

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Lori quietly said to me, "This is really a good looking bunch of guys. I really like the boss, he's pretty hot. I'm getting a little drunk and I'm a little horny.

Would you get mad at me if I fucked him&hellip.I really would like to get some strange." I laughed and told her, "Lori, you're a big girl and you can do anything, or anyone, that you want to. We have a great thing going and I'd never stand in the way of you having some fun." She scooted over next to me and gave me a long wet kiss, which didn't go unnoticed by the guys.

"Damn, I'd sure like to get a kiss like that from a beautiful woman like you," one of them said. Lori looked over and smiled as she slid off the tail gate. When she turned around and kissed me again, I told her, "Be careful Lori, with this bunch of guys, you might get more than you want." She smiled at me, grinned and said, "I think I'd like to take 'em all on." She turned around and walked over to Jim and gave him a kiss just like she had given me.

When she finished with him she went down the line and kissed them all. By that time hands were all over her body and she was enjoying the intimate attention. I could see that she was probably going to get her wish.

I saw her cut off jeans drop and her tank top was pulled over her head and dropped on the ground. Jim had gone to his truck and pulled out a couple of blankets that he spread over the top of a pallet of cement bags. Lori had opened one of the guys jeans and was sucking his cock as the other guys were getting out of their clothes. Soon we were all naked and Lori was on her knees sucking one cock after another and jacking a couple of guys off at the same time.

I knew that this was going to turn into a hell of a gang bang and I hoped she was up to it. A couple of guys shot their loads in her mouth and she drank it down like a pro. Soon she was led to the pallet of cement bags. She sat on the edge and laid back. Jim walked up between her legs and pushed his 9 inch cock into her dripping wet cunt.

Another guy brought his cock to her mouth and she began sucking him off while Jim plowed her. Two guys were holding her legs spread. Jim shot his hot load of cum deep inside her and pulled back.

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I walked up and took my turn with her. I slid in balls deep on the first thrust. She was well lubricated by Jim…he had shot a big load.

As I fucked her I watched the other guys squeezing her tits and feeling her body and could see her sucking another guy's cock. It was a huge turn on and I didn't last long before I was spewing my seed into her. When I stepped away another guy penetrated her.

I watched as the guy she was sucking off blew his load onto her face while another that was jacking off shot long ropes of thick cum onto her tits. The guy that was fucking her pulled out and shot his load onto her stomach. Lori was scraping up cum from her body and licking it off her hands. After a while, things slowed down somewhat. Most of the guys were standing around drinking beer and watching whoever was fucking her. When I walked up to take another turn, I saw that there was a large puddle of cum under her ass on the blanket.

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I could see that she was really into it and not feeling any pain. As I pushed into her asshole I asked her, "Are you having fun Lori?" "Fuck yes I'm having fun, I've been fucked in every hole and damn, I don't know how many times I've cum. I lost count at around 20. Too bad Alisha isn't out here with us, I'll bet she would enjoy this." I put another load of cum in her and felt her begin another orgasm.

"I've got a feeling that if Alisha wants to get gang banged we can do this again with these guys, I think they are enjoying themselves." I said as I pulled out and went to get another beer as Jim came up and said, "Next!" I watched him push his cock into her sopping cunt. When he pushed in a gush of comingled cum pushed out around his dick and onto the blanket. As he pumped in and out of her I could hear the squish, squish sounds coming from her pussy.

After three hours of fucking her in every hole and shooting cum all over her body, the guys all wore out. No one could get their cock hard. Lori stood up, cum running out of her well fucked pussy and down her legs. She found her clothes and put them on.

I handed her a beer and asked, "Well, did you like it or not?" Lori smiled at me as she took a couple of gulps of beer, "Robert, ever since I was a girl, I've always wanted to get gang banged, I wondered what it would be like and if I could handle it. I've found out that I loved it and I wouldn't mind doing it again sometime.

The feeling of knowing so many guys want to fuck me and the feeling of so many guys using my body for their pleasure is a real turn on. Would you let Alisha do it?" I thought for a moment, "If she wanted to, I'd let her. Our relationship is strong enough for me to let her get fucked numerous times by strangers and still be ok." We've had an open relationship since the beginning and we both have fucked around a lot.

I could handle it." Lori smiled at me and kissed me. I could taste cum on her tongue and lips. "You two have a strange relationship, but I think you'll be ok. I think you'd better get ready, I know her and I know she will want a gang bang too." Jim walked over to where we were talking.

He kissed Lori then said, "Damn girl, you are one fantastic piece of ass and I enjoyed you very much.

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I'm just sorry I can't perform any more tonight. I don't think I've ever fucked till I wore out before." Lori kissed him back and said, "I think that by the time you guys finish this project, we will do this again…&hellip.I loved it and want some more.

Maybe next time I'll have a surprise for you guys." The rest of the crew kissed Lori and thanked her before they went to their campers. I know that we were all very tired, sport fucking is a lot of work. When we got home, Alisha met us at the door and said, "Where the hell have you two been?

Damn Lori, you look like shit! What the fuck have you two been doing?" Lori just grinned as she began peeling off her clothes headed for the shower.

In the light I could see all the dried cum on her body and in her hair. Cum was still dripping out of her pussy. "Alisha, I just got fucked I don't know how many times by the fencing crew and I loved it. You should have been there, it was great. I got fucked in every hole and every hole was filled with their cum." "You what?" she said. "You mean you got gang banged?

Did you like having all those guys dicks in you and them shooting their cum all over you? "Yes I did, it was one of the best experiences I've ever had. You really should try it, the way you like sex, I just know you'd have a ball." Lori said.

Alisha looked at me, "You think you could handle watching a bunch of guys doing me?" "I told Lori earlier, I will let you do anything you want to do. I know that you love me and that it would only be sex.

Hell, I'd be fucking you too with the other guys." I said to her. "Alisha, I told the crew that when they finish the fencing project, I'd do them all again, if you want to be a part of it it's ok with me." Lori said. "I don't know right now, I've got to think about it and talk it over with Robert." She replied. Lori went to the shower. Alisha and I went into the kitchen and I made a sandwich.

"It was really something to see, Alisha, I couldn't believe that Lori could handle all those guys. Hell they all wore out and she was wanting more. She has a hell of a sex drive." Alisha looked at me, smiled and said, "You know, it does sound hot, doing a bunch of guys&hellip.I don't know&hellip.I'll have to think about it for a while. What do you really think?" "Alisha you can do what you want. I really think it would be hot to watch other guys giving it to you.

I have fantasized about it in the past and I always enjoyed watching Norm bang you. I'd say go for it if you want…&hellip.I won't think any less of you for it……promise." "You know, I think I might just do it. How many guys are there?" she asked. "There are 8 of them plus me& you'd be doing 9 and Lori will be there too so it's not like you're alone. You have a while to think about it, they won't be done for a couple of weeks." I told her.

I could tell that she was excited about the idea. To tell the truth, so was I. I had always liked watching Norm's cock pounding her and seeing him suck her tits and use her for his pleasure. I can only guess how it will be watching 8 other guys do her while I watch. And to get to watch Lori get it too at the same time&hellip.well, that's going to be a treat. I know one thing, I'm going to get it all on video. I can buy one of those surveillance systems with multiple cameras and wire the place.

It will be hot to watch it again later. Lori came into the kitchen after her shower. She only had a towel wrapped around her and she looked so sexy. Alisha had gone to shower and get ready for bed. "Well Lori, Alisha has decided she wants to do it.

So, when I'm out tomorrow, I'll stop by and see Jim and set it up for the day after we finish the fencing. I think we should do it here. I'm going to get a surveillance system and film it all so we can all watch it later, what do you think?" "I think it will be one hell of a lot of fun and I like the idea of videoing the whole thing." "I think I'll get a lot of beer and ice it down and we can grill steaks. The pool should be up and running again by then so we can have it to use too.

" I told her. "It's all set then," Lori said, "I'm ready. Just not tonight, my pussy is sore as hell. I don't think I could even pleasure myself." I laughed as she headed off to bed. She was even kind of walking bow legged to keep her pussy from rubbing when she walked. I had to snicker watching her walk away. All I got from her was the finger. I laughed all the way to my bedroom. When I got to the bedroom, Alisha was laying on top of the covers, naked.

"The more I have thought about this gang bang, the hotter I've gotten. My period is finished and I want you………now. All this talk has made me horny as hell." I went to the shower then went to Alisha.

I crawled onto the bed between her legs, spread her pussy lips with my fingers and put a lip lock on her pussy as I attacked her clit with my tongue. Alisha was soaking wet and I lapped up all her sweet pussy juice with my tongue. In just a short time, her back arched and I felt a stream of her juice shoot into my mouth. She tasted wonderful. After she settled down, I crawled on her and pushed my cock all the way in her tight pussy and began to fuck her hard.

I could feel my balls bouncing on her ass as I stroked my cock in and out of her. Alisha was thrusting her ass up to me as I pushed in her&hellip.then she began to cum violently, she wrapped her legs around my ass and her arms around my upper body as she thrashed around on the bed like a bucking horse.

All this made me begin to cum. The head of my cock was pushed against her cervix and I was blowing my fertile seed directly into her uterus, filling her to the point cum was leaking out of her. She grabbed the sides of my head and pulled me to her waiting lips and kissed me hard, her tongue teasing mine. She continued to hold my head as she looked deep into my eyes and said, "Now I want you to lick me clean and bring your cum to my mouth." I went down on her and began to lick the cum from the outside of her pussy and suck my cum from inside her.

When I filled my mouth, I went up and kissed her and gave her all the cum I had sucked out of her. I went back for more and as I began sucking more from her she began an orgasm and squirted my mouth full of her juices, mixed with my cum.

I took it to her waiting mouth and deposited it there. This time she kissed me passionately and pulled my ass toward her head. My cock was hard again as I straddled her chest. She pulled her tits up around my hardening rod and spit in between them. I began to tit fuck her. As I pushed my cock toward her head, she opened her mouth and took the end of my cock. Every time I pushed in, my cock head pushed inside her mouth.

In a few minutes I started to cum. She opened her mouth and caught all the cum that emerged from my dick. As I watched, I could see my sperm being deposited on her tongue. When I finished, she swallowed it all and smiled at me. "I love you Robert, more than you will ever know." She said. I rolled off of her onto my back. She laid her head on my chest and put her left leg over my left leg. I could feel the wetness of her pussy as it pushed against me.

My cum was still oozing out of her. In a short time we were asleep in each other's arms. I whispered to her, "I love you too Alisha, very much." The next morning we all were in the kitchen having breakfast. I told the girls, "This is your last chance to back out, I'm going out to see Jim this morning and set up a gang bang for you two when they finish the fence construction." The two women looked at each other and grinned.

They looked back at me and Lori said, "We're ready for this, get it set." I went back to my breakfast thinking to myself how much fun this was going to be and how sore their pussies will be when it is over.

Lori was still having trouble walking this morning. I grinned and said, "How's the pussy this morning Lori, a little raw?" "You can just shut the fuck up Robert, it will heal soon," she laughed at me.

This was the first time Alisha had thought about the fact that her pussy would be well used and probably be very sore the next day.

I could tell that she was a little concerned about that fact but still willing to go for it. I finished breakfast and left. "See you ladies later," I told them. After a few stops around the farm, I arrived at the crew's camp. Jim was outside drinking a glass of iced tea. "Hi there Jim, how you feeling this morning?" I asked him. "My dick is so sore this morning I think it's going to fall off.

Damn that was a lot of fun though." Jim told me. Some of the other guys came out when I drove up and were all complaining about their cocks hurting.

One said, "I've never fucked so much my cock got sore, Lori is one hell of a woman, it would take a hell of a man to keep up with her." I just laughed at them. "Well, I guess I'll tell you why I stopped by this morning. When Lori and I got home last night, we talked about you guys fucking her and how much she enjoyed it. My girlfriend, Alisha, was there. After listening to Lori and I talk about it, she decided she would like to be a part of a gang bang too.

So, we decided if you guys wanted to, we would have a cook out at the house when you guys finish this job. We'll grill some steaks and have a lot of beer and we will all fuck Lori and Alisha till no one can fuck any more& time limits. If it lasts into the next day, well that's the way it will be. If you want to last, I would suggest that you guys get some Cialis so you can keep it up longer. I want those two women fucked so good they can't even get out of bed.


Are you guys up for it?" All I saw was smiles and heard them all say, "Fuck yes, I'm in." Jim looked at me and asked, "Are you ok with us fucking Alisha&hellip.I saw her with you one day and she is one hell of a dish." He looked at the other guys and then said, "You guys won't believe her, hell she looks just like Shania Twain and is built like a brick shithouse.

Don't get me wrong, Lori is a beautiful woman, but Alisha makes her look like a hag. This is going to be a real treat." I looked at Jim and grinned.

"I'm all for it Jim, she wants to do it and I'll be right in there with you guys filling her holes with cum. I just hope they don't outlast us, I'll never hear the last of it." Everyone laughed and voiced their anticipation of the event.

I told them, "There's just one thing guys, you're not to breathe a word of this to anyone else about these events or there will be hell to pay……that I will see to myself. Always keep in mind, if you keep quiet, you might just get to do it again in the future. But if you talk about it, you're finished& won't happen for any of you ever again, understand?" They all nodded yes, they understood.

"Well, I'll be in touch guys, save it up and get ready for a great party." As I left I could see the smiles from all of them as they thought about what was coming.

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I have to admit that my cock was hard thinking about it also. When I got back to the house, Alisha and Lori were out by the pool laying in the sun naked.

I don't think I will ever get tired of that vision. "Well girls, it's all set up and the guys are preparing themselves for a marathon gang bang&hellip.they can't wait.

When I told them that Alisha was going to be a part of this one, Jim almost had a heart attack. I could see his dick getting hard just thinking about it. I think you gals are going to get the fucking of your lives." They looked at each other and giggled. Alisha said, "Lori told me that these guys are all hung very well, I'm really looking forward to it now. At first I was a little apprehensive at but the more I think about it the hotter I get for it.

Hell I'm dripping wet just thinking about it. Come on Robert, I need fucked right now." Alisha grabbed me by the hand and headed for the bedroom. Lori just laughed and said, "I'd go too, but my pussy wouldn't take another fucking right now, have fun for me too." When we got to the bedroom, Alisha began pulling my clothes off as quickly as possible then pushed me back on the bed.

She got on me cowgirl style and rode me like a prize stud. I couldn't believe how turned on she was in anticipation of the gang bang. In no time at all I was cumming like a geyser and she was screaming at the top of her voice, "FUCK ME ROBERT, FUCK ME ROBERT, I'M CUMMING, OH GOD HOW I'M CUMMING.

SHOVE THAT BIG COCK OF YOURS IN ME AS DEEP AS YOU CAN……&hellip.OH FUCK MEEEEEEEE." Her body was shuddering violently and I could see that her abdominal muscles were tensed. She was gripping my chest tightly and I could feel her pussy clamp down on my cock as her orgasm consumed her. My cum was running out of her around my softening cock. I could feel it on my balls. Alisha recovered and went down on my cock and licked me clean. She smiled at me and said, "Darling, that was one great fuck&hellip.thank you." We went back out to the pool and relaxed in the sun.

I'm one lucky son of a bitch to have these two women. Tomorrow is Monday and we have one more week of school. I can't wait to be finished and get on with our lives.

The farm is becoming a very important part of me and I love it dearly. I feel really fortunate that Lori has done all she has for Alisha and I.

Norm will be here for graduation so I know what will be going on then. When he leaves, we'll get ready for the gang bang. I have to admit that I'm really looking forward to the next couple of weeks. I laid back and enjoyed the sun…life is good.


I drifted off to sleep and was having a dream about watching the guys fuck Lori yesterday. It was really a good dream. I was cumming in Lori, it was almost like it was real. The longer it lasted, I became aware that it wasn't a dream. I woke up and saw Lori with my cock deep in her throat, swallowing my cum. She pulled her mouth off my cock and smiled. "Damn honey, you were laying here sleeping and your cock was standing tall, so I thought I'd better service it before it exploded.

I was just in time cause the minute I put my lips around it, it did explode like a volcano." She licked her lips clean then sucked the remnants of cum from my softening rod. "Mmmmmm, that was good honey, mama likes!" The next week was very hectic. Alisha and I were taking finals. Lori was taking care of my farm duties while I was gone.

There were some fields that needed to have the weeds cleaned up and she was taking care of that so Alisha and I wouldn't be sidetracked by anything while we were taking finals. If we passed, we would graduate next Tuesday. Neither of us are worried, we know we are going to pass. Norm will arrive here next Sunday and let the games begin. After the stress of this week, a relaxing few days will be welcome. Alisha's Mom and Dad told us that they wanted to throw us a party after graduation.

They are inviting a few of their close friends and some of our friends from school. It should be a short affair and we should be home before dark. Saturday arrived and we are all finished with our finals. Lori has finished all the field work so we will have several days before there has to be anything done.

This morning she shipped 10 containers of semen to a buyer in Texas. Like she said, "Now we can all party hardy for the next few days." Norm is to arrive tomorrow and Lori is looking forward to that more than anything right now. She swore Alisha and I to silence about the gang bangs.

She said she really didn't want Norm to know about them.

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Sunday morning is here and Norm is to arrive today. Lori has been really up tight so Alisha and I invited her into our room for a round of sex. Hopefully this will settle her down a little. Alisha rode my cock while Lori sat on my face. I really like eating her pussy. It seems that it really makes her feel good. I know that it makes my cock harder when my tongue is buried as deep in her as I can push it.

When she has her legs spread wide like this, her clit really sticks out and is dominant. It's almost like a little cock and it drives her crazy when I suck on it and stick my finger up her ass. This morning she came all over my face&hellip.tasted great. While she was cumming, Alisha began an orgasm while I unloaded my little swimmers deep inside her. The girls dismounted and we all went in for a shower. The shower was a lot of fun, I bent Lori over and fucked her up the ass and filled her colon with a wad of cum.

Lori has really broadened her horizons since we all started having sex together. She likes it to have sex any way& inhibitions at all. I just know that she is fun to be around.

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I like to watch her and Alisha when they have sex. I can sit in a chair and jack off watching them and cum a couple of times. I sometimes wonder if the lust we have for each other will go away or get stronger. Right now I'm in heaven when I'm with the two of them.

Honestly, I'm in love them both. Norm arrived about 2:00 and Lori dragged him into her bedroom right away. Alisha and I were watching a movie but could hardly hear it for all the noise they made. We just grinned and went on about our business. They finally came out to get something to eat about 7:00 then after they ate, they disappeared back into her room. They finally quieted down about midnight and we got some sleep. The next morning they were at it again so Alisha and I decided to go check fields, it would be a lot quieter.

While we were checking the fields, we drove up on the fencing crew. I stopped to say hi and introduce Alisha to the guys. She was wearing jeans, boots and a tank top. When she got out of the truck, the guys mouths dropped open and they began to salivate like a pack of horny dogs. One of them said, "Are you the beauty that we are going to gang bang when we finish this job?" Alisha smiled at him and said, "Yes I am and I'm looking forward to having all of you inside me.

I think it's going to be a lot of fun." I could see bulges in all the men's jeans as they anticipated breeding my Alisha. She checked them all out, feeling their jeans as she walked by each of them. This really got them going. "When do you boys think you're going to finish this fence?" she asked.

One of them replied, "I think we should finish up sometime next week, maybe around Wednesday. Alisha looked at all of them and smiled. "Well boys, I'm going to give you a preview of what you are going to get." With that statement, she pulled her tank top off and removed her bra.

Her beautiful breasts were on display to all of them. "What do you think boys?" she asked. The consensus was unanimous. They all said at the same time, "BEAUTIFUL". Alisha pulled her tank back on and tossed her bra to one of the men.

"You're the one I pick to be first." She said. This guy was all smiles. "By the way guys, I want you all freshly showered and clean.

When I suck your cocks, I don't want to taste stale piss, I want to taste a freshly clean cock." All the guys agreed as we got back in the truck and continued on our way.

As we drove away, I told her, "You're lucky you didn't get fucked right then and there. These guys were ready. If we had stayed a little longer you would have got your fill of cum in a short period of time." She laughed at me as she leaned over and opened my jeans and pulled my cock out.

I moved my seat back all the way so she could get her head between me and the steering wheel. She sucked my cock all the way back to the house. When I stopped, I filled her mouth with semen and she swallowed it down. She looked at me with a little trickle of cum running out the corner of her mouth and said, "I love your cum, I just can't get enough of it." We went into the house and found Norm and Lori sitting at the kitchen table.

"Where have you guys been?" Lori asked. "I needed to check fields so Alisha decided to go with me. I needed to get it done before graduation." I told them. Norm looked at Alisha and said, "Damn Alisha, you get more beautiful every time I see you." He got up from the table and gave her a long kiss while he squeezed her ass. "I was beginning to think you and Aunt Lori weren't going to come out of her room till you had to leave." She jokingly told him.

"Well Alisha, I would have come out in time to get a little of your sweet ass before I left." He said to her laughing. "That's good," she told him, " 'cause I would have came in a dragged your scrawny ass out of that bed and fucked you good if you hadn't came out." We all had a good laugh at them jousting each other with words.

"Tonight we can all get naked and get in a pile." Alisha told him. "Hell, I don't want to wait till tonight, sweetness, I want you right now, right here," Norm told her as he opened her jeans and pulled them down. I knew that Alisha was turned on. The fencing crew had got her started earlier. She pulled her tank off and dropped it on the floor releasing her firm tits, kicked her jeans off and sat on the edge of the table.

Norm stripped down and released his hard cock from its confines. He walked up between Alisha's legs and kissed her again. She laid down on her back as he pushed his meat into her hot box. Lori and I were sitting at the table watching as they fucked right in front of us. Norm was squeezing her tits as he pounded his cock in and out of my fiancé.

She was moaning as he slid his hands down to her hips, holding her as he fucked her. Her legs were up over his shoulders, giving him access for the deepest penetration of her hot pussy. Lori moved her chair around behind Norm where she sat down and began to caress his balls as he fucked Alisha. She lubed her finger with saliva and began to push it into his ass.

In just a short time, Norm grunted and pushed his cock deep into Alisha as he began to cum. He pumped his hot seed into Alisha for several moments. Lori continued to stimulate his balls, lengthening his orgasm. Norm's eyes were closed and he had a very intense look on his face. His cock continued pulsing cum into her body and they were both moaning loudly completely engulfed in their orgasms.

After what seemed like an eternity, Norm pulled out of Alisha's cum filled pussy. His cum was stringing out toward the floor. Lori moved in close and began to suck the cum out of her pussy. I watched as Alisha's body tensed up as she began another orgasm. Lori licked her pussy and clit keeping Alisha in a state of bliss for several seconds. When Lori had Alisha's pussy licked clean she pushed back from the table. My cock was as hard as a rock looking at Alisha naked and having watched Norm fill her with his cum.

I stood up, removed my jeans and walked around to her. I looked at my beautiful Alisha laying on the table, her legs splayed wide apart showing her freshly fucked pussy.

She looked at me and said, "Fuck me Robert, I want your cock in me, I want your cum in me&hellip.fuck me now Robert, fuck me." I lifted her legs up over my shoulders and pushed my cock as deep in her as I could.

I rubbed her engorged clit as I pushed in and out of her. Almost instantly she began to shudder and cum. I continued to slide in and out of her for several minutes before I melted my hot load of cum into her. She felt it and was smiling at me saying, "I can feel it Robert, it's so hot, I love you Robert, I love you. I let her legs down and leaned over her and kissed her.

She kissed me back, wrapped her legs and arms around me and whispered in my ear again, "I love you so much Robert, please never forget it." I raised up smiling at her and pulled my flaccid cock out of her. Lori was right there again sucking more cum out of her wet pussy. In a few seconds, Alisha was back in an orgasm…this time squirting her cum all over Lori.

Lori licked it up and continued cleaning Alisha's well fucked cunt with her tongue. I sat in a chair and looked at Alisha laying there. She was so beautiful. Norm helped her sit up and kissed her again.

"Thank you Alisha, that was great. Robert is a very lucky guy to have you all the time, you are a wonderful woman&hellip.I wish I had found you first." Norm came over to me and hugged me. "Robert, you and I have been friends for a long time. We've been through thick and thin together and have shared our women through the years. You and Alisha are my closest friends and that will last forever.

We all have a bond that will never be broken&hellip.I love you guys." Alisha had walked up behind Norm and put her arms around us both. We are as close as any three people can be. All four went to the shower together and cleaned our bodies. We all knew that we would be sharing each other again later that evening. Monday passed and Tuesday arrived. The big day. Alisha and I would finally get our degrees. Something we had worked toward for the past three and a half years.

It was to be the first big step in our lives together. The ceremony was long and boring. When it finally ended we threw our hats into the air and kissed each other deeply.

After visiting with several people in the lobby of the auditorium, we left and went to Barb and Mark's house for the party they were having for us. When we got there, Norm and Lori were already there. As we walked in they each gave us a big hug and congratulated us.

Mark and Barb were next and told us how proud they were of us. The afternoon went by quickly. We had dinner there then left for the farm. Alisha and I were glad that our school career was over. It meant we could get down to working the farm full time. In a little over a month we would be married, the second giant step in our lives together.

When we got back to the farm, we all got out of our dress clothes into something more comfortable. We went out by the pool and opened a bottle of Dom Perignon that Norm had brought with him for the celebration.

The four of us sat around the table and talked for hours. I asked Norm, "Will you be my best man at our wedding next month?" Norm's eyes lit up and he smiled widely as he said, "There would be no greater honor for me my friend.

Nothing would make me happier." Norm made a toast to Alisha and I and sat down. Lori got up and took Norm by the hand, "I think it's time to go to bed, want to come with me?" Norm looked at Alisha and I and said, "Well, I guess it's time for bed, I'll see you guys tomorrow." As they went to Lori's bedroom, we smiled at each other and retired to our bedroom.

The day had been long, eventful and tiring. We lay in each other's arms and went to sleep. Neither of us stirred during the night. We woke up still in each other's arms.

We held each other tightly and kissed. This morning, we didn't do anything else. We got up and showered together, embraced and told each other that we loved the other. We dried off, dressed and went out to the kitchen and started breakfast.

I knew that Norm was leaving this morning so we decided to have a big breakfast before he left. At about 10 Norm and Lori joined us. We all visited and laughed a lot. Norm said, "Well, I need to get on the road. I've really enjoyed it and I'll see you guys in a little over a month. Thank you for the hospitality, it was great. Alisha got and went around the table to where Norm was standing and kissed him deeply.

"We are so glad that you were here." I approached Norm and hugged him. "Norm, it's been great having you here and I look forward to next month." Lori took him by the hand and led him out to his car.


Alisha and I stayed back as they said their goodbyes. We could tell that there was something brewing between them. After Norm left we all went about our daily chores. I stopped by the fencing crew and checked on them. It looked like they would finish the fencing early next week. At dinner I reported to the ladies what I had found out and they were both elated. Alisha said, "I am so ready for this event, I just can't hardly wait." Lori was laughing. "Well, I heard that you gave the crew a preview the other day, I guess you are getting anxious, huh?" We all laughed.

We were all going to be busy the rest of the week and knew the time would fly by. I had several fields that needed to have the weeds tilled out. Lori had several containers of semen to ship and Alisha needs to get the books all caught up to date. The gang bang was close at hand and we were all looking forward to it. It would be an event that would match nothing else in our lives. To be continued…………