Two black horny straight boys gay Reaching around behind Tomas pawed

Two black horny straight boys gay Reaching around behind  Tomas pawed
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The two new men were about to fuck me and my hubby was setting up the DVD camera.

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My fantasy of strangers fucking me while he watched was going to become a reality and a preserved one at that. He told them to to within reason anything they wanted with me that I was pretty much willing.

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I was ordered first to get on my knees and alternate between sucking each of their cocks until they were hard.

They both had large cocks, much larger than my hubby has and I was somewhat amazedat this. It was later I would find out he actually ran an ad looking for well endowed men! As I obeyed he encouraged me to look at the camera.

I mouthed one time, I love you, I winked I smiled and he really liked this!

I was saying stuff like these two studa are going to fuck me while my hubby watches and the two strangers chuckled. I thought my hubby's face reddened a bit but he followed up saying it was my fantasy to be fucked by two large cocked men while he got to watch, even get a DVD made.

Soon I was ordered to the bed and had to be instructed on how to position myself so I could be fucked and suck a cock and to look at the camera for the special close ups! These cocks were probably ten inches anyway, one had all pubic hair shaved off and they were both quite capable of filling me upI was sure!

My hubby kept the camera going and loved me looking at him and smiling or saying to look and learn. This made the two men go really wild and they fucked with such force that it was seeming more and more like rape! My hubby was telling them that I wanted it rough actually and they were making me scared, the three of them. As the two from the club were close to cumming and maybe did, they were swapping places and my hubby was asking if they needed anything to drink. They declined and said I sure was a good fuck and he was a better sport.

Never had they envisioned a hubby watching, getting a DVD made, etc while fucking brutally someone's wife! Brutal? Not really. Forceful? At best!

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Ten inch and fat cocks I was only used to in the dildo scene and these two made me feel better than any dildo!I didn't care how long this lasted as they were wearing condoms like my hubby requested. I was getting the royal fucking of my life, so far.

The fucking was going into the third orgasm for me when I was told to suck on my knees their cocks and my hubby had to get a new DVD.

When he returned to the room one of the men had a small gun and made my hubby get on his knees where I was and into the action. He was made to suck cock and he was scared and obeyed! I was shocked. Then they would one fuck me a bit, no condom, and make my hubby suck their cocks clean they called it and back and forth and this managed to make them harder! I could not believe this!


My hubby was at times choking, the two men were taking turns fucking me, the camera was getting all the action, and on and on!

One of the men threatened to take me for a ride if my hubby mentioned this to anybody and they were making me say I wanted to be fucked more please fuck me! They made my hubby lick me then they fucked me more and then he had to suck their cocks alternating for awhile like what I had to do earlier!

He was getting into it it seemed! I was very thoroughly fucked and was happy to watch him get the cock he was getting! I wanted to quit for a minute but then I thought this may not happen for awhile again.

I want to do some black men maybe if he wants to watch after I get them to our place I may! I want him to be happy and he was happy watching two strangers fuck me. Was he happy when he sucked them I don't know for sure I hope the DVD's he made are not too edited! The time he had me banged myself on DVD until he told me that was enough wasn't as long as what the two strangers from the club made me do what I did.

I got fucked like never before.

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If he wants me to be a slut so be it. I am having fun and fucking like a slut.


The black men may be rougher, who knows. My hubby may want to watch from the next room and not let them know he is there! That would be great too! I don't need directors telling me how to suck cocks, get fucked, etc.


Even when I was having fun he was too before. He maybe wants to watch more gang-bangs, I don't care. I want to be his slut, dress like one, and it's fun really.

My skirts are short, he makes me go with no panties, or no bra to whereever in hopes of getting someone to just ask for a fuck or maybe kidnap us both and rape me or both of us! He has several DVD's in his collection and I don't know what else he wants but I know what I want and he may be there too. I wonder if he wants to koin in other than to suck cocks?

I want him to have fun and make the DVD's he wants for his collection but seeing a cock in his mouth was really a turn on for me that I want to see him suck black cocks while they alternate doing me good and hard since reality is better than fantasy and the DVD let's me watcit all and plan the next episode or fantasy for me or my hubby!