Novinho pau pequeno gostoso punheta

Novinho pau pequeno gostoso punheta
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Me and My sister "Lucy" were the usual brother and sister type always arguing and fighting, but that was all soon to change, I was 15 at the time 5ft11, about the average build and was roughly 6 inches, where as Lucy was 17 5ft 8, blonde hairD cup breast ,beautiful blue eyes and had a body to die for. At the time I didn't have many friends but didn't get to see them much seem as we had just moved house to the countryside so I stayed in most of the time and so did Lucy this was the reason we argued so much.

It was the start of the summer holidays and mum and dad was planning to go away for a week leaving me and Lucy to look after ourselves, when I first found out I hated the idea but agreed seen as they had no time together.

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It was Saturday night and mum came in and told us they would be going away on Monday I started to plan my week on my own seen as Lucy was going to stay at here friends house, i'd finally thought of what to do and that was get a few takeaways,beers and watch porn on the big tv I couldn't wait to finally empty my load and be alone for the first time since moving in.

On the Sunday me and Lucy was arguing and started fighting as i fell to the ground she fell on top of me and my hand slipped up her top and was holding on to her boobs she pulled of me and slapped me saying "you fucking pervert" and left the room I looked down and noticed i had a tent in my pants.

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This was the first time I got a hard on over Lucy, my feelings started to change I wanted her so badly, I didn't know why I was fantasising about my sister but I couldn't stop, that night all I could think about was Lucy naked and sucking me off, I couldn't sleep so I has to blow my load, I shared a room with Lucy unit I'll get room was sorted so I couldn't do it there so I grabbed a pair if her panties and snuck to the bathroom, I finished up and went back to my room.

Morning soon came and mum and dad soon left, so I went to check on Lucy , she was all packed and ready to go, the phone rang and Lucy ran to get it it was her friend Emma she didn't talk long but I could tell by her face she wasn't happy, I asked her what was up and she told me emma was ill and she couldn't stay, I was disappointed but happy at the same time I thought to my self " this is my chance to have sex with Lucy " so I helped her unpack and rang for a pizza and for the local shop to deliver some beer hoping this would cheer her up, the pizza came and so did the beer I shown him my fake id and it worked, I went up to Lucy's room to give her the pizza, as I was leaving she said she wanted me to stay and eat with her I refused so I don't look suspicious but then agreed reluctantly.

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It was around 6:30 pm and Lucy was pissed out of her face and was getting on my nerves so I told her to get a shower she stunk, ( she didn't I just wanted to watch some porn) so she hopped along to the shower.

An hour later she still hadn't come down so I went up, she was asleep in the bath so u tried shouting her to wake her up but she didn't reply, then my cock started to do the thinking and I creeped in to have a sneaky peak at her. But to much disappointment she was on her side so I didn't get to see much so I grabbed her bra and panties and went to my room, I jerked off twice and came in her bra, not realising that my door had been opened and that Lucy had been watching me and jumped out off my skin and told her go piss off and shut the door.

I knew I was in deep shit so i pulled my shorts back up and went to her roomthe door was open a tiny bit I I could see her getting changed I noticed I had a tent in my shorts so jacked of quickly looking at her beautiful body and boobs and quickly pulled then up again I knocked on and entered she screamed and said don't look so I did as she said, she then said "I want words with you" I nearly shit my self there and then.

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I sat down on the end of her bed and waited for her to do the talking she said "what the fuck were you thinking jerking off with my bra and panties you little scruff wait till mum and dad here's about this" I knew I was in so much trouble I would be grounded until I was 18 so I said "I'm so sorry Lucy jus couldn't help my self, ifs not my fault i have a hot and beautiful sister like you, I couldn't control my self" she giggled and then said " you think I'm beautiful?" She seemed a little less annoyed so I replied" yeah you are and I'm really really sorry I'll do anything to repay and make up for it" She replied "you do know they Was my clean pair or panties and bra ?" Laughing to her self, I was so embarrassed I put my head down in shame she then said "ey don't be upset here have these" I kept my head down as she pull her panties off from underneath her skirt and threw them over to me and said don't ever bring this up or speak of this again" I was to shocked to reply she gave me a kiss and walked back downstairs.

I thought she was playing a trick to try and catch me out so I went down stair for a late night snack.

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As I made my self a sandwich Lucy walked in and said "what are they not enough for you?" Before I could reply she took off her bra and put it down my joggers and walked of upstairs I went bright red and didn't know whether to move the bra from my pants or leave them there so I removed it and placed it on the table, I had the biggest smile on my face like a child with a bag of sweets.

I wanted to make sure Lucy was a sleep before I went up so I didn't have to face her again ,so I are my sandwich slowly and has my last cig of the night. When I was sure she was asleep I grabbed the bra and crept up the stair to my room, I couldn't believe my luck Lucy hadn't gone mad at me and had given me her panties and bra so u made good use of it while it lasts, I couldn't believe how good mg sister smelt I came three time and went to Lucy's room, the door was left open so I crept in, I jumped out of my skin when I heard " you come back for more ?" I froze In shock was I dreaming or is my sister actually saying this to me?.


For the first time tonight my head did the thinking and talking and I said " just came to give you these back" I walked over and gave her the stuff back and turned around when suddenly she grabbed my arm and pulled me to her she she gave me a very passionate kiss and started to feel my dick and to my surprise it stayed soft. She grabbed my hand and put it down her pajamas bottoms and rubbed it against her opening then sudden realisation of overcome us when We heard the phone ring it was mum asking how we was and to see if everything was fine so we said yes everything fine and she hung up.

I started headed back to my room when Lucy said " oi chum there plenty more of that where that came from same time same place tomorrow?" I nodded a little to eagerly but she didn't seem to mind.


I couldn't sleep as the nights events were playing on my mind but when I eventually got to sleep I slept like a baby End of chapter one Chapter two coming soon Please leave comments and tell me on how I can improve just remember it's my first story ;)