Heather Deep flashing on highway then gives public deepthroat throatpie

Heather Deep flashing on highway then gives public deepthroat throatpie
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Part 3 of 3, final part. Please read the first two sections before this one, as it will clear things up, and make most of you appreciate this more. Thank you. Jon pulled into the driveway of his parents house. After spending an hour at the grocery store, he was ready to plop down on the couch and just relax for a while.

All in all, the week had been pretty normal, especially compared to how it started! Jon's cousin Megan was visiting, along with her close friend Jessica, and all three of the kids had had a blast this far. After getting off to a fast start, seducing Jessica and convincing her to do everything short of sex (even getting Megan to add a few spankings to the mix), Jon had decided to take it easy the last few days.

It had been 4 days now since he and Jessica's entourage, and he figured it was about time to apply a bit more pressure to see where exactly Jessica's feelings were.


Bringing the countless grocery bags into the house, Jon found Jessica asleep on the guest bed her and Megan were sharing. Megan was sitting up, messing around on her laptop as Jon entered the room. "Great news!" Jon exclaimed, though quiet enough to not disturb Jessica.

After Megan flashed her 'what would that be?' look, he continued, "We have food again!" Megan smiled, saying it was about time, then invited him onto the bed to view something on her computer. Jon hopped up onto the bed, her screen showing the many pictures she had taken over the week arranged into a slide show.

There were pictures of them enjoying the beach, shopping at the mall, riding in the car, just about everywhere they had went. It was very well put together, and Megan seemed most proud of it. She then smiled, hitting the icon minimized in the bottom of the screen, forcing the program "iMovie" to reappear.

Sorting through all the mini clip fragments, she decided to show him the "final production" she had made. She tapped the space bar, and the screen was soon filled with Jon's living room. Voices could be heard, but not very audible, so Megan proceeded to turn up the volume.

"Damn Jessica, you're amazing at this! Suck that dick baby girl!" Jon turned red, realizing it was his voice on the screen, and laughed as he had almost forgotten about Megan filming the entire encounter.

He saw the amateur camera-girl sneak closer catching the duo having fun in more clarity. The screen now clearly showed Jessica experiencing her first dick in her mouth, showing much skill as Jon flashed back. He noticed his member start to rise as he remembered the amazing feeling he had received only days earlier.

"She look's like she was pretty good at it," Megan commentated. "I only heard you complain about her teeth once, that's not bad for a first timer." "Yeah once or twice she nicked me, but other than that, she was amazing at it.

I'm not gonna lie though, I want more than her mouth soon" Jon replied with a wicked grin, not sure how his cousin would react. "Yeah well, trust me, I've been gossiping non-stop about how cute you two are together and that you're a great guy and may be worth it, but I'm not sure she's up to it. She's pretty worried about popping her cherry." They conversed back and forth on the topic, Jessica oblivious to being the center of attention as she slept.

The cousins thought of plans for that evening. What they would have for dinner, what movie to watch, and yes, how to seduce the young hottie sleeping inches away from them. It would be a perfect end to the evening! Jessica awoke some time after to find Megan on her laptop, right where she was when the girl drifted to sleep. She observed her surroundings, hearing audible tones from the computer's speakers. ""Anywhere but in my mouth, PLEASE!" Jessica heard her own voice and immediately snapped to attention.

"What the fuck?! You have me blowing him on your computer?!" the stunned girl accused in horror. Being caught off guard by the girl waking up, but trying to play the situation off, Megan calmly replied, "Of course!

Isn't it sexy? Relax girl, no one is going to see this but us. Just chill out and enjoy the show!" With a wink, Megan became quiet, fixated on her sex tape, Jessica watching as well. She saw herself get sprayed with Jon's cum, her stomach in knots, fear creeping in about what her friend would do with this video.

She also had to admit, she was partially aroused by this as well. She had watched porn before, and she didn't look to be too bad at sucking dick, if the end result proved anything. Megan giggled as she pressed Save, then collapsed her computer, turning to Jessica, congratulating her on "not only your first cock experience, but your first porno too!" Jessica scowled, but Megan continued.

"What was that big of cock like?" Jessica was dumbfounded. Was the girl really interested in her own cousin? "Well, it was definitely hard to keep my mouth that open. I kept biting him on accident." Jessica admitted. "Are you going to let him fuck you? What I wouldn't do for some nice dick this week." Megan started adjusting her legs, crossing and uncrossing them.

Now Megan was going too far. Jessica was shocked at her friend's new found boldness.

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Sure, they had shared stories, mostly Megan, but this was her cousin, and she had already recorded the whole scene without Jessica's knowledge, let alone permission. Would Jon be pissed to learn of Megan filming them? But she couldn't help but feel the sensation of arousal, knowing full well she wanted what her friend hinted at.

Without warning, Megan kissed her. Taken completely off guard, Jessica's mind took several moments to process what was happening. She noticed she was kissing back, their tongues dancing inside her own mouth. She noticed her own hand gripping Megan's back as her brain turned back on, common sense telling her to stop, but her sex telling her she needed this.

Megan pulled away suddenly, leaving Jessica leaning forward, longing for more, but pulling herself back out of embarrassment. "I am so sorry!" Megan assured. "I was just getting so hot watching the video and. well that. I'm sorry." "It's okay hun, I didn't mind, really. It was. interesting. I didn't mind it." Jessica said soothingly, trying to comfort her friends embarrassment.

That was all Megan needed. She climbed on top of the brunette, kissing her lips as she pinned the girls wrists down. After earlier in the week, Jessica knew how well being controlled turned her on, and her best friend pinning her down while she kissed her was no exception. She felt Megan's hips start to grind into hers, sending Jessica into a sexual frenzy. She forced herself out of Megan's hold, squirming around until she found herself on top of the red-haired girl, lifting her shirt right up over her own head.

Lack of experience meant nothing, as Jessica found herself in sexual overdrive. She was now on top, and she was determined to make Megan comply with her desires. She tugged on Megan's shirt until she was able to throw it on the ground.

She began groping her best friend through her bra, Megan squealing from the pleasure. Megan broke the long romantic kiss off with a teaching "Nibble on my neck a bit, that gets me so much!" Jessica gladly complied, moving her mouth to the girls neck.

She kissed it softly, then gently sank her teeth into it. She felt Megan's legs start to shift, and found that her friends hands had found their way onto her ass, squeezing in habit. "Fuck yes baby! Bite it!" Megan was completely gone now.

There was no turning back, as she was so turned on, and her sexual drought adding to her wantingness. Jessica didn't mind in the slightest however, as she complied. biting harder on her friends neck. She felt Megan's legs clamp around her waist, then felt the girl gater-roll until she found herself quickly on the bottom again. Before she could even react, Megan unhooked her bra from the front, tossed it across the room, and was already working on her jean shorts.

Jessica almost objected, but decided to just close her eyes and allow her friend to do what she wanted. Not even seconds later, her friend had already succeeded in not only taking off her shorts, but her panties as well.

Jessica had started shaving her pussy a long time ago, at least three years (at Megan's urging now, come to think of it). Both girls were thrilled she had done so now, as Megan immediately started licking the outer folds of Jessica's already drenched pussy.

Jessica, instinctively grabbed the back of Megan's head, pushing the girl closer to her mound, to which Megan smiled. "You know what you're doing, don't you, you fucking slut?" With a wink, she dove deep into her friend, flicking her tongue against her friends clit, meanwhile one of her fingers pistonning up into her awaiting pussy. Jessica's mind was now on fire, as moan after moan started to escape her body.

Careful not to let Jon hear from accross the house, but she couldn't help but to release her audible sounds. Her body was building up. She new that first times were not to last very long, but she prayed her best friend would keep this up forever. Megan's plans were not much different as she continued with her oral assault, smiling at her friends contorted face, looks of pure extacy were apparent. She entered a second finger, pushing as deep into her friends still virgin pussy, as far as it would go.

She focused most of her attention on her tongue, as it was still grazing the tip of her friends button, knowing her friend would not last much longer.


She gently bit down on the clit, immediately making Jessica scream, her legs clamping down on the sides of Megan's head.

Jessica's back was now arching up, her breaths becoming shorter and shorter in between the screams, until finally, she shook, dropping her entire body back onto the bed, spasming her legs against her friends head.

Jessica was in pure amazement as she came down from her orgasm's high. She laid their, catching her breath, for a good few minutes. Megan merely smiled as her friend recovered, rising back up to her level to kiss her. Jessica tasted herself on Megan's lips, but she really didn't mind. After that experience, she didnt think anything would be able to bring her down from the high she was experiencing right now. After a few minutes of romantic kissing, Megan decided it was time. She crawled up, her pussy now inches away from her friends face, not saying a word.

Jessica gladly complied, her tongue reaching out, tasting her friends pussy. It was a strange taste, and she wasnt very fond of it, but she had heard that with practice, one would learn to enjoy it more.

Without ceasing, she continued to tongue at Megan's outter pussy lips, if not for her own enjoyment, then to pay Megan back for what she just experienced. She only hoped she could bring Megan as much pleasure as she had just received.

Suddenly Jessica froze in her tracks, Megan with a curious look on her face, disappointed that her friend was done so quickly.

Jessica, felt a tongue licking at her pussy, and with Megan in clear view above her, that left one other option. Megan was unaware, and asked what the matter was, all of her questions being answered when Jon piped in "Yeah Jess, don't stop on my account!" All the pieces of the puzzle fell into place for Megan, and Jessica as well.


"Sorry to join in unannounced, you two girls were just SO hot!" Both of the girls assured him they were fine with it, and the licking again commenced. Jon happily and skillfully played at Jessica's pussy while Jessica herself was busy tonguing at Megan's, enjoying the pleasure she was getting and hoping Megan felt the same amount.

And Megan sure was! This was not her and Jon's plan at all, but she was definitely okay with it. She closed her eyes, enjoying the free tongue she was receiving from her virgin best friend, partially not believing the situation herself. She started to grind her hips against Jessica's face, enjoying the sensations even more now that she considered herself "in control".

"So are you going to have sex Jessica?" Megan inquired boldly. "Erm. Isn't this nice as it is? I would HATE to ruin it." Jessica said playing more innocent than she felt.

"Come on slut, you've done everything else with him, you might as well let this sexy beast be your first!" Megan said, building up her cousin's ego.

"Don't you think she should just fuck you already Jon?" "I don't think virginity is something to lose out of being pressured." Jon said calmly, only pausing a moment from flicking Jessica's clit. "See?! That is a gentleman right there!" Megan countered.

"You won't find much better guys out there." "Well." thought Jessica, even though she knew a long time ago that she had wanted this. Ever since her first experience with Jon, she had so badly wanted more. The fact that he hadn't even brought up the encounter the entire rest of the week was enough to prove he was different.

"Alright. Take me." Megan was partially shocked, and wasn't about to lose the opportunity. Still, she cautioned "Be careful with her Jon." Jon wasn't about to be rough, as he did feel very chivalrous, and knew what the first time SHOULD be like.

He had Megan climb off the girl as he placed his member on the outer lips of her pussy, grinding on the girls drenching juices. He did this for a good few minutes, which Jessica enjoyed, but pretty soon he had his dick pointed straight for her.

He inserted the tip, plopping into place, which caused winces to come out of the teen. He waited until she soothed down to press in farther, feeling her body convulse from the invading substance. Again, he paused before pressing deeper, feeling at her cherry.

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He leaned down, kissing her lips softly, as Jessica was in heaven. She whispered for him to take her, to which he pressed in forcefully, tearing her hymen, causing a gasp to escape Jessica's mouth.

Jon wasted no time retreating, and forcing himself back in again, repeating this several times. It wasn't long before less and less pain showed on Jessica's face, and more and more pleasure. He continued to kiss her, building up speed, careful not to give her too much at one time. His dick was now buried 9 full inches into her, as her body was firing off every neuron of pain and pleasure.

It wasn't long before Jessica entered another frenzy, shutting down all pain receptors, and humping him back as if she'd done it a thousand times. She started moaning like a porn star, saying things like "Fuck yes baby!", "Ooh shit!

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Harder!", and "Give it to me!!". Pretty soon, the girl invited her friend back up, to which Megan, who was aroused now more than ever in her life, jumped at the opportunity. Soon, she was being tongued at again, in between the loud moans being forced out of Jessica's mouth. Jon was now pumping into her at full speed, enjoying the turn from romantic duet to sexy threesome. As long as Jessica was enjoying herself, he figured the hotter it was, the better!

He couldn't resist but to reach up and grab Megan's ass as it hung in the air above Jessica's face. The brunette only smiled, loving the added sensation. Megan again started grinding her bald pussy against her blond friend's face, but not long after Jessica's tongue disappeared.

Megan opened her eyes and looked down, only to see her friend entering her second orgasm of the night. Jessica's eyes were rolling back in her head, as she screamed high-pitched at the top of her lungs while Megan and Jon just smiled.

Jon felt Jessica's pussy pulse around his dick, loving every minute of it, but positive that Jessica was loving it more. Quite a few moments passed when Jessica finally came to, catching her breath, and apologizing to Megan for the absence of her tongue. Megan just smiled, and said not to worry about it, that she was glad Jessica enjoyed herself. Then a thought crept into Megan's head, her arousal telling her there was no other option.

"You wouldn't mind if Jon fucked me now, would you sweety?" Jon and Jessica were both taken aback. Jon obviously wanted to at the moment, hell what guy wouldn't want to finish off in a second girl. The fact that she was his distant cousin was, of course, a stumbling block, but right at this very second, he would not have said no. Jessica was also stunned.

All week she had wondered about Megan actually wanted this, but always thought it preposterous and dismissed the thought. BUt here was the blunt inquiry of whether or not she could. Jessica thought long and hard about it in her mind.

They were cousins, and that was. wrong. But it would be so hot at the same time! And yes, she just lost her virginity to this guy, but she honestly wouldn't mind sharing him with her best friend as long as she was there.

Was that normal? Should she be offended? But she really couldn't think of any con's that outweighed the pro's. "As long as I'm still able to eat you out!" Jessica said, again, surprising everyone. Repositioning themselves, so now Megan was on all fours, the group readied for the next part of their experience.

Megan sat readily, more anxious than she had ever been in her life. Not only was she going to be fucked by the largest dick of her life, but it was also her cousin's, which added an extra dirtiness factor that made her go crazy! Jon wasted no time diving into Megan's already sopping wet cunt. She was not AS tight as Jessica, but she was pretty close, as he guessed her boyfriend hadn't been very large. Jessica crawled underneath the incestuous couple to again, start licking Megan's now penetrated pussy.

She was starting to enjoy eating the girl out, mostly due to the fact that she brought pleasure to her best friend, but the taste wasn't bad now either. Jon was already ramming his full length into Megan's pussy, making the girl scream out her profanities. He reached around, groping her tits, loving the feeling fucking his cousin gave him.

He could feel the occasional tongue on his ballsack when his thrust was in tune with Jessica's licking, which gave him an added amazing feeling. He knew he wouldn't last much longer, both from taking Jessica's cherry, as well as the once in a lifetime situation he found himself in now.

Luckily for him, Megan was also close, not only from the heavenly pounding she was recieving now, but also the warm-up she had received from the inexperienced, but eager Jessica earlier. She felt her body building up, as the tension become too much to handle. With a scream, her body shook violently, the largest orgasm of her life taking over her body. Megan's orgasm was all it took to take Jon to the point of no return. He held his orgasm in, asking Megan if she was on the pill. Snapping out of her extacy high, Megan alarmingly said "No, I'm not taking anything right now!" Jon, only mildly disappointed, figured the next best thing would be to unite these girls with a shared facial.

He boldly commanded both girls to their knees in front of him, both teens complying happily. Excited, the girls helped him by sticking their tongues out, occasionally flicking the tip of his dick while Jon jacked off the last bit. Finally done, the 9 inch cock exploded onto the girls, spurt after spurt of jizz finding it's mark. The two best friends, now painted from forehead to chin, played up Jon's fantasy even more by kissing each other, before Megan placed her mouth around Jon's still throbbing member, milking the last remnants out before swallowing what was in her mouth.

Megan then turned to Jessica, tackling the girl, pinning her at the wrists, as she started to lick up the remaining cum from her friends face. With long tongue strokes, she scooped up what was on Jessica's cheeks, moving down to her chin, before again kissing Jessica, sharing the new found wealth.

"Damn girls, you are way too amazing" Jon said with a well earned sigh. "That was easily the best day of my entire life!" "It was mine too" said Jessica with a smile. "Thank you for being so great to us Jon." "Didn't I tell you he would be amazing? I just never thought I would experience him first hand!" piped in Megan. The trio just sat there, talking about what just transpired, the girls still dripping with he occasional puddle of cum.

Some time passed before Jessica stopped the conversation in mid tracks. "Wait a minute! You assholes planned this whole thing, didn't you!" She said, playfully accusing the cousins. "Not even!" Jon said, before adding with a wink, "It was our plan to have dinner and a movie first!" "And the part of me and Jon fucking was TOTALLY not in the picture!" defended Megan.

She grinned, "Now that I think about it. neither was the part about me and you! That just kind of happened too." "Well I'm not complained, I just figured you two were scheming this whole time" concluded Jessica. With that, Jon got up, and walked to the corner of the room where a video camera rested on the window ciel, in perfect view of the bed.

Jessica laughed, rolling her eyes "Why am I not surprised. Filmography must run in the family," she playfully scolded. "Well it started out just taking pictures of you two making out to add to Megan's little portfolio. But after you two got heated up, still-photos weren't going to be enough!" The three of them laughed. "Well now!" Jessica cut in. "I believe it was planned that I was to get dinner before I became your guys' sex toy! I believe I would like to cash in on that!" she smiled.

Jon rose up, feeling quite peckish himself. "Maybe after dinner we can put a movie in and not watch it" he said with a wink. All three of them smiled, knowing that they would love nothing more than to end their week with more excitement.

Jessica's mind was amazed. She had had the best week of her life, and could not wait to experience more with her lovers.

Megan's thoughts were on what she had done. She had fucked her cousin AND her best friend. But she wasn't ashamed at all. Instead, she couldn't wait to do it again.

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Jon's mind raced as well. What other "firsts" would he allow the girls to experience until they had to leave back for Cali?

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Or maybe he would convince them to return sooner than planned, this time permanently. Either way, it had been one hell of an adventure. And with that, the three left the newly converted orgy room, ready to make another story out of the remaining days they had.