Charley Chase and busty Alia Janine fuck

Charley Chase and busty Alia Janine fuck
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This is the third part of our story. We would like to read some of the comments that you guys have. Good, bad or indifferent. Tell us what you think. Thank you again and please enjoy! I climb out of the car and Mike follows quickly behind me and says, "you know John?" "Make sure to ask him how well I know him tomorrow." I laugh and walk into the dealership. A girl near the front greets me and I ask to speak to John.

I feel Mike's eyes on me and I can see her look behind me with a weird face directed his way. I just smile at her and she picks up the phone. Before she can dial, Mike offers to walk me to his office. "Thanks, Mike." I look at him with a grin and follow his lead. I feel slight moments of recognition as I have seen glimpses of his office space and work area many times on video chat. As we approach his office, the door is open and I see him looking at his phone in irritation and I can't help but think he is irritated with me.

This is likely the longest I have ever gone without replying to his texts. I just couldn't trust myself to text him because I was so excited. He tosses his phone down hard as Mike taps on the door. John looks up and my heart is pounding and I'm shaking to see him in the flesh.

His blue eyes are piercing and the smirk he gives is just so John. I can tell he doesn't see me fully until Mike steps to the side a bit. I don't even hear a word they say I just stare dead into John's face. I swear my pussy has just gushed and clenched with such force I gasped but I continue my stare until I see the wave of recognition on his face.

Fuck that look is exactly what I have been wanting, hoping and needing since I planned this trip. I see the shock slip from his face to the biggest smile and watch him stand and move to me. I don't know what possesses me but my eyes drop to below his belt and I just know he is growing in his pants at the sight of me.

John smirks at me again and shrugs laughing and says "what else would you expect?" I smile up at him as he moves closer and say "anything less would have been disappointing." I don't realize Mike is still here until John turns and says "get the fuck out." He turns and leaves instantly. John moves in close placing his hand on my hip.

He tugs me flush to him then slides his other hand to the side of my face and then back into my hair tugging my mouth to his. Our first kiss is so intense. We are all soft lips and slow movements then fast tongues and deep urgency. I have never felt so thoroughly fucked from a kiss alone. My face is scratched by his beard and I pull my hand to tangle in the hair at the back of his neck.

I need him so badly. I want my face raw from his kisses and scruff. His hand moves from my hip to my leg and he tugs it up over his hip so his cock is pressing against me. "What the fuck is up with the jeans? You should be wearing a skirt so I can get at you." I look up at him with a pout. "It's cold here." He laughs and kisses me deeply again. His cock is pulsing at my belly and I reach down to hold him in my hand.

Through his pants I can feel how rigid his cock is. Feeling the length and girth of it is just what I imagined it to be. We moan into one another's mouths. I knew it would be this way. After all this time. All this build up. I knew it would be so fucking good.


We are practically fucking against the wall but our clothes are stopping the penetration. "John, now. Right fucking now!" He groans into my mouth and then laughs. "I have a delivery in like 5 minutes." I take a deep breath and cry a little inside as my clit has never felt so incredibly on fire.

"Fine but I'm not ready to leave. I'm staying right here." He looks at me funny until I walk over to his desk, slide his chair out and get on my knees. "Fuck, Sharon you are going to make me cum in my pants." "Don't you fucking dare, that cum is all mine." I scoot out of sight and he sits down in front of me. He looks down at me and I smile. "You are so beautiful and sexy on your knees like that." I smile and redden but put a finger to my lips to shush him.

Then I reach up to slide his zipper down. He closes his eyes tightly and I can't help but thinking he is praying for strength. I snicker inside thinking he has no hope.

I reach in and pull out his cock and then look up to him and say, "I have been dreaming of sucking your cock for so long." I was right. His cock is exactly what the pictures and videos showed. A bit longer than I thought, but very thick with an unbelievably pronounced head. I immediately think, "How am I ever going to get this in my ass?!" With that, I open my mouth wide and take him as deep as I possibly can. My full pink lips surround his cock perfectly.

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His breath catches and he hisses just as a tap sounds on the door. I hear a familiar voice introducing the customer and they sit.

I feel the presence just behind me on the other side of the desk. I hold him in my mouth not moving just yet. I forgot about the delivery that he was talking about.

I can't help but think this will be fun. I want him to acclimate a little before I proceed. After all, I don't want either of us to get caught. The customer is an older man. He sounds fairly no nonsense so I'm hoping it won't take too long.

When John begins the process I begin my most powerful skill. Amazing cock sucking. I've been told that my lips are made to suck cock, and I would have to agree. I always told him I was good at this and I have no doubt he will love my mouth on him. The truth is I'm good at this because I truly love doing it. The ridiculous puddle between my thighs only confirms it. I begin by sliding his cock from my mouth. I want to taste him more fully.

I run my tongue along his cock slowly as I reach in and cup his balls. Recently, he and I have explored the thought of me playing with his ass.

I was very surprised when he told me about his bisexual fantasies. I can hear John's voice catch but he recovers so I continue. My tongue dances along his hot flesh and I am thrilled to taste his dripping pre cum as it pools around the tip of his cock. As I look, I can't believe how hard and veiny his cock is.

It feels like it could explode in my mouth at any time. I flick my tongue inside the tip of his cock and taste more of his delicious pre cum. I continue cupping John's balls tightly and then slide my wet tongue down his shaft then engulf his cock in my mouth.

I hear him hiss and then the man asks, "you alright over there?" John thinks fast and says "yeah just a bad back." My mouth moves up and down his cock now.

Working my finger down his balls finding the soft skin just behind them. My tongue sliding and flicking as I do. I make sure my saliva is keeping him nicely lubed as my mouth pleasures him. I hold John firm with my lips and suck hard.

His thick cock throbs hot and hard in my mouth. I need to slow down or he will cum soon. I remove my mouth and replace it with my hand. I hold him tight just how he likes it and lean down to lick and suck his balls.

One thing I've learned over the years is that when John rubs his own cock for me, he always squeezes his cock very hard. I hear him hiss again but keep moving forward with whatever the hell he is doing up there. I keep up my assault on John's most delicate parts. Licking, sucking and stroking with all the pleasure I can give. I am in heaven and hell at the same time. So intoxicated by sucking him off but tortured and in need of being filled.

My pussy is screaming for it. I can feel that I have soaked through my thong panties. It even feels like my jeans are now soaked. Bent over under his desk like this has my thong pulled tight against my pussy lips. My clit is smashed against my thong creating a wetness that my clothing can't handle. I keep my focus to his perfect cock and put my mouth back over him. I suck hard and deep and intense now.

I push his cock as deep as my current position will let me and feel myself start to gag. Knowing that the old man is sitting just a few feet from me I pull back quickly but, I realize I need this.

I can't stop and won't stop until I have my prize. I squeeze his balls again. Working my hand deeper, hoping he is getting close. I close my lips tight around his cock and suck with everything I have. John winces and his cum floods in my mouth. His fist pounds on the desk and I'm a little worried but unable to focus on that as I have to swallow the large load of his gooey cum. "Man your back must be really bad there, John" the old man says. "You should see someone about that." John is silent for a second and I'm nervous as fuck.

Once I've swallowed all of him I let him fall from my mouth. I quietly catch my breath as he finishes up the deal. After I see he has softened, I reach up and put his cock back in his pants and slowly zip them up.

I sit worriedly on the floor until he is done, hoping he isn't mad at me. When the deal is done John and the man stand and I believe shake hands. He thanks John and as he moves to the door I hear him say "oh and John, I think she might be a keeper." I hear John laugh "you think?!" The tension leaves my body and I'm less worried now.

John remains standing at his desk. "Okay sexy, I think it's your turn naughty girl." I climb out from under the desk and I say "yes, please. I just can't sit any longer." I reach between my legs and can feel the wet spot. My pussy has never been this wet. I can only imagine how creamy it is. He looks me up and down and says "You look sexy as fuck.

All flushed and horny.

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My cum on your mouth." He reaches up and swipes my lip. I grab his wrist and suck his finger clean. "No more Sharon. I get to do the sucking next." He pushes me to sit on his desk and I whimper. I am so needy and buzzing and losing my mind with need. John pulls my top up and admires the bra that he loves so much but quickly pulls the cups down and gets his mouth on me. Before his lips make contact, I see how hard my nipples are.

I can't believe it. They look longer than normal and have become so hard that they look like rocks sat on top of my tits. I have never been particularly satisfied from having my nipples sucked but right now I'm losing my mind.

It sends electric shock to my pussy, ass, toes and lips. I feel my pussy flood and my asshole clench from his sucking. I clamp my hand to the back of his head holding his lips to my nipple that seems to be getting harder.

He sits back down in his chair and pulls me to his lap sucking, biting and nibbling first one of my tits then the other. I know he can feel how hot and wet my pussy is.

I'm starting to fear leaving a wet spot on his dress pants. John keeps up the assault on my tits and I know I am moaning and whimpering. His hands make their way to my back and then down to grip my ass. He squeezes my ass tight and then slides one hand down the back of my jeans. He slows his sucking when he realizes how wet I am. He can feel the dampness on my thong and jeans.

He groans and pushes me off of him. "Turn around." I do as I'm told and made to put my hands up as if I am under arrest. "Put your hands on my desk and bend over." Again I comply quickly. John reaches around and unzips my pants. He pushes his hand inside and feels how dripping wet my pussy is. His head rests on my shoulder for second.

"You are soaked." "Yes, baby." He slides his hand out and pushes my pants down to my ankles in one move. He steps back admire my ass, round and thick. It's wide and soft. Perfect for a good ass fucking. My knees nearly buckle when I feel his breath on my ass just as he leans into kiss my ass cheek. He keeps kissing all over my ass until I am breathless.

I find myself leaning over more as he kisses down my cheeks and over the crack of my ass. His hands squeeze and knead my ass as he kisses and sucks every inch of my butt. As I'm bent, I open my legs slightly and hear him hiss.

"What the fuck you naughty girl." I laugh and clench as I realize he has discovered surprise number one. Between my ass cheeks he sees a perfect sparkling jewel. Yes, the princess plug we have talked about. He gently applies pressure to the plug wiggling it and I whimper. "John, please." "Enough of this I need to taste that pussy and fuck it now. Bathroom is around the corner. Go and I will be right there." I pull up my pants quickly and leave his office.

I am not surprised when I run into Mike as I could see him watching the last few minutes of my time with John. I smile as our eyes make contact.

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I shift my eyes down past his shirt and tie to his pants. The old saying that black guys have giant cocks is confirmed by the bulge in this kids pants. He looks at me and points to the restroom.

I wink and on the way by I slide my hand over his crotch giving him a long hard squeeze. He sighs and as I pass I say, "Maybe you can have a turn soon!" A moment later I am at the Men's bathroom.

When I'm inside I quickly remove every stitch of clothing and sit on the counter legs up and open. Looking down at the lock on the door I realize I didn't push it in.

I start to think anyone could walk in here and I'd let them fuck me. I'm so fucking horny I decide to leave it unlocked. A short minute passes and John comes through the door with a look of utter lust on his face to find me in this state.

"That's my girl." I smile and nod and he kisses me on the mouth before going to his knees. I feel his breath and cold air as he holds my pussy lips wide open.

I can tell he is admiring my swollen pussy.


As I sneak a look I can see that my pussy lips are very swollen and you can see my pussy has a thick creamy juice flowing out at the bottom of my folds. I also can't believe how big my clit has become looking more like a small dick than my own clit. John pushes his mouth flush to my pussy and I feel relieved he didn't waste time teasing me with his tongue. I am so beyond that. I lean back and let him eat my pussy like it's his last meal. His sucking is delicate and firm at the same time.

His tongue is exploring each part of my pussy. John kisses and licks in all the right places. We watch each other intently until I can't keep my eyes open. His mouth clamps down on my clit as he push his fingers against my plug. He moves his mouth to push his tongue deep inside my pussy. I am so excited to know he loves my taste.

I can hear it in the way he's licking me. John fucks me with his tongue for several minutes and then his tongue makes it's way down to my ass licking along the plug. I moan a bit and he shushes me softly with a smile. He circles his tongue around the plug and then moves back to my pussy.

He starts licking and sucking my clit hard as he slams two fingers inside my pussy. "Fuck yes!" I say too loudly but he pounds inside me and sucks away. It is all too much. I can feel myself squirt on his fingers as I cum against his face. "Oh god baby.

Don't stop" I hold his mouth to me as I buck and shake and cum so hard. Before I come down from my high he has his pants down and is pulling his now rock hard cock out from his them. Before I have time to put two and two together he pushes his full length of cock in my pussy until his balls slap hard against the princess plug in my ass.

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The sensation of being filled after so long is so intense. I hold his mouth to me and we sloppily kiss as he fucks my pussy. I feel how soaked I am against the base of his cock. My juices are covering us. I can't describe how amazing the plug feels when he is fucking me. The pressure and fullness is so good. I want him to fuck me this way every time. In, out, in, out. John pulls all the way back until just his thick cock head is resting at the opening of my pussy and then he slams his full cock back in.

I can't take it and lose my breath. He does this several times before his assault on my pussy quickens. He grabs my nipples hard as we fuck and then I don't know why but I say "I showed Mike my tits." He laughs and says "what?!" "You heard me. I think he liked them.

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I also grabbed his cock on the way to the bathroom." You laugh again." "He has a really big thick cock from what I could feel." As I tell John this I can feel the lust in him picking up. I don't think John sees that I'm picking up on this so I decide to press the issue a bit further. "Can you imagine how hot it would be to have a big thick cock here for us to play with?" John's grunts tell me everything. His pounding is intense. I fuck into him as he pounds away. I am in so much pleasure I feel a constant gushing and clenching inside.

I reach down and rub my clit. The pressure in my ass and pounding in my pussy combined with rubbing clit is so good that I begin to cum again.

"John, yes!" He puts his hand over my mouth and jackhammers into me as I cum and clench and soak his cock. I am sure my pussy is squeezing the life out of him because he cums soon after, pouring his cum deep into me. I am boneless and limp on the counter. John slides out of me and I put my hand to my pussy to feel his cum drip from me.

I know he needs to finish up at work so I pull my clothes on. His cum sliding out of me. He puts himself back together and finally asks. "How long are you here?" "All week baby." His smile is wicked and I love it. I grab my purse off the hook and pull out my extra room key. "Hilton Room 7247. But you can only come if you do something for me." I slide my hand into my bag and pull out my second surprise.

"You have to be wearing this." I hold out my hand for him to see the small, black butt plug. I twist the end and the buzz sounds. He looks into my eyes and says. "Anything you want." I smile and kiss him deeply. "See you soon."