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PART 1 CHAPTER 9 "This is good!" Reggie exclaimed as we rode our bikes side by side, heading back to my house. "You can tell Cindy, and it will solve everything!" I sighed.

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"It won't." "Why not?" "Becky is. I don't want to say 'powerful,' but she has a lot of influence. and a lot of friends who have a lot of influence. Even if Cindy knows that I didn't spread the rumor, the damage is still done. and it's still my fault," I confessed. "How is any of this your fault?" asked Reggie.

"Back when I was camping with my family, I told my friend Paul about what happened. Becky was walking in front of us. I thought I was being quiet enough, but she must have overheard.

if hadn't gone bragging to Paul this wouldn't have happened," I explained. "Oh. that's kind of stupid. It's still not your fault," Reggie said confidently. "Maybe not directly, but it could have been avoided. Look, even if Cindy believes me. it won't do any good for her reputation. I need to take responsibility for it. tell people I lied to look cool. People will believe I'm a dweeb before they'll believe Becky spread the rumor," I thought out-loud.

"Becky is like, the number one person who'd spread a rumor," Reggie reasoned. I shook my head. "She spreads gossip, and usually it's true, and how trustworthy she is doesn't really matter.

Becky says jump, half our grade says: how high? And people in other grades don't know her well enough to care if it's true or not. It's a juicy rumor." "This is so fucked up," sighed Reggie. "You gotta do what you gotta do," I said. "But how are you going to convince everyone at school you were 'lying?' Do you have a plan?" asked Reggie. "I do. and I'm gonna need your help." Monday came around, and as I entered the school in the morning, a sense of dread welled up within me.

Even if everything went according to plan, Cindy might still hate me. I found Reggie at the cafeteria, and we headed for the main office. "She's here today, right?" I asked. "Yes, she is. I spoke with her a few minutes ago," Reggie confirmed.

As we neared the office, Reggie stopped me. "You sure you want to do this Zach? I mean. you're putting a lot of heat on yourself. it could follow you through senior year," he warned me. "You'll know I didn't do it, and so will Paul and anyone else who actually knows me," I said with a weak smile.

"You might even get detention for this." "Then so be it," I sighed. "But our first class starts in five minutes so we gotta get moving." Reggie nodded, and he and I entered the office through the glass door.

In the morning, there was only one lady who stayed in there. The rest were around the school trying to maintain order in the packed hallways until first period. "Mrs. K!" exclaimed Reggie. "A kid's getting bullied!

Two seniors are pushing around a freshie!" "Oh Jesus Reggie. if you're so concerned, can't you stand up for him?" she muttered as her fingers clacked away at the computer in front of her. "But Mrs. K. isn't there a zero tolerance policy?" Reggie asked innocently. She looked at him from over the rim of her glasses, and then sighed. "There is. and I hate it." She stood from her seat and motioned for Reggie to lead the way.

Once they were out, I closed and locked the door to the office and walked over to the mic for the PA. I took a deep breath in, and exhaled. ". Fuck my fucking life," I breathed. Then I hit the button. The speakers all across the school squealed for a moment, and then I spoke. "Attention everybody. I am Zachary Vornahan.

Apparently, many of you have heard a rumor, that I and Candy Paris, participated in certain lewd interactions behind the school a few weeks ago. I just hopped on the PA here to shed some light on the rumors. You see, nothing actually happened, and nor would it ever.

Miss Cindy has much more respect for herself than that. I on the other hand. decided to be an asshole and lie, because I thought it would make me look cool. I now see the error of my ways, and would like to apologize for being a douchey looser. So Cindy, and everyone, I'm sorry I lied and spread that B.S. . that is all." I released the PA button and turned towards the door to leave. Mrs. K was standing on the other side of the glass door with her hands on her hips.

I shrugged and smiled weakly, and then moved to the door and opened it. "Uhm. hi," I said as I stepped back and held the door for her.

She walked passed me and sat back down at her desk. She typed at her computer for a few moments before regarding me. "Kid, You've got about twenty seconds before the principal gets here.

If you're gone before that, he may forget to give you detention later," she told me.

". Uh, sure. Thanks Mrs. K," I said, confusion showing through my voice, but I heeded her words and left. Reggie was waiting in the hall for me and together we walked quickly down the corridor and around the corner. "We still have two minutes. You should go and find Cindy. She should know that you didn't really spread the rumor," Reggie suggested. I shook my head. "No. Cindy's too nice to let me take the blame. The second I tell her she's going to plaster it everywhere that it was Becky.

Then Becky is going to discredit her, and that will discredit me, and then the whole thing is pointless," I explained. "And you better not tell either." "Jeese Zach. you really have this all figured out. I know this must be tough for you. I swear to God if Cindy picks Jamie over you I'm gonna have to slap a ho," said Reggie. I shook my head and grinned.

We rounded the next corner, and I found myself face to face with Becky. We both stopped and regarded each other for a moment. "Hey cousin," Becky cooed. ". that was pretty brave of you to call over the PA like that." I just gave her a blank look that said I wasn't buying her shit.

". That was a compliment," she informed me. "You're a crafty cunt Becky, I hope you know that," I muttered. "Excuse me?" she gasped, shocked. "That was compliment," I told her. "Now get the fuck out of my way." I shouldered passed her and continued. Once we were a little ways away, Reggie spoke. "Wow. she is pure evil," Reggie said with something like awe in his voice. "I think that's a little far Reg," I commented.

"No, not at all. I mean, she complimented you on taking the blame for something she knows she did! And she acts like you don't know it was her!" "Oh she knows. and it was a compliment. I did the unexpected. I squashed the rumor. I won," I said. "I don't think belief in the rumor was her goal." Reggie said. He was right. I hadn't won yet. Not really. Not until Cindy forgave me and we started hanging out again.

As we moved through the hallways, I hoped that I'd run into her, but alas, I reached my classroom and bid Reggie farewell, and with only half a minute to spare before the bell rang. As I entered the class, I felt all eyes on me.

I realized this was going to be pivotal moment in my high school career. What I'd just done had the potential to derail any social status I had. I had to get tough, and I knew it.

I glanced around the room and saw that the teacher wasn't in class yet. ". The fuck are you assholes looking at?" Everyone continued staring at me for a moment, but then everyone's eyes shifted to look at the door behind me. My heart sank a little as I realized I had probably just cussed in front of the teacher.

Slowly I turned around, but it wasn't the teacher behind me.

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It was Cindy. "Oh," I said. "Uh. hi." "What the Hell was that?" she asked, pointing at the ceiling. "The message over the PA?" I asked. ". No. I just saw a tiger roaming the halls of the school and I came here to ask you about it. YES THE FUCKING PA!" she almost roared.

I glanced back at the class for a second. Then I sighed. "It was the truth. I couldn't stand listening to people talking shit about you. to your face and behind your back, especially shit that wasn't true. Cindy, your friendship means a lot to me, and I fucked it up because I'm a dumb shit.

Setting the record straight was the most I could do for you. I'm taking the heat because you're not the one who should have to deal with it. I deserve the label, not you," I told her. Cindy stared at me for a while. I watched her face go through a good handful of emotions, before she just closed her eyes and grit her teeth. "I didn't think you were going to do it." she finally said. "Do what?" I asked. "Make me want to forgive you." I just shrugged.

"I did what I thought was right." "I know," sighed Cindy. "And it was a Hell of a lot more than just about any other guy would do." "Please.

don't give me too much credit. I caused the problem in the first place." Every time I verbally took blame for the rumor, it felt like I was driving a steak into my heart. Christ, this was hard. Cindy was silent for a while. ". I missed you," she finally said. "I missed you, too, and I'm sorry," I told her. Cindy nodded. "Okay then. I've got to get to class," and she turned and left the room. "Oh, hey," I called and I stepped out of the room after her.

"Cindy!" "Yes?" she asked as she turned around. "Uh. I'd like to hang out. if you're comfortable with that. uhm. what are you doing tonight?" I asked, my heart beating quickly in anticipation. This was the moment of truth. "Yeah, yeah I'd like that. but not tonight. I have a date with Jamie." Those awful words. A part of me died on the inside. "Oh. Jamie? You know my cousin?" I asked, feigning surprise. "Jamie's your cousin?" she replied. "Huh. I guess we'll be seeing more of each other whether we like it or not.

but I would like it. I'm having another pool party this friday. You should come." "Yeah. yeah sure. I'll be there," I agreed. Then Cindy smiled. and it was wonderful. "Okay," she said, excitement pushing through her voice. I'll see you later Zach." Cindy turned and walked down the hallway. I watched her perfect ass swing side to side until she rounded the corner.

Then I turned and walked back into the classroom. I didn't bother regarding the class. I didn't think Cindy and I had been close enough for them to hear, but it didn't really matter to me. Not until the girl who sat next to me spoke. "Hey," she said quietly, but loud enough for the others to hear. "That was really brave of you, to apologize like that. respect," she said with a nod. It wasn't much, but it was enough to dull the pain a little. I glance around the room and got some nods of approval from the other kids.

"Still a dweeb, though," some kid at the back of the room called out. "Hey," I said turning in my chair. "Come say that to my face. I'll knock your teeth out." An "Ooooooo," went up from the rest of the classroom, but then the teacher entered and interjected. "No teeth will be knocked out in my class. Not today at least. Sorry I'm late kids," he said. And so my day went on. PART 1 CHAPTER 10 "Well, it's something," Reggie said as I twirled my fork in the sub-par spaghetti the school had served for lunch.

I knew he was looking for me to reply, but I didn't have the heart. "Zach come on. say something." "Poop," I sighed. "Well. that was indeed something," Reggie said with shake of his head. "Look, Cindy forgave you and she wants to be friends. The school doesn't hate you, and you've even dodged detention as of yet.

It's not a half bad deal. Plus Jamie is a ditz. It won't be that hard to win her back over. and I'll be doing my job as Cindy's 'Fabulous Protector' with renewed vigor." I couldn't help but snicker at Reggie's self proclaimed title. "Okay, I can agree that it could have been a lot worse, but that doesn't mean I have to be happy about it." At this point, Paul came bursting into the cafeteria.

I watched him look around the room until he found me, and then he bolted over. "You crazy son-of-a-bitch," he opened with. "Why the Hell would you do that!? I know you're not the one who spread the rumor." "It was the best course of action I could have taken," I assured him. "Bullshit," he said confidently. I then proceeded to explain the whole thing to him. ". That's so stupid." "But it's reality," I said. "I know. but it's so stupid. Fuck, man." he sighed.

"Well, luckily the talk around school is that you've got some balls for doing what you did. so. at least that's going for you." "I know it sucks man. I'm dealing with it," I told him.

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For the next couple of minutes I filled in Paul on my interactions with Melissa Becky and Cindy, and Paul was quick to label Becky as "evil" just as Reggie had. "So what are you going to do about Cindy? We can't let her stay with Jamie, of all freaking people," Paul said with a hint of disgust entering his voice. "She's her own person. I'll make myself as available as I can, but it's her choice to make.

Plus she's a pretty strong girl. She won't let him push her around," I said. "I hope not," muttered Paul. There was silence for a while. ". So. I mean, have you thought about Melissa?" Paul asked.

". What do you mean 'have I thought of her'?" I said back. I knew where he was going. "I mean. you guys kind of had a pretty intense moment in the locker room. she's hot as fuck. clearly respects you." "No. No way," I shook my head. "Wait. yeah, why not?" asked Reggie. "You too? I like Cindy!" I exclaimed. "Yeah. but." and Paul shrugged. I thought for a few moments. "I don't know. Not for a while at least. As far as I know Jamie could make an ass of himself at their date tonight and that'll be that," I mused.

"Even if he doesn't, I'm not going to just jump in with another girl. That wouldn't be fair to whoever it would be." "Alright," agreed Paul. "I just don't want you to sit and wait around forever." "Bro. it hasn't even been a day.

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Chill," I laughed. It ended up being more than a day. Quite a bit more than a day. Even a month later, no matter how close I got to Cindy as a friend, her interest in Jamie never wavered. And Jamie. that asshole was really playing the 'slow and steady' card.

He barely made any progress with her, let her take the first steps. He was being a real gentleman. A part of me wanted to believe he had turned over a new leaf when it came to girls.

in which case as long as Cindy was happy, I was okay. but I knew him better than that. It was now mid november, and honestly, the only hope I still had was the fact that Cindy and Jamie hadn't even kissed yet. As the weather got colder, Cindy's occasional pool parties became indoor parties, and with Jamie as her new boyfriend, the parties were more populated than ever.

Cindy had given Jamie the okay to bring some of his friends, so now the group was about 75% chill people and 25% douchey people. It was at one of these parties that I finally snapped. Almost everyone was inside, playing a game of twister in the living room. I had only played it a few times back at camp with my cousins.

and I honestly didn't care for it, but here at a party with a bunch of girls. including Cindy. the game actually kind of rocked. It was our third round of it, and I had ended up sandwiched between Cindy ad Reggie. Paul was already out and had taken over spinning the pointer. "Left foot, red!" he called out. Everyone on the board groaned, and then tried to move. Cindy truly had no chance of making the move, and in her doomed attempt at completing it, she fell forwards into me.

As her body collided with mine, I fell backwards and took Reggie down with me. Reggie ended up in his back, with me on top of him and Cindy on top of me. I prayed that in the fray she wouldn't notice my rock hard boner pressing into her leg. Cindy giggled, delighted with herself at causing such a collapse, and I couldn't help but laugh as well. "Now this is a threesome I wouldn't mind being a part of," Reggie commented. I cringed a little on the inside. Reggie often made comments like that here and there.

"Ew! Reggie!" cried Cindy through her smile. "Bro! How many times do I have to tell you? Don't make it weird!" I recited through my laugh. "Soweyyyy," he said in a childish voice.

The three of us stood and let the people who hadn't fallen continue. "Alright, I'm going to go grab a soda. Paul, Cindy, Reggie?" I offered. "I'll take a Cola," Paul replied.

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Cindy and Reggie both declined. I made my way back to the porch were the soda cooler had been placed to keep it cool. As I passed through the door, I noticed two people chatting over on one end of the porch. I didn't look to se who it was, but after hearing their voices, I knew it was Jamie and one of his friends.

"So. have you guys done the big boom-boom," asked Jamie's friend. I will refer to him as: Douche-1. "Nope, not yet I'm afraid," replied Jamie. "Seriously? You guys haven't fucked?" exclaimed Douche-1.

"Hey, don't rub it in man. I'll close. Don't worry," he defended himself. I grit my teeth as I opened the cooler. No one should talk about their girlfriend like that. "James, it's been a whole damn month. You'd have hooked up with at least three other girls by now.

Why are you waisting time with this bitch?" "Cool it man, have you fucking looked at her? She puts a freaking dime to shame. Waiting it out for her is worth it. plus it's just, like, a challenge. The average slut is easy. this one I'm gonna have to work for, and to be honest, I'm enjoying it," Jamie explained. "Whoa man, don't tell me you're getting attached." Douche-1 said. "Fuck no! Cindy's not really my type," he told Douche-1. By now I had almost shattered my teeth I was gritting them so hard, and I just couldn't hold my tongue.

"Then why the fuck are you with her?" I asked as I stood from the cooler. "Hm?" hummed Jamie as he turned to regard me. "I said. why the fuck are you with her.

There's plenty of nice sluts for you to take advantage of," I told him. Jamie seemed to be thinking hard for a moment. "Oh. I see," he started. "Becky told me that someone else had their eye on Cindy.

You know, with how close you two are I guess I shouldn't be surprised." "You didn't answer my question," I said sternly. Jamie thought hard for a moment, and then just shrugged. He had the dumbest expression on his face and it made me wanna break his nose. "Look Jamie. Cindy is a really good person. She's smart, funny, kind, strong. she's fun to be around, and she doesn't judge people. She's the kind of person that can make another person happy. she deserves better than whatever the Hell you are," I spat.

He nodded contemplatively. "You know. I was going to wait like, another month or so and then move on if I couldn't close. but you've convinced me. Maybe I should stick around. Who knows. maybe I will fall in love," he said, with a sarcastically hopeful voice.

"Yeah, until you bang her, right?" I mused. Jamie just shrugged again. "For whatever reason, she cares about you Jamie, she's a good person. If you do this to her it could break her," I warned. "Well cousin, I'm sure you'll be there to pick up the pieces. And for real Zachy, don't be so salty. Leftovers aren't so bad," he said with that douchey smirk. And then he winked at me. The next thing I knew, Jamie was on the deck with blood pouring from his nose. I didn't even realize I had struck him until the knuckles on my right hand started to sting a bit from the impact.

Jamie groaned for a second as he brought his hands to his face. Then he looked over at Douche-1. ". Well don't just stand there, punch his face in!" cried Jamie. Douche-1 hesitated for a moment, and then advanced. I stepped back into a fighting stance and prepared to defend myself, but then the door swung open and Cindy ran out, followed by Reggie, Paul and some of the others.

"Jamie!" she cried as she kneeled down next to him. "I'm okay babe," he mumbled. "What the fuck Zach!" she cried as she looked up at me. "I. he." I started. I took a breath. "He was talking shit about you. pretty nasty shit, Cindy. You shouldn't be with this scumbag," I told her. "So you hit him!?" she yelled. "Yeah I hit him! I was defending you!" I reasoned. "I was inside! I was fine! No one was attacking me! No one was hurting me! I didn't need defending!" "You didn't hear the filth that was coming out of his mouth," I explained.

"I don't need to, and I don't care. Jamie puts up a front for his douchey friends, but he's a really sweet guy. I'm sorry you don't see the side of him that I do, but that doesn't give you the right to hit him," she said, practically scolding me. "He's just going to use you, Cindy. You deserve better then him," I told her.

"Excuse me? I will decide what I do and don't deserve, that. that is not your place Zach! . And who do I deserve then? You?" she asked. I didn't say anything, I just maintained eye contact with her and didn't change the stern frustrated look I had on my face.

She continued. "For your information, Zach, Jamie is kind to me. He doesn't hurt me, he doesn't push me, he doesn't pressure me, and he sure as Hell doesn't spread rumors about things we haven't done!" Well. that one hit home. I wanted so badly to tell her the truth, that I wasn't the one who spread the rumor.

That it was her boyfriend's twin cunt. but through some miracle, I held my tongue. I turned and walked back into the house, through it, went out the front door and picked up my bike from where it lay on the side of her driveway. I hopped on it and began the journey home. but with all the pent up energy and frustration I had, I pedaled so hard that it popped the chain off the gears. It took everything in my entire soul to not let out an ear splitting roar at that point.

I came to a stop at the end of the driveway and forced myself to slowly and carefully step off the bike, and put the kickstand down.

I squatted next to my bike and went to work on fixing it. "ZACK!" I heard Cindy yell. I pressed my eyes shut and wished to die for a second, then opened them and looked to see Cindy stalking towards me. I stood and faced her as she reached me. "What," I spat, not even really a question.

"What the fuck is your deal?" she asked. "Where are you going?" "I'm going home, Cindy, because my deal. my deal is I like you. I really like you.

A lot. And I can't stand to see you with that fucking waste of space that I'm disgusted to say is my cousin. I want to care about you, and appreciate you in a way that scumbag never will. So I'm going home, because if I don't, and I walk back into that party, and I see Jamie's douchey face, I'm gonna punch him again, and if I didn't break his nose already, I'll make sure I do." "Stop.

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please stop. You're going freaking crazy on me," Cindy sighed. "I know. It's because I'm crazy about you." Cindy looked down, trying to hold back a snicker, but she failed. ". You cheesy bastard. Look, I've only known you for two months and I feel closer to you than I do to even some of my girlfriends.


I really want to be friends, and I want to stay friends. That's the only place in my life that I can offer you right now. Can you please tolerate Jamie? For me?" I looked down and furrowed my brow. I thought real hard. and I recalled a thought I'd had back when I first met Cindy: 'She's just a cool person to be around, so even if we weren't holding hands and making out between classes, I still enjoyed every moment I spent with her as a friend.' I sighed and looked back up to her.

She had an apprehensive, but hopeful look on her face. "Friends?" she asked. I sighed deeply, and then nodded. "Friends. I'm still going home though. I need to cool down." "Okay," she agreed.

".I'm sorry." "What are you apologizing for?" I wondered. "I. I don't know. Goodnight, Zach," she offered. I just nodded to her, then stooped back over to fix my bike. Only the sound of her shoes on the pavement told me she was returning to the house. I'm not going to lie or pretend I'm not a sappy shit. I cried on the way home. Not quite like a baby, but enough that I almost crashed into a mailbox because my vision was blurred. When I got home I went straight up to my room.

Thankfully, my parents were engrossed in a movie and barely noticed my arrival. In my room I just flopped on my bed and exhaled deeply. I was so mad. So frustrated. I had no outlet. I stared at the ceiling for a while. Then it came to me. I sat up and walked over to my desk and opened the top drawer. I moved a book and picked up a small scrap of paper. Sunny had slipped this paper into my pocket the day she had made me feel her tits, and on it was her number. I pulled out my phone, but hesitated.

My heart was starting to hammer in my chest. 'Is this really what I want?' I asked myself. Another second went by. I dialed the number, and put the phone to my ear. It rang twice and then Sunny answered. "Hello? Who's this?" "It's Zach," I answered. "Oh, Hi! What's up?" "Not much. What are you up to?" I asked. "Nothing. Just chilling at home," she told me. My heart was thumping so hard I thought she might hear it over the phone. "Uhm. are your parents home?" There was silence for a few seconds.

"Actually they're not. They're out of town for the week. Why do you ask?" she questioned, pure curiosity in her voice. "Well. uh. I think I'm going to take you up on your offer," I said.

". I'll be waiting Zach," her voice cooed with anticipation, and then the phone clicked. I held the phone to my ear for another few seconds as my dick hardened right up. I shoved my phone in my pocket and left my room. I passed the bathroom heading for the stairs and then stopped and shot into the bathroom. I brushed my teeth quick, checked my hair in the mirror and then stole a spray or two of my father's cologne. Now satisfied, I ran back down the stairs. I made up some B.S.

for my parents that I had forgot something and was returning to Cindy's party, and then pedaled off towards Sunny's house.

I knew the way because I had been there a few times with Greg, and it wasn't too far. About ten minutes later, I was knocking Sunny's door. (I could have made it in five but I didn't want to be all sweaty.) I waited for a minute, and then heard footsteps in the house. The door creaked open, revealing Sunny. She was wearing a lavender nightgown that was basically just a strapless bra with a lacy see-through veil attached to the bottom of it.

The veil hung down to her thighs, but I could see her lacy panties easily through the fabric. "Hi Zach," she greeted me. "Hi. uh. wow, you look. amazingly sexy," I managed to stumble through saying. "I'm glad you like it. You coming inside?" she asked. My mind was mush. "I. uh. I mean. I guess I'll cum wherever you want me to," I replied. Sunny brought one hand to her mouth and laughed.

She was so adorable, but I wasn't sure why she was laughing. ". I mean are you going to stand out there all night or are you going to come inside?" and she continued laughing. "Oh. right. Yeah," I said, and I stepped into her house. I kicked off my shoes on the mat and Sunny closed the door behind me. Then she locked it and turned to face me. "Follow me," she cooed, and as she walked passed me, the lace from her gown brushed my arm sending a tingling sensation through my body.

I turned and followed her up to her room. As we stepped into her bedroom, she spoke. "You're a virgin, right?" she asked. "Uh. Yeah," I admitted. "Good. virgins are always the most fun," she said with a devilish grin. God she was crazy. I stepped up to the foot of her bed and she closed the door behind me.

"So uh. I mean. I don't wanna be awkward, but how do we. you know. st-" I got cut off as I felt the tickle of her breath on the back of my neck, followed by the soft wetness of her tongue and lips. ".start." I finished. As Sunny kissed the back of my neck, I felt her fingers slip under the seam of my shirt and she started lifting it. She parted her mouth from my neck so she could pull my shirt all the way off, and then I felt her hands exploring my back.

She felt along my deltoids, and my traps, and slid her fingers down my spine, branching out to massage my lats as she descended. She blazed a trail down my back until her fingers met my waistband, at which point she followed my waistband around until she hit the button of my jeans.

She undid the button and slid my pants down. The only help she seemed to want in undressing me was for me to lift my feet one at a time so she could remove my pants completely. As she stood back up to take my boxers, she dragged her fingers up my legs, sending a shiver down my spine.

In the same fashion she had used to take down my jeans, she removed my boxers. Normally I think my heart would have been racing like a jackhammer. it was still beating intensely, but something about Sunny's touch. the way she touched me, was calming. She tossed my boxers to the side and stood back up. "Turn around," she whispered, and I obliged. I turned around to face her, revealing my front to her. To my surprise, her eyes did not drop immediately to my cock.

Instead, she looked me right in the eye, and then her eyes moved down to my jaw line. Then she put her hands on my chest, and explored my front the same way she had explored my back, slowly, meticulously, and ever descending.

When she reached my abs, (I had a barely formed six pack, and I was still working on it, but regardless I felt it was something to proud of) she spoke. "Zach. your quite a bit more toned than I expected. I'm impressed." Now she was on her knees, and she continued her descent until her hands raked through the bit of hair I had down there, and then the fingers of one hand traveled up my shaft while the others dipped to cup my balls. ". And you're even bigger than your brother," she told me, a sense of awe in her voice.

'Fuck, that's right. she's my brother's ex,' I remembered. For second I began to feel weird, but then the ninety nine percent of my brain that was having the time of it's life told the other one percent to shut the fuck up, and I practically forgot she and my brother even dated. To Sunny's comment, I just grinned and shrugged.

Then she kissed the tip of my dick, and electricity zapped through my body. She saw me twitch slightly, and grinned widely. "Did you like that?" she asked. I breathed out deeply and nodded. Then Sunny released my cock, stood, and gestured for me to lay on the bed.

It wasn't a huge bed, but there was plenty of room for both of us. I laid down and she climbed onto the foot of the bed. "I'm going to suck your dick now Zach. does that sound good?" she asked seductively. I swallowed and nodded. She grinned and gripped my cock with one hand while she moved her face close. I watched intently as she stuck her tongue out, and then pressed it to the base of my dick.

My mouth opened slightly as a wet tingly sensation came over me. Then, slowly, she dragged her tongue up the length of my shaft, inch by inch, and as she went I felt the hair on my arms stand on end. It felt incredible. When she reached the top, she moved her tongue in circles around the flesh on the underside of my head. It was wicked sensitive, and my body involuntarily jumped a little.

"Ah ahh," she breathed. "Stay still." She returned her tongue to the underside of my head, and drove me wild, but I did my best to remain motionless. After a few more circulations, she moved back to the base of my dick and licked up the entire length again, except this time, when she crested my prick, she leaned her head forwards and took my head in her mouth.

As her tongue swirled around my head, I felt the suctioned pressure as she sucked me, and it felt wondrous. "Holy fuck," I groaned. "This feels so good." Sunny started bobbing her head up and down, sucking almost the whole length of my cock, and her tongue never rested as she went.

As my dick became wetter and more slippery with her saliva, she started working the the base of my shaft with her hand as well. I couldn't imagine anything feeling better then that. but of course.


I hadn't experienced anything else yet. Almost instinctively, I put my hands on her head and lightly gripped some of her hair. Sunny pulled her mouth off my cock and took a few deep breaths before speaking. "Hands off, handsome," she cooed. "Okay," I said with raised eyebrows, and I let her hair go.

Immediately she slammed her mouth down on my cock, deep throating me all the way. "Uuhhhoohhhh," I breathed in pleasure from the sensation. That's when I felt it build. I was going to cum soon. "I think I'm gonna-" I lost my voice as Sunny, anticipating what I was going to say, began working her mouth up and down my shaft like the fucking accelerated drop tower ride at a theme park.

Again, as her mouth descended and retreated up and down the my shaft, one of her hands worked the base. Her second hand joined in, finally, cupping and playing with my balls. About five seconds of that was enough to push me over the edge. "I'm cumming," I grunted as I felt my dick twitch and flex as it pumped my load into her mouth. She had stopped moving her lips up and down, but her hand still worked and squeezed the base of my shaft until she had extracted every last drop.

Then she pulled her mouth off my dick, sat up, and swallowed. I watched her throat muscles flex as she pulled my hot seed down her throat. "F. fuck," I stammered. "That was amazing," I breathed. Sunny grinned. "Think you got some more in you?" she asked.

I looked down at myself. My dick was still hard as a rock. I looked back up to her and nodded. She giggled. "You virgins always do." As she spoke, she crossed her arms and gripped her nightgown, then pulled it off over her head, revealing those beautiful perky Bs. Then she stood on the bed and began working her panties down. Once she had tossed them to the side, she looked down at me, and caught me staring intently at her tight, moist slit.

". You've never seen a pussy up close before have you?" I shook my head. "Here, take it all in." she kneeled down over my face, her pussy just above me.

I stared up at her, eye-fucking the shit out of every fold and nook. The smell of her cunt filled my nose, and within me rose a carnal burning. It looked so soft, so tender, so inviting, and I knew my dick would soon be buried inside that wonderful opening. I felt my mouth water, I and raised my head up with the intention of tongue fucking her.

But as I did, she raised herself away from me. "None of that today, Zachary," she informed me. "Don't you want me to return the favor?" I asked. "No. This is your first time. Today is about you. Next time you can explore my pussy with your tongue if you like." "Next time?" I asked.

". Do you want there to be a next time?" she replied. I nodded. She grinned widely. Then she crawled backwards until she was sitting on my crotch, with my dick pressed between her butt cheeks. She raised herself off of me and took hold of my cock and placed it at her opening. "Are you ready?" she asked. Another nod was all I could muster; my anticipation was too great.

Sunny eased down onto my cock, and slowly, centimeter by centimeter, my penis disappeared into her soft moist pussy. I felt her warm walls surround me as I penetrated deeper and deeper. Something. not like the electricity of earlier, moved through my body. Unlike the spark I had received when her tongue and touched my prick, this sensation was slow and warm, moving like molasses through me as my cock pushed further up into her. As her hips came to rest against mine, Sunny and I let out a deep satisfied sigh together.

I felt like I was on a cloud. Sunny leaned forwards and kissed my neck and chest, and I felt her vagina tighten and flex around my shaft. "Do you feel that?" she whispered. "Yeah," I breathed back. "I feel that." Then Sunny leaned back up and and lifted herself, pulling her tight slit up my shaft, almost to the tip, and then sliding it back down again.

The feeling was indescribable. As she continued, she increased her pace, and she began to moan audibly. "Mmmmmm, mmmmm," she hummed as she consumed my dick with her tight insides, over and over again. "Mmmmmm, mmmmmm, mmmm, mmm, mmm, mmm, mm, ah," she breathed as her mouth began to open.

As she quickened her pace even more, the sound of our skin colliding began to pop and snap. "Ah, ah, ah, ahm, mm, ah, Ah, AH, AH!" she cried louder and louder. Faster and faster she went, until she was bouncing up and down on me like an excited bunny, her eyes closed, her adorable titties dancing, and her mouth agape with a grand smile of pleasure as she squealed.



UH! UH! UHH! UHH! UHHHHHHHHAAAAAAIIII!" she cried as she reached her climax. As she came, she drove her hips down into mine and ground her pussy on my cock in a circular motion.

I felt the muscles in her cunt grip me tightly, squeezing the full length of my shaft. I was experiencing the closest thing to true ecstasy I ever had. Already, I was feeling that build up. "I'm gonna cum again," I informed her.

"Mmhm," she whined as she continued grinding on my cock. She switched to a back-and-forth motion, her ass cheeks sliding on my thighs as she took and released my cock from within her. As she came down from her orgasm, she reached back behind her and stroked my balls with one hand while she continued rocking back-and-forth. "Mmm, cum for me Zach, I want you to cum again," she begged. "Please Zach, cum for me." And that was all it took. But right before I came, Sunny lifted off of me, and my dick slipped out of her.

As I groaned, I blew my load all over my own abs. I was about to question as soon as I caught my breath, but then Sunny leaned down, her tits pressing into my groin, and she lapped at the small pools of jizz on my stomach.

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"Oh fuck," I sighed as I watched her tongue drag along my abs, licking up the sticky load. She licked me until I was clean of my own seed, and then sat back up. "Congratulations Zach," she said. "You are no longer a virgin." Sunny beamed down at me as if she was proud.

Then her face softened and she moved off the bed. "Now get out of here. I'm going to sleep." "Huh? Wha. okay," I agreed. I hopped off the bed and we both dressed ourselves. Once decent, I headed downstairs. Sunny followed to lock the door behind me. As I stepped through the doorway, Sunny spoke. "From now on, let me call you, but don't ever feel like you have to come. Okay?" "Yeah, sure," I agreed. "Alright. Have good night Zach." And she winked at me before shutting the door.

As I rode my bike home, and the adrenaline of my first time with a girl subsided, I felt a little empty on the inside. I had enjoyed myself thoroughly, and I sure as Hell didn't regret it, but I could tell something was lacking from the experience. After some thought, I figured it out. Sunny and I hadn't even kissed.

We had shared no emotional connection. A part of me wanted to be in bed with her, our naked forms pressed together in an embrace. 'No,' I thought. 'Not with her.

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.Someone else.'