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Cock juice on her charming face
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Sometimes, Anduin wondered if his father really understood him. The legion had been completely destroyed not 2 weeks when his father had appointed him to govern the Broken isles to much happiness from the Demon hunters and Fel tainted ( those who were forced to take it or not) inhabitants of the isle.

Even in the Broken isles, tales of his love for his subjects and on his pursuit of righteousness and justixe has been heard of. All the great demon masters that controlled the legion were gone.

And without their maddening whisperings to drive most who took the Fel to evil and lust for power, most who drank or bathed within the Green lakes of Demon energy and blood just received the Fel markings, green eyes and a power boost. With so many having been converted in the war against the legion however, the numbers of Fel enhanced on the isles already reached 7 million.

Being told those numbers just comfirmed his greatest fears. He wouldn't be going anywhere anytime soon. As he could not…WOULD NOT…mismanage theFelles and make those under him suffer just so he could be recalled, Anduin knew chances of him seeing his Home kingdom would not come for a long time if he or should as he managed the isles quite successfully. A castle of the Alliance had already been built for him in the Fel tainted isle and he knew he'd be here for the long Haul.

He'd be here for a long time indeed. The isle itself was quite massive and well defended, despite what its drawings on the map of Azeroth said. And with coming Generations, he knew the populations would just increase.

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Fel with Fel would just birth Fel. 90% of those who now had the Fel blood within them only gave birth to Fel children of their species. A normal female inhabitant of Azeroth who mated with a Fel taintedor Demon hunter had a 60% chance of birthing a Fel tainted child and a 40% chance of a normal child of whichever species they belonged too. A normal male inhabitant of Azeroth had lower chances however. If a normal male, a human for example, mated with a fel tainted female of whatever race.

He only had a 20% chance that the child would be a normal one. 80% being it born with Fel blood and markings. Even those of the inhabitants of the broken isles who were normal with no Fel in their system, the surrounding Fel blood and environment would cause a Fel birth to happen.

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What somewhat worried the Alliance and Horde and just caused Anduin to shrug helplessly was when the inhabitants of the broken isles decided to resume their name of the Burning Legion.

2 years later and the Alliance (who had full authority in the Broken isles) had announced that the Burning Legion would act as their weapon in any resumed conflict with the Horde. They did not mind, even those Fel tainted who had been a part of the Horde. 1, Though they could live very well and want centuries of peace, the one thing the Demons of the Fel had left in them was their love and ease for and in conflict. 2, Those formally of the Alliance and Horde who were of the Broken isles Burning legion now only followed Anduin and if he ordered them to help the Alliance, they would.

Anduin imagined how his father, King wrynn, would shudder at how much Power he had actually given his son in making him govern the Broken Isles. It was thus no surprise to Anduin when his Father sent the Banshee Queen, Sylvanas Windrunner, to negotiate a peace and Alliance with The Broken Isles. ############################### Sylvanas Smiled through her Hood, her full blue lips curving to show her delight at being back in the Broken Isles.

The first time she had been here, it had been raining Green Fel flames and her arrows had been shooting down Fel demons left, right and center. One of their Demon leaders skins currently lined the floor of her airship as a pelt, Sylvanas taking great pleasure in skinning the Bastard alive when he talked of raping the "Banshee slut" as he called her.

She felt more alive, no pun intended, than anywhere else on Azeroth, the green Fel blood and tainted energy flowing everywhere making her shiver in warm ecstasy as if embraced in power. And to think the son of Wrynn commanded the power here. That and the boy was her rival's betrothed, That blonde whore Jaina Proudmoore. Her smile grew even wider, her red eyes flashing for a moment.

It would be good to broker an Alliance. An alliance that would benefit her Undead perhaps.


She cared not for the Horde nowdays. They were stupid idiots who barely survived the great Demons legion assault. Unknown to The Alliance and The Human King, She had brought 6 more airships with her that would stay in the air till negotiations were completed. They were filled with most of her undead legion and some of the Horde who had followed her.


Most of them being female Blood elves, Tauren, Orcs and Trolls. Soon enough, more would join them but they would do for now. She finally stood from her bone made throne as they anchored on the shoors of the isles, it was time to make an alliance.

################################ "That will be all for today General Erena, you may leave." Anduin said to the female Worgen, the Feral yet still beautiful Wolf Warrior nodding. The only thing different about her was the shining green Fel marking around her…Ahem chest, back and shoulders as well as the bat like wings growing from her back, similar to those of the Succubi, but larger and stronger due to the Fel's demonic origin and tainted power.

She nodded with a grin, knowing where her leader's eyes had been straying and walking out with a little sway in her furry hips and backside. He knew where to find her or any other of the legion females on the isles. It was somewhat of a race to see who of the females on the isles would ruin the teenage Leader of the isles, letting him get a taste of Fel enhanced Pussy, Ass and mouth.

There was a rumour that he was enganged to Jaina Proudmoore and every female on the isle would give anything to rub it in the Powerful sorceress's face that they had taken their leader before her. Anduin had been stubborn however. He knew most wanted him to partake of the Fel, if not for the people, then just to give his power's a boost. But he had remained adamant.

He would not.

He knew that somewhere in the West wing of the Castle, A whole room was filling with Partakers of the Fel, all female from the most desirable races. Draenei, Worgen, Night Elves, Blood Elves, Orcs and Succubi. All with the green Markings of the Fel taint upon them. They had dubbed themselves the Royal Bodyguard. Oh Sure they were well trained fighters, some of them the best he was told. But he wasn't a fool. Royal Bodyguard? More like Royal Harem. A huge pool had been easily constructed in the large room, filled with Sinful, glowing Fel blood the colour of emerald.

The room had a large bed at its head and numerous rooms within the room where the occupants slept.

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Any construction he heard in the castle was probably new rooms being made for more occupants who joined everyday. Not that they didn't do any work.

They DID actually patrol the castle and be his bodyguard during the day. In between sneaking glances at his ass and whispering on his manhood one of them had seen by mistake when she found him naked in his rooms. Every night was a giant orgy in the room. Swimming in the Fel pool while any "Non-Fel" among them was pleasured till they accepted to partake of it. Let it not be said they were forced. Some female draenei, Night and blood elves as well as some female hhuman, he knew, came with an "extra package" of manhood that they would then use to take the inductees, their huge testicles filled with the corruption and empowerment of fel energy, their seed turned a bright green and made extra fertile by the Fel.

A shot in the womb of any female or drinking the seed from a blowjob was enough to let the green markings appear on a females body and their blood turn the green of the Fel, their powers rising.

Anduin did not care to use the Fel though, threat of corruption removed or not. He had been told to govern thr isles till he was told otherwise and brought back. And he would return just as he had left.

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And speaking of such, he had a meeting with a Undead Elf to deal with. ############################# Anduin had placed a great feast in front of Sylvanas, though the beautiful undead elf had not touched one morsel of food, just staring brazenly with a smirk on her full lips at Anduin as he ate carefully, pointedly ignoring her (rude indeed) staring.

His Felblood elven bodyguard were taking her staring differently however, their hands on their swords and their green markings and eyes glowing dangerously even though she was completely unarmed.

When he had finally finished, the remains of the food were taken away and after a swift nod, his guard reluctantly left the room. "I thought those dogs of yours would never leave." She said, her red eye on his own blue orbs as he tsked softly.

"They are hardly dogs, lady Sylvanas. I'm sure they would give you a run for your money in battle. But that aside…" "Ah yes, the terms of our alliance." She said in a sarcastic tone. For a whole hour they poured over the terms of an Alliance between their respective factions.

Anduin however, felt that she had been doing it more as a passtime than anything else. They were wrapping up when she finally had a last request. "I wish to have you in my bed tonight." It was suprising how quickly Anduin's calm facade finally fell at that.

"Excuse me?!?!!!! ############################## Was Sylvanas Windrunner unattractive? Not in the least. Did he scare him? He doubted that.

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Did he want to actually sleep with her? &hellip. &hellip. ………… Yes. Yes he did.

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What he wasn't expecting was her extra clause. She would only sleep with him and thus seal the agreement if only he did one more thing. Drink from and be tainted with the Fel.