TS Natalie Mars awesome anal with dude

TS Natalie Mars awesome anal with dude
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(This is a long read and has a non-erotic beginning. Please be patient for buildup!) Over 50 years later, the 900 year old demon lord meets an attractive half elf, Chalise, in search of a cure for those falling ill to evil. Shion finds that he can imbue her with his demonic essence, which will in turn, give her the skills she needs to cure the innocent.

They began to travel together and before long, fell closer than thought possible. ******************************************** Chalise stormed into the room, for once, not angry with the events of the day.

"Shion!" She called out to him, knowing he was here. "Shion! Can you believe it? I'm finally free! I have my mind again!" Chalise was in tears to be this happy.

Shion briskly stepped to her, accepting her into his great embrace. He adored how comfortable it felt to have her in his arms. Through the short time they have known each other, he has grown to love her so much. His arms held her tight as he inhaled the sweet scent of her hair. He pulled her to arms length and stared into her eyes. Concentrating, he mentally connected with her, examining her mind, her brain, and her consciousness.

Shion was pleased to find Chalise's mind was once again, entirely hers. His eyes lit up with joy. Having recently been in a fight with a slave runner, Chalise was dealt a killing blow by a creature with too many arms.

While her consciousness was waiting to be pulled apart by the Astral plane, she was approached by a demon whose soul was trapped in Chalise's own spear after she had recently killed that very demon. The only way Chalise would walk away from this, would be to join the remainder of her soul with that demon. This, in turn, caused a shared memory and fight for conscious time in the world. "I am so pleased you found someone who could work on souls, though I am still concerned that you were willing to trust someone that you saved from an abandoned castle just today.

But for now, let's celebrate!" Shion said before kissing her deeply, missing the connection she could offer him. Chalise smiled brightly, excited to have a reason to be happy. The reunited lovers spent the evening enjoying each others company. They ate Shion's gourmet cooking as they stared at the dimming sky. The two of them walked down the path on the hillside, discussing recent plans. For moments at a time, they were silent, thinking of all that awaited them. At least for now, they didn't have to worry.

They had had a huge victory today, relaxation was called for. They ended the evening out by walking back to the house, talking and laughing.

"The look on your face when I dressed you in those royal clothes!" Chalise laughed as they recalled an old memory. While Shion was brewing a warm pot of tea in the other room, Chalise sunk her sore body into the hot bath water.

Letting the heat tingle at her senses, she looked over her skin. Noticing the differences in skin tone from right to left. Extending a foot out of the water, watching the water cascade off the lean muscles, rejoining with the pool. She stared closer at the onyx flesh, looking for any imperfections in color and finding none. It was more than Chalise had known at the time. Sure, it was a means to an end. But now, it was so much more. I am a part of him. I was not created by him.

But I am his. He consumes my body and owns my soul in the most primal of ways. She smiled at the thought. Running supple hands up her smooth, dark leg, she followed the length until meeting at the apex of her thigh. It was complete. The color was as perfect here as on her arm, her knee, or her cheekbone. Leaning back in the steaming water, her hand softly wandered to the tight skin of her belly.

Closing her eyes, she tries to imagine where the dark meets light. Just like that, nothing. There is no change. I am still the woman I was before. I always will be. And he is no less the man he was the first day I met him. Chalise closed her eyes, smiling.

She felt the rest of her body cover in chills, despite the intense heat of the water. Deciding she had had enough daydreaming, she stood to exit the tub. No towel in sight, she called out to Shion, asking for a towel, but he didn't respond. She knew he hadn't left, she could feel their bond like she felt her heartbeat, and knew he was nearby.

Perhaps making tea. maybe waiting for her in the room. Chalise smiled at the thought. Lifting her legs over the edge of the bathtub, the water fell from every curve on her body, as if she were a mountain side drizzled with waterfalls.

Her skin glistened with the water as the cool air began to give her a very real chill this time. With a smile from eye to eye, Chalise walked naked, into the other room. Each step away from the warmth of the tub sent cold radiating through her. He nipples were one of the first parts of her body to respond. Perking up at the slightest breeze, they tingled.

"Shion. I'm very cold and very wet. Stealing all the towels may not have been the best idea for your safety." Laughing, Chalise strode to the bed, knowing she was about to use a sheet as a towel. Before she could grab the sheet, two very warm hands came from behind her. Pulling her close and holding her against something so smooth and hard, she could hardly hold her smile.

Moaning at the feeling of Shion's heated body, Chalise sunk into his grasp loving the feel of being in his arms. His head tilted down, letting his warm breath tickle the forgotten skin behind her ear.

"Was that a growl?" Chalise asked, feeling her body melt at the sound. Another growl and a bite this time. She was pretty sure the water had dried and she would need another bath soon. Chalise didn't have to see the demon behind her, to know every inch of his body. She had memorized the curves of his muscles; the way they ripple under his dark skin. His ebony eyes that seem laced with golden fire every time he looks at her. His hair, long and never kept neat, it would hide the scars that line his flesh.

Those marks that define him. Too many times has Chalise ran her fingers over the raised marks down his back, following it down his tall frame. She lost track of the times those hands have gently teased and taunted her.

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Saved her certain death as well. And now those hands, Shion's hands, begin to wander, almost searching as if he were blind, looking to picture her entire body. Every curve of her hip, her thighs, her stomach. He brought his palms to her sides and trailed upward and back, toward her shoulder blades. Tilting his head, Shion began to kiss at her shoulders and down her arms.

Leaving a little nibble at each scar and mark her body held. Stories of her life, all stores he would make worth the effort. All reasons he could not fail her.

She was strong and fragile. She played tough and heartless, but he knew the woman inside. The princess. Chalise purred almost like a kitten when his teeth met her skin. His fingertips tracing over the outline of her spine, making her stand even straighter than before. In one firm motion, he pushed at her upper back, causing her to stumble and catch her balance on the bed. Now bending over, she made no effort to move, knowing she wanted to be on that bed as much as he wanted her there.

His hands returned to her spine, teasing and tickling. Then there it was. like magic. More tickling, more teasing. Not his hands, but his tendrils. The long appendages that oftentimes protected him during battle or sensed for danger in the area. They were smooth and warm to the touch, like all of his body. It was like nothing she had ever felt before. Sure,they looked dangerous and lethal. And maybe they used to be, but that demon was gone.

Rehabilitated and recovered. Shion was no longer that evil demon lord he labeled himself for hundreds of years. And though Chalise wasn't the reason he left it all behind, she knew she was one reason why he didn't go back.

Her left side, impatiently waiting for a touch, covered in chills. Chalise's eyes drifted closed. She felt the calming sensation of Shion's hands on her spine and tendrils caressing the soft skin on the side of her ribs. Grazing under the swell of her breasts on both sides, his flesh taunted hers. She began to groan in frustration, wanting more contact.

"Shh, you have to be patient." The sound of his voice in command always made her legs weak. Chalise stilled her body and then immediately gasped as his fingers pinched her right nipple, rolling it between his thumb and pointer finger. She bit her lip to suppress a moan. Leaning further over her small frame, Shion reached to her left side and pinched the other nipple just the same.

Her head lifted up and to the side as he toyed with her. He wasted no time using her exposed neck to his advantage. His teeth connecting with skin and only sinking in enough to mark. His hands pressing against her breasts, pulling her body to his, holding her impossibly close as he marked her. the way he had always loved. A moan audibly escaped Chalise as he possessed her. A light sting met with the back of her thigh and she gasped in surprise. His tendrils could be used for many things, but never has he whipped her with them.

Before she could recover, she felt another and another. Her body tense with anticipation, she felt the wetness of her excitement, and could not decide if she wanted Shion to know how he affected her. Releasing her body, Chalise fell forward once again, not moving as she waited for more of. anything.

Shion's body heat radiated around her as he stood near, admiring the view, she supposed. Soon though, her back became chilled as her legs became warmer. She could only do so much to anticipate what he was doing. Her thoughts a jumbled mess, Chalise had no clue what Shion was doing. Then his hands palmed the supple cheeks of her rounded bottom.

She cooed as she let her forearms rest on the bed. Shion knelt before her beautiful body, admiring the look of her curves and edges. He too performed the inspection Chalise had done in the bath. He looked for imperfections or mistakes. Something to signal he had ruined her. But found nothing. He kissed at the small of her back and trailed down to her tailbone.

The entire time his lips teased her, his hands massaged the soft skin of her thighs. He moaned in delight, catching the scent of her arousal.

"You seem a bit, excited. Should I wait until you've calmed?" Shion teased. Only an anxious moan of annoyance left her lips as her ass began to sway with need. Her legs pressed together, trying to calm the desire for so much more. Shion let his hands work up her calves as his tendrils teased and coerced her thighs to part for him. Rubbing against the dampened skin, the appendages had no trouble convincing her to give in. Chalise loved the way he teased her. Always captivating every sense.

Alternating between tendril and hand, Shion worked his way up her legs, tracing every vein and muscle he saw and felt. He kissed the backs of her knees, then the dimples at her lower back.

Sighing at the emotions she elicits in him. He is so overwhelmed with her that he usually never knows where to start. But tonight, he knows exactly what he wants. His breath landing on anxious thighs, is the only sign he hasn't left the room.

The only sound in the house, is her rapid breathing as she waits for his continued teasing.

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In a quick motion, his finger slides over her damp slit, teasing the skin and not delving into her needy slit. Whimpering, Chalise shifts her hips backward, trying for one last caress, but his finger was gone too soon. "Please Shion!" Chalise begs for more, her body too needy to reason. She moves to stand and look at him when suddenly, SNAP!


A sharp crack over the back of her left thigh, rather close to the crease of her smooth ass. She cries out in surprise… a whimper of delight creeping through her voice. As she recovers from the sting, feeling his soft hands running over her reddened flesh, she jumps at another SNAP! SNAP!. Crying out in the twisted pain, she arches her back and swayes her round, two tone bottom, needing more. "If you move again, you won't move anymore, sweet Chalise." Shion taunts.

Moaning in response to his touches, Chalise tightens her stance, hoping to still her body. Her breathing quickens with anticipation as she waits for another hit, another lash, another kiss.

Instead, a blanket of warmth coats her flesh. Her arms tingle with the heat as it gets warmer each second. She closes her eyes, letting the heat of his flame roll over her body and envelop her. Moaning as the burning pulses over her shoulders and down her torso. Then up her calves and thighs, covering her at the waist. Her fingers gripping at the sheet, Chalise arcs her back, responding to the intense feeling running over her curves.

Groaning as the deep heat sinks to her bones, she is stunned by the immediate withdraw of all heat from around her. Whimpering in a desperate panic, she turns around to see Shion crossing his arms over his chest as he stares down at her, tendrils slowly waving behind him. "I didn't mean to! I swear.

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I just." Chalise stammers as two tendrils reach forward and hold her down to the floor by her arms. Struggling to get free, she whimpers as her legs kick wildly, less in fear and more by way of distraction as she tries to free her arms.

Unable to break free of the strong hold his tendrils have on her thin arms, she relents in her struggle to get away. A low growl leaves Shion's lips as he sees Chalise finally give in. So close to breaking her will, he can't stop now. Having waited so long to finally have her back in his arms, to do with as he pleases.

Chalise brings her feet back, trying to back away from what she can only assume is a terribly frustrating fate. Just as she inhales slow and deep, the tendrils tighten around her arms as one quickly shoots forward and wraps snugly around her slender throat, cutting off her breath almost instantly.

Her eyes are wide with feigned fear as she manages a shallow breath to squeeze into her tightening lungs. "Chalise, did you really think I wouldn't test you?" SNAP!

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Another lash to her inner right thigh brings her back to the moment. She gives a strangled cry as Shion brings the tendril up in preparation to connect with her tender flesh once more.

He smiles, noting the welt forming on the ebony skin, hiding any sign of redness. "Shion, I." Chalise is interrupted by another lash, softer, to the other thigh. "Ahh!" "Lord. You call me Lord. Or have you already forgotten?" Struggling to swallow over the tight grip around her already tender neck, Chalise nods hastily. "I asked you a question, Slave." In a raspy choke of words, Chalise replies without so much as considering her words, "No Lord. I haven't forgotten." Releasing her neck from the grasp of his smooth tendril, Shion caresses her face as she gasps, trying to quickly fill her lungs.

"Don't speak, Slave. You will need your voice to call to me." Taking a shaky breath as his tendrils lift her arms high in the air, bringing her naked body to almost levitate in front of Shion. He admires her form with a small smile. Watching as she realizes how helpless she is. He directs two more longer, thicker tendrils to wrap around her thighs, spreading them as they are lifted.

He turns her to face away from him, giving him every opportunity to enjoy the sight of her round ass, high in the air. Shion walks closer, extending a hand to caress the newest welts. She whimpers at the stinging pain to accompany his touch. Only a second later, does her whimpers of pain turn to those of desire as his hand slides up her thigh, gently teasing the swollen lips that hide her wetness.

She bucks her hips in an attempt to gain more pleasure, but is met with tightening of the tendrils around her thighs. "My Slave. You are an eager one today. Trying to earn punishments just to feel my forceful touch. Do you want me to give you what you desire? No. don't respond. Your cunt does that for you." Just then, Shion slips two fingers inside her tight core. He groans in satisfaction as he feels her squeezing his fingers, holding him within her.

Chalise cries out, begging for more. "Please! Please Lord! Please use my body. I belong to YOU Lord!" The tendrils lower Chalise to his height as he pushes a third finger into place, letting her sink onto him. She gives a throaty moan. "That's it Slave. Keep begging. Show me what a good slut you are. Maybe I will reward you. I know I have told you that I don't breed like most people.

But I have found a way. And tonight, you will learn something no female has." Chalise frowns in confusion, knowing he can't be serious. Trying not to kill the mood between them, she attempts to ask Shion through their mental link, but he's blocked that from happening. His eyes turn a deep red as he turns her, peering into her worried eyes. "Slut. You think you can talk me out of it? Out of breeding you like a whore? You will be used tonight. And every night. You will create my kin and raise them.

Think of the skills they will possess! Think of your body! So soft. So agile. Never will you have that power over anyone else. My seed will ruin your body, stretch your skin, and swell your breasts." Chalise begins to feel tears sting her eyes as she searches her mind for a way out. She writhes and twists, trying to leave his grasp, knowing she should talk this out with him when he is not so hungry for her. The fear running up her spine as her Lord begins to slip a fourth finger inside her increasingly wet, sopping hole.

She whimpers and tries to understand why she is so aroused. Something she has been so against, to cause her this much excitement, it doesn't make sense! She moans as his thumb lazily finds her clit and begins to circle around it. He teases her, listening to her coos and mewls as he helps her to forget his threat from just moments ago. He watches her body relax and tense with every circle around her throbbing clit. His four fingers push in deep, curling inside her tight cunt.

He can feel her wetness build up, she's so close to finding her release, he almost wants to let her. Shion slips his fingers free, moving his hand entirely away from her dripping slit. She cries out. "No! Please!" Panting "Please, Lord! I need you!" Before Chalise can say another word, his fingers push into her mouth. Forcing her to suck and lick her own juices from his hand. Closing her eyes, she imagines it were one of his thick appendages. She parts her mouth wider, sucking hard on his flesh.

Using her tongue to swirl around, cleaning her slick cunt juices from each digit. Moaning over the hand trying to force its way into her mouth, she fails to notice the trail of drool leaving her chin. Shion's free hand moves to maul her ebony breast, Teasing the hard nipple, he pulls at it, watching her squirm as it slips from his fingertips with a hard pinch.

He pulls his fingers from her mouth and turns her over. Now held aloft by the strength of his dark tendrils, forming cuffs around her arms and legs. He positions her face a foot off the floor, arms pulled tight behind her, at her ass; which sits level with his elbows. He knows full well how miserable impregnating her, will make her later, but for now, he does not care. It's half the reason he likes it. His hands grab at her lovely cheeks. Spreading them and squeezing them hard.

"Shion stop! You don't really want to breed me. I know that!" With that spoken, Shion pulls a tendril forward, shaping it as the phallus he used on her once before. Only this time, he would be less careful. Less.


merciful. Pushing the swollen crown to her wet slit, he sees her try desperately to pull away, to take it slowly. Shion pushes the rounded tip past her wet lips, watching as her cunt opens slowly, expanding to fit his girth. She groans deep and hard as his cock pushes deeper. He can feel his heart racing, wanting so much from her. He cannot hold back for long. He lets himself take her more fully. Pushing deeper, he commands the tendril to grow, thickening itself to the width of his forearm.

She cries out. Pain alternates with the pleasure that forms a glossy look over her eyes as she hangs upside down. The tendril pulls out slightly before pushing in again.

Every few strokes, it would push in just a bit deeper. Growing even more, Shion watches in amazement as her body conforms to fit his needs. Her cunt is stretched wide to accommodate his new thick cock. She groans, writhing from the over full sensations her body is feeling. Tears sting her eyes and threaten to roll over as her body is stretched.

Another tendril slips from behind Shion, making its way to her already stretched cunt, but moves down to gain entrance to her tight, unused anal passage. Chalise whimpers, almost disagreeing as he rubs her cunt juice over the new object of desire. Continuing to fuck into her sopping wet hole, he waits for her to push back, wanting more. At that moment, he pushes the thinner tendril past her tight anal ring. Feeling his arousal growing as she is filled by him. She groans and pushes down again, taking more of him in her tight ass.

"That's it. Take me. Take me in every hole. Show me what a good slave you really are. Such a perfect anal whore. I bet you would take it from anyone, wouldn't you, my eager slut?" Feeling a hard shove in her ass, she is prompted to answer her Lord. "Y- Yes Lord. Ahhhh. Yes! I would do anything!

Please use me!. I promise to be a good whore and take anything you … ahhh!" With confirmation in his mind, he pushes the tendril further in the new hole. Smiling at how needy she was before and the willingness now. His thickness begins to stretch her ass, growing slowly, watching as he lessens the size of the one in her cunt.

Going back and forth. Her juices leaking and spilling over her hanging frame. He hears her cries and moans. Her begging as he uses her holes so well. "Please! Please! I need.fuck! Cumming!" In his deep, demanding voice, normally only used when he is active in his demon lord form, he barks at her. "No!" The tendrils continue to fuck into her, alternating sizes as they push and pull after one another.

"If you so much as THINK of cumming, Slave, you will take every cock in Gateway and breed for them all!" With that said, she whimpers and somehow manages to hold back her impending orgasm, letting a wave of pleasure flood over her. She loses herself to the tingles and aches. The throbbing in her cunt makes her groan as she feels her body being pulled and pushed in so many different ways, The build up in his body, burns through him. His pulse racing through his extremities as he pumps into her.

Shion moves in closer to his slut, his slave. He works her harder, stretching her cunt. Watching as she begins to struggle against him, letting her think she has a chance. He lets her wriggle and writhe as he pushes against her cervix.

He knows his mark as he fucks her hard. Building up his seed to fill her womb. Chalise can feel her body moving, organs shifting. She is momentarily lost to the pleasure. no. pain.

as Shion stretches her in ways she's never felt.Her body is tense, trying hard to fight the restraints provided by the demon lord she thought was gone.

Her body flushes and glistens with sweat as he moves closer; the heat from his body radiating over her naked, bound form. "My whore. You will take my seed. You will be MY breeding whore. And I might still make you breed for all of Gateway." She tries to kick away in response and Shion is surprised by the flood of wetness on his cock as he feels his body tighten. One more thrust in her ass and he slips from inside her.

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Thrusting deep in her cunt, sealing it shut tight as he lets his cock grow thicker. He growls loudly as he sinks his teeth into one tender ass cheek. His temporary cock erupts inside of her, sending his seed shooting into her womb. Chalise cries out as her Lord loses control. Thrusting hard and fast, enjoying the pleasure of his release. Her Lord runs his almost scalding hands over her supple body.


Watching the beads of sweat evaporate on her flesh as he touches her. His laugh is anything but adoring as he lowers her to the floor, keeping the fat tendril plugging her womb. "I think you should have reconsidered leaving yourself vulnerable to breeding." Kissing her forehead, Shion slowly pulls the large tendril from her cunt, watching as the last of his seed spills from her hole.

Shion leaves the room and returns a moment later with some tea, smiling as he notices her already growing belly, and the worried look on her face.