Legal age teenager luscious gal pounded well hardcore and blowjob

Legal age teenager luscious gal pounded well hardcore and blowjob
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My first story. Please be kind! Inspired by a certain someone. I sit at my office desk, not really seeing the computer monitor or the Complaint I am supposed to be writing.

The clock says 2:30 p.m. It is finally Friday. I wonder where you are. You must be in South Carolina by now, getting closer and closer to me. I am excited but very, very nervous. I wonder if you will like the flesh, as it were. I smile as I think back on our last conversation before you got in your car to drive the 400 miles to meet me. You kept asking me if I was sure I wanted you to drive down. You said it was not too late for me to change my mind.

"I would understand if you did not want to go through with it. I want to meet you. I want to finally see you, finally touch. But only if you are ready." I laugh. "I am very nervous, but I am not going to change my mind." I am still smiling and staring blankly at my computer when my phone buzzes. I open it and my heart leaps into my chest as I read your text: "I am at the hotel. Room 315. I can't wait to see you!" My heart leaps into my throat.

My mind races. I think about our chats. Can the reality be as good as the fantasies we talk about? Twenty minutes later I am walking out the door to my car. I have packed an overnight bag so all I have to do is drive to the hotel. My heart is beating wildly in my chest. You are only a few minutes away! The hotel is only two miles from my office but the trip seems to take an hour. I am pretty I hit every light just as it turned red!

I pull into the parking lot of the slightly swanky hotel you picked. The clock on the dash says 4:14. I climb out of my car, grabbing the bag on the passenger seat. The automatic door opens for me as I step into the lobby. I smile at the clerk behind the desk. He smiles and winks at me. I wonder if he knows what lewd and lascivious things I am hoping will happen to me in Room 315!

I get on the elevator and press the button for the third floor. My heart is pounding in my chest. The elevator rises. The doors open on the third floor and I step into the hall. The sign on the wall tells me that Room 315 is to the right. I take a deep breath and turn right. I pass one door, two doors, the third door on the right is 315. I stand and stare at the door for a few seconds.

I can't believe you are so close to me!

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Just on the other side of the door! It's now or never I tell myself as I tap lightly on the door. I hear you approach the door and I see the knob turn. The door opens slowly inward. There you are! All I can do is smile at you. You beam and step aside as I enter the room. You take my suitcase from behind me and roll it to the side.

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I am still smiling as I turn around. "At last," you whisper, your eyes on my face.


We stand there for a few seconds smiling at each other, like idiots. Out of the corner of my eye I notice that the bed has already been turned down. I am not sure who moves first, but suddenly your body is only inches from mine, your hands are on my face pulling me towards you.

Our first kiss is sweet, soft, tender.


Your tongue gently parts my lips and enters my mouth. My tongue finds yours and they swirl slowly together.

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I pull my face away and look at you. "At last," I whisper. "Your lips taste sweeter than I had hoped," you say just before you pull me close again, your hands sliding down my back to my ass, "but your ass is just as luscious as you described." There is nothing gentle about our next kiss, it is hard and urgent, our lips smashed together, our tongues battling.

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You pull me closer, my breasts crushed to your chest, your cock hard against my thigh. I moan as your lips leave my mouth and travel down my neck. "This is what you want, isn't it?" My only response is another moan. You chuckle and move your tongue back up my throat, your left hand leaves my ass, sliding up my right thigh, under my skirt.

I gasp as your middle finger slides slowly along my sopping slit. "No undies?" "I told you I don't usually wear them." Your finger teases me and once again your lips are on mine.

Your tongue enters my mouth just as you plunge your finger into my pussy. You fuck my pussy slowly with your finger, then you add another finger, your thumb brushing against my clit. I whimper as you pull your lips off mine, your fingers still inside me. "So wet, my dear. I guess we will be having a late dinner." "If at all," I say.

You watch me as I unbutton my shirt, your fingers still inside me. I let my shirt drop on the floor and reach around to undo my bra. My breasts pop out and I drop my bra on top of my shirt. This time you moan as you lower your lips to a nipple and suck it into your mouth. My fingers are in your hair, pulling your head closer. Your fingers leaves my snatch and you bring both hands to my breasts as you squeeze and lick and nibble and nuzzle them.

I use this time to lower the zipper on my skirt and slide my it off my hips. It hits the floor and I kick it to the side, along with my right shoe, then my left one.

You stop nibbling my breasts and step back, looking at my naked body in front of you. I shiver from the air conditioning or maybe from your eyes, running up and down my body, taking in every curve, every dimple, every freckle, every mole. All of my, at least to my own mind, imperfections.

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It has been a long time since I have stood naked in front of a man. "So beautiful. Why did we wait so long for this?" I blush and look down at my feet, suddenly shy around you. I wrap my arms around myself, hiding my breasts. "Put your arms down baby, I am not finished looking at you." I slowly lift my head to look at you again.

You are looking at my face, smiling. I step towards you and kiss you lightly on the lips, my hands on the top button of your shirt, then the next, and the next. You smile down at me as I finally drop your shirt on the floor near mine. I rub my hands up your chest, through your chest hair. I plant another kiss on your lips as my hands glide down your chest. I kiss you again as my right hand unbuttons your pants, my fingers lower the zipper.

Your pants fall to the ground. You stand perfectly still. I lick your lips as my hand slides your underwear off your hips. You shimmy your hips to help your boxers all slide down your legs to the floor. Your cock falls out and slaps my stomach. We both laugh. My right hand finds your member and slides up and down the shaft. You grab my head and kiss me hard. Again. You pull away and remove my hand from your cock as you lead me to the bed.

I sit on the edge and slide my body to the middle. You crawl after me. I lay on my back as you crawl on top of me, hovering over me, your face above mine, I reach up and pull your face down to my hungry lips. Your knee spreads my legs open. You pull away and start kissing your way down my neck to my chest, stopping to suck and nibble both nipples briefly.

Your mouth continues its journey down my body, licking me here, kissing me there. Finally your mouth is above my leaking womanhood. You inhale deeply. "So sweet," you mutter. Your hands spread my legs wider to give your eyes a better look at the my mound and the moist, pink lips below. Your left hand opens me and you lower your head closer to pussy. You inhale again and then your tongue takes a slow, tentative lick up my slit. I moan as your tongue travels up and down. Up and down. Slowly. Finally you delve into my pussy.

You slide your tongue in and out of me as I writhe underneath you. You remove your tongue from my hole and move your mouth upwards to suck on my clit. I gasp and thrust my hips up into you just as you slide a finger inside me.

You suck and nibble my clit, your finger fucking my hole. You add another finger to my pussy and my hands clutch at the sheets. I whimper. We fall easily into a rhythm. My hips thrusting, your fingers fucking, your mouth sucking. I am babbling incoherently. My body and even my mind quiver. You pull your mouth off my clit and slow your fingers inside me. I moan. I lift my head off the bed to look down at you.

You smile at me and just as I am about to say something you crook one of the fingers inside me, pressing firmly, massaging that special spot. I gasp and my head falls back to the bed. I am lost. I moan and gasp. I can't take much more. I feel my orgasm building. "Cum for me, Katie. Cum on my fingers, baby. Cum in my mouth." Your mouth is back on my clit, sucking it, swirling around it. Your fingers moving faster and harder. My orgasm crashes down on me, washing over every inch of my flesh.

The walls of my pussy clench the fingers inside me. I moan and writhe under you. Slowly, you pull your fingers out of me. Your mouth still on my mound. You lick my slit, your tongue dipping inside me, tasting my cum. You pause and say "Yum. You taste amazing. Sweet, so sweet." You continue to lick in and out and around my slit. I lay very still.

I enjoy your tongue lapping at my pussy, cleaning me. You finish and climb back up my body, your face over mine again. "Here, taste your pussy," you whisper. You slide your fingers in my mouth. I lick one, then the other. I lick and suck my juices off your fingers. Your eyes never leave my face. When I finish you smile and move to the side of me.

I turn to look at you and pull you in for another kiss. "How was that Katie? As good as you hoped it would be? As good as you imagined it?" "Better, William. So much better," I say. "Kiss me again. I need your lips on mine." You pull me closer and smile as you shower my face with kisses, finally stopping on my lips.

I put my hands on your face. Another kiss. My mouth opens to allow your tongue inside. It has been years since I have felt such heat, such passion, in a kiss. You pull me into you, caressing my back, my breasts in your chest, one of your legs between mine. Flesh on flesh. I feel your cock on my thigh.

I take a hand from your face and slide it down between us, slowly moving to your lovely, dribbling cock.

I slide my hand up and down on it.

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You push me on my back again. You spread my legs with your knees and aim your cock at my pussy. I spread my legs wider in anticipation. Slowly, you lower your body. Your cock swinging slowly over my slit. Instead of sliding it in you slide it up and down my slit.

"Tell me what you want Katie." "Stop teasing me. I want your cock inside me, William." "Whatever my lady wants." And suddenly, finally you are inside me. You pull out, all the way and then slide back into me. So slowly. Your eyes never leave mine. " "I fit in you perfectly. So soft, so wet, so tight." I sigh.

Your cock slides in and out of me slowly. You look into my eyes. You caress my face. We both smile. I am surprised at how tender our first coupling is.

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I knew we would fuck when we finally met. I never thought we would make love. Yet here we are, in each other's arms, making slow, sweet, tender love to each other. I am only vaguely aware of the change of tempo. You cock slices in and out of me faster. I spread my legs wider for you. Our mouths press into each other.

You moan and pull your lips off mine. "Put your legs on my shoulders. I need to be deeper inside you." I comply with your wish, moving my legs to your shoulders. You thrust into me. Hard. Your whole cock in my pussy. You pause, look at me and start plunging inside my cunt again and again and again. We both grunt at each penetration.

I thrust up to meet you and feel a stab of pain as your cock hits my cervix. I don't care. The pleasure of your cock outweighs the milli-second of pain as it bottoms out in me. Sweat is dripping off your face. Both of our bodies are hot and slick with sweat and lust. We fuck with as much passion as we made love. "God Katie! Fuck! I'm close!" "Fuck me William.

Fuck me. Harder!" "I am going to cum deep in your greedy little pussy, Katie. Take my cum baby!" You slam into me again and flood my pussy with your sperm.

You stop moving, Holding me down, as your cock pulses, sending more and more cum into me. I reach down between our bodies to rub my clit. You grind into me, never taking your eyes off my face. My fingers rub harder and harder. I am close. So close. "Oh God!" My hips thrust into you, hard, as my pussy begins to spasm, this time around your cock. You smile as I whimper.

You watch my face as my second orgasm takes me. I grind into you. My legs slide off your shoulders and you collapse onto me. "You okay? I'm not hurting you am I?" "No. I love the weight of a man on top of me. God, William. My pussy is still pulsing!" "I know baby.

I can feel it." You stroke my cheek as my orgasm slows and finally stops. You move your hips and your spent member slips out of me. You roll onto your back. I snuggle my body into the side of yours, putting my head on your chest. Your right arm pulls me closer, your hand slowly caressing my arm. We are both spent but satisfied. I lift my head to look at you. "Room service?" To be continued.