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Note: The characters in this story are not real but the places are real any characters in this that you meet are coincidental.

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. Also it's my first story so cut me a break.

Also I will copy and paste a song from each band that I talk about. "Alex it's time to get up" My mom yelled from downstairs "Fine" I yelled back as I got up and was rubbing sleep out of my eyes and I stopped and looked into the sky through my window I thought "Man a new year, a new school, is it gonna rock or is it gonna suck who knows" Let me describe myself to you readers.

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I'm 16 I'm 6 ft 4 in tall I weigh 170 but most of it's muscle, Green eyes, black hair, Glasses, I'm pretty strong I took out a 15 year old when I was 13 in a fight. black belt play hockey play guitar, (Here's what it looks like,r:6,s:0) six pack and my pride and joy a nine inch cock.

But unfortunately I'm still a virgin I'm shy and don't talk to girls and when I do I mess up. Anyway back to what I want to wear for today I grabbed my lucky inverted cross necklace, Put on a Venom welcome to Hell shirt, Black jeans, and glasses, got my stuff ready, and left my room and went downstairs.


(Here's Venom for you guys "Well, Well, Well, look who finally woke up" said my annoying oldest sister Sarah "Shut up" I snapped back "My my touchy today are we" Said my other older sister Rachel Let me tell you something about Sarah and Rachel.

Sometimes they can be pretty cool when it's just the three of us. But when their friends are around. They are the biggest bitches on the planet. Rachel is 4 years older then me. red hair, B cup (I'm guessing) 5ft 9in. Sarah is 5 years older then me Black hair, C cup, (Again guessing) 5 ft 10 and both are skinny since they are cheerleaders and play volleyball. "Stop that all three of you. You should support Alex since it's his first day in a new school" my mom nagged at them.

Let me tell you about my mom, She has red hair (My dad has black hair) shorter then me and she's pretty cool. I think she likes me best out of all three of us. Both Sarah and Rachel both graduated last year. My dad is away on a business trip (He's a banker) my mom is a real estate agent.

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So we are pretty good. But I'm not a spoiled kid. I have a job at Wendy's. Sarah and Rachel both work at Starbucks. So we make our own money. I sat down and ate my breakfast and said goodbye to my mom and left for the bus.

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When I got on it I sit by myself in the back when this guy sits next to me. He has a pierced ear and he's wearing a Sex Pistols shirt "Hi" he says to me "Hey" I say back "You new here" He asks me "Yeah so" I give him a look that's basically saying "Don't fuck with me" "Hey man relax I'm new to and I thought we could be friends since u like the same music I like" " O okay cool I'm Alex but call me Painter" "Cam" We shake and talk about what we did over the Summer.

What bands we've seen. Stuff like that I find out Cam likes to play basketball.

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He's a virgin to like me and I stop him as soon as he tells me that "Cam" Yeah" "Let's make a pack to lose our virginities before next year when we r in grade 12" "Deal" We shook hands When we got to our new school.

We look up at the top and see the words "Lake Cowichan Secondary school" in dark red letters Duncan B.C. Canada.

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We enter the gym and the principle starts up his welcome back speech.Me and Cam go to our lockers and we are next to each other get our classes.

I have math he has science. I head to my class and I accidentally bump into this guy "Watch it fag" he whispers "You watch u dumb fuck head" "What did you say" he stops and turns around "You heard me" I do the same and I look at him he's almost 7 feet tall and huge.

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I realize that he's stong but dumb kinda like Rhino from Spiderman. "You better watch you're mouth" He warns me "How it's under my nose" I smirked back one of his friends shove me towards him and looks at me and says "That's it you and me after school behind it" "Fine" We all leave and I head to my class and I sit down.


A few minuets later I look up and I see two fucking hotties sitting in front of me.One with Blonde hair with pink highlights and she's wearing a Metal Church shirt (Here's Metal Church shirt for you guys D cup, The other one has black hair with green highlights and she's wearing a Sepultura Arise shirt (Here's Sepultura for you cup and a ass that's making me want to suck on my thumb.

The one with the blond hair turns around and says to me "I saw you stand up to Reed that was cool" I blush a bit "Aww" She giggles "Sorry it's not every day that I get complemented by a Goddess" Now she blushes "Sweet talker aye" "A bit and I would like to sweet talk you more at dinner and a movie" "Aww okay but wait I can't unless my friend here has a date two we do everything together" "No problem I have a friend named Cam" "O okay then So Friday?

"Friday it is" "O by the way my name is Jordan and my friend's name is Naomi want our numbers" "Yeah sure and here's mine and I'll text Cam's number to you" After that was over The bell finally rings (Don't you all just love that feeling when the first class of the day is over) and I look and I have gym next I see Cam at his locker "Hey man" Hey" "Dude guess what" "What" " "I just got us a date with two hotties on Friday" "Nice man" "Just give me ur Cell and I'll text it to them" "Ok" Once that was over the day ended almost as soon as it began and I told Cam about Derek and he told me that if Reed's friends tried to help him out he'd back me up.

So we get to the back of the school and sure enough there's Reed with his other idiot friends were there. "Well well well I thought u weren't gonna show" "I never back down from a fight" "Okay then" "Come on Reed I'm waiting hurry up so I can go home I'm bored" Now I know I hit something cause he was red and charged me.

I quickly move and knee him in the gut. He falls on his gut then I hear cheering from not to far I look and I see a bunch of cheerleaders sitting on a car" "Come on Reed you can beat this punk" Instantly the gears in my head start turning I'm thinking "Okay man I'll you have some fun" He gets up and tackles me. Then I hear him ask someone "Adrian give me that last slice of pizza you had for lunch " He splatters it on me then lifts me up "Okay now have you learned something" "Yeah I did" "What" "That I'm bored right now" I Grab his wrist and twist hard and fast he screams and I twist some more and start laughing "You fucking idiot do you really think that u were gonna win I've been in 4 martial arts torments and came in first each time" Just then one of his friends tackles me out of the blue and Reed gets up "Two against one isn't fair" "High school is never fair punk" Both run to me then " BAM" Cam punched the friend in the face "He's right two against' one isn't fair" "Thanks man" the friend gets up and he as a bloody nose and he spits out a tooth Reed looks at me and says "This isn't over" they leave I yell to them "If anyone comes to me and says u've been picking on them I'll will have everyone I've done martial arts with to help me and Cam" We start to leave but we feel hands on our shoulders "Wait a second" We turn around and all the cheerleaders are right behind us and the head cheerleader says to us "We are having a party on Friday and we want you to come and we don't like to be stood up here's the address" She hands us a piece of paper then leaves Should we go to the party or the double date?

Vote and we will see. Also I will be checking comments to see what should happen in a week after that votes won't be counted anymore.

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