Big boobs woman gives head and nailed by pawnshop owner

Big boobs woman gives head and nailed by pawnshop owner
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I met my ex-wife by accident. I shared an apartment with two other guys, and was a musician, a guitarist, in a local rock and roll band. The apartment was upscale, since we made very good money.

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I was the youngest of the three of us, 22 years old. My other roommates, were the drummer and another guitar player, and were both several years older than me. The drummer and I had played together for about 3 years, and we had sometimes fucked the same women, occasionally at the same time. He was really into humiliation, double penetration, forced blow jobs, deep anal, and had a really huge cock.

I am just a bit better than a normal endowment, but my cock is very, very thick and as such is truly a "weapon of ass destruction". The other guitar player was sort of shy and mostly kept to himself. Like most musicians, I had a "day" job, working construction. Since I worked with concrete, it was often the case that a wet pour would be postponed if it rained. My workdays would start with a check of the weather on AM radio, and waiting for a call on rainy days, while I had my breakfast.

The drummer worked a regular day job as well, and was out the door every morning at 6:00 sharp. One Thursday night, the drummer came home with this really hot, very beautiful girl. She had an ass from heaven, although her boobs were just a bit smaller than the girls I considered to be my type. He briefly passed through the living room, where I was watching a movie, and introduced her as Susie. I remember that I watched as they entered his room, and took note that she had the most gorgeous ass I had seen in a long time.

Her cheeks were high and tight, and the paper-thin jeans she wore were skin tight and went deep into the crack of her ass, as if they were painted on.

I knew that the drummer was an anal freak, and I imagined what it would look like to see his huge cock tearing up that perfect ass. Well, the movie ended and I went into my bedroom to get some sleep, since I was expecting to work the next morning.

I especially needed a good night's rest because I was playing a gig on Friday night and would be up very late. I fell immediately to sleep, but I awoke about 2:00 AM to the sounds of screaming and the drummer's bed thumping against my bedroom wall. I got out of bed and put my ear to the wall and was amazed that I could hear everything as clearly as though I were in his bedroom. I was right, he was pounding that ass, and she was screaming and creaming so loudly that it roused me from a deep sleep.

My cock got instantly hard, and I started to jerk off as I listened. It was insane, the harder he fucked her, slamming the bed into the wall, the more she screamed and begged for more and more cock. What I heard next really hit me. She started screaming at him "fuck my turds", "cream on my hot shit", and a lot of similar scat related expletives.

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I couldn't believe it. I had loved the idea of scat play with a really hot bitch since my teens, fantasized about it often, and jerked off to those fantasies.

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But I had never met a woman who was actually into anything like that. Suddenly, such a girl was being fucked by my buddy in the next room. They reached a crescendo, and I clearly heard him order her "shit on my cock while I cream in your fudge, you fucking whore!". Then her moans went off the chart.

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Loud "Ahhh's" interspersed with "fuck my shit, fuck my shit". He was moaning as he came, and he said "Yeah, shit all over my cock baby".

I could only imagine the sight and smell of his nasty ass-fuck, and blew my load all over the carpet. Exhausted, I crawled back into bed, but I distincly remember him ordering her to suck his cock clean.

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The next thing I knew, the alarm was going off at 6:00 AM. My two roommates had already left for work, and I just went right from the bedroom to the bathroom. I sat on the toilet and took a wicked dump, one really fat and extremely long turd, maybe 16 to 18 inches, when suddenly the phone rang in the kitchen and I got up to answer it. It was my boss, who said the weather was going to be bad, and not to come to work. I hung up and went back to the bathroom, and there SHE was.kneeling in front of the toilet, fingering her clit, and getting ready to cum.

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I was in shock for a moment. I did not expect her to be there, and had assumed she left with the drummer at 5:30. But here was this angelic auburn haired goddess, kneeling in front of the toilet, licking her lips and looking at my massive turd, about to cream herself. She looked at me, standing there naked, my cock instantly hard, and asked "Did you do this?".

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I had to clear my throat, I was speechless, but finally said "yes, it's mine". She looked at my throbbing cock and told me to kneel behind her and fuck her ass, and I was there in a heartbeat. As I pushed against her tight pucker, I realized her ass was still shitty from the fuck she'd had several hours earlier.


By coincidence, he thought she was alone in the apartment, had been awakened by the phone ringing, and went into the bathroom to shower.

I pushed through the dried shit caked all around her asshole, and my cock slid in. It was tight, it was dry, but her ass opened up and took every inch. She was kneeling over the bowl, sniffing my huge log, telling me how awesome it was and how huge it looked. I pushed all the way into her and felt a hard, thick turd against the head of my cock.

Suddenly, I was in the same situation as the drummer, and she started begging me to fuck her shit, to cream on her turds.


I couldn't believe it, a shit whore, right here,with my cock up her ass. I started humping her furiously, and she came over and over in waves. Then she asked my to push my cock in as far as it would go, and hold it still, and I felt her hot shit start to envelop the head of my cock, and start to slide down aound the shaft. My god, she was shitting around my cock as it was buried in her ass.

She was grunting, and cumming, and moaning, and I looked down and watched as a ring of brown poo exited her ass, molded around the shaft of my hard cock. It grew, and soon was all over my groin and my balls. Suddenly she screamed for me to fuck her ass and cream in her shit, and I laid it to her. I only lasted about 30 seconds and then I was pumping my load right into her hot butt fudge.

This was the most excellent orgasm in my life, and the sight, the smell, and the feeling drove me over the top. After I came, I pulled back and my cock, still hard, plopped out. It was covered with at least a quarter-inch of thick, dark brown shit and smeared with my cock cream. She turned around and pushed me onto the bathroom floor, and she straddled my cock and dumped a huge load of her hot poo all over my cock and balls.

Without saying a fucking word, she got off me, knelt over my cock, looked into my eyes with the most wicked smile I had ever seen, and started cleaning my cock with her mouth.

She ate all of her turds, fingering her cunt the whole time, and licked up the residue and cock cream, and then we went into the shower. We stayed in the apartment and fucked all day, and when the drummer came home from work and found her there with me, he was pissed. I was surprised, because we had fucked the same women before, and I figured we'd share her, but he did not want to.


In a few hours, we got into a fight, and he grabbed a bunch of his things and left. It was awkward playing the job with him on that Friday night, but we got it done. I tried to get along with him, to reconcile, and even told him I would lay off of her, but he was still pissed. So I said fuck it, she's mine. I returned to the aprtment that night with her, and too tired to fuck we both slept through the night. I awoke the next morning to find the drummer moving his stuff out of the apartment.

I took over his room, the largest bedroom, and so the tale begins. All of this is absolutely true. If you are really into scat and extreme sex, you will want to return here and read the ensuing stories.

I encourage you to write to me if you have any questions about REAL scat play, especially if you ar female! Hope to hear fom you soon! Nastybob