Elsa and Hollie got fucked with bigcock

Elsa and Hollie got fucked with bigcock
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Katie was a striking girl; her face was very pretty, with green/gold eyes, a creamy complexion and full, pink lips. Her face was framed by layers of soft coppery hair which she kept shiny and healthy. She was of a pretty average height and slim, but she had a large chest for her build, about a 36D.

Katie mostly liked wearing t-shirts and jeans, but her shirts were always tight due to her bountiful breast. She was 19 and at the peak of her beauty. She used to run on her high school cross country team, which had garnered her a gorgeous pair of sculpted legs. Katie had a boyfriend, but he was away at school in Los Angeles, so she spent most of her weekends at college in NY with her friends at parties and concerts.

It was a Friday night, and Katie was at a dorm party. She knew most of the people there from classes, but there were a few older guys whom she didn't recognize. It seemed a little creepy to her that these 30-something men were hanging out in a college dorm with 19 year-olds, but she figured they knew someone there, and anyway, who was she to judge? They all drank vodka and cranberry juice as the hours ticked by, and Katie was feeling pretty good, as she joked and laughed with her friends.

She kept noticing one of the older guys staring at her, and it made her a little uncomfortable.

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She pulled down on her little t-shirt to ensure it was covering her stomach properly. She noticed a flicker of pleasure in the older man's eye, and she looked away and blushed. He was scruffy and plain, and wore a coat and jeans. His hair was disheveled and he seemed in need of a shower. He was probably someone's hippy friend who they got their pot from, she thought.

He had a couple of other guys with him, and they were both talking loudly and drinking with her friends Mike and Carl. She felt like escaping the man's gaze for a bit, so she stood up and quickly walked out of the dorm room, grabbing her bag and taking a cigarette out of it. She walked down the short hallway to an exit stairwell, where she opened the door and stepped out onto the balcony of the 4th floor.

She lit up the cigarette and took a drag, admiring the artificially lit night sky. She heard the door open behind her, and a few other people come out, talking amongst themselves.

She kept looking ahead, hoping they wouldn't talk to her. One of the men came up next to her, his own cigarette in hand. "Could I get a light off you?" the man looked down at Katie, making eye contact with her chest. "Uh, sure," she said, handing him her lighter, and taking a nervous drag of her own cigarette.

"You are gorgeous, you know that?" the man said, not taking his eyes off her chest. The wind began picking up, and Katie's nipples grew hard from the cold. She tried turning away from this man so he wouldn't notice. "Here you go," he said, turning her around to hand her the lighter back. His eyes lit up again at the sight of her pert breasts with their hardened nipples sitting nicely underneath her well worn t-shirt. "I really like your shirt, what does it say?" He began tracing a finger over her chest, on the tops of her breasts, reading the name of the guitar company aloud.

"Hey!" Katie shouted, dropping her cigarette. The man grabbed her quickly by the ass, pulling her toward him, and pressing her chest into his. "Come on, baby, let's dance. This song is great," he commented, beginning to sway her around to the music coming out of her friend's dorm room window.

She heard the other men laughing behind them and the doors closing as they left the balcony. With one hand tight on her ass, the man pulled his hand up between them and got a handful of her right breast. "What are you doing?" Katie demanded, squirming in his strong, drunken grasp. She tuned her head quickly to escape his warm wet mouth coming in for contact with her face and neck.

He pinned her up against the balcony rail, and got a hand up her shirt, cupping her breast, squeezing it as his leg pressed between her legs, pinning her further.

"Stop! Gross!" Katie yelled, pushing him away with both hands. He held her fast, licking her neck and roughly rubbing her nipple with his fingers. "You are so hot, baby, did you know that? You're so cute," he insisted. She could feel his cock hard against her leg, and she used one large burst of strength to push him off her.

He pushed his knee into her groin harder, and she cried out, surprised, and tripped over his knee as she tried to get away. She was on her belly on the ground, and the man took ample advantage of her position.

He laid down on top of her back, pinning her painfully to the cement floor, and brought his hand up underneath his hips to lay between her ass cheeks on top of her jeans. His hand then moved down past her ass near her vagina, and he rubbed there hard with his fingers. "I bet you're a hot fuck, sweetheart," he said, grinding his hips into her shapely ass, while sawing his fingers in between her legs.

"Get the fuck off me!" She yelled, pushing her shoulders up of the ground. She elbowed him in the face, and he groaned, lifting himself up and holding his cheek where she had hit. Katie quickly got up and ran to the girl's room, where she got into a stall and locked the door behind her. She tried to think quickly what her next steps should be, but her head kept spinning around from all the vodka and pot she had indulged in that evening, and she got a little dizzy. Listening for what seemed like a minute, she finally calmed down, hearing no footsteps.

She then realized how badly she had to pee, so she undid her pants and hovered over the toilet, relieving herself of all the alcohol she had taken in. As she reached for the toilet paper, she heard the door to the bathroom close sharply. She froze, her head still reeling, her pants still around her calves.

She tried to stay as quiet as possible, but the footsteps kept coming toward her stall. "Hey, sweetie, I know you're in here. I can smell your sweet pussy. I need to feel that rack again. Come on, I have another drink for you right here." Katie grabbed at her pants, fumbling with them, but they were stuck around her legs and too hard to figure out in her drunken haze.

The man heard her rustling and shot his arm underneath the stall door, grabbing Katie's ankle. He pulled hard, and she lost her balance in her squatting position, falling on her shoulder beside the toilet. The man seemed to have renewed strength as he pulled the fallen girl from out of the stall, feasting his glazed eyes over the prize he had caught himself.

Katie's jeans were around her calves, tightly stuck there, and her beautiful ass was on display. Katie was mortified, and started whimpering pathetically. She heard the door open again, and saw the other two older men.

Their eyes lit up, and the man who was pulling her out of the stall told them to each grab on of her arms. Katie turned her head to the side and closed her eyes, ashamed at being seen with her pants down in front of these men she didn't know. The man with her ankle reached his hand up to her crotch, grazing his fingers over her mound, and up toward her flat, taught stomach that was now being showcased as her t-shirt climbed higher and higher up with the friction of her body sliding out of the stall.

Katie writhed a bit, but only succeeded in shimmying even further out of her t-shirt, twisting her elegant waist side to side, while her ample bosom heaved under the confines of the cotton shirt.

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The floor was cold, and Katie's nipples were hard again. The men holding down her arms watched as the first man pinned Katie's legs down with one of his, moving his knee between her thighs to spread her wider. He stared down at the soft pink lips of her pussy, and the fine auburn hairs around them.

He tickled her with his fingers before leaning down to smell her. "Damn, she smells fine. You guys gotta try this after me, she is unbelievable." The other two men grunted in approval, also looking drunk and high. Katie began to cry quietly, in extreme panic and anxiety. The pot and alcohol had made her drowsy and dizzy, and this all seemed to be passing like a cold, uncomfortable nightmare.

The man on top of her pressed his cold fingers onto her clit, looking into her eyes and watching for any signs of pleasure. "You like this, baby, right?" His fingers were cold and rough, and as he rubbed her clit, his other hand came in to slip two cold fingers into her pussy. "Oh, yeah, you're so wet," he told Katie, as his eyes raised to the sky and glazed over further.

The two men at her shoulders grunted to keep her from writhing about, enjoying the view of her pussy getting played with. Katie wished the guy would get his hand out of her, because it didn't feel good at all. The man was gross and pervy, and she just wanted to be home in bed.


He kept two fingers in her, pushing them up and rubbing her inside, as his other hand traveled up to her hips, rubbing on her hipbones as she writhed around, then traveling up her t-shirt. "Take off her shirt, I want to see her tits," one of the men holding her arm commanded.

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The man on top of her was too enthralled in her vagina and fondling under her shirt to listen, so the second man at her arm grabbed the thin fabric at her belly and ripped up. The fabric gave gracefully under his strength, revealing her ample cleavage encased in a black lace push-up bra. "You little vixen," the man on top of her exclaimed, "you've got the hottest tits I've ever seen!" He took his hand out of her pussy and fell on top of her, pulling the bra down underneath her breasts, while his mouth grasped around her left nipple, licking it up and down and sucking it ravenously, while his hands kneaded both breasts, pushing them roughly together as they were supported by the bra underneath them, creating even more cleavage.

Katie heard herself moan a little, as the man feasted on her nipple, sucking the aureola into his mouth as well. The other men's cocks got harder as they watched this display.

The man on top of her began shoving her legs wider with his knee, and getting his other knee between her to force her legs apart. She heard his belt clanking, and began to voice her disdain. "Please, no… I don't want that.

Please!" she whimpered, crying. The man on top of her used his fingers to spread her pussy lips, and brought the head of his cock up to her opening. He pushed his hips down to get better aim, and Katie then felt him enter her roughly, but the whole thing wasn't making it in.

Her hips were too low to the ground, and he couldn't get a good angle. He feebly continued poking her with his small dick, and she winced, images of disease and pregnancy racing through her head. Since her boyfriend was away at school, Katie was not on the pill. "Please don't do that," she cried, as she felt him convulse, and after what felt like seconds, shoot hot liquid into her, as his penis fell partly out of her, and shot his cum on the outside of her.

He grunted and groaned, his hands still holding her tits like handles, and she cried underneath his careless, rough grasp. He finally relaxed and rolled off of her, as the man at her right arm jumped up excitedly, shouting "alright, my turn! Get over here, Jim, and hold her arm so I can fuck her!" The man let go of her arm, and Katie quickly tried to regain control of it and cover herself from another invasion, but the second man at her arm acted quickly to hold her down.

"Thanks," the other muttered to him, while he grabbed Katie's legs and ripped the jeans off of them, leaving her panties twisted at her ankles. He skillfully thrust her legs into the air, resting them on his shoulders, pulling her underwear behind his head so her legs were almost tied to his shoulders in that position.

She looked up at him, and he was bigger than the first man, more muscular, but also heavier. He had a receding hairline and bad skin, quite ugly, and she groaned sadly as he pulled his cock out of his pants, revealing a thick, uncircumcised member that was brown and long.

He looked into her face. "Ugly, isn't it?

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It's going to feel really pretty inside you, though," and wrapping his hand around it, he pushed it inside of her, all the way to the end, and she heard him give beastly, embarrassing grunts as he pulled it out slowly, and pushed it back into her slowly, again and again.

He was thick and filled her widely, and her brain started shooting messages of pleasure to her that she cried disgustedly against.

She couldn't believe what this cock was doing to her. Her boyfriend couldn't make her orgasm every time they made love, but then again, his cock didn't feel like this. She could feel his foreskin moving up and down inside of her, and she squeezed down on it without thinking. "Oh, shit, I feel that," the man groaned.

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"Your pussy is so hot." Katie heard herself breathing heavily, and the man took her hips in his hands, grabbing them roughly and pushing her small torso up and down on his cock. She could feel herself lubricate, allowing him to push in and out faster and slicker.

His eyes rolled back and lines of spit came out of his mouth, landing on her face and in her eyes. She gasped in disgust, unable to wipe the saliva from her face. He began pounding into her, harder and harder, then bent down to take her tit into his mouth. What seemed like cups of saliva escaped from him, creating pools of spit all over her chest, making her tits glisten and her nipples hard.

The other two men groaned as they grabbed their own cocks through their pants, watching the scene. The man inside her began pounding his hardest, and she could feel her mind slipping from her, in an abhorrent orgasm that disgusted and maddened her.

She felt him shoot hot cum up into her uterus, burst after burst as his balls and ass tightened to push the liquid in further. He finally collapsed on her, crushing her uncomfortably. He then got up, staring down at her beautiful face and wet chest. "That was awesome, you have to try this girl," he told the last man. The third man was slim and black, with a face she would have thought attractive if not in the current situation.

He wore glasses and looked down at her through them, also placing her legs up in the air. "I wanna try that ass," he muttered, and she felt herself panic. She had heard stories that girls lost control of their bowels after a man pulled out of them, and she was glad she hadn't eaten all day, nor very much the day before, so she wouldn't have anything in there to risk coming out.

She felt ashamed and disgusted for thinking that, but then was brought out of her dizzy thoughts by painful sensations as the tip of the man's cock eeked its way into the small opening of her anus. "Ahhh, no! No, stop, this hurts!" she cried, as he screwed his tip into her ass a little more. "I think I'm gonna need some lube," he mused, looking around. The other two men looked up at the soap dispensers, and nodded their head in that direction.

The black man got up, as the other two pinned her down, and pumped his hand full of foamy pink soap, painting his cock with it, then bringing the rest of it down to her ass.

He pushed her legs up once more, and stuck his liquid-soap covered finger to her opening.

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He twisted the tip of his finger in easily, and she felt the burning ache of it enter her bowel. He spread the soap around inside her, and around the opening of her ass.

"Get ready for an ass fucking," he said, as he sopped the rest of the liquid onto his own cock, and once more, thrust the tip into her anus.

She cringed as the tip filled her little hole, and breathed deeply as he inched the rest of his long, hefty member into her. It seemed to get wider as it went up, and when his dick was in her to the balls, he thrust into her a little more, and she thought she felt a tear at her opening.

"Oh, please, god, this hurts, please, leave me alone," she cried. But the man smiled sinisterly down at her, and pulled his cock out quickly, then shoving it back in her again, harder. She found herself in great pain at first, but then the dull ache set in, and her clit started throbbing. She moaned as he slid in and out of her ass, as he grabbed her tits and rubbed them roughly, taking the nipples in his fingers and squeezing them as her breasts bounced up and down underneath her legs.

She tried to hide her face behind her legs. The man was coming to a climax, but stopped himself, looking up at the other guys. They all shared a look, and the black man popped out of her ass, flipped her over, and grabbed her hips as her ass raised into the air.

She was lying on her elbows and knees as the big bald man who was holding her arms dexterously slipped underneath her, his cock exposed. He shoved her legs apart with his legs, and grabbed his member, shoving it inside her. She felt her vagina fill up with his uncircumcised cock as before, and she groaned, letting go a bit of her inhibitions. She collapsed onto him, her massive heaving breasts in his face. He suckled them beneath her as he thrust into her pussy faster.

"God, you are so hot, your pussy is so hot. I want to fuck you and make you pregnant," he said with a mouthful of her tit. The black man, still behind her, took her raised ass in his hands and re-inserted his cock into it. She gasped as she felt both her holes filled with large cocks, as two pairs of balls slapped against her ass. She was beginning to feel herself work into another orgasm, the two cocks giving her feelings she had never imagined possible.

Just then, she heard another belt buckle rustling, and looked up to see the third man kneeling in front of her.


"You're gonna suck my cock, baby," he told her, and as she looked tiredly up at him, he grabbed the back of her head by her shiny copper hair, and rested her mouth on the tip of his dick. "Open up, bitch," he said, and just then the man in her ass thrust extremely hard, causing her to shout in pain.

The man at her face took the opportunity to fill her mouth with his member, and she choked down on it, even though it was small and half limp. It tasted salty and she couldn't breath very well. He grabbed her head with both hands and held it in place as his cock went deeper into her mouth.

She could feel it hitting the back of her throat, and she wretched, clenching down with her ass and pussy, tightening her muscles around the other men's cocks.

They groaned wildly in delight, and the one at her behind began shooting hot loads into her ass. The man at her mouth was still half-hard, but began shouting as he pushed farther and farther into her mouth.

"Suck it, cunt!" he yelled, as his penis began spurting shots into her mouth.

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She would not swallow it, and it filled her mouth with a horrible acidy bitterness. The man at her ass gave one final hard thrust, then slipped out of her with a pop. "Your ass is incredible, baby," he said, giving her a slap on the cheek. The man below her was still working hard on her pussy, while she lay exhausted on top of him. She felt his cock getting harder and harder inside her, and she began moaning on top of him, as her ass rested down on his hips. He grabbed her hips and began thrusting into her harder, moving her hips back and forth to his liking with his hands.

She rested her knees on either side of him, and he ordered her to ride him. "Move up and down on me, baby, come on," and she tiredly began clenching on his cock and moving up and down his pole. "Oh, god, you're the best, oh, god," he said, watching her tits jiggle as he bounced her. He grabbed her nipples and pulled them out a little, and she cried out, so he took both tits in each hand, squeezing them enough to leave red lines where his fingers had been.

"I want to knock you up, baby. You're going to get pregnant and you'll have to tell your boyfriend an old ugly guy fucked you, and you loved it!" She groaned as she felt his cock get wider and harder than she ever imagined it could.

His eyes began rolling back again, and she began grinding into him faster. "Oh, don't stop, you're so good, you're pussy is so hot, baby," he cried, saliva falling out of his mouth down to the floor. She squeezed very hard down onto his cock, feeling herself flush up her naked torso, her nipples hard as rocks and her breasts shivering. The man got still suddenly, then convulsed a bit, and she could feel his cum shooting up into her again, no doubt impregnating her.

She welcomed it, disgustedly, as she felt herself convulse as well. She then collapsed onto him as he continued pushing in and out of her slowly. She was exhausted and drunk, dizzy and terrorized. The man grabbed her head by the hair and pulled her off of him, pushing her over onto her back on the cold bathroom floor. He got up slowly, looking for his pants. The other men were dressed and were looking down at the beautiful used girl.

The fat bald man slapped her on the ass and said "thanks for the fuck, girly, but we have to go now." He knelt down next to her one last time, she was almost passed-out. Her nude body was so enticing. He grabbed his cock in one hand and placed it between her breasts, pushing the two tits together around it. They were still wet from all his saliva, and his cock pulsed up quickly again, seeing this poor tired girl's face and perfect tits surrounding his growing member. He wrested his large ass on her ribcage and began fucking her tits, spreading his sweaty ass over her, and dripping more saliva onto her chest.

He came quickly, spurting out a few loads onto her chin, lips and breasts. She groaned and reached up to her face to wipe off the cum. "No, leave it," he said, picking her up.

He carried her out of the bathroom and into the now-empty dorm room. "See you later, sleep well," he said, as she breathed out deeply and closed her eyes.