Dildo quick n deep into my wet gay ass

Dildo quick n deep into my wet gay ass
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Continued Straight from Part 1 I plunged my cock straight into Melissa's Pussy And was greater by moans of pleasure she began begging for more and was sticking her finger in her ass screaming"FUCK YES JESUS CHRIST I FUCKING LOVE COCK!!" I Was going at her really fast my cock going harder and harder by the second and Melissa's screams getting louder!

"FUCK ME RIGHT IN THAT PUSSY OH FUCK YES!" I felt her cum and felt her juices I could handle it and told her I was about to cum.


I removed my cock and she opened her mouth and I cumed in her mouth and all over her chin. She swallowed and smiled up at me Cum in her teeth. Suddenly I heard a scream and saw my sister standing in the doorway pizzas in her hand!


"Jess I thought you had a flat tire" I asked "I I got a cab home the cars in a garage!", But what the FUCK is going on hear?" "Oh please Jess you know I'll do anything for Cock!" exclaimed Melissa "And you would to your whore". What happened next surprised me!

My sister didn't protest against that statement butinstead smiled and told me to put some pants on. But before I could do that she came over and kissed my knob! I jumped back and she said "Oh I shouldn't of done that" and she walked out, Melissa wiped he Chin and followed picking up her Pizza on the way out.

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I walked over and picked up my pizza still quite confused! But I was happy with myself! About an hour later I had finished my pizza and was falling asleep on my bed when I was suddenly awoken but a doorbell!

I peeked out my door and Saw that it was pitch black in the house but there was a little light downstairs I saw my sister talking to 4 black dudes and smiling I also saw Melissa asleep on my sisters bed! My sister led the guys inside to the kitchen. She went to a dance school and was always rehearsing so this was no surprise that she brought people into the house!

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I sat on my bed and began playing on my laptop when I suddenly got quite thirsty! I got an empty glass that was Beside my bed and went downstairs.

I walked in to the kitchen and what I saw nearly gave me a heartattack my sister was on the floor on all fours one huge cock in her Ass another in her mouth and she was wanking off two huge cocks with both hands.

I yelled and she stopped looked and me and smiled then she continued on. I was surprised that I was getting a huge hard on by this Id never noticed my sister but to my surprise she Had massive tits about the size of melons and she had a really big ass but a really slim waist her body was perfect! She was moaning as The guy in her ass fucked her harder and she then opened wide as the guy infront cumed all over her face!

But just as one the guys she was wanking was about to move into position she told him to stop and Let Me go infront I laughed and told her she was crazy and I'll promise no to tell Mom about this!

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She then said "I don't give a fuck about Mom all I want is cock and you have one a pretty big one as I saw early and I want it even if were brother and sister! I Was just about to leave when the guy who was finished saw I was hard through my pants and pushed me into position! My sister saw my hard on threw my pants and pulled down my pants while being held up by the guy in the back!

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She started working on my shaft and was able to deep throat straight away I said stop but she continued! I couldn't help it so I began to moan and as I did she smiled and worked on my cock !

About 30 secs later she said switch and pushed me outta the way and pi was pushed to her side were she began to wank me of. I never thought of my sisters as a whore but from this I could see she obviously was! I was actually enjoying this more than with Melissa! I took some time to tame more notice of the guys who were in the gangbang with me!

At the back was Her English teacher mr Jones and on 1 hand was her Gym teacher Mr Hued and infront was to my surprise Melissa's dad! I thought you were with my parents I asked him he told me that he was but he left to come here to fuck Jess like he did every week! Jess obviously was a slut if she does this every week!

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Then I was suddenly told Switch and I had to jump to the ass. And then I saw how perfect her ass was it was big and jiggly and my cock fit in perfectly!

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I fucked her harder then I fucked Jess and outta no where I saw Meliissas Dad Cum in her hand which she rubbed on her tits! Then about 30 secs later Mr Jones cumed in her other hand and then I was about to cum and she said "OH FUCK YES CUM IN MY ASS WHO KNEW MY LITTLE BROTHER HAD SUCH A HUGE COCK! Which made Mr Hued cum all over her face And then I cumed in her as she smiled and all of us and kissed all our cocks!

When everybody left she turned and said to me I want your cock when ever I want? Deal? Deal I replied and Went back up to bed not really about what just happened but I wasn't complaining it felt great and I was feeling great I got into bed closed my eyes thinking about what will happen tomorrow hoping that it will be the same as to Today!

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