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It was shortly after noon and Neress was lying on the bed in the tiny chamber which had been turned into her cell. The winter sun shone through the translucent parchment covering the tiny window, doing nothing to chase the winter's chill from the room.

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A knock on the door was noted and discarded. Her mind was too full of trying to make sense out of the events of the past few days. Besides, she was a prisoner, and whether the door opened or not had nothing to do with her own wishes. Sure enough, after the polite raps the door swung open and one of her jailors slipped into the room.

Lady Bellemir was dressed in her winter work clothes, a long blue-gray woolen skirt, a thick dark-blue woolen overjacket, soft low-cut leather boots, and a floppy yellow woolen cap holding her hair. Neress shuddered as she realized that the lady's story of being able to dress lightly in the winter because she was less affected by the cold than most must be a lie. If Bellemir saw the shudder she ignored it, her round face smiling at Neress as if they were friends.

"May I sit dear?" Trying not to feel like a sullen child, Neress swung her legs off the side of the bed, the only piece of furniture in the room, and smoothed her skirts as she looked at the wall in front of her, momentarily wishing that she could get away with only two layers of clothing like the lady.

"There have been some developments dear. If you wish we can continue your training as a bodyguard. However, there's now another option available to you." Neress said nothing. What she wanted was to be a soldier, but her jailors would never permit that.

It allowed too many ways to pass on what she now knew. And whenever she tried to argue, she just ended up getting more confused. Saying nothing was the least painful route. "In short, we want to train you to kill mages." The words didn't make any sense to Neress. "You want me to kill mages?" she said, turning to look at the lady.

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"Yes." "But YOU'RE a mage!" Bellemir's smile grew momentarily wider, pleased that the woman was finally looking at her. "In a manner of speaking. More properly I'm a sorcerer, or sorceress if you prefer, but you'll learn more about that if you accept our offer." "I don't think I understand." "Well, we don't want you to kill all mages, of course. However, magic offers temptations that aren't given to the ungifted, and one thing you were taught about magic is true.

Any mage can do enormous harm if he, or she, so chooses." Bellemir continued, "Until yesterday we thought that the only way to stop a rogue mage was with another mage. Since we've learned differently we want to give you this opportunity. We'll train you in how to kill mages, and also in morals and ethics so that you know when to kill mages." "You want to corrupt me." Bellemir frowned.

"Please don't be like that. We want to give you the information you need to make up your own mind. What do you really know about magic after all? We'll teach you the history behind your beliefs, and permit you to decide whether to keep them or change them on your own." Neress had been afraid of this, every time she talked to her jailors she grew more confused.

"Why not just change my mind for me?" she said, picking up an argument she'd thought of yesterday and hadn't had a chance to use yet. "First of all, because we can't. I won't deny that we know a mage who might be able to change your thoughts, but we can't ourselves. That's another thing we'll teach you. The limits of magic.

More importantly, however, we feel that we don't have the moral authority to make undesired sweeping changes to another person. It would become too easy to rely on that and cause a situation to get worse because we can't be bothered. We decided long ago that if someone causes too much trouble we'll kill them instead of taking the easy way out." "Like you'll kill me if I decide to reveal your secret. "Yes." Strangely enough, Neress found that comforting.

Everyone died eventually after all, but having her mind changed by force would be rape of the worst sort. "What if you give me all that training and I decide you're all evil." Bellemir shook her head, "We have no way of knowing.

It depends on our situation and what you believe. If we're actively at war, for example, it's quite possible that you'll be paroled to whoever we're fighting." Neress thought. If there was a trick involved in the offer, Neress couldn't figure out what it was.

Apparantly Bellemir thought she'd said enough because she didn't interrupt as Neress tried to figure out all the ramifications. While it didn't make sense to waste all that training on someone who would betray them, it also didn't make sense that they'd give her all that training and then rape her mind.

But if they weren't going to mindrape her how could they know that her training was worth what it would cost? And if they were teaching her properly surely she'd be able to keep them out of her mind?

"If I say yes, what's the next step?" "First, you'll swear to keep the secrets of House Blythe for five years or until your training is finished, whichever comes first. Second, I'll give you some ornaments to wear at all times. Third, I'll take you somewhere more appropriate for your first lessons." Neress took a deep breath.


"Then, I agree that for so long as I recieve training in combatting magic, or until five years have passed that I will keep the secrets of House Blythe." Bellemir paused for moment, and then nodded.

"Agreed. That's actually far better than what we had in mind." Reaching into her girdle Bellemir then proceeded to pull out some leather thongs connected to a bit of metal. "You'll wear this on your wrist for the time being. Eventually you'll get something better, but we had to improvise last night." As Bellemir separated the thongs Neress saw that the metal part was shaped like a cross, only one arm was a loop instead of being straight.


"What's that?" "The form is called an ankh. This particular one is different from most to work better for you." Neress tried to keep her voice steady, but a quaver of fear crept into it anyway.

"What will it do to me?" "Do to you?" "What sort of spell will it cast on me?" Bellemir closed her eyes momentarily.

"That's enough of that dear. I don't need a item to use magic on you all I have to do.

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. ." The last words were lost as Neress was suddenly overcome by lust. She gasped and pushed herself back against the wall at the head of the bed as her breasts tightened and her cunt gushed. Though she didn't know where the thought came from she couldn't help but admire Bellemir's lips.

Though thinner than most women's they were completely unchapped, unlike everyone else's at this time of year, and wonderfully mobile. Neress could imagine how wonderful they would feel touching and kissing her lips, and breasts, and traveling down across her body. . With a moan she tried to look away, but all she could do was move her gaze to Bellemir's hands. They weren't as perfect as her lips, callused in certain places from the instruments she handled regularly, and Neress suddenly wondered how those calluses would feel against her breasts.

She could imagine those capable fingers pushing her thighs apart and then dipping into her cunt and pressing. . Though still trying to push herself into the wall Neress moaned even louder, arching her back and pushing her breasts in Bellemir's direction. "Stop!" she moaned. "Please!" The sudden let down was intense, a mild orgasm shuddering through her body.

Neress fell back onto the bed completely limp as her arousal simply vanished, going to nothing in no time at all. Her eyes fluttering open, she saw Bellemir leaning over her with a gaze that mixed satisfaction and concern. "That's a spell Neress. I don't need need special words or gestures, amulets or potions.

I just form the pattern in my mind and the magic happens. Depending on how complex an effect I need and how much I've practiced, I may need time, sometimes a lot of it, but I'm very familiar with that spell. Now hold out your wrist." Neress did as she was told, and Bellemir pushed up her sleeve and started tying the leather thongs to lay the ankh flat against her wrist.

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"I admire the way you handled yourself. I expected you to jump me. It's what I would have done at that level, and I know you enjoy women. What you did is a good. You have a strong will and can control yourself under pressure." Neress suddenly realized that Bellemir was actually talking more to herself than to her and was actually a little upset that Neress hadn't jumped her. The thought seemed strangely out of place though. Sort of floating out there with nothing connected to it.

"Oops. I seem to have brought you too far down. Let me know as soon as you feel normal." Bellemir began massaging the hand she'd just put the ankh on. Neress immediately started to feel better as Bellemir's warm hands enclosed her own and started rubbing lightly, warming and loosening. Then, as one hand held the back of Neress's hand, the other started stroking and pressing the muscles of her palm, stroking away tension and sending tingles up Neress's arm, tingles which stopped to circle her wrist and then moved up her arm to spread throughout her body.

Neress had never thought that simply massaging a hand could be so stimulating, but as Bellemir moved on to stroke individual fingers, she realized her hand wasn't the only thing growing warmer.

When Neress turned to look at her, Bellemir stopped the massage, though she kept the hand warmly clasped between her own. "Feeling better?" Neress looked at the serious face above her and brought her other hand up to stroke Bellemir's cheek. "A little." Her hand moved to the back of Bellemir's neck and she pulled Bellemir down as she in turn pulled herself up. Lips met in a languid kiss, but the position was too awkward to keep up for long, and the two broke apart.

When the two broke apart, Neress looked and was pleased to see, from Bellemir's closed eyes, parted lips, and shorter breaths, that she hadn't misjudged. Moving both her hands to the lady's waist, a quick heave pinned her between Neress and the cell wall, the narrowness of the bed pushing the women's bodies together, breast to breast, stomach to stomach, hip to hip, their breath touching the other's face.

Lips met, then tongues touched and began to dance; exchanging caresses, moving from mouth to mouth, touching deeply. Finally, the kiss broke by mutual consent. Gazing on Bellemir's face, Neress stroked her side several times, and then began to laugh. "What?" Bellemir said in a hurt tone. "It's just. . between this cot and our clothes there's not much else we can do now? Much as I might like to." Bellemir's eyes danced.

"Oh, I think we can manage something." As the two moved back into a kiss, Bellemir's feet moved under Neress's skirts, caressing her legs and pushing the skirt upward.

At the same time Bellemir took Neress's hand and brought it under her coat to where the drawstring of her skirt was fastened. As Neress undid the drawstrings on Bellemir's skirts, and moved beneath them to lightly stroke the lady's stomach, ass, and thighs, Bellemir continued to work Neress's skirts towards her waist finally reaching the point where her free hand could dip inside Neress's pantaloons.

Finally, together, the two women touched the other's slit. Neress was surprised to find Bellemir's pussy nearly hairless and uncovered by pantaloons, or even panties. Bellemir, in turn, enjoyed the softness of Neress's slit in her muscular body. Hands explored further, stroking, caressing, and occasionally tugging; and the two bodies started moving against each other.

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Though the narrowness of the bed restrained their actions, breast was rubbed against breast, arousing the pair even through their multiple layers of clothing. Soon the two were gasping and moaning into their kiss as the fingers of each plunged deeper and more roughly into the body of the other. With Bellemir's every touch pleasure surged through Neress, ebbing only to go on to a higher peak. Then as Bellemir cried into her partner's mouth, she flipped her hand and pushed her thumb into Neress's asshole.

The sensation as her asshole was penetrated and fingers continued to play in her slit pushed Neress over the top.


She screamed her pleasure into her partner's mouth as the two writhed together in mutual orgasm. Warm and satisfied for the first time in weeks, Neress picked Bellemir up to lie on top of her as she layed back on the narrow bed. "Mmmmmm," she said, stroking Bellemir's hair. "Mmmmmm," Bellemir replied. "That was nice. Much as I'd like to stay like this though, we still have some work to do."

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