Maestra buenona de matematicas con tetas deliciosa follando

Maestra buenona de matematicas con tetas deliciosa follando
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Prologue This is a Fantasy, don't read on if College Girls, Forced, Extreme, Heavy, interracial, public nudity, humiliation, cannibalism, snuff, piercing by red hot meat hooks, attacks by Crocodiles, bad grammar and rape with a touch of ironic humour are not your scene. Maybe fifty per cent of it is based on or plagiarised from "Humanitarian famine assistance" by Rotneb, it started as an edit but it's now substantially different to that story which received reviews of 2/10 and even 1/10.

All characters are entirely fictitious apart from the fat cow who works in the office next door and knows who she is, oh and Amanda who is gorgeous, and Emily who works in the Deli where I buy my lunch. =================================== Part One. There was a real sense of destiny in the cavernous interior of the Ambrose lecture hall at the University and Kathy listened intently as Professor Williams came to the end of his lecture . "And now as I come to the end of this necessarily brief overview of our work, to alleviate the problems of hunger and starvation in Africa, I shall leave you to consider how much this is situation due to wars or climate and how much to politicians." His words echoed around the University lecture hall as the small group of undergraduates from the Overseas aid society, as Kathy nervously waited to give her prepared Thank - you speech "Is there anything we can do to help?" Alicia asked, "Like give money or food or something?" "Oh yes," the Professor stood again, "Money is essential but the politics are impossible," "How do you mean, sir, is it the Republicans?" A guy in the third row asked earnestly.

"Political negotiations are underway but it takes time, so we are dependent on contribution from charities or individuals to keep people alive unto the politicians react, The contribution does not need to be money, we intend to fly food directly to the starving, We are happy to receive food at our temporary aid centre at 96 Thornton anytime." "You're just asking for canned food?" someone asked.

"Oh no we will be equally happy to receive cans and cereals and even live animals for slaughter. Live animals keep the meat fresh right up until we slaughter them." "What in Africa?" A young bearded guy asked.

The professor shook his head, "Unfortunately, No, the Politicians have ruled the export of live animals from the US to Africa for slaughter is illegal, standards used in slaughterhouses are unacceptable to US animal welfare activists and we can't get government approval, but of course Muslim Africans won't accept our meat as they can't see it is killed according to their rituals.

It is worst in remote rural villages, where people struggle to carry grain or flour yet Cattle could easily walk there, it means people perhaps will die before the food arrives." "So what's the answer?" "Just plug away at the Politicians," the professor admitted, "but please, if have you a brilliant solution, just let me know." there was a ripple if laughter and then as Kathy saw there were no more raised hands she rose and gave her prepared speech, "May I on behalf of the," she began and soon the Professor smiled and stepped down from the lectern signalling the lecture was indeed over.

Students gathered in groups after the lecture. "Why can't the Politicians put people first why must change happen so slowly? someone asked. "Because no one will take the lead." someone replied, "It's always a question of money. No politician will risk upsetting the animal rights lobby, they donate far too much money. " "Yes, but we must tackle it now. " Kathy's friend Linda suggested. "The worst thing is that we could get meat to the inaccessible villages, if only we could export live cows, and that could mean the difference between people dying or keeping them alive.

" Kathy suddenly had an idea, "We need to show that animals can be quickly delivered on the hoof to remote outlying villages, I have an idea, maybe we could dress up as cows and have a demonstration, I'll speak to my girl-friends, something that maybe can draw attention to the problem, I'll ring round as soon as I get home." Kathy started phoning immediately with her cell phone "Hi Tina, we have just finished an information session about the famine in Africa and I would like to talk to you about it.

Can we meet?" "Yes," Tina agreed, "Tomorrow Ten o'clock by the Library and bring some of your girlfriends." Kathy continued, " Only girls, yes, it's a girl action and I guess we all need to be at least 18." Tania agreed, "OK, I'll see you at 10 o'clock." Kathy rang Rhoda "What is it about?" "It is a surprise.

Try to get as many girls as possible." "What is it about?" Rhoda asked. "Let's just say it's a very provocative all girl action for the hungry in Africa." "Ok it sounds intriguing" Rhoda agreed, "I'll tell Mona, we'll be there." Next morning Kathy was up at six working on her plan, she rang Professor Williams, "Hi, I have an idea!" she said, "A mass demonstration by the Library!" "With a marching band and," suggested the Professor as he struggled to wake up.

"Oh, no, just girls." she said wishing she had thought it through, "You really need the Radio and TV there, to make an impact, maybe some kind of angle, maybe you have an anorexic friend who can pretend to be starving?" he suggested. "No, sorry," Kathy said "We will have a meeting and maybe make some cow suits to wear and posters for Sunday." "Do you have cow suits?" he asked.

"No but we can make some!" she exclaimed. "Wear swimsuits then, the TV Cameramen love naked flesh, anything to get their attention." "Could you fly us to Africa to make the point how quick we could do it?" Kathy asked.

"Sure our 747 goes East Tomorrow and a week tomorrow and comes back through USAF Okinawa so no problem. Kathy rang the TV station when they opened the switchboard at eight thirty,"I think you'll like this story, its an all girl action for change to African Aid rules, down at the Campus Library at ten this morning!" Kathy was at the Library by nine fifteen and she waited anxiously in case no one turned up, she had borrowed a megaphone and suddenly from nothing about fifty girls seemed to have arrived so she switched it on and nervously started to address the gathering, "Hey good to see so many of you here, I think I'll get started, I think everyone's here that's coming." she paused for breath and continued, "I'm sure you want to contribute this action to obtain food for the people affected by famine in Africa.

Maybe one or two wont go for it but here is my proposal, so we can discuss it." She paused again and continued "Last evening Linda and I went to a Lecture by the organisation Food Aid For Africans. It was very traumatic but our Politicians are stopping FAFA's efforts to provide help to the areas affected by famine.

People are dying in droves from hunger." She paused again, "Food on the hoof, that is the answer, ship live animals in planes and walk them the last few miles like the wild west." "So," someone asked. "Politicians wont work together, ours wont export live animals, their people wont trust our dead meat all we need is permission to export cows, which could walk to the remote villages." "So what are you saying?" "We should pretend to be the cows," Kathy suggested, "Get the TV to film us", "What do you mean?

Do you really think we should be sent to Africa, as cows, as meat? "No but as publicity, one day we are here in the USA and two days later we're in the remotest villageOf course, we're not actually being sent sent to Africa as food.


But if we could provoke enough media interest maybe the politicians will have to do something, maybe we can force them to let us send live cows to feed the hungry." Kathy paused again, "I spoke to FAFA and they can fly us to Africa no problem, but to get TV coverage we need to do something provocative," she paused again, "Now to the most difficult part, how do we do it? Well we could strip completely naked.

Yes, you heard right." Kathy said, "But perhaps not butt naked perhaps, but bare breasted, our breasts representing a cow's udders, we all go topless on the beach on vacation so why not on this great cause." There was an uneasy silence. "We need to go completely topless to the main square and act as a human traffic as a first step." Linda suggested as she grabbed the megaphone to break the silence. "People will think we are just like prostitutes, if we do that!" someone said from the edge of the group.

"Not if we all do it, it is an action to help the disaster victims. It is a humane action. It will be obvious when we set up posters." Kathy reassured her.

"I'm with you," Linda announced and she slipped off her tee shirt and Brassier so her ample breasts spilled out, "Just panties and shoes girls, shall we?" "Yes let's do something dramatic to wake the politicians up." "Yes, it will be fun to provoke those fuddy duddies I've never been naked in public before, but I will do it for a good cause." another girl said as she stripped to the waist.

"But the guys will stare." another girl exclaimed "Oh, Esmee you're not shy!" her friend reminded her. "No, we'll do it all together." Kathy insisted, "We should just pretend to be cows for a day or two. I'm ready for the action, as a human cow." Kathy saw to her amazement everyone was stripping to the waist "Lets go to the square right now!" she said and the girls just threw their discarded clothes in side the Library Foyer and began to run almost naked down the street, car horns honked and the TV camera man and reporter suddenly got very excited.

Several of the girls were still nervous but the excitement carried them along. They jogged down the blacktop slowing the traffic to a crawl until they got to the City square, they hadn't time to prepare posters so they chanted " Food Aid For Aricans, Live Cows for Africa," until the Sheriff and deputies can to investigate why the traffic was all snarled up and horns were honking.

Sheriff Hansden knew Kathy well, "Hey why are you girls naked in the street Kathy, I don't think your dad would approve you're usually such a good girl? " " We need to demonstrate to help to get food to Africa's hungry." she told him.

"What kind of crazy idea is that girl. It's not really wise to walk around half naked. If you don't go home or get covered up soon I'm going to have to arrest you." "Professor Williams says he will fly us to Africa, will you call him?" Kathy asked. "Well if he fetches you within the hour I'll let it go this time." the Sheriff agreed, you got his number?" Kathy pulled a card from her shoe and Sheriff called the Professor on his cell phone. The Professor was watching the demonstration on the TV in his motel room, his Cattle truck with "Cows for Africa" logo which he used for publicity was outside and he quickly agreed to collect the girls.

He called his driver and they set off to collect the girls almost immediately.and they timed it so they were there just within the hour and he smiled to the TV camera as he undid the ramp and ushered the laughing and cheering girls into the Truck. "Why are you doing this," The TV reporter asked Professor Williams as though he thought the whole plan was the professor's idea.

"Maybe it's a bit extreme but we do it here in a good reason. Politicians are stopping us from sending food to the starving in Africa so we this will provoke the politicians to do something". "How will you do that, get the politicians motivated get the negotiations started?" "Easy enough. We send the girls as symbolic human cows. symbolising fresh meat, ready for export to Africa., and they will be airborne within the hour.

I have a cameraman on board, will you come too?" the Professor asked. "No, I can't but." he said in confusion. "There's no checks on people joining a cargo flight," the professor explained, "but Cows need twenty seven separate forms and they can't be exported to Africa for slaughter period, it's ridiculous when you can legally export girls for slaughter and not Cows." "That sure is weird!" he agreed and as the tailgate was lifted the TV man filmed through the gaps in the slatted sides of the truck as the girls were driven away.

"Well, there you have it," the reporter joked "there you also have something delicious meat, a truck full of beautiful human cows, Kathy Tripps and her friends, I guess they'll rejoice in Africa to get such a delicious offering." The truck bumped along "Obviously we girls will not end up as food. but by doing this we will force the politicians hand and help the hungry people in Africa." Kathy said as they bumped along. "Yes, but wouldn't I be a delicious piece of meat?" said a grinning Linda as shook her body and her breasts swung provocatively.

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"What about our Lectures, my essay is due on Friday!" someone complained. "We'll be back for Friday," Linda said, "Don't worry!" The TV station had now sold the story nationwide so people were watching the the story coast to coast and the TV station MMTV had found Mr Schmidt from FAFA to interview, "My name is William Schmidt from the organisation 'Food Aid For Africans'." he said in his German accent, "Yesterday evening after a lecture by my colleague Professor Williams, these girls spontaneously agreed to be sent to Africa as meat to feed the starving." "Surely they don't, mean to be eaten!" the reporter responded.

"Oh yes!" he said, "Unless the Govenerment relax their ban on live cow exports the girls will literally feed the starving." the paused, "But I'm sure the government will see sense, you see we are taking money and tinned food to Africa, but most of it doesn't get to those who are dying of hunger.

We need to get fresh meat to the starving and girls are made of meat". The reporter continued, "I think that these young naked girls already have helped your cause a lot, even if the Africans don't actually get to eat them, they have been a splendid advertisement for your organisation 'Food for all Africans'." The Truck arrived at the the old military Airfield just outside town,where the big FAFA jet plane was loading rice and maize and canned food for Africa.

Professor Williams put down the ramp and invited the girls to climb into the plane, it was a 747 Jumbo jet combi - freighter with just a few passenger seats in the forward fuselage and in the hump behind the cockpit. The Professor counted fifty six girls and he had them sit in the lower seats and strap in, the engines were already running, and soon they were taxiing ready for takeoff.

None of the girls wanted to end up as food, but Professor Williams distributed donation forms to the girls, "If you could just itemise and sign only you will need to be shown as donations to avoid import duty when we arrive," Kathy looked again on the headline: Donation of aid to the organisation 'Food Aid For Africans'.

Social Security number, address and city, nature of donation. Once more she read the rest of the text: Your donation is a gift that can only be used for emergency relief to needy people on the African continent. Organisation 'Food Aid For Africans' will on request disclose where any donated money or food is used and who the beneficiaries are.

"What do we put for donation," a girl asked. "Meat! I guess," someone laughed. The flight was long and boring but there was an old movie and there was food and the girls laughed and chattered and some even reclined their seats and slept. Professor Williams addressed the girls as they approached the destination, "If you could fasten your seat belts, and have your forms ready so we can get you through customs quickly, if you could please wait in the plane until you are called." He paused and said pleasantly "We're nearly there, there's plenty of food if anyone is hungry?" The plane descended and landed lightly on the sandy airstrip in the darkness the precedes the dawn.

There was hectic activity at the aid centre, getting ready for the reception of the girls. A large storage room with a few small high windows had been cleared ready for them and a few hundred yards away a reception room had been prepared with a desk and a good stock of iron chains and chains and neck rings was laid on the floor and covered by some old blankets.

The plane door opened "Amy Abrams" someone called and Amy went to the door and was led away, past the aircraft nose, she struggled to hear over the whine of the engines. A Uniformed African sat at the reception desk, "Miss Abrams?" he asked. "Yes," she agreed. "Have you anything to declare." he asked. "No," she giggled, "just me!" "Ah, so you are meat for the starving?" he asked. "A human Cow?" "Yes!" she giggled.

"We have some chains, I thought it would be more authentic," Professor Williams suggested as he joined them, "For the cameras." Amy looked shocked as she saw the pile of iron chains and neck rings as an African aid worker uncovered them, Now, suddenly it seemed serious she didn't want to be chained but she was far from home and alone and didn't know what else to do so she just remained completely still as the Professor put an iron clamp around her neck and locked it with a padlock.

"Is that too tight?" he asked. she shook her head so he took two wrist clamps and put them on her wrists and chained them behind her back, "That will look good for the Cameras, will you go to the lounge with Mr Akaido while we do the others please." he asked, "Oh just one thing cows don't wear panties and shoes, do you mind!" he said and he motioned to Akaido who pulled down Amys panties.

"No please!" Amy wailed but she could do nothing to prevent it as Akaido lifted her feet in turn and pulled off her expensive trainers and short white socks, leaving her chained and completely naked. Akaido took her to the next shed some way away, where a uniformed officer and two soldiers waited for them,"Contraband?" the officer insisted, "Have you any?" he asked, "No!" Amy squealed "Where could I possibly hide contraband?" "In mouth, in Pussy, up ass hole," he said, "Open your mouth," he ordered and he took his torch and shone it in her mouth.

"Is clear, OK Pussy." "No!" Amy protested but one Soldier held her while the other took his stick and jammed it into Amy soft pink pussy, driving it hard and mercilessly between her soft pink almost virginal lips until five of its eight inches were buried deep within her. She screamed but instead of removing it his colleague tried to pry her anus open with his stick instead , "Stop for gods sake stop!" Amy screamed. "But why, you are here for 'Food Aid For Africans'." the Officer asked incredulously, "You are here as a livestock to be slaughtered for food, so surely you cannot complain when we check you for contraband like we would an animal?" "No!" she screamed, but the soldiers grasped her buttocks and dragged the skin around her ass hole tight until they could get her ass hole open and drive the stick almost six inches inside her.

"We will give you something to eat and water to drink but you are now an animal so you will be kept in chains." Th Officer insisted, "That way it is easiest for everyone." Amy could do nothing then they took her to the store room.

One by one they took the girls from the plane and chained them with iron clamps around their necks and wrists each locked with a padlock and stripped them and checked their mouths and pussies and asses for drugs buy forcing their truncheons deep inside the unwilling girls and then they found there were iron rings in the wall of the store room so each girl was first chained to the wall by the neck ring and four feet of iron chain and then their wrists were connected by more chains so sets of seven naked girls were chained together.

They filmed everything on a webcam, and sent a live feed to William Schmidt in the USA who was pleased with the outcome. "Put the girls together in 7 day dinner packages," he suggested "one a day for a week for eight weeks for a village of about 100 hungry people, or maybe one week for eight Villages".

So the girls were stripped and searched and shackled in batches of seven in the big store room, their screams muffled by the 747's jet engines which were still idling, finally Professor William came to address them once more and again they screamed and pleaded "Please, don't do it set us free we tried to help you, why do you want to kill us!" they demanded. "Sorry girls, you donated yourselves as meat, as food to the starving in Africa.

you all signed the forms," he said, "I expected the Government to agree our demands by now but they think we aen't serious so it looks like you're making the ultimate sacrifice to save others and we thank you most sincerely." "No!" they pleaded.

"You will be remembered as heroes!" he insisted. "But we never agreed to this!" they protested "Look the forms are here, read them Sarah" the professor ordered. "Read line five." "Live animals for food supply for hunger relief, Humanitarian aid," she read, "human female cows for food supply, red meat, Gross weight (kg) 3360 kg - Weight per unit (kg) 60 kg 56 Units," she read "Please we are not animals, we are human beings." Kathy pleaded.

"Humans are animals, they are not plants or minerals are they?" the professor exclaimed. Kathy had to agree. "But," she said "Surely people will not eat human beings, human cows." "When they are starving they will, you can be sure of it. You are just high quality tasty meat to them, a bit like Gorilla or Chimpanzee which they eat as a delicacy so I don't think these hungry people will hesitate to eat such a delicious meal." It was nearly two hours before all the girls were chained up naked in batches of seven.

Aid workers came down with clip boards and started to unchain certain girls. "W'what are you doing!" Kathy asked. "We need equal weight of meat for each delivery so we swap around." he said. "Oh god, can I be with Linda," she asked, "Linda Maesten," "Yes of course, come." the man said and led her away He chained Kathy to the group with Linda, Emily,Trudy, and Dawn, and later the beautiful blonde haired blue eyed Amelia and the sexy Latino Caprice were added to their group.

A native man naked except for a loin cloth came and unhooked the first seven girls and led them away chained together they cried "Goodbye" and tried to resist but he had a whip and the pain was unbearable. The girls realised they would became separated as the food aid was distributed to various destinations and the naked girls really felt what it was like to be a cow.

They were ordered to be quiet and the aid workers began to use their whips on the girls if they tried to talk to each other and they were just dragged around like any other animals for slaughter. Kathy had never been in Africa before and she resigned herself to dying and she understood it was logical that if the professor wanted to threaten they would be slaughtered to get concessions from the government, then it made sense that the girls were kept naked and treated like animals.

The man with the Loin cloth came back and unlocked the chain with Kathy and the other six naked girls and they were pulled outside where their hands were unchained and they were shown some some mixed bags and boxes. Without a word a man lifted heavy bag of rice onto the first girl's head and he made a sign for her to hold it in place The bags were heavy, and a similar bag of rice was placed on each girls head.

The man tugged the chain and slashed with the whip and the naked girls were made to carry the heavy loads to a truck which they were made to climb into wan which then drove off down the dusty track at breakneck speed jolting crazily over the ruts for miles until the track ended at a ravine with a shattered bridge.

Just one rusted twisted girder was left from the ruined bridge, only just wide enough to walk across, and the girls were made to get down from the Truck and pick up the bags again and walk naked and barefoot across the bridge where if one fell so the whole group would have been dragged to their death and once on solid land they were made to continue naked and barefoot through the arid wilderness. Later Kathy wished she had jumped, death would have been quick and merciful.

They plodded on through the mid day sun and still a man filmed them with a Camcorder. Could people really live here? Kathy wondered, If they did they certainly needed aid to survive. Kathy looked down at her naked body and onto the other naked girls.

She was dusty and filthy, she thought back to college and wished she had never tried to help the starving and had never gone to the lecture, she was distraught, suppose the government didn't agree the professor's demands, she would die! She realised she was as nothing, just meat.

She wondered how many days had she left to live? She saw a small group of Negroes waiting, a small group of tribesmen, one of the aid workers explained without the naked girls understanding a word but they knew the outcome: they were the Meat delivery. The tribal people seemed shocked at first. Then after some discussion, they smiled and began to examine and feel the naked girls, and assessed their meat just like they did with other animals.

Kathy tried to protect herself, but she got a slap across her face and with tears in her eyes, she had to accept the humiliation. Again a rice bag was placed on Kathy's head. The other naked girls also stood ready with bags or boxes on their heads, while the Tribesmen took the rest of the emergency boxes on their heads.

One of the Tribesmen took the chain with the seven naked girls and pulled them behind him as if they were normal animals. Kathy was forced to follow when the chain tightened, but she saw there was a discussion, and the aid worker handed over the Camcorder to a Tribesman and Kathy realised they were left completely naked and alone now the Aid workers had gone.

Kathy felt already the weight of the bag with rice on her head. She could not carry it very far. Constantly whipped, her feet bruised and cut by stones and dried branches which sliced into the soft bare soles of her feet.

Her feet were in agony already after she had barely gone the first few hundred yards on the hard sun-baked red soil. She had never walked barefoot before and her feet were soft from always wearing shoes and after maybe a mile of flints and stones the naked girl in front of Kathy began to leave traces of blood on the ground, but the Negroes were uninterested; they just pulled the naked white girls along and whipped them when they were too slow.

Shortly after sunset, the group stopped at an isolated hut. The naked girls put their loads on the ground then they were led to a large dead tree that stood a little way from the hut where the free end of the iron chain was fastened around the trunk with a large padlock.

One of the tribe was left to look after the naked girls and he made a small bonfire from branches to keep the wild animals away. They built a bigger bonfire at the hut and some meat was hung from a framework of branches and some meat was roasted and smoked over the flickering flames of the open fire, Later the girls were given some of this meat to eat. Kathy thought it looked like eel and ate away until one of the girls told her it was snake meat.

Kathy suddenly felt quite ill.

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A little later they naked girls were given water from a canteen which looked like an animal's stomach The water was lukewarm and tasted awful but the girls were so thirsty it tasted like fine wine to them and they drank greedily. Shortly after the exhausted naked girls fell asleep on the rock hard sunbaked ground.

Kathy had had only just fallen asleep when she was awakened by a man. She looked up at him. he lifted his loin cloth the only clothing he wore and revealed short fat but very stiff cock.

She refused to accept that she should be raped. "No. No, you must not." she shouted and screamed. The man did not understand her not, but smiled at her resistance.

She was just an animal. He never raped any animals before, though a few others said that it was fun. Well, he reasoned these animals were different, they resembled even the young women at home in the village, but these animals were white.

He turned the screaming Kathy around on to her hands and knees and sat down on one knee behind her and pressed his stiff, expectant cock into her soft pink cunt and began pushing back and forth. He felt her animal heat engulfing his cock, an her resistance faded as she became aroused and her juices flowed. Her protests were replaced by the moaning he expected from the girls at home.

Kathy could not believe that she was enjoying his attentions, that her juices were flowing, her nipples straining and she was almost disappointed when he quickly exploded inside her. The rape had not been as bad as Kathy expected. She had never had a sex with a black man before and the rapid thrusts of his short cock had crushed her clit against his crotch sending waves of euphoria crashing through her tormented brain, and she was on the very edge of orgasm when he grunted and expelled his thin watery cum inside her, she was left unfulfilled and disappointed, to be denied an orgasm, She secretly hoped that he would try again, less frenziedly perhaps, and then she felt sick that she had let a stranger abuse her so.

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It was not the same Negro next time. Another man came and turned her violently on her back. He almost threw himself upon her and forced her legs aside. Brutally he forced his cock into her slippery spunk filled pussy and pumped away. She screamed with the harsh treatment but her body betrayed her and her orgasm came violently, she couldn't understand why she had enjoyed such a brutal rape and she started crying.

Kathy slowly realised that the other naked girls were also being raped. One by one other men raped her until she didn't care.

She was exhausted when the men disappeared to the cottage. Kathy heard a lion roar a little away just before she fell into a pain wracked but contented sleep. The men took turns to watched over the naked girls.The fresh live meat must be brought home to the villagers. It must not be eaten by wild animals. The next day was hard for the naked girls. The sun baked down from a cloudless sky, while the naked girls were led through the rocky, rugged terrain.

Few plants were found outside the Wadis. In and around the Wadis, in which there was sometimes a little water, was the parched African bush with thorn trees with large dried thorns that scratched in the girls' naked skin and caught their long hair bringing the procession to a halt.

The African men sometimes eased the naked girls hair out of the thorns when they got tangled up but soon they just hacked their hair off with their knives instead and sometimes they took the thorns out of the girls' naked feet, when they limped.

They also kept the wild animals at bay. Even the few lions and Hyenas dared not to attack to get a slice of the delicious meat. The naked girls were dead tired that night, and again had to endure a mass rape before they could sleep.

In the afternoon on the third day they reached the village. From a distance it was just a collection huts made of clay that stood in the dreary red landscape.

As they came closer Kathy could see people sitting outside in the shade of the huts. A few children came to meets them. Kathy was shocked to see how the thin children were their legs were almost only bones and ribs were heavily marked. The heads appeared abnormally large, with sunken eyes.

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Some of the children had distended stomachs a sure sign of malnutrition. The children were surprised to see the naked white girls. What were they here? They were chained as slaves. What were slaves here to; there was certainly no food for them and what work could they do they wondered?

The naked girls were drawn into the centre of the village, where their loads were unloaded them and the naked girls were made to stand with the other aid supplies. Slowly move the villagers forward. They looked like skeletons, completely starved.

Some of the people were just lying in front of their huts. There seemed to be about eighty people, one painfully thin but distinguished looking man had a huge Rolex watch dangling loosely on his wrist and an air of authority but he stayed firmly in the background.

Kathy had seen pictures of starving Africans. But this was something else. Malnourished people with blank look in the almost dried-up eyes. All were terribly thin. A young mother, younger than Kathy, had a baby in her arms. Kathy could not believe that there was milk in the mother's breasts, they sagged so sadly. The child looked like it was near death, it was terrible! Why had the people not received relief from the world community? she wondered. After a short time the villagers looks toward the naked white girls with wonder into their eyes.

Shortly after, their wonder changed to joy, as it were informed that the naked girls were brought as animals and food. There was a light of hope in the people's eyes. Kathy had almost forgotten why she and the other six naked girls were here.

Kathy had genuine compassion for the poor people to the point that she was almost embarrassed that she didn't want to die so they could eat her and live. The naked girls could not understand what was being said but they could see the people's reactions. The girls looked nervous and afraid against villagers, who now walked toward them. Once again the seven naked girls had to submit to being checked and prodded for their meat quality as though they were animals.

Kathy held her breath, as several of the gaunt women with their crooked fingers examined her. Smiling and gesticulating they marvelled at the amount of succulent fresh meat on the girls plump breasts and thighs. Kathy cried. She looked down at a very thin little girl about three years old, The little girl looked at her with her big brown eyes, she was almost just skin and bones and she found it difficult not to faint. A woman lifted the starving child up in her arms like she was nothing, she seemed as light as a feather.

The tiny little black girl clung to her mother while she peered at the big naked white girl. The mother pointed to Kathy naked body and said something. The little girls eyes lit up like she got a Christmas present. Kathy had no doubt that the girl now knew that the naked white girls were just food for the village. Kathy actually felt a tinge of pride to know that she could help to save the lives of the little African girl and all the other children in the village.

But she wished she didn't have to die. One of the women had forced her bony finger hard into Kathy's right breast. The woman smiled and chatted with the other women as she pinched Kathy's breast emphasising how succulent the breast meat would be, and amused themselves with Kathy's reactions to her treatment.

After the inspection, the naked girls were dragged to a dead tree at the edge of the village's open space. They fastened and locked the chain securely to the tree with one of the padlocks.


At the other end of the open square some women had built a big fire in a pit. There was no doubt; at least one of the naked girls would be this evening's dinner. The villagers had to eat before they went to bed.

The naked girls' nervousness increased. Who would be the first on the menu? The women from the fire came along prodding each naked girl in turn they gripped each girls breasts and buttocks and lags and arms trying to find the plumpest Kathy decided.

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After some time, they decided Emily was the chosen one and they looked towards the fire where the man with the Rolex watch was standing, he took the ceremonial head dress he was a carrying and placed it upon his head and looked carefully at Emily for some moments before he smiled a broken toothed smile and said, "Ah" just the one affirmative word and sealed Emily's fate and one of the Tribesmen took a huge bunch of keys and unlocked the terrified naked girl in front of Kathy from the iron chains.

The men held the shrieking naked brunette in a tight grip. Then they threw her to the ground in the middle of the square. Kathy looked on in horror as they took the screaming girl towards the fire and bent the her double, her head between her knees, standing with her short cropped brown hair on the ground and her pussy and ass all displayed, Kathy waited for the men to rape the brunette but other men had their spears in the fire, burning the polished wooden shafts until they charred and then they came back to Emily and started to ease the smoking shafts into her sex and anus.

Kathy didn't believe what she was seeing the burning wood disappearing into the brunettes tight brown ass hole but the smell was unmistakable, roasting meat and shit, and as the spear started to burn its way in, the screaming reached a crescendo until she couldn't scream any more the pain was too much.

The second spear went into her soft pink pussy, her soft brown pubic hair frizzled and burned and she screamed again as the shaft disappeared inside her. "To purify!" A tribesman explained, a tribesman who spoke broken English, Kathy was encouraged. "Can you help us?" she asked. "No, my people will starve, it is our way, we release the foul to purify, watch." he ordered. They removed the spears and the girl was allowed to stand and blood and fluids and brown mess poured from the blackened wounds that were once her Vagina and her ass and she saw her chance and ran away, she got nearly fifty yards before she collapsed.

Kathy looked on in horror, and the other girls sobbed quietly as the men walked slowly towards Emily as she lay on the ground in complete agony. They picked her up and carried her to the fire and then they took some huge curved meat hooks and heated the pointed ends in the fire.

Big curved spiked hooks with a rope attached to the ring on the end of each, they grabbed the naked girl and held her breasts so they could spear them with the smoking and red hot hooks, and by bringing the hook up from underneath and spearing right through the breasts one at a time until they could loop a rope over a branch to hold her upright by her straining breasts and then as the girl started screaming again they forced a big iron hook with a red hot glowing tip into her blackened ass and made it curve round until it came out of her blackened pussy.

The girl screamed like a wounded animal and she writhed in a mixture of ecstasy and agony as her tortured sex fought to determine what sensations she felt as they destroyed her sex and she the pain made her orgasm time nd time again, she tried to resist but she could not and just had to stand and drift in and out of consciousness and every time she fainted her breasts tore some more, but she didn't bleed because the heat cauterised the wound as the tribesmen understood very well.

After a few minutes some men brought a tree branch so they could lash the ropes on the hooks to it to carry the naked girl away. They made a cross of tree trunks by the fire and then they placed the girl's trunk over the crosses so she dangled by her cunt and ass and breasts above crackling fire of brushwood, a warm cooking fire for slow cooking, Kathy realised. Emily screamed and screamed as her skin burned crispy brown and fell off and then she stopped screaming and went limp.

"Emily is dead," a girl said as she cried. "I hope she is at peace at last." Kathy said reverently as Emily roasted over the fire.

The Girls realised how hungry they were as the delicious smell of Emily's meat roasting wafted over, they began to realise how desirable their meat must be to starving Africans. Emily roasted for hours, and every twenty minutes or so the man inn the head dress, the Chief Kathy supposed, shouted and pointed to his huge Rolex watch and they took the dead girl down and turned her over and lifted her up again so she cooked evenly until finally as darkness fell the Tribe gathered around for the carving.

The great Chief with his ceremonial head dress and Rolex watch came and gave the order and Emily's dead but well roasted body was laid out on a big slab of rock. Kathy could barely look as the Chief took his dagger and cut off Emily's large succulent left breast and gave it to his number one wife, she cut off the remains of the skin and began to cut the succulent juicy meat into portions.

The Chief cut away the dead girls right breast and then turned the girl over and delicately took off a slice of her left buttock, he grunted something and lifted it onto a plate which a woman held out for him, then he cut again and again until just bone was left, and then he started on the other buttock and then the meat of her leg and arm.

Kathy was sickened yet enthralled by the Chief's expertise, "Its as if he's a Chef not a Chief," she muttered. "You're sick!" Linda exclaimed.

The English speaking Tribesman just listened. The Chief worked away steadily with his dagger expertly gutting Emily cutting out her heart and her liver and kidneys which despite herself Kathy imagined herself tucking in to with potatoes and cabbage and thick gravy, and finally he threw her guts on a plate for his wives before he stood back to check he had not missed any meat.

Some of the meat they roasted some more on the fire and then when Emily was just a skeleton the women even started to take her bones for soup, but when they had finished they put her head on the rock and began to smash her head open to get at the tender brain meat inside. Kathy watched intently as the bone was peeled away and the brain was scooped out, it was raw so they had to fry it, but the Chief could not resist popping Emily's left eye in his mouth whole. He grinned and chewed, and chewed but he could not swallow it and at last had to spit it out again with a grimace.

Finally he cut out Emilys tongue and he fried it on his dagger over the fire and gave it to the youngest and prettiest of his many wives. The older wives looked angry as the pretty young wife chewed the succulent tongue and she showed her pleasure by gently masturbating herself with her left hand as she ate with her right hand.

The Chief looked on sadly as he knew he would have to get his number three son to satisfy her later as the Aid workers had forgotten his Viagra again. The smell of the meat simmering was driving the girls wild with hunger, Kathy wanted meat more than she ever dreamed possible, and she watched as the Tribe hungrily tucked into Emily's meat. They ate steadily but none liked the Liver, Kathy could not believe how starving people could leave succulent tasty liver and not eat it, she couldn't take her eyes off it.

Soon the feast was over, and the Tribe were still hungry, but still there was liver and finally the Chief took the portions of liver and gave them to the naked girls. It was meat starving tribesman rejected and was her own friend's body but at that moment it was the finest food Emily had ever tasted. Emily looked around, none of her friends would eat poor Emily, "Don't you want it?" she asked, "It tasted very nice." the others shook their heads, "Can I have yours then?" she asked. "You're sick!" someone said and threw her piece of liver at Kathy,"Sick, Sick." The others pulled as far from Kathy as the chain allowed.

Kathy didn't care she ate all the filthy girl meat that had been Emily's liver then lay in the ground her hunger now lessened and she waited to be raped but the tribesmen had their wives now and no one wanted a pale pink filthy pig for sex when they had beautiful ebony skinned wives of their own. The night passed all too quickly with the naked girls chained up under a tree, but no one would talk to Kathy anymore and they shied away from her until that afternoon the fire was lit and the men and women had a discussion and Trudy was detached from the chain and taken a little away from the other naked girls and was brutally thrown down to the ground.

Kathy watched the men who stood in a circle around Trudy.

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. It meant nothing to Kathy but suddenly the fire was taken apart, burning logs removed to leave just ashes and the other naked girls watched as a man took a mallet and smashed in Trudy's skull until she fell down stunned into the hot ash. They put the logs back and stoked the fire but Trudy was not dead and suddenly she was screaming from the fire, "Shoot me for pity's sake kill me" she screamed as she roasted in the embers."Aaaggghhhhh" she squealed but soon her last breath was drawn and she was at peace at last.

Trudy roasted what seemed like hours and then the tribe gathered around as she was pulled blackened and crispy from the embers, the Chief cut off Emilys breasts first but they quickly realised she was only cooked on one side. Quickly they dragged wood back to the fire and it crackled noisily to like as they began to butcher Emily's carcase, and distribute the cooked meat and hand out raw parts to be fried over the fire.

The smell of roast meat had spread, but the girls felt sick and even Kathy was not hungry. "They should have roasted her over a spit" Kathy muttered. The English speaking Tribesman was watching the naked girls and he moved closer to listen.

"How can you say that?" Dawn cried, "You really are sick, get away from me." "Are you Mad," Amelia cried. "Sicko!" Caprice added, "get away from me!" they cringed away from Kathy once again. "Tomorrow I will probably will next to be on the dinner menu, I don't want to die like Emily!" Kathy exclaimed but Dawn picked up a stone and threw it at Kathy. "You're sick, get away from me," Dawn squealed. "It's used to be normal here," Kathy said. "Warriors often went on raids for women. When they returned to their own village they selected the most beautiful girl.

The warriors raped her in turn and whens they had finished, the girl was killed and eaten as dinner." "You knew that and still you persuaded us to come, are your sick or what?" Caprice asked incredulously, " It .

it's creepy. like you want to die." "No but I see it like this, if we have to be surrogate cows." Kathy said, "And we are eaten that gives these people can get a chance to survive." Kathy had to strain the chain to its full length to keep away from the angry girls and the English speaking Tribesman came to ask what the problem was. "What is wrong like?" he asked.

"She's sick, please eat her first ," Dawn suggested pointing at Kathy. "Yes she's really sick!" Caprice said. "She wants to be eaten, take her first" Amelia added. Kathy was dumbstruck by the way the others had turned on her, "She sick?" the Tribesman asked, "Real sick?" he asked. "Yes save us from her please!" they said together. The Tribesman walked away to see the Chief, and the girls saw a group of men huddled around and then the senior wives joined them and the Chief's oldest and most wrinkled wife waddled across to Kathy.

Kathy cowered against the tree, Amelia was talking openly about killing her so she would be eaten first, but the old woman looked at Kathy and used a tree branch to lift Kathy's chin so she could look in her eyes.

Kathy stared in shock and horror, and then the woman walked sadly away. Kathy spent a lonely cold night waiting to die, she knew that the next day she became the next naked girl dinner, but when they were offered some of Emily's meat Kathy once again ate some and the four other naked girls threw theirs away.

Kathy didn't understand, she stared at the piece of fried meat. It looked like any fried meat and smelled good and Emily wasn't going to need her kidneys any more now she was dead, and, she admitted, it tastes really good. Kathy looked towards the naked blonde girl who stared at her. "It tastes good!" Kathy told her. " But it's human meat, how can you say that? "Well, I suppose I pretend it's cow meat. Try it yourself.

I'm sure you're hungry." she said, "I hope my meat is just as tasty as hers." Kathy was now fully aware that she would end up as dinner. She tried to accept it. She was naked and an animal as far as the Africans were concerned. She looked at the other four naked girls. Yes, they were just meat sent as aid to these hungry people. The starving people became much more active now they had eaten. People walked around, and looked at the naked human cows.

Even the wives of the village accepted that some of their men liked playing with their food and let them rape the naked human cows if they wanted to. A couple of people of the village could not survive the fresh meat, after so much starvation the rich food was too much of a shock for them, small children too they had been too sick. and after a long ritual, the children and people were buried outside the village while their families wept with grief.

Kathy was crying she also had a family; she also had a mother and a father. Would they cry over her? Would they even know her fate, she would have no ritual, no Funeral in the Church no prayers, She would not be buried.

She would be just be eaten as meat aid, even her bones would be made into soup or eaten by the village dogs.

She wept softly all alone as the others shunned her. That night she was woken several times as the other girls were raped, but she was ignored, she felt hurt that men would queue up for sex with Alicia an yet ignore her. "Suck their cocks for nourishment!" Kathy suggested but Caprice threw a rock at her. "You're really totally sick you sicko!" she exclaimed. Kathy woke at sunrise and felt the sun's heat against her naked body.

There was already an air of activity in the village, as there not had been in the first few days the naked girls had been there. The meat from the human cows had given the villagers new lease of life.

Kathy watched intently as the women worked to make a meal of rice for breakfast. Some of the women breastfed their youngest children, as the meat had given the women the protein for milk in their breasts again. The older children played around their mothers and the men came together to plan the day. Evening dinner, Kathy thought bitterly, that's me.

She caressed her naked body. She felt the heat, she let her hands slide down in the groin and fondled with her sex. She felt a growing sense unfairness that she had been neglected while the other girls had been raped, she looked enviously at the trails of slimy ejaculate the men had left over them as they slept exhaustedly and contentedly and she continued until her little screams woke one of the other naked girls. "You're sick!" the girl observed, totally sick. Kathy felt so alone that she cried.

" I wish I had never set up to the damn demo." she sniffed. "Today I only am meat for dinner." "I feel like a whore." the girl said, "We are always available to .

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I could get used to that. but dying?" They heard a noise like a lawn mower. "What is it that a helicopter? Kathy asked. Shortly afterwards a helicopter came in sight. It landed just outside the village and some boxes and bags were unloaded.

It was more charity aid. The villagers helped to get it to the village. It was food and medicine. Kathy got a new hope. Maybe she was not on today's menu as food after all, maybe it was a last minute reprieve. The naked girls were elated. They were rescued. They could go home and continue their lives. They would be taken back home, but they were no longer the same people their innocence and self confidence was gone and Kathy knew they would always blame her, her life was ruined.

The naked girls look happy and gazed hopefully at the two white aid workers who came toward them with the Chief and the English speaking warrior. "Shimot botskni aswandi," said the Chief.

"That one is sick!" the English speaking Tribesman explained. "Looks fine to me,!" the aid worker replied, "But if you insist we'll take her and change her." "Repand wani fallukum," the Tribesman translated. "Nine," "No, you bring healthy one first." the Tribesman insisted. "This one sick." "Ok pipe down, we'll do it," the aid worker agreed, and he walked back to the helicopter. "You're going home!" the girls screamed and attacked Kathy but the Chief gave an order and the men pulled the girls off Kathy.

he gave other orders, and Kathy's chains were unlocked and she was dragged away and tied to a different tree with ropes. They heard the helicopter start up and fly away and then Kathy saw the fire was blazing again, men were unwrapping new meat hooks and metal spears like Olympic Javelins from cardboard boxes and packaging which they threw on the fire for extra heat. They came for Kathy, she walked to her death with a quiet dignity, she stared at the men, they seemed frightened of her and then she saw something glowing in the fire a word in iron "tcejer" what was a tcejer?

a brand but what did it mean? was it a code? the tribe's name or what was it. A man lifted the brand on a pole, Kathy waited for the sudden blow which didn't come and before she realised she was turned around, the pain was unbearable, the whole of her thigh seemed to be on fire and she smelled the burning flesh, her own flesh, before she could react the brand was back in the embers, "Why!" she squealed, but again the brand left its mark burned deep into her other thigh, "No dear god!" she squealed in her agony, but they didn't understand.

Kathy saw the Brand coming the next time, they turned her around and she saw a warrior guiding the glowing smoking iron word towards her head while two others held her head steady so it landed straight across her forehead, the heat and smell of burning and the pain was unimaginable and she fainted again.

They brought her round by slapping her face and she saw they had an R brand, she barely registered that they burned a four inch high R into each of her breasts and both her buttocks in turn and then they let the women bathe her wounds with the poisonous purple sap of the Ookalukha tree and let her sleep. Kathy woke in agony, she looked across to the fire where the men were working, she smelled the sizzle of burning flesh and saw beautiful blonde Alicia was laid on her back on a wooden bench as a red hot meat hook was gently inserted into her vagina and curved around, Alicia screamed and the hook was taken out and re heated to become red hot again before the Tribesman wearing heavy leather gloves manipulated the hook into Amelia's burned and blackened vagina again, burning, tearing and mutilating Amelia's sex as her brain confused agony and ecstasy and she orgasmed and spasmed uncontrollably until the fizzing smoking tip of the hook emerged exactly and neatly through the puckered lips of her ass hole.

Alicia screamed beautifully as her mind exploded in a confusion of pain and ecstasy. Kathy looked on in horror and then she saw Linda hanging from a tree, some way away, hanging upside down from the the meat hook which went in her vagina and came out her ass hole so she could be suspended by her groin, and beyond they had done the same to Dawn and Caprice, all three beautiful girls hung upside down from tree branches by meat hooks burned into their ass holes and sexes, their breasts hanging down like big bags of meat.

"Please No!" Kathy screamed, as the English speaking Tribesman came past. "No you go back, you sick, reject, we band you see, you feed to dogs." he explained. "Banned?" Kathy asked. "Yes across your head, Reject Brand, other wise they send you to infect other tribe." he said. "Infect?" she queried. "Yes you sick, other girls say, you have Aids I think." he said. Kathy felt sick, her head lolled back and she fainted again.

Kathy woke to find all four girls hung from the same branch, the women were checking their meat and discussing what to do like they were four hanging carcass in a butcher shop not living naked human girls. "Well. Which of you is today roasts?" Kathy wondered. But it was so much worse, the women found the men and discussed the meal.

Eventually they agreed and they lifted Amelia down and carried her to the flat rock bedside the fire, Kathy looked horrified as they heated an old solid metal axe so the blade was red hot, she thought they would cut Amelia's head off with it, but instead the warrior smashed it down on her upper arm severing it with one blow and she screamed and passed out even before he then he held the smoking blade against the stub of her arm and burned the end to stop the bleeding, and almost without a pause he re heated the blade and severed her other arm before again sealing the end with the red hot blade.

Amelia woke, screamed, passed out and then woke again a few moments later only to scream and pass out again. Kathy watched everything in horror and realised the other girls could see nothing as they were on the far side of their tree then they carried Ameila away and hung her on a hook dangling from a branch some way away.

Kathy cried and cried as Dawn, Caprice and finally Linda were carried to the rock unsuspectingly one by one and their arms hacked off like a butcher preparing a joint, Kathy watched the women clean the severed hands and rip off the fingernails before they threw them in pot which they hung over the fire. The mutilated girls hung together on a branch the meat hooks through their sexes and assholes linked to other meat hooks hung over the branch, they cried until there were no more tears left too shocked to speak.

Kathy just stared, she was still tied to her tree, but a Tribesman took pity on her and undid the ropes, "Iskalawaya," he said and pointed, and he gestured that she should drink, and led her away down the track towards their water hole in the dried up wadi.

Several Tribesman stood round as the friendly English speaking one suggested she have a drink of the cool water, so Kathy walked uneasily towards the waters edge, her hands were still chained together so she sat and brought her feet up to her tummy and stepped through her hands, she peered at the still waters as something seemed strangely, she wasn't quite sure what.

Kathy went to drink but as she dipped her hand in the water she saw her reflection, she shook violently as she saw the word REJECT burned into her forehead, the sap which the woman bathed her wound had turned the letters a black bluish purple and she realised she was scarred for life, however long that might be, and yet she put all this from her mind and and scooped a palm full of water, she tasted it, it was delicious and she stooped to drink again when she saw to her horror that something was rapidly racing through the water towards her she turned and ran as with a great splash a huge crocodile shot out of the water.

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A shot rang out then another and a Warrior rushed to spear the beast through his eye but it merely enraged the scaly monster and it swerved away from Kathy and seized the Warriors leg in its huge jaws and bit it right off, before it returned to it's watery lair still with a spear sticking out of its skull.

Kathy gasped, she had cheated death again, she thought of her friends hanging from the tree mutilated and she shook uncontrollably. The maimed Warrior screamed as he lay bleeding, "Help him," Kathy said helplessly but they had seen the spear cutting the water again the wounded Crocodile returned and grabbed the screaming man by his good leg and dragged him away to a watery grave.

The men just stared at Kathy, amazed that even a Crocodile would not risk eating her. They walked back to camp. The naked girls were crying and pleading not to be released now but to be killed and relieved from their agony, but Kathy noticed two white coated aid workers were approaching, she didn't remember hearing a helicopter, Kathy stood by the other four naked girls.

"Look what they've done!" she squealed. The four mutilated naked girls stared bewildered at the two white aid workers. "Will you take us with you, take us home?" they asked. "Oh no, you are great TV stars, even the President is demanding Congress allow live cows to be exported, you are household names." the woman aid worker joked, "We cannot deprive the nation of its heroes!" The other worker just smiled.

"Are you Catherine?" the woman asked. Kathy nodded. "So you got sick eh, what is it clap?" the woman asked unsympathetically. "No!" Kathy insisted. "Some cow you turned out to be, I guess you got screwing around and got infected with Aids or HIV or maybe syphillis or any one of the rampant venereal diseases of the native aid workers at base have, I guess that's why the villagers will not touch you with a barge pole." she said.

"But they can't get VD from eating infected meat, Cows, human or otherwise I guess I'll have to convince the Chief of that. "But I've been rejected!" Kathy complained. "Oh no,"the woman exclaimed, "you'll stay here as food., I'll explain it." "But you have brought food with you, they don't need our meat!" Kathy protested.

"No it's too late, all the other tribes have cooked and eaten their naked human cows. You are assigned to this the village, as aid food. There is no way back, a gift is a gift, its bad form to return a gift, surely you realise that!" The woman went to speak to the other girls she tried to persuade them to say how pleased they were to die to save others.

She asked Caprice "Do you have any final words for your parents?" "I'm sorry mummy, please make sure Professor Williams dies horribly in the electric chair." "No, say you're pleased to die,"she insisted, "who will say they are pleased to die?" she asked but no one volunteered.

Kathy's last hope vanished as the two went back to the helicopter. Kathy was both scared and hopeful; if they would not rape or eat her what would become of her she wondered. Kathy watched as a Man went to lift Caprice down from the branch, he leaned over her and spread her legs. The naked girl could not resist. but he saw her cunt had healed around the hook and there was no hole for him to fuck, he tried rubbing his cock between her breasts but it was unsatisfactory and she turned away when he offered his cock to her mouth, he became angry and left her on the lying on the floor.

The frustrated Tribesman went to the Chief, he nodded and gave orders, and four men went to fetch Caprice, they dragged her to the rock by the fire, then they held her down and trued to get her to open her mouth by pinching her nose, eventually she had to breath and as soon as she opened her mouth they forced a stick inside, and then a bigger stick until they pried her mouth wide open, and when they had a big enough branch between her back teeth the Tribesan with the leather gloved brought a brand new set of aid agency vise grip pliers and clamped them on Caprice's beautiful white teeth.

Caprice screamed helplessly as the man took each front tooth out with practised ease, dropping them in a tray held by a pretty young Tribal girl who assisted him and then when all her front teeth were gone the girl pinched the end of Caprice's tongue and held it. The fire was still burning and Kathy watched in horrified fascination as the Tribesman took a small meat hook and heated it in the fire.

Caprice screamed but no one took any notice as screaming seemed so normal and suddenly there was a hiss and the smell of burning as the hook burned a hole in Caprice's tongue and they threw water over it to cool it as the heat seared her face.

Caprice would have cried if she had any tears left but she had nothing and could do nothing as a fine chain was attached between the meat hook the metal clamp around her collar to keep her tongue out. Caprice barely looked human, as unbelievably they let her stand up, she tried to speak but her squeaks and grunts made the Tribesmen hoot with laughter until the first man followed her into the area under the stunted trees, she would have run had there been anywhere to run to but it was hopeless so she sat down against a tree and let the man do as he pleased.

She watched fascinated as he lifted his loin cloth and offered his penis to her to suck, it slid easily between her lips where her front teeth had been and he started to fuck her head brutally, his penis deep in her throat, she thought she would die except, she found she could breath if she timed her breaths right and suddenly he was cumming. Caprice greedily sucked down the heavenly creamy cum, her first nourishment for many hours it tasted like nectar, but she wanted more, she needed her face fucked to stay alive.

She looked around hopefully for other men but there were none interested, but the Chief was worried Caprice might run away so he gave orders, and a Tribesman picked out a dull toned cowbell from the box the Aid agency had supplied, and he loped along to hook it onto the hook through Caprices cunt and ass. She looked on with horror as he pulled her to her feet and made her walk, she had to walk bow legged now and she clanged like a cow and squealed an grunted like a cow and with the dust that covered her she looked and sounded just like a cow, or so the Tribesmen decided and as Caprice clanged around they fell around laughing.

It was a small step to deciding to form a herd of clanking human cows but they decided to cut corners, Linda was next but although they prepared a meat hook for her tongue they didn't take her teeth out so they could fuck her face without being bitten, they got her mouth open all right but as Kathy watched at a distance they ignored her screams as they forced two pieces of Lumber which the Aid workers had brought into her mouth, right to the back of her throat, and then they levered one up and one down until her jaw snapped with a loud crack.

Skewering her tongue with the red hot hook and quenching it and hauling her tongue out to chain it to her collar was quickly finished and with another cow bell fitted she was helped to her feet and sent to hop and waddle after Caprice, she had only gone a few yards when they realised that she was almost indistinguishable from Caprice so they quickly heated a 2 brand and branded both her buttocks as she screamed and wailed and grunted like an enraged bull, well enraged cow more likely. Dawn was next and the men were becoming expert and she was quickly reduced from the beauty of an armless Grecian bust to a bizarre distorted two legged beast almost a cross between Cow and Kangaroo, not that the tribe had ever seen a Kangaroo except on the Chief's satellite TV.

Finally they dragged the beautiful Amelia along, the Chief's young wife wanted Amelia's teeth for a necklace so they carefully and agonisingly drilled a hole in each one with a hand drill before they removed them one by one.

Soon she too had her tongue chained and a cow bell hung on her crotch hook and she too was sent to join the others. They stood around, drawing words in the dust with their toes as the only way to communicate, and Kathy cried and wished it was she and not they who was to die. But Kathy was surprised that the girls were still alive, the trauma of a double amputation would normally have killed a patient without anaesthesia yet the tribal remedy seemed to have kept the girls reasonably active, she wondered what more humiliation the Tribe could heap on the girls and did not have long to wait.

Caprice was first, The Cheif had been given a set of Chef's knives by the Aid agency, apparently in some kind of typographical mix up, and he motioned for Caprice to be hung on the branch by her hook again.

His youngest and prettiest wife went with him and she carried an incongruous silver platter and an older wife, old enough to be her mother carried a carved wooden pot full of the poisonous purple sap. Caprice stared wide eyed as the Chief approached her, the knife blade gleamed and her breasts hung down, well perhaps up, as she was upside down, away from her body like succulent juicy steaks. The knife was razor sharp and the Chief first grazed the base of Caprice's breasts with the point of the knife and then when he was sure he peeled the flesh back with expert cuts, and flopped the meat from her breasts out onto the platter held by the young woman, and as soon as he finished the older woman plastered the wounds with the purple sap and they left Caprice unconsciously gently swinging upside down in her agony.

Linda was next, wailing and grunting like a captured wounded buffalo she was hung and her tit meat harvested and then Dawn and finally the once beautiful Amelia, Kathy thought Amelia's magnificent 34 D breast meat looked somehow insignificant when placed on a platter as a portion of meat, with the other girls portions of tit meat, it seemed nothing like enough to feed the tribe.

The Chief clearly agreed, because he ordered the fire stoked. Kathy looked on in disbelief as the Chief returned to Amelia, she was still unconscious as two tribesmen carried her to the rocky area beside the fire. Kathy somehow resisted the urge to vomit as she saw them heating the axe and the tribesman raised it and paused before, Whack, it came down severing Amelia's shapely left leg at the upper thigh, he cauterised the wound with the hot blade and then severed her shapely right leg, the one that had excited so many boys back home when she wore stockings and suspenders but now it was just food for savages.

They cauterised the wound despite knowing Amelia was dead and even coated it with the purple sap before hanging her limbless body up again on the branch. But she wasn't dead, just an active intelligent straight As mind trapped in a useless limbless agonised body, she played dead, there was no escape no future. It was worse for the others they knew what was coming, or thought they did. Kathy realised the Helicopter hadn't taken off, and as darkness was about to fall she went to investigate.

The woman was working on a huge refrigerator, "Are you sure that's 110 volt!" she asked as she fiddled as a a generator hummed. "Yes," the pilot comfirmed, "Hell its going to be dark back at base you're supposed to be a technician." Kathy saw the huge Photovoltaic array and lithium battery packs, maybe a hundred thousand dollar worth set up outside a mud hut and connected to a huge refrigerator, easily big enough for a whole cow or four girls.

The Sikorski gleamed in the lights powered by the generator but every time the woman powered the refrigerator up the auto fuse tripped. Kathy laughed, the generator was set to three phase European 400 volts, surely any idiot could see that she thought but instead she settled down to watch. She didn't see the other girls limbs harvested, their legs brutally hacked off until they hung all four like sides of meat awaiting butchering but this was living meat, meat that could be kept fresh and tender for weeks with just a few gallons of water or nutritious spunk to keep it fresh, and it was easily hung from its ass hooks, the Chief realised they had a good system, and that the future deliveries should be done arms, legs and then tits in that order, maybe the tongues should be harvested as well instead of just chained down.

But Kathy just stared. She didn't watch her friends tits and legs cooked, the tits fried and the legs boiled in the pot, she just watched the aid workers become more and more frustrated, the woman stripped to her bra showing her enormous tits and rolls of belly fat as she struggled with the refrigerator while the other aid worker, who was obviously the pilot fretted about being unable to take off and unable to get the chopper under cover.

"For gods sakes what's wrong with it," she snapped. Kathy watched the rolls of fat heaving, it seemed so unfair that her thin skinny friends had been stripped of their tiny amounts of meat while this mound of fat went back home, she had to be forty and she had had her life, why Linda and not her? Kathy thought. The Villagers started singing, and suddenly a ghostly wailing joined their tuneless rant, it sounded like Amelia, Kathy rushed back to find all the girls eyes were open, they were all horrifically alive yet limbless and mute.

Kathy staggered with the horror and shock of finding her friends alive and when maybe she should have tried to comfort her friends instead she tried to close her mind to the horrors and she made her way back towards the Helicopter she increasingly saw as her way to freedom.

The Aid workers eventually gave up and settled down inside their cockpit for the night and Kathy found a nice spot beside the hut where she found a piece of discarded leg meat which was a bit tough but she relished the nourishment it provided. The sun rose bright and early, a huge orange orb where the ground met the sky bathing the land in its orange glow, and as the light swept through the village so the Pilot stirred and started to power up the Sikorsky's jet engine.

Tribesmen appeared with the Chief behind them still bleary eyed from their celebrations. Kathy saw the English speaking Tribesman and ran to him, "The machine is not working!" she protested, "Nei, Nei!" the Tribesman shouted and they rushed to grab the Choppers skids. "Let's go!" the woman demanded but the pilot shook his head, "Too risky," he said powering down the turbine, "Tell them we need parts." "They won't be back!" Kathy insisted, "They don't need parts she has set it up wrong!" The English speaking Tribesman struggled to understand and translate as the woman ordered the people to stand clear.

"We need parts and we will bring a replacement cow." she explained and again the English speaking Tribesman tried to interpret what was said.

Kathy suddenly had a brainwave, she rushed to the generator and punched the start button and then as it fired she swapped the output setting from 415volt to 110 volts, suddenly the warning light for the auto fuse lit but as Kathy re set it it held and the fridge lights came on, the tribesmen looked on in amazement. "See it's fine!" Kathy insisted. "Then we will get going," the woman insisted. "What about our cow?" the Chief suddenly asked in surprisingly good english.

"We will fetch one," the woman insisted. "They wont," Kathy insisted, "I'll go back, she can stay until they send a fresh cow although." she said. "What?" the Chief asked. "Look at the meat on her, those pendulous breasts that fat belly, far more meat than on me or my friends." Kathy suggested. "Don't be stupid, you signed up to the meat program you stupid little fool, grade A university student to grade B boiling steak in one day, how stupid can you get." "Yes, you are right!" the Chief said, "Why increase your carbon footprint with a wasted flight, we accept the fat cow as a substitute," "Hey hang on!" the pilot protested, but when he saw the sheer number of Tribesmen he said, "Well technically its not my problem." They dragged the fat woman from the Helicopter, and dragged her around to the rock slab by the fire, the embers were fanned and brush wood brought as six tribesmen held her down until they could chain her ankles and wrists behind her, she screamed as they ripped her shirt and trousers from her and cut her bra and panties off and then as Kathy encouraged them they laid her on the slab.

The Pilot looked on in horror, but the woman didn't suffer, not to the extent that Kathy's friends had suffered, she squealed when they chopped off her arms, but was unconscious when they chopped her legs, and ripped her tongue out and smashed her jaw and even when they forced a smoking red hot spear up her ass hole and pushed until it came out of her neck before penetrating her chin and finally exiting through her mouth and she was almost certainly dead when the warriors found it amusing to force their cocks into her cunt while the hard shaft of the spear passed up her ass hole.

as soon as he stopped the next man was instantly upon her. Her ample chest no longer heaved, her pulse and stopped, she stopped bleeding and then the Chief started to carve her pendulous breasts off.

"Why?" Kathy asked. "We can refrigerate her now," the Chief said, "You did not know I was educated at Oxford." he added. "Univerity?" she asked. He laughed, "sadly not!" he paused, "Will you stay and help us?" he asked. "No, your men won't touch me," she said sadly, "I am no use to you, perhaps if I get cured then I'll come back." "I understand." he said, "But will you help us," he asked, "You understand the refrigerator, will you set it up to store our meat?" Kathy nearly threw up at the thought but she remembered that freezing to death in your sleep was regarded as a painless way to die so she agreed.

"Can we freeze my friends and roast this cow?" she asked. "Yes!" he agreed and he gave some orders. "You should turn her slowly and constantly not just every few minutes," Kathy suggested, "And she will take a lot more cooking than poor Alicia." The Chief smiled indulgently, "yes, but its so boring," he agreed, "But you are right." Kathy watched as her friends were lifted down from the branch and taken to storage in the refrigerator.

"Sorry," Kathy said inadequately as her friends were laid in the frosty interior, two on the middle shelf and two on the top shelf, "See you in heaven!" she said breezily before she shut the door and left her friends to suffocate in the airtight darkness of the new brand new computerised refrigerator.

She showed the Wives how to operate the controls how the solar panels needed to be trimmed for optimum azimuth and angle in dull conditions which seemed pointless under the blazing sun and was amazed that some of the wives spoke American and the Chiefs number four wife had once lived in Glasgow in England spoke English with an Irish accent.

It was late afternoon when Kathy had finished, but the chief suggested she stay to dinner. The fat woman smelled wonderful as she roasted on the spit and when she was taken down to be carved Kathy was offered the first slice cut from the woman's buttocks. The Pilot stayed near her and he was offered a piece, "No offence," he said, "But I didn't," he laughed, "I didn't think I'd ever be offered," he laughed again, "A piece of that cow's ass!" Kathy scowled at him.

"It's funny!" he said, "Where's your sense of humour?" "Dead like my friends." she said sadly as she chewed the woman's ass meat, "What will I do, no man will ever look at me again." "Hell sure they will, just have to use double condoms and leave the lights off, but you're in great shape, at least when your hair grows back, hey," he said suddenly, "Turn Muslim wear a Burkah!" he suggested.

Almost unbelieveably when the dinner was finished the Tribe followed Kathy and the Pilot to the Helicopter, she didn't believe she would ever escape but as the turbine wound up and the rotor picked up speed the chopper shuddered and slowly but surely it lifted off and they swept skywards until the Village was just a blob far below. -================================== "Kathy," "Kathy," "Catherine." someone shook her by the shoulder. "What, no don't eat me!" she said automatically.

"No it's nearly time for School, you have the Charity lecture" her father said earnestly. "No, I'll give it a miss I guess." Kathy said as she looked around and thanked the lord that she had been dreaming. THE END