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he husband spots his wife in the kitchen, she is wearing almost nothing and he just can't stop thinking about getting into her pussy! Lena was stroking his cock.

He pressed her to him and kissed her lips passionately. He turned her on her back getting ready to satisfy his lust and … woke up. Yes, it was just a dream… A sweet pleasant dream… The sun was bright and shining through the window. Anthony could hear some remote noise from outside. He stretched himself. Getting up in the morning was so difficult… It was so nice and comfortable lying under the warm blanket. But the interrupted dream still tortured the man his cock was rock-hard not only in the dream but in reality too.

He passed his hand over the right half of the bed trying to find his wife. He wanted to make love with her as soon as possible. But she wasn't there, her place was still warm. "She must have got up recently" Antony thought. He listened carefully and heard the water purling and a rhythmical sound of a knife working. She was cooking breakfast for her husband. Anthony stood up reluctantly and without dressing up moved to the kitchen.

He didn't feel cold after the warmth of the bed. -I'm glad you've woken up. Good morning, honey! Lena said slicing a cucumber. I'm cooking a salad for you. Are you hungry? Anthony' thoughts were far from breakfast. Lena turned back and saw his huge erection. She smiled but said nothing. He came up, embraced her and pressed his hot penis to her short dressing gown. -Darling, why don't we fuck for a while?

His hands were working under the dressing gown already. The two boobs were squeezed tightly by the man's palms and his lips touched Lena's neck. He began caressing her, making her feel aroused. -Stop it, honey… - She objected but didn't resist her husband's caress.


The pastry is almost ready. I wanna bake a cherry pie for you. Just a few minutes and I'll join you. I'll be soon. She pushed him away tenderly and removed his hands from her breasts. Anthony wasn't going to stop. His cock wanted attention. He approached to his wife from behind and wrapped his arms around her waist making an attempt to incline her to sex one more time. A hard cock set right between her buttocks and pressed to the crotch.

Involuntarily Lena moved a bit backwards and rubbed her crotch against the head of the cock. She let out a moan and tried to resist slightly.

Antony pressed to her closer and again felt she responded. She liked what was happening and just pretended to be resisting.

One more motion and her short gown went up. Anthony felt his supersensitive cock set against a hot anus. The phallus got even stiffer from that.

Both Lena and Anthony understood resistance was pointless. Lena bent forward a bit keeping on slicing vegetables for the salad. Anthony pulled her gown up, wetted the finger with saliva and started fondling his wife's butt hole. He moved forward and the red head of his cock approached to the vagina threshold. Lena moaned and bent lower trying to press the head to her clit.

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Anthony put half of his finger into his wife's vagina and felt how it got stuck inside as the woman wanted to keep it in for longer. Lena helped him moving her pelvis up and down and feeling her own excitement grow slowly.

The head was massaging her nub perfectly. The man was circling the digit slowly feeling her body motions; the finger went deeper and deeper inside.

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Lena was moaning in a constrained voice. She had absolutely forgotten about the salad and gave herself to the enjoyment she experienced.

Finally he took his finger out and the head moist with Lena's juices slid inside easily. The woman bit her lip to stop the scream coming out of her mouth. Anthony held his wife's hips strongly and made circular movements entering deeper and deeper with his cock. The view of the anus made him very turned on. He even didn't have to move -Lena's vagina was pulsing and bringing him huge amount of pleasure.

The woman was moaning thankfully. She squeezed the cock with her hand right at the base to regulate the length of it coming inside. Soon it was fully in, all 11 inches… Anthony embraced his wife.

One hand was fondling her nipple while the other was stroking her vulva lips and the nub of the clit. Lena moved her pelvis slowly towards him and then back. He was on the verge when the timer of the bread maker signaled the dough was ready.

-Let me go, - Lena asked. I need to roll out the paste.

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Anthony released her pulling the cock out reluctantly. Lena got off the phallus and started rolling out the dough. Then she stuck her butt out saying: -I like anal sex for the sensation of fullness. One can never experience anything like that while practicing usual sex. Vagina is too wide for it… Anthony didn't have to be asked twice. Relaxed anus admitted the cock easily. More than a half of it entered when the man stopped his thrust, being afraid he could hurt his wife. A wave of enjoyment consumed him as Lena's butt embraced his penis.

They weren't in a hurry swaying forth and back as Lena was rolling out the dough and impaling on Anthony's cock. The man squeezed his wife's boobs and both were moaning loudly.


Anthony was close to his climax. He suddenly strained and ejaculated. He kept on moving being on the top of the heaven trying to prolong the sensations. His wife's body held the getting limp cock inside as if striving to milk the last drops of semen out of it. She felt her husband relaxed. -Don't take it out! Stop for a moment! She asked being aware of the fact she might miss her own orgasm. Anthony exploded too early today, she was very close to pleasure. Just a few more seconds… She started rubbing her clit.

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A weak but still rather hard cock was sliding up and down easily in her rear. Lena squeezed her butt halves tightly and strained her legs.

A wave of orgasm rose from her feet to the belly and then all over her body: she climaxed. For some time she stood this way trying to recover her breath, then relaxed. Anthony looked at her in surprise.

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If she had asked him to lick her he would have done it with pleasure. She just smiled in response. When it was all over Lena had a strong desire to go to bed, sleep for some time but she had much to do. Her knees were weak and she sat on the chair. She went on cooking a cherry pie for her husband.