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Due to popular demand I've brought forward the release of Chapter 2 of "Cory and Tilly." I realise it's been a while since the first chapter was born, so I have made the decision to split Chapter 2 into two parts. I therefore present to you the first part of Chapter 2. I hope you find this as enjoyable as the first. Apologies in advance for any mistakes, I'm only human.

I will change these as I go along. Hopefully the second part of this chapter will be quicker in production than this one. Many thanks for all your continued support.

Ian ___________________________________ Cory and Tilly Part 2: Cracks in the Glass "It doesn't matter where we end up, Tilly, so long as we have each other. And you'll always have me, I promise you that." School was going great.

In fact, everything was going great. Things were perfect for what felt like the first time in an entire lifetime for these two broken, flawed teenagers and it was just … wonderful. It was like the sun had finally started shining on the darkness their lives had been consumed by over the last five years, and that warmth that now passed over them was blissful, like some alien sense that tingled the very deepest recesses of their bodies.

Tilly woke up that morning smiling, a real, proper, beaming smile and she found herself laughing at nothing in particular as she sat on the edge of her bed plaiting her auburn hair in the soft glow of sunrise. She had smiled more in the past week than she thought she ever had, and she had found that her days were brighter and she was becoming a different person.

Even her friends were surprised by how much she had changed recently. Like Cory's friends, this sudden change had not gone unnoticed but no matter how hard they tried they couldn't attribute it to a cause. Maybe it was just one of those things? Tilly finished plaiting and she looked back at her reflection and she smiled again.

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The diamond pendant hung from her neck and she fingered it delicately. She finally had what she had longed after for so long. The intimacy that she had so desperately craved and the passion and desire that finally went hand in hand with the love and the romance that Cory already gave her. And, in a room on the other side of the hallway, Cory was rising too with a smile as the high school starlet, the boy that could have any girl he wanted, finally had the girl he had dreamt about for so long and, to him, that feeling was just indescribable.

They didn't copulate like rabbits. They didn't rip each other's clothes off whenever they cast eyes over one another. They just were. They were together, and they were contented in mutual, romantic togetherness. The subtle brush of fingertips as they walked together in the street, the longing, lingering kisses whenever he said something beautiful to her in passing, and the surreptitious way they acted as a couple in the face of a society that condoned in the strongest possible sense the togetherness of a brother and sister in that way.

They were as smitten as a couple that had lived together for over five decades, and they felt as alive as teenagers who still had the world at their feet. Kinship aside, they were just two fucked up kids in a fucked up world who had found each other.

Love is love, whatever shape it manifests itself in, and society will either adapt (as it always does) or it will crumble. That day was a strange one for Cory and Tilly. Strangely warm, strangely distracting, strangely different from any other day they had ever known.

It was Wednesday; nine days after Cory and Tilly had first crossed that fine, unspoken line between siblings and the unknown. That line you're spent a lifetime told, taught, terrified into avoid crossing.

Perhaps it was the relief of the feelings between them finally being out in the open, or perhaps it was the thrill of going somewhere the whole world told you never to even think about going - a mere extension of their kinship. For Cory it was satisfaction to an urge that he knew he could not get anywhere else. A fix to a drug that only Tilly possessed. For Tilly it was something even more, it was a feeling deep inside that told her that this is perhaps what love felt like.

She had always wondered about what it would feel like to be in love. She had always wondered what it was love actually was. A feeling, a moment, nothing more and nothing less. And this feeling, the one she felt right in this very moment, was warm and it was perfect. But, a moment, Tilly seldom knew, was the most you could ever expect from perfection.

Cory was in Math class when the sun started to set; and he found himself familiarly distracted from his work by the golden sunset which caught the leaves of an old oak tree atop a hill in the distance, showering the classroom in a fiery red haze, which reminded Cory all too much of the passion and beauty of his twin, sitting a floor below in the Science block.

It reminded him of her beauty and her elegance and as the ever-deepening sunset consumed the classroom, Tilly consumed Cory's mind for the rest of the hour. He could taste her on his lips, feel her hands on his skin and as his engorged manhood grew and throbbed in his pants at the thought, he knew only one way to satisfy his need.

"Follow me," Cory said quickly as he forced his way through the crowds towards Tilly when the bell rang for the final time that day. "Is something wrong?" Tilly said, heightened nerves, as she made a rushed goodbye to Ellie and her clique of friends. Cory turned to face her, and it was only through sheer inner willpower that he stopped from kissing her right there and then, in front of the entire school.

He had never felt this much urgency before. Subtlety was long-gone in that moment. He looked at her, into her, and their twin connection began working. She knew and she smiled and said she'd been thinking about it all day too. "Where?" she asked and Cory told her of the tree. Ten minutes later, on that mound atop a beautiful hill where the unabating sun cast a perennial, soft gold hue across its surroundings Cory and Tilly became one as they kissed and touched and made beautiful, endearing love under that old oak tree.

As a gentle wind swept across this place, the branches above twisted and extended and danced poetically as the forbidden fruit below gracefully performed the all too familiar dance of life in a passionate, breathless routine, never rushing or bumbling. It was a masterpiece, to which these age-old branches were silent observers, and when they were done they lay there, in the warm afterglow of a beautiful summer tryst, and they were silent, listening to the soft ambiance of nature and the gentle winds that came every so often and life, for these two madly-in-love-siblings would get no better than in that summer evening on that beautiful grassy hill.

What they exercised was just another extension of their birth right; that eternal twin-like connection, the psychological link that had now extended to the physical. They lay under the tree for a while after, fingers locking and twisting, with Tilly's head on Cory's chest and she said how beautiful this place was. "Right? Being here, in this spot, with you. I totally dig this," Cory said and she smiled. "I totally dig you." She felt the warmth inside from where Cory had filled her with the seed of his love and she relaxed into him.

"How did you lose it, Cory," Tilly asked after a few, silent beats. "Your virginity, I mean. Who was it with?" Cory shuffled uncomfortably so that he was sat upright against the tree and he looked out across the town.

"Ah," he started, "it was with Autumn Louis last summer while her parents were away. It was cold and rushed and clumsy and I wish I'd waited." He kissed the top of Tilly's head gently. "I hate this," she said after another couple of beats. "I hate that we have to hide away whenever we want to be together in public like we're just a couple of freaks. I want to hold your hand so bad, and hug you and kiss you in front of people and I can't and I hate it." "I hate it too, Tilly," Cory told her.

"You're the envy of every girl and the desire of every boy. I hate not being able to show you off to my friends or take you on a proper date. I hate that when those boys look at you like I can't walk over to you and grab your waist kiss you in front of them so that they know you're my girl.

I hate that when girls flirt with me I can't point to you and say "sorry, but I'm with her". I hate it too, so much." He felt her smile and it warmed him. Tilly craned her neck backwards so that she was looking into those eyes of Cory's and he was sure he could see tears.

My girl. Two words that made her entire body tingle and tremble. The words she had longed to hear for so long, as if that somehow made their illicit romance official. She was his girl, and he was her boy.

"Your girl?" she said softly, as if she'd misheard him. "You've &hellip. never said that before." "My girl," he repeated, and he leaned in and kissed her gently on the lips.

"Now. Always. Forever. And one day, when we're away from here, we can go some place nobody knows our names and we can be whoever the fuck we want to be and it's going to be perfect." Tilly smiled again and sank back into his body. "Here's to someday," she said and he laughed. They stayed under that tree until the sky went dark, and they hit their favourite takeaway on the way home. *** One Month Later: The Day of the Game "Give it," Cory yelled cross field, bursting past two lurking midfielders on the edge of his penalty area and into space.

Lee Harris hit the ball early, sending it skidding across the turf and Cory had to take an extra touch to keep the ball under control.

With the extra touch though, a couple of opposition defenders made the few yard run from defence and cornered him near the touchline. Sensing opportunity, Cory deftly knocked the ball through a pair of open legs and skirted past one of the defenders, sending the second the complete opposite way with a perfectly timed elastico.

TJ did not play soccer. He was a football kind of guy and was watching, bored, from the stands. Cory knew he was there, he was always there, but this showboating wasn't for TJ. Tilly was among the group of girls that had come by to watch the final game of the season, and the trickery was all for her. Forty-two goals, fourteen clear of the second top scorer in the league, had propelled Cory's team to within a single point of clinching the school's first state-championship in a decade and nothing was going to stop Cory captaining his team to victory on home turf.

He caught Tilly in the corner of his eye and smiled to himself. "Who do you think it's for?" TJ asked in Tilly's direction. "Who's what for?" TJ mocked the skills.

"That bullshit." Tilly laughed and shrugged and said she did not know. She knew. Bursting past the second defender, Cory accelerated with immense pace downfield, jumping a further slide challenge from midfield and putting another opposition defender on his ass with some dazzling footwork and a clever feign. Twenty five yards out, Cory saw the 'keeper off his line and unleashed his right foot, picking out the top corner despite a well attempted save, and he didn't even have time to flash a wink at Tilly before he was mobbed by his teammates.

3-1 up with five minutes to go, some dogged defending and a last minute tackle later he found him lofted into the air at the sound of the full-time whistle and paraded around the pitch atop the shoulders of Bruce Carter, a goalkeeper built like a brick shithouse. The celebrations were wild, and lasted almost as long as the game itself.

The PA announced the date the official presentation ceremony would occur, although nobody listened. With two other teams still to play the result wasn't officially confirmed, but they were dead rubbers. It was mathematically impossible to beat the now State Champions-elect. "If that doesn't get you a scholarship I don't know what will," Coach Dean told Cory as they flooded off the pitch. "I've not seen a season like that in thirty years." The celebrations continued into the changing rooms as the team showered and changed back into normal clothes.

The showers was awash with dick flicking and ass slapping as the team joked and goofed around. It was very homoerotic, but most of the boys were comfortable with their sexuality, not least Cory, so seeing each other naked didn't bother them. It certainly wouldn't be the first time they'd compared dick sizes or talked about girls or even experimented in general.

And if one of them did get an awkward boner, which happened from time to time, it was just laughed off or dealt with. They'd even taken a naked selfie after one of the cup games. That shit didn't bother them.

What happened in the changing room stayed in the changing room. But right now the talk was about girls and all the pussy the team was going to get now that they were state champions. "Bring on summer," one of them said. "We're state champions now boys.

You know what that means, right?!" Another laughed. "Bring on the pussaaaaay." Cory laughed hard. "Any girl we want, boys." His was bravado, but he played the part well. He already had his girl. "Wonder if Tilly will be up for it," one of them joked. The team laughed. Cory mocked humour, and then turned to the boy with such a sinister glare that the changing room fell silent.

If looks could kill this would be a massacre. Cory said nothing, he just walked over to the boy and pushed him back against the wall of the shower, leaning in close and saying, "say that again and I'll kill you." He tapped the cheek of the boy for good measure and went back to the crowd.

"Have any girl you want," he said, "but anyone who even thinks about my sister is a dead man. Capiche?" The edge to his voice was one they seldom saw, and they knew he meant it. Then the banter resumed and the atmosphere went back as if nothing had happened. "Amazing, man," Tommy Keane said as he showered next to Cory.

"Everyone knows we wouldn't be where we are without you." "We're a team, bro. We're where we are because of all of us." "State champions." Tommy rolled the words in his mouth and he smiled. He liked the sound of that. "Sounds good, don't it!" "State champions," Cory repeated. "The invincibles." Tommy grinned and grabbed his towel.

"You're the man, Cory." He slapped Cory's naked ass as he left and Cory swore after him and laughed. This was a good day. There were still a couple of the team chatting when Cory came out; towel wrapped around his waist and they talked victories and tactics. One of the boys told Cory about a celebration party when school finished in a few weeks time and Cory said he'd be there. "Damn right you will. What's a party without the star man?" one of them joked.

They talked for a little longer until the opening of the door interrupted them. "Hi boys," came Tilly's voice, and Cory looked up to see his sister standing there, beautiful as always, beaming back at them. She was in a flowery summer dress and her hair was pulled back. "Uh … Hi … Hey, Tilly," Harry, who had a massive crush on Tilly, stuttered, trying to look cool and blushing like crazy.

The other two were somewhere in between shock and speechlessness. Cory laughed and told the boys to shoot. "Bye, boys," Tilly called after them and she made sure the door was closed before turning back to Cory. "Hi." Cory was still just in his towel and he smiled back at Tilly. "Hi yourself." She slipped the lock on the changing room door and walked further inside, making sure the place was clear.

"That was quite something out there." "You think so?" "It's cute when you show-off." "That obvious?" She feigned sarcasm. "Yeah." He stood up to try and advance on her but she put one hand on his chest and shook her head. "But still impressive." "Another trophy for the collection," he mocked. Tilly bit her lip.

"I have a trophy all of my own for you," she said, removing his towel with a flick of her wrist. He stood there, naked, in front of her and said, "oh really? And what would that be?" She took his growing member in her hand and whispered. "You're about to find out." She pushed Cory back until he sat back on the bench.

His cock grew and throbbed in her hand, and Cory could feel the pressure building up in his nuts as Tilly gave him a few teasing tugs. She went down on her knees and looked up, right into Cory's eyes, and he registered a hint of nymphomania in those beautiful green irises of hers.

"You don't have to do this," He said to her through harsh breath. "I know," her face lit up in that moment, "but I want to." Kneeling before him, Tilly took Cory in her hand and after a breath to steady herself she took him in her warm mouth.

Fuck, Cory thought, his head lolling back and a groan of satisfaction leaving his lips. It's so warm in there. Glancing down to see Tilly bobbing up and down on his throbbing member for the first time was almost enough to make him come right there and then.

It was obvious Tilly had never had a dick in her mouth before, because she tried to take it all and gagged hard, very nearly throwing up.

"Take it easy," Cory said. Tilly bit her lip again. "I didn't expect it to be…" she went to say, but she stopped herself, taking Cory deep in her mouth again. "This is amazing, Tills," Cory groans as his sister bobbed up and down on his shaft.

That seemed to give Tilly confidence and she took a little more, pumping harder and sucking deeper as the pressure in Cory's balls started to build. Tilly lapped up her brother's pre-cum, swallowing the salty liquid like a professional. Tilly then slowly withdrew, letting her tongue glide along the bottom of Cory's engorged shaft. He looked down just as she pulled away, letting a long string of saliva stretch between the tip of her tongue and his cock as she beamed up at him, catching her breath.

Tilly kissed his tip and then went back to it. Cory gently placed his hands on each side of Tilly's head and she took him further. The feeling was incredible as Tilly flicked her tongue over Cory's sensitive helmet, sending shudders up his body. As he held her head tighter she responded by forcing him deeper into her mouth, until she felt herself wanting to gag and she released and the process started again.

She was tender with his tool, gentle and passionate, like a professional. Tilly slipped a free hand under her dress and started to rub herself through her panties. Who knew this could feel so hot? She said to herself as flickers of passion rippled through her own little body. Her blood was boiling, heart was racing.

The nape of her neck glistened with sweat. Cory started breathing hard, and he clenched his muscles to stop him from blowing right there and then. But he could only hold out for so long at the pleasure his twin sister was giving him, and he groaned loud. "Tilly, I'm cumming!" She closed her lips around his member and flicked his helmet one last time; increasing the speed she rubbed her clit through her now-soaked panties until she was coming too, moaning onto the dick in her mouth as a salty liquid blasted the back of her throat.

Cory groaned hard, as four huge jets of pent up semen blasted into Tilly's mouth. With each jet that erupted from Cory's member, Tilly swallowed as much of the salty liquid as she could until it became too much and she spluttered and choked. Cory's head was sensitive, and Tilly gave him one last flick, which caused her brother to shudder hard. He groaned one final time, and Tilly stood up flashing him the most loving look, and then she leaned in, her lips against his ear and whispered, "How does victory feel?" She kissed his cheek.

"How about you find out?" he whispered back, pulling Tilly onto his lap. As she straddled him, their lips met and he kissed her, hard. He reached under Tilly's dress and felt at her wet panties. Deftly, he moved the fabric to the side and ran a finger up her engorged slit, feeling her wetness, and causing her to shudder at his touch.

Tilly moaned into his mouth as he slipped a finger into her, and it only took him a few seconds to become fully erect again. Libido in overdrive, Cory stopped fingering his sister and moved his dick into position. Positioned at the entrance, Cory thrust up and Tilly moved down, moaning loud as his dick slipped into her warm, tight cunt, his balls thwacking against her ass and their pubic hair meshing, and she bit down on his lip.

"Oh, Cory. Cory. Fuck me, Cory. Oh God." The changing room was filled with the musk of their fucking, and the rough thwack of balls meeting ass as Cory thrust deep into his sister's cunt.

It took only a few hard thrusts before Tilly was coming, moaning hard as she secreted a burning, oily liquid over Cory's already sensitive cockhead and as the oil plastered his shaft he groaned loud and blasted another two jets of semen deep against Tilly's womb. She collapsed against him, bodies sweaty and hot, and she moved her hair from her face as they kissed and held each other until they regained breath.

"That was fucking incredible," Cory breathed. "I love you, Tilly Greenstreet." She beamed. He rarely said those words to her. Three words, eight letters, which made her stomach flutter. Tilly had always been sceptical about that phrase. Boys had falsely said it to her so many times it was such an easy lie and it was sad. It was the thing that was supposed to be the most intimate phrase there was.

I love you. But it is overused. People say "I love you" one day and then the next day they're saying it to somebody else like it's just a greeting. Like it's totally insignificant like "how are you?" or "see you later." It's meaningless. "I love you." It's become so .

cold. Which was why when the rare occasion came that Cory did say it, Tilly knew he meant it and it meant more to her than anything else in the world. Tilly kissed him on the cheek. "I love you, Cory," she told him. And then she glanced to the block next to them. "Shower?" she added, with a cheeky smile.

Cory came inside Tilly again in the showers and twenty minutes later they left, thankful nobody had come looking for them during their tryst. *** Thursday Evening: Cracks in the Glass Thursday evenings meant only one thing; speed training on the track.

It was an orange evening, with a deep sunset and enough eye candy to drive a man insane. As Cory ploughed through his 10x400m reps, with aching knees and tight hamstrings, he passed blonde haired girls with tight assess and low cut tops practicing hurdles, brunettes with slender legs and perfect bodies doing the high jump and a raven haired girl with a bubble butt doing sprints.

And then, in the middle with the high jumpers was Tilly, hair plaited tightly in pigtails so that it fell to the small of her back, her short Nike training shorts and her sports bra showing off her mesmerising figure and as she gracefully flew through the air, over the bar and onto the crash mat she clocked Cory passing in the outside lane and she smiled and he melted.

She was beautiful, and the other girls simply faded away.

He was in love. It happened from time to time, the way the light caught her just right, or the way she said something or looked at him a certain way. She could render him speechless and this, he knew, was what true, honest, raw love felt like. It was magnificent, enthralling, poisonous and it was a drug he could get nowhere else. He thought of Tilly on the eight rep, and ran the fastest 400m of his track career. His coach shook his head and lectured him on consistency.

The final two reps were the hardest of his athletic career. They were always the last to leave the track, and Cory showered and changed quickly. The men's locker rooms were always an eerie place to be when you were alone. Tilly was still inside when Cory finished, and after a couple of minutes of waiting around he grew bored, and that boredom changed into curiosity. With nobody around the changing rooms, and a few hardcore athletes still doing the rounds on the track, Cory slipped into the girls' changing rooms.

"Anyone alive in here?" he asked, half whispering, as the door closed behind him. He heard movement, and then Tilly moved from one of the cubicles. Hands on hips, she purred at him, saying in feigned disgust; "You can't be in here, jerk." She was like a model, more beautiful than anyone had the right to be.

Legs that went on forever. A golden tanned chest, defined and taut and perfect.

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He felt himself twitch below as he looked back at his twin in just her panties and bra, figure voluptuous and lips pursed.

She watched him, weighing him up, almost daring him. Go on, he could hear her say. Make the move. "I couldn't resist," he managed to force out as English became like a second language like this beauty had robbed him of his ability to speak.

"And what do you think?" "You wouldn't believe me if I told you," he said, making up the distance between them in just a few steps and bringing his body against Tilly's so gently, yet so powerfully. He pulled her into him, kissing her harder, deeper, more passionately than he thought he ever had.

Hands on her hips, he felt her body, her skin, moving down to the bubble butt he was yet to conquer and feeling it, squeezing it in his hands. She squealed, purred, cooed into his mouth as her hands fought with him weakly. She melted against him, felt the warmth in his pants against her.

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His hands roamed the small of her back, hers roamed his, clawing at his skin under his tee. Their tongues battled and made love. He felt at her sides, started to move her panties down. She thumbed at the waistband on his joggers.

She felt alive, heart thumping in her chest. A cool breeze passed over her butt as the fabric started to descend. Her blood boiled as it coursed through her veins. And then a door closed outside and voices laughed. Tilly broke the kiss and suppressed a giggle. "Down boy," she whispered, breathless. The voices neared. They looked at each other, breathing going tenfold. They were sweating, hearts racing, breathing deep and heavy.


Cory had an erection that ached and burned in his joggers. Tilly ran her hand over her chest, never breaking eye contact with Cory, and she slipped it into her panties, running a finger over the growing wetness in her slit. She removed the hand and traced it towards Cory's parted, aching lips and she inserted and he tasted.

She moved in, kissing his cheek lingeringly. "Get out of here, lover" she whispered and she turned and headed back to the cubicle, feeling his eyes on her the whole way and when the door was locked she let herself fall against the wall, panting, breathless, sweaty. "Oh my God," she said to herself, setting about regulating her breathing back to equilibrium as she replayed the last few moments. She waited for the door to close and she took another few minutes to regain her composure.

That, she said to herself as she changed, was so fucking hot! *** Gianfranco's, or Gigi's as it was commonly known, was a diner about ten blocks from Cory and Tilly's place, and it had become their de facto date night spot in recent weeks. It was one of their favourite places to just hangout, away from civilisation and over pizza's they were convinced were the best in the world. Along both sides of this rustic faux-Italian place were booths, partitioned off from the rest of the restaurant, which, they found, were probably the most private place in the whole state.

Nobody bothered them here; save for the waiters who always just presumed they were a couple. Over a candlelit table and old Renaissance-esq decor they would be themselves and it was nice. They hit Gigi's on the way home from club track training that night and chatted and recovered and talked and openly flirted over two 12" pizzas pineapple and olive and a pizza Diovolo (double cheese and double pepperoni) until the deep red of sunset had been replaced with the midnight purple hue of nightfall.

They didn't mention the events in the changing room, but it lingered between them like a sentence without words. Carlo, the short, plump Italian proprietor of the establishment was now on first named terms with his "favourite customers." He told everyone that. On the way out they picked up a 6" ham and mushroom for Lorraine and they set off back.

They might have got a bigger one if she ate more than two slices, but she prefers the liquid lunches these days. The houses towards the East of the town were all pretty much new-builds, an affluent area set up by the State legislature in an attempt to rejuvenate the local community, which generally only meant one thing. They all pretty much looked the same and pretty soon some more would pop up and theirs would be forgotten.

The front lawn was looking untidy, and Cory made a mental note to mow it at the weekend. The pizza was cooling when they squeezed past Lorraine's old but serviceable 1993 Toyota Corolla parked haphazardly in the driveway. It had been Mike's, one of his many remaining relics, but hadn't been properly looked at in years.

It needed new plugs, had blowing manifolds that needed to be fixed and a tyre so down on tread that parts were practically running on alloy. Cory had been meaning to take a look at it for months, but he knew little about cars and had told Lorraine countless times about its expired inspection sticker. He'll have a look this weekend, he told himself, but he won't.

Something would come up. Something always came up. *** Survivor is on when they let themselves in, but Lorraine isn't sat watching it. The front room is empty, and Cory announced, "we're home" to no reply. He looked at Tilly and shrugged.

"Thank you for tonight, Champ," Tilly said. "You do know how to make a girl feel special." Cory thought. "Maybe I'm the one who is made to feel special," he said and he watched as she melted like butter. "Damn," she whispered, in mock flattery, taking the pizza box from his hand and discarding it on one of the side tables.

"That was almost smooth." "Can't fault me for trying," he laughed and she moved up close against him. "Maybe you try too hard," she whispered, laughing, as she kissed him. Gentle at first, as her top lip grazed his bottom one, and then harder until she pulled back, biting his lip until he drew blood. Cory supressed a yelp. He tasted the metallic tang, and dabbed it with his fingers to be sure. "Bitch," he joked and Tilly fluttered her eyelashes as she walked away. "Your bitch," she said, with more sass than he had ever seen.

He locked the door and deposited the pizza in the kitchen. And that's when he heard the yelling. Tilly heard it too, because no sooner had she disappeared upstairs had she come back down with a quizzical look plastered across her face.

The door to the old study was closed, and Cory met Tilly in the hallway as they edged towards the source. "Who is she talking to?" Tilly asked. "I'm not sure." They opened the door tentatively. Lorraine was pacing, yelling into the phone receiver in a tone the two had probably never heard her use before. For the first time in a long time she looked, acted, sounded sober.

"You can't do this … I need more time," she was saying. In her wildly gesticulating hand was a letter, the text of which was too small for the two to make out. But plastered across the paper in a thick red stamp was a word that was unmistakable. Tilly noticed this stamp and she looked at Cory, and he knew she was scared. He took her hand in his as Lorraine hung up the phone. For a few moments there was silence, like the universe had been momentarily suspended.

Lorraine then turned to face them, her face sheet white. She opened her mouth to speak but nothing came out. The clock ticked loudly, and the letter fell from Lorraine's hand and drifted towards the floor, with the thick red stamp fourth walling the entire scene. It said: FORECLOSURE. *** Into the Unknown: The door to the cabin closed behind them, and the room was cold.

Cory and Tilly were not as in control as they thought they were. That's the strange thing about life and about living; we're not in control, not really. We can't control the decisions other people make that set in motion events that go boom. We can't control the rollercoaster. Life just is It's the complexity of perhaps the most uncomplicated thing imaginable; the simplicity of something we make so hard.

The thing that happens when you're too busy worrying or making other plans. At the end of the day they were kids and nothing more; Lorraine was the adult, the parent, and no matter how well they looked after themselves the one person they could not look after was their mother. They had this vision of a perfect life, where they went to school and hung out with friends and excelled in sports and managed to sustain an illicit love under the nose of society, and hide it from a world that was not ready to understand such beauty.

But in the grand scheme of life they were nothing; Cory didn't provide anywhere near the sort of money needed to support a family, and perhaps they had been blind to Lorraine's deterioration.


They never spoke anymore; she was just a passing figure in their insane rollercoaster of a world, and they were just familiar faces through the drunken haze of her existence.

They lived in a bubble, a bubble that was about to burst. That night in the office the truth came out and perhaps it made everything finally make sense. Lorraine didn't just have a drink problem, she had something worse. An addiction that was aided by the ease of drink.

Lorraine gambled, only she wasn't very good at it. Her vice was cards, the online poker games that she could enter from the comfort of her sofa. It wasn't real money, she would tell herself when things got tough. Sure, she won from time to time. But those wins were rare and they were outweighed by the losses, which came in their droves.

But that one rare win fuelled the desire to continue. It started with her savings, the rainy day fund. In its absence her wage took over, but that wasn't enough. So, with no other alternative, she remortaged the house, took out loans, anything to supplement the addictive precipice lurking inside of her.

"There's nothing left," she told Cory and Tilly that night. "It's all gone." "So what happens now?" Tilly asked, and Lorraine told her. Cory found Tilly crying by the window later that night a girl in pain. "I'm not sure I know what to say," he told her. "Me neither," she said back. She looked up at him through darkened eyes and smiled a broken smile. He was powerless, and he did the only thing he knew how to do. He took Tilly by the hand and lay down next to her on the bed and he comforted her.

He pulled her close and they stared up at the cracking plaster on the roof and they said little. But having him there, next to her, helped. She cried into his shirt, and he kissed her head and he stayed there for the rest of the night, not fucking, just laying, comforting, helping. You're going to spend some time with your Dad, just until I can get back on my feet. The words had taken a while to sink in. Their dad a stranger.

"Why won't he just help you out?" Cory had asked. "I don't want to talk about it." And that was that. They argued, things had been said, but the decision was final. They packed what they had which was little. It was bizarre for them to see how little personal belongings they actually had. They never considered themselves poor, but looking at their life packed into a small bag kind of put things into perspective.

Cory packed the few clothes he had, the Ralph Lauren tops and the Levi's, the Fred Perry jacket and the pumps. Designer stuff, but so little of it. It connoted wealth and style, but looking good came at a cost and he had little of anything else.

He packed his MacbookAir, for, apart from Tilly, that was where his life was. The music and films, the photographs he held so dear, friends and family, running and soccer.

The folder of writing that he hoped might one day make it. The folder every writer has of endless streams of unfinished stories and what ifs. The document full of plots and ideas for books and movies and TV shows he might one day write for or create.

And that hidden folder, with all the videos and pictures. The pictures of himself and Tilly, alone and together, that they teased each other with and took for their own gratification. The Snapchats that had been ruthlessly screenshotted.

And he packed what little else he could. The medals and trophies could be boxed up and sent over if they had to be but he didn't want to think like that. Not yet, anyway. This was short term, nothing more. Saying goodbye to their friends had been the hardest, springing that on them so out of the blue. "You're coming back though, right bruh?" TJ had asked.

"Call me everyday," Ellie had said. And now they were on the train, a train to nowhere, to meet a man they didn't know and that was more terrifying than anything. They were only about twenty minutes in when Tilly starting pacing. She did that when she was scared, she paced, and she tried to block everyone out. It was a cold cabin, private and empty. A table and two chairs separated wooden panels on either side. The window looked across the blurred landscape of home as it slowly disappeared.

"What's going to happen to us," she said suddenly, teary eyed and scared. "What do you mean?" "Life. Everything," she was shaking.

"I'm so scared." Cory stood up and held her in the middle of the cabin. The tracks rattled by outside. His body warmed her. "We'll be fine," Cory told her and she asked how he could know that. "Because I'm with you," he said simply and she cried into him, "and so long as I'm with you we'll be okay.

We can find a new club and a new school and new friends, and I'll join a new team. But we'll be together through it and that's all that matters.

I'll find a job if that's what it takes. We'll be okay, Tilly, I promise you. I'd never let anything happen to you." She looked up into his eyes. "But what if things change?" "Between us?" She nodded. "Why would they?" "We've just found ourselves and…" she trailed off. "Tilly," Cory said, cupping her chin and tilting it so that their eyes were locked again. "Life isn't about finding yourself. Life is about creating yourself. Creating something with somebody and what we've created isn't going to change.

It doesn't matter where we end up, Tilly, so long as we have each other. And you'll always have me, I promise you that," and in that moment the weight of the world just ceased, like everything but he had faded away. They lingered, close and tight, breathing heavy. She looked at him, and he looked back and their twin link started to flair again.

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The train rattled, the carriage shook and Tilly stumbled closer into Cory. She supressed a giggle, and looked back up into his longing eyes. Her lips felt dry.

His hands, that were steadying her, moved up to her neck, brushing her hair away. He swallowed hard. Their lips were close, and then he kissed her like he had never kissed her before. It was gentle and soft and delicate and Tilly melted. His lips danced off hers, top lip and bottom lip, never the same, alternating like a professional. His hands moved back down to her hips, feeling at her back. Her hands moved through his hair, pulling his lips harder into hers until they were breathless and they broke for air.

"What's going on in that head of yours?" he asked her, lost in the beauty of her eyes. "You'd lose your mind trying to understand mine," she told him brokenly and he kissed her forehead with such tenderness.

"Try me," he said and in that moment Tilly fell even more in love. The train rocked again and they kissed harder, deeper. Cory's hands moved down to Tilly's ass, squeezing and feeling. She pulled his head closer to hers, tongues wrestling. And then he grabbed her, turning her around and forcing her up against the wooden wall. She moaned into his mouth as his hands moved up her sides. She grabbed at his jacket, forcing it off his arms and onto the floor.

The train jerked again, and Tilly turned them and this time Cory was forced against the wall. She was powerful when she wanted to be, but he was in control.

He lifted her up by the butt and she wrapped her legs around his body. Cory kissed her with a passion Tilly never felt anyone could arouse in her. He nibbled at the nape of her neck and she lolled her head back and supressed a moan. She felt alive. Her heart thumped and picked up a few more beats. Feelings she never knew possible were erupting inside her like tidal waves. She ground her hips against his groin, and against his engorged prick, which continued to grow against the junction of her legs; and then Tilly felt Cory return the nudge and she moaned and then giggled as they rubbed their groins together.

Cory set Tilly down on the table, and she wrapped her legs around him again and pulled him close. She pulled his sweater up and over and tossed it to one side, feeling, clawing at his bare skin with her nails. Cory's hands went to do the same but Tilly shook her head and pushed Cory back, hard. The train jerked again and Cory fell back against the wooden wall of the cabin. Dazed, he looked up to see Tilly jumping down from the table.

She reached him quickly and forced him back against the wood, kissing him hard while unbuckling his belt with her hands. Sinking to her knees, Tilly unbuttoned Cory, pulled his fly to its stop then rolled his jeans down his legs. Cory stepped out of his jeans and Tilly freed his burning erection from his boxers so that he was naked.

Kissing at his thighs, she started rubbing his desire before receiving him in her mouth. She took him hard and deep, like a professional, wanting him, needing him, feeling him in the back of her throat. She took him as deep as she could before releasing, teasing his head with her lips. Cory groaned hard she was definitely in control. Cory's desire was thick and meaty and she ached to have it inside of her again.

She gave him head for another few seconds until the animal in him was released and he took back control. Cory pulled Tilly to her feet, and lifted her face by her chin before kissing her hard and deep. He could taste the pre-cum on her lips, the saltiness of his seed. And then he whispered "my turn" and walked her back to the table, lips still locked.

"Take me, lover," she whispered. Cory spun Tilly around so that his burning erection poked her in the ass and he told her to bend over the table. She obeyed and he playfully hit her on the butt. Reaching into her leggings, he rolled them down and she stepped out of them.

Tilly's panties were soaked, and she could feel her pussy swelling. Cory removed them slowly, inhaling the musky scent of her seeping hot nectar. She was breathing hard, and her pussy dripped with longing. He spread her legs a little wider, opening up his access and he looked and admired. He kissed her gently; her legs, her ass and then he leaned in, taking in her scent.

He kissed her wet lips gently, and then drew his tongue, painfully, agonisingly slowly, from her slit to her asshole, tasting her sweet nectar. Tilly moaned hard, breathless, and her hips undulated at his touch. "Fuck!" he heard her say as her nails scratched at the wood.

Still toying at her, teasing her with his tongue, Cory dragged a finger down from the small of her back and across her asshole, causing Tilly to breathe harder than ever. While he worked on her cunt with his mouth, he started to insert a finger into her ass, entering into the unknown for the first time. Tilly accepted him, but only a little.

When Cory started to go further she stopped him quickly and he saw her shake her head. "Later," she said. "I need you to take me." Cory stood up and kissed the small of Tilly's back. He licked his finger and then reached down between Tilly's legs, inserting his middle digit deep inside.

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She inhaled deep and moaned. "Relax and let it happen," he whispered to her as he got into position. "I'm going to fuck you like you've never been fucked before," he told her and Tilly quivered hard. Cory put himself into position and leaned over, kissing the nape of Tilly's neck. His hand roamed her clothed upper half, tracing her curvature through the thinness of her top. He ran his cockhead up and down her slit, teasing her clitoris until it became too much to handle.

Tilly bumped her butt back and the dance began, as the thick tip of Cory's desire slipped into Tilly's accepting promise. Tilly bit her lip and scratched at the surface of the table again as Cory flexed and dipped another inch into her cunt before withdrawing teasingly, leaving her empty and aching.

He repeated the teasing fuck several more times as Tilly's breathing grew and her passion intensified tenfold. Cory knew the effect he was having on Tilly, and he teased her for about a minute more before relenting, and he slammed his member deep into her tight, warm cunt, which, with a tidal wave of pleasure and ecstasy, sent Tilly into orgasm. She moaned and cried out, nails scratching into the wood as her body shivered and her cunt went into spasm. Cory allowed her just a moments recovery before he began the real dance of life, fucking her hard and powerfully, reaching places Tilly never even knew it was possible to reach, giving her sensations and feelings she had never before felt.

He pulled out and turned Tilly over so that she was facing him, and she opened her legs wider and allowed Cory access once more. She wrapped her legs around him as his groin slapped deep into her, feeling his balls on her butt as their pubic hair meshed and then she felt his lips on hers, kissing him with more desire than ever.

Her hands scratched at his back, and then at his ass as they fucked like animals, her on the table and him over her like a beast.

Tilly's blood boiled, hormones in overdrive. Tilly took control again as she reached a second orgasm. She pushed Cory back and led him to the chairs. No sooner had he sat down was she back on him, mounting him and guiding his desire back into where it needed to be. These two twin siblings became one once more as Tilly bounced on his lap. Cory met her with his own thrusts, reaching deep into her womb while his hands felt at her perfect skin.

With racing blood and hard moans, Tilly started to feel her body quake again a rippling, seismic explosion from deep within that shook her very core.

She moaned hard into his ear, succumbing to a series of the most powerful, intense orgasms she had ever felt. Cory met her with his own, creating a powerful surge that threatened to shake the entire carriage with its passion and then she fell into him, trying to catch breath as their bodies started their comedown after their joint euphoria of passion.

They breathed hard and irregular for a few moments, completely wiped out until Tilly summoned the strength to raise her head and look at Cory. "What the fuck was that?" she asked him, kissing him hard as she brushed back her hair with her hand. Cory smiled back, equally breathless.

"I was just about to ask you the same." She collapsed on the chair next to him. "Fuck!" *** They were met in Halifax by a stranger. "Welcome to Nova Scotia," he said, a man neither of them had ever really known, after five years in the wilderness, which, to them, had felt like a life time and suddenly they weren't so relaxed. To be continued/