Snapchat robin soe add me and enjoy

Snapchat robin soe add me and enjoy
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As leader of the Alpha Omega Fraternity at Louisiana State University, I have done some dirty things. See, in AO (Alpha Omega), we celebrate the primitive side of men. We demand that only ideal specimens join our Frat. Our ideal specimen epitomizes physical prowess, competitiveness, and has an insatiable sexual apatite. We essentially aim to be cavemen, taking what we want from who we want, and to fuck as many women as we can.

There are strict physical guidelines required to join AO. First, there are no runts, and there are no fatties. We require each member to be at least 6 foot and 185 pounds. We require strict dietary restrictions, and a minimum 5 day a week work out. We are big, ripped guys. Initiation rituals include bareknuckle fist fighting, and what we call the Fuckathon.

Potential members must defeat one of our six frat leaders in a fist fight. Then each potential member must find and fuck 5 girls from campus in one night, by any means necessary. It is quite a task for any man, but we all had to do it. We are brothers, and as competitive as we are, we watch out for each other. Especially the six leaders. There is me, Daryl. I am president of AO. I am 6'4, 225 pounds, brown hair, blue eyes. My vice president, and best friend is Louis.

He is 6'5, 220, short buzzed hair, guido-looking Italian mother fucker. My treasurer is Jake. He is a white guy with short blonde hair. He barely made the cut off at 6'0 and 190 pounds. My secretary is Cameron. He is the pretty boy of the group, with shoulder length brown hair and brown eyes. Alex and Simeon are my two executive board members. Alex is huge. He is a 6'6, 245 pound, Mexican guy, and Simeon is our black guy.

Scary guy if you don't know him. Tonight, we are hosting an orientation party.

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I will admit, the only reason we do it is to prey on the hot little 18 year old freshman, and a lot of times, their more mature sexy moms. The party is in 4 hours, so we are setting up the Frat House.

i I gather the six leaders in my room as the lower level brothers keep setting up, and do what I do at these parties. I pass each of them a small baggie of pills.

Everyone knows what it is except for Simeon. He was just named to the board a week ago and has no idea about this. "The fuck is this, man?" He asks. "They are called cats. You slip it into a girl's drink, and it does one of two things; it either makes her a little bit drowsy and extremely horny, or it makes her pass out.

Either way you will be shooting your load inside whoever you want tonight." I replied. "Man, I don't need this shit." he replies. "I get plenty of pussy on my own." "What about that petite little 18 year old freshman catholic girl, who has never had sex with anyone?

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She is here with her mom, and nervous as hell to start college, let alone too shy to fuck anyone, especially with her mom around. but damn her tight little ass is just irresistible." I say, painting a picture. "How are you gonna get her to fuck you?" "Man, I will just have to turn on the charm." He says, laughing.

The rest of us chuckle "Dude, look at you.

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you look like a fucking linebacker from the ghetto. you ain't got no charm." Louis adds.


We all bust up laughing, including Simeon. "Plus I have seen that cock of yours, man. You think that little 5 foot girl's virgin cunt can take that without some force?" I say. "You are like 10 inches. One look at that thing, she is out the door. Unless you slip her these pills. and while you are pile driving that little girl, I will be in the next room, fucking her mommy's tight little asshole." I say, humping the air, and spanking an ass that isn't there.

we all laugh. "Man, alright. y'all make a good point. I will use the pills." Simeon says. "That's what I am talking about." I say. Now let's finish getting ready. Five hours later, the party is running smoothly. Lots of hot ass freshman, and fine ass moms. as I am serving drinks behind the bar, I see Simeon talking to a cute, young, petite brunette. She is obviously a freshman. she is 5'4, dark brown hair, milky white complexion, soft lips, small tits and a tight little ass.

she is wearing a sweater, and tight sexy jeans. Simeon steps away for a moment, and walks toward the bar to get a drink. "Who is that?" I ask "That is Miranda." he says with a grin. "God damn is she fine." I say.


"I know man. Get me two vodkas." He says. "You gonna use the cats?" I ask. "Should I?" "Yes you should. Listen, use the cats, and when it starts working, let me know. I wanna fuck her with you." I say. "Ahhh. I like where you are going with this." he replies, as he slips a pill into her drink. Fifteen minutes later, with her eyes glazed over, I see Miranda whisper something into Simeon's ear.

He looks at me and nods as I see them walking into one of the bedrooms. I leave my post and follow. I enter the room.

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"MMM. Simeon just said that his friend was going to join us." Miranda said, slurring her words. "Two is always more fun than one." "I am glad you are on board." I replied, unbuckling my belt, and approaching the two.

Miranda got down on her knees and started to undo Simeon's belt. I stripped naked, as Simeon removed his shirt. Miranda pulled down Simeon's pants and out fell his huge black cock, hitting Miranda in her cute little face. "Jesus Christ." She said.

"Its fucking huge." "Thanks baby" He said. She stroke his cock back and forth and before long, Simeon's cock was rock hard.

I watched, stroking my cock, also becoming hard instantly. then Miranda took as much of his big black cock as she could into her mouth.

She could only get half way down his shaft before the head of his cock was pressed up against the back of her throat. she motioned me to come closer, and I did. she stopped sucking on Simeon for a minute and put my cock in her mouth.

Now I am not as big as Simeon, but I am still pretty big at 8 1/2 inches. Her warm wet mouth around my cock nearly set me off immediately. The way she swirled her tongue around the underside of my shaft as she moved her head back and forth put me in euphoria. As she sucked me off, she was still stroking Simeon's cock. I could hear him moan in pleasure. As did I.

This makes her moan into my cock, which only adds to the pleasure. I look down and see her brown eyes staring up at me. I am fighting to hold off on blowing my load, when she switches back to sucking Simeon's dick. I watch as she licks his ball sack.

this little girl is so slutty, we probably didn't need the cats. Just as I am thinking this, we notice her becoming more groggy, as she starts to slow down on the blow jobs. Simeon grabs the back of her head, and begins humping her face.

At this point, she has passed out. He pulls out as her teeth are now scraping against his shaft. "Ahh shit. Her teeth." he said. "I told you I didn't need this shit." "Relax, man. Now we can do whatever the fuck we want to her." I said.

"Hmm." he replies. "Get her on the bed, and lets get her clothes off. We remove her shirt and bra, exposing her small tits. she has perky, small brown nipples, and we each suck on one.

We move down and unbutton her jeans, pulling them down with her lacy, black thong, finally seeing a tight, shaved pussy. We position her so she is bent over, with her front half on the bed and her ass, and legs are off of it. Simeon positions himself, sitting on the ground with her pussy in his face.

he runs his tongue across her cunt, lapping up all her juices, before licking her clit.

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As he does this, I take a knee so Miranda's ass is in my face. I run my tongue across her tight, puckered little butthole. I swirl my tongue around her little ring as Simeon eats her cunt. We are each stroking our cocks as we taste this unconscious, slutty little girl. we are both still rock hard. "Lets fuck her." Simeon says. "Hell yeah. You want her pussy or ass first?" I ask. "I will take her cunt." He says.

Simeon sits on the bed. I lift Miranda up and position her over Simeon's cock. He spreads her legs, giving him access to her pussy. I slowly lower her, and hold her in place as Simeon gets his cock into her. I then drop her onto him.

she lets out a little moan as he enters her, but she is still unconscious, her head resting on his chest. He begins thrusting upward, shaking her around like a rag doll. She moans every now and again without waking up. I watch, stroking my cock.

There is something about seeing his big dark cock entering this milky white pussy. I want in. "Stop for a second. Let me put it in her ass. I climb on top. and squat as I force the head of my cock against her little butthole. I force hard, feeling her ass tighten around my entire cock. she moans a bit louder, but still remains unconscious. I begin to fuck her with rhythm as she loosens up a bit.

Simeon and I begin to fuck her in unison. He in her cunt, me in her shithole.

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We grunt like animals as we have our way with this little slut's unconscious body. I feel Simeon's cock pressing up against mine, separated by a thin membrane between her asshole and pussy. This turns me on more. We begin fucking faster and harder. my balls slap against her milky white ass with each thrust. Our grunts begin to get louder, as she continues her little moans.


I cant hold it anymore. My balls tighten and I begin shooting streams of cum into her little shit hole. I finish and slide out, still watching Simeon go to work on her pussy. I stroke my cock again, as I watch.

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As I stroke, I smell Miranda's ass on my cock. The smell gets me going again and before long, I am hard again. I hear Simeon grunting louder. I know he is about to cum. He flips her on her back and thrusts harder. "OHHHH FUCK!!!!" He screams. He gives her three hard thrusts and fills her cunt with his white seed. pumping at least six times. He pulls out, breathing heavily. As he pulls out, I see his cum slipping out of her sloppy, stretched out pussy. My turn. I spread her legs and slide right into her pussy very easily, as it is still wet with Simeon's cum.

I begin to thrust, pounding her soaked pussy. I grab and slap her perky little tits as I fuck her. Still unconscious, she moans louder, and more frequently. I swirl my tongue around her hard little nipple, as I thrust hard and fast.

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I barely feel her with how wet it is down there, but I am so turned on it doesn't matter. Suddenly, I feel her pussy tighten as she moans louder.

She is unconscious but she is cumming. This sets me off, and I fill her up with more jizz. As I slide out, I look down to see a pussy more worked than I had ever seen before. That is all we got for now. "That is why we use the cats." I say, out of breath. "When you're right, you're right." Simeon says, as we give each other a fist bump. We leave Miranda on the bed naked, and return to the party. Twenty minutes later, I see a hot young redhead in a sexy blue dress, followed by you, a stunning cougar in an even sexier black dress.

I make eye contact with you. I want to do nasty things to both of you. And I will do what it takes to make it happen.