Indian gf fingering her pink pussy closeup

Indian gf fingering her pink pussy closeup
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tHIS IS TOTAL FANTASY, ALTHOUGH i DID HAVE A ROLE MODEL. I saw her walking along the beach. It was a hot day almost 90 degrees. I had been walking my dog, sandy a golden retriever.

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She liked to chase a Frisbee, as I tossed it out into the surf. This area is called The Natural Bridges. The rocks along the coast would jut out into the ocean, and there were many places where their were caves and some that you could walk from one beach to another by passing through actual bridges worn out by the waves.

A lot of this area was posted, as dangerous, The rocks on the cliffs and bridges, could fall at any time. Climbing on the rocks was also very dangerous as many were loose and many people had been hurt falling off the cliffs. One of the things that attracted me to this particular beach, was that at high tide the water covered the whole beach, and the beach was clean.

No litter form the tourists I usually came here as you could enjoy the ocean mostly alone. Today was a Tuesday, and the beach was empty. Me and sandy come to beach most days. Today I had brought a lunch and dog treats, a book and a small lounge. I was laying down and facing the waves, hoping to get a tan while reading. The dog, Sandy was busy chasing seabirds that would chase the waves, as they broke onshore looking for small creatures to eat. Other than the sound of the surf or an occasional gull it was a very peaceful day.

It was about 10AM, when I heard the sound of a little girl's laugh. I looked up from my book. She was walking down the beach, with a stick in her hand. Obviously she had met Sandy and she was throwing a stick. Sandy's favorite thing was to get that stick and bring it back, knowing that if the stick was lost, she would fail being a retriever. The dog was putting her heart and soul into the fetching and the little girl seemed to enjoy it, as I could hear her squeals of delight when sandy returned the stick to her.

I returned to my most favorite task of napping in the sunshine. "Hey mister!"……&hellip. "HEY mister!" I woke up from my nap. It seemed odd, but there was this little girl leaning over me and shouting. "HEY MISTER!" The little urchin shouted. I looked at her like she was an alien, as she was definitely, disturbing my favorite pastime.

"Hey mister." she said, "How do I get back to the beach?" My reply was simple. "You are on the beach." "Duh," she said, " How do I get back to my beach?" Being annoyed, by this girls intrusion, I stated the obvious, "These beaches are public, nobody owns a beach, unless your are a millionaire." "Stupid," she called me, "Look," she pointed at the end of the beach where the rocks approached the water.

I saw that the incoming tide had cut this beach off from the other side. "The tide has started to come in" I retorted, "It goes back out in 12 hours." and I rolled over on my side to ignore her.

"IDIOT" She yelled, "I have to get back to my parents, How do I get back to my beach!" I was now thoroughly irked at this little bitch. Instead of restating the obvious, I took a moment and actually looked at her. She seemed to be 13 or 14 years old, She was wearing a one piece swimsuit, that showed she had a camel toe. I started to look closer. She had very little breasts, and her swimsuit showed only her nipples, she was almost flat chested.

She was slim but her butt definitely had a very nice curve to it, to almost bony hips. She was standing with her legs together, but you could still see daylight between her crotch. She saw where I was looking and stepped back yelling "HEY!" I was now tired of talking to her, but said in a commanding voice, "I'm not mister, duh, stupid, or idiot, I'm over 60 and I come down here to enjoy the water with my dog, My name is Steve, and the dog's name is Sandy.

Now go away and leave me alone, little girl". I could see that, that almost made her cry. But I was too old to be verbally abused by a little girl. She stepped forward and said, "Steve how do I get back on the other side?" pointing at the rocks with the incoming tide. I pointed to a path at the back of the beach, got up and started walking towards the water, totally ignoring her.

Sandy came up with a stick, and jumped on me. This was the dogs clue that she wanted to play. I threw the stick into the waves, Sandy immediately jumped into the water to fetch. I turned around to see my little urchin struggling up the path with bare feet. Knowing that the path was very rocky, I thought to myself a little suffering will do her good, as she disappeared out of site.

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I looked at my watch, and thought it is getting late its after 4PM, and it takes me a hour to walk home. I gathered up my stuff, called the dog, and proceeded to the path that I had pointed to earlier. As I walked up the path form the beached, I started to notice just how rocky the path was. I always wore shoes and never really paid attention to it.

Being just a softie at heart, I felt a little empathy for the little girl who had to walk it barefooted, as I was sure she would hurt her feet. Soon I did see a spot where there was a little blood, from where she had stepped on an uncommonly sharp rock. The blood disappeared, as I walked on.

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I came to the fork in the path, one led to the back of my house through the woods, and the other led up a little hill and back around to the other beach. I had moved to this area, two years ago, when I retired. It was one of the few places that the redwoods grew near the ocean.

I had found a secluded house, amongst the trees, and knew immediately that it was for me. I had been recently divorced from a wife of 35 years. We had been married young and I was totally in love with her. She announced out of the blue one day she was leaving and getting a divorce. That was all she told me. Over and out. Later talking to a close friend of herswho felt sorry for me, she informed me.

My wife had cheated on me most of our marriage. They say the husband is the last to know. I was more than stupid, I never knew or even suspected. All I knew when I moved here, was, that I was glad to be rid of her, and I would have to rebuild a new life. Rebuilding anew life over 500 miles from where I had lived, and in a small town, of 250 residents, was improbable. Being retired and obviously not a millionaire, did not bring ladies flocking to my front door. Oh, I had met most of the residents, at the store, post office, and the church.

They were very friendly, but when it a came to finding a new buddy or female acquaintances, the task was impossible, just not enough diversity. I had resigned my life to abstinence, and an occasional trip to Vegas. I got back to house, made dinner, and checked my phone messages, before going to bed. I had found the perfect cure for robo-dialing, and 800 phone calls.

Living alone and not having a nearby relative, I installed a switch on my phone line, and simply turned it off. I had phone answering, and if someone really wanted to reach me, they could leave a message and I would get back to them. If they didn't like it, tough shit. I was surprised to learn that when my neighbors became aware of my phone habits, many wished they could do the same thing. There was a message form the local sheriff on my phone. He was looking for volunteers.

A family of three, had gone sailing on the ocean and they had not returned. He needed men to staff local boats in the morning, to search the nearby ocean. I returned his call, and volunteered to be there at 6AM. The next morning I got up at 5AM. I dressed and left to go into town. I put the dog, into one of those big metal dogs cages, I had on the porch.

I do not believe in humanizing animals. Also I do not lock a dog in my house when I'll be gone all day. The pen had water and a blanket. Enough for any dog, She never complained.

I got into my pick-up and drove to town. The trip took almost 35 minutes, I lived on a lane that only had one neighbor, a farmer, with almost 100 acres, on one side of the road. The other side of the road was national forest, to protect the redwoods. I got to town and drove to the local wharf.

The sheriff split the men into groups of four, to a boat. The local fisherman had volunteered their boats plus the sheriff's department had one of their own. I being new in the community, and knowing nothing of boats, was assigned to the sheriff's boat with a deputy and my neighbor.

Soon 12 boats were out scouting the waves for the missing sail boat. The day wore on, and it was obvious to my team that I was not a sailor. I was sea sick, and when it became lunch time I passed on the food.

Around one o'clock we got a call that a sailing boat had been found, about 15 miles off shore, capsized and no sign of survivors. We quickly headed for that area. We were able to follow the Coast Guard Helicopter that was also searching. At 5PM, it was announced that the search had been called off. The reason was that one of the boats had found two life jackets, tangled and floating. "If the tourists were dumb enough to go sailing without putting life jackets on," the sheriff stated, "the idiots deserved to drown." My neighbor John then said the obvious, "The current in these waters flows out to sea, The bodies will never be found." I was just glad the search was over, and that I could get off this damn rocking boat.

An hour later we were all back on the dock. There was a Coast Guard Officer to meet us. He thanked everyone personally for volunteering. His report would show that a family of three had been lost at sea, Two adults and a ten year old girl, and that no bodies were expected to be recovered. I was invited to the local bar, for a drink to take the chill off the day, as it was now almost 7PM. I joined my neighbors and the sheriff for a quick drink. Finally I was being accepted in this community as one of the flock.

After much music and cavorting, I left the bar at midnight. Driving home was kind of hard as I definitely had too much to drink. On the way I was feeling sorry for my dog Sandy who had been locked up all day. When I arrived home, Sandy, ran out to great me as I got out of my truck. I petted her and said, "Bad dog, how did you get out of your cage", She followed me into the house and I was too drunk to kick her out.

I fell into bed in a dead sleep. BANG, BANG, BANG!! I jumped up out of bed. Someone was banging on my front door. I noticed light coming in from the window, It must be daylight. BANG, BANG, BANG!! I glanced at the clock, it was 7:30am. Who could be at my door this early? Then I remembered yesterday searching for those poor people who had capsized.

Putting just a robe I ran down stairs. BANG, BANG, BANG!! "okay", I shouted out, "I'm coming!" I opened the door, and there was my little urchin, from two days ago on the beach. She was still in her swimsuit, but it was very dirty and torn in some places. "What do you want?" I shouted 'I've been lost, and last night I had to sleep in your dog pen, it had the only blanket I could find." she stated. "Don't you ever come home". it was a statement Talking like I wasn't there she went on "You hillbilly's are all alike, I'm going to use your phone to call my parents, and I want some breakfast".

She pushed open my door and strode into my kitchen, seeing the phone on the wall, she walked over and picked it up. She then looked at me and said.

"Well, get me something to eat" and put the phone to her ear and started to dial. "This DAMN phone doesn't work" She yelled. The switch to turn on the phone was near her hand. I started to tell her but she interrupted again, "Why don't you have a phone that works? Without thinking I reached out and slapped her, then she threw the phone at me. I grabbed her by her long blonde hair and yanked upwards.

I calmly told her, "Listen little girl, you have broken into MY HOUSE. You have treated me like a dog, yelling orders at someone you don't even know." I started to drag her by the hair out onto the porch, grabbing a pad lock off my tool chest. Pulled her out of the house while she was screaming at the top of her lungs.

"If you want to treat people like dogs," I yelled at her. Then you deserve to be treated like a dog! I roughly pushed her into the dog pen, slammed the door, and locked it with the pad. I yelled at her "When you feel you want to act like a human, call me I'll let you out!" With her still screaming I went back into the house slamming the door.

I started to make a new pot of coffee, thinking to myself, what did I do to deserve to be woken up this way, maybe I should start saying my evening prayers. Listening to the girl bawl started to get to me.

I went out back and started my riding mower, I noticed it covered her cry's. I mowed my back lawn. I mow about two acres counting front and back, but ¾ of it was in the back. After close to 2 hours I drove back to the house, shut off my mower, and was glad that I did not hear any screaming. I went into the kitchen, got a cup of coffee, making sure I banged enough furniture around so she could hear me.

I sat at the table for about 5 minutes, wondering what I was going to do. Realizing that I had just locked up a teenager against her will, and kept her captive. Feeling very remorseful I went out on the porch. The dog pen was not big enough for her to stand up. She was sitting cross-legged on the floor. I looked at her and sipped my coffee. She just glared at me. "Are you ready to act like a human?" I inquired. "You'll go to jail for this," was her reply Then I noticed between her legs was wet.

"just like a dog, you've pissed all over yourself," I snapped out. She looked down and started to quietly sob. "If trying to teach a teenager a few manners, is against the law," I informed her, "Then there would not be enough jails in the world". "Are you ready to act like a human?" "If you are then I'll let you out, If not, then you can stay in there all day, sitting in your piss." "I'm not a teenager, I'm 10, and If I hadn't gotten lost and spent the night with your dog, I would have been able to hold it until I went to the bathroom" She said in a small voice.

"Who, who are your parents?" I stuttered. "Tom and Marie Miller"! she shouted. Those were the name the Coast Guard Captain had used!!

"How did you get here? I asked "I got lost, and couldn't find the beach. I've been here all night and I don't know what to do.

I want to get back to my Mom and Dad." she explained. At first I felt sorrow for this little girl, she didn't know her parents had drowned.

I could clearly see her nipples standing out through the dirty swimsuit due to the early morning chill. Then I felt a feeling in my groin that I hadn't felt for years. "Well," I said "We'll have to get out of that cage, you definitely need and bath and some food. After that I guess I'll have to take you town, back to your parents. Do you know where they are staying?" I queried. "We're staying at the camp grounds", she volunteered.

Unlocking the cage, and reaching in I took her hand and pulled her out. Not releasing her hand, I lead her into the house. I walked her up the stairs and into the bathroom. I started the water and got out a clean towel. Telling her "Now you take a bath and get cleaned up and after your bath I'll give you some breakfast," Her demeanor had calmed down.

As I left the bathroom she quickly closed the door. I ran down stairs and grabbed the pet cage off the porch. Taking it down to the basement I put it in one corner.

I put a blanket on the bottom of the cage, and ran back upstairs. I could hear the water being turned off in the bathroom. I started cooking some bacon and eggs. I went upstairs and grabbed a Large T shirt I had, went into the bathroom.

"Hey!" She shouted. "I'm just giving you something to wear, after you get out of the tub". I informed her, noticing how she was covering just her crotch with her hands. I picked up the dirty and torn swimsuit, and left. When down stairs I finished cooking her breakfast. I took her swimsuit and put it in the wood bin next to the fire place.

I placed her plate with a spoon on the table, and went to the bottom of the stairs to wait for her.

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As he came down stairs, wearing only the T shirt. She was holding it down beneath her crotch. "Don't you have and underwear".


She asked. "Not for little girls", I said "After you eat, I'll see if I can find you something". The aroma of the eggs and bacon, made her hop into the kitchen. She quickly stat down and started wolfing her food down. She was hungrier than I thought. "I can't keep calling you little girl. What's your name?" I asked. "Susan, Susan Miller," she spat out between mouthfuls.

I gave her a glass of milk, and watched her finish her breakfast, and gulp the milk down in silence. After she was totally done. She asked.

"Are you going to take me to the camp grounds" As she stood up I grabbed her hand tightly. Without saying a word I started to drag her to the basement.


She started fighting me and yelling, "Help, Help." "No one can hear you" I shouted, "So you must learn to be quite" She was crying a struggling as I roughly took her down to the basement, and dragged her towards the cage.

"No, No," she cried as I pulled her to the door. I reached down and grabbed the T shirt pulling it off over her head. I took a moment to look at her. I could see her nipples, and looked at the little slit between her legs. She tried to twist away from my grasp. Taking her by the hand and a foot I literally threw her into the cage. Closing the door and locking it with the pad lock. I walked back upstairs with her still screaming. This was an older house and solidly built, when I bought it two years ago.

I noticed that I could not hear her screams as I closed the basement door. I called my dog Sandy. I put the dog into my truck and headed to town.

At the hardware store I bought Sandy and two new collars. One was heavy leather one about two inches wide. The other about one inch wide.

I also bought ten feet of lightweight but very sturdy chain. Two small key pad locks, and two new small metal dog dishes. As an after thought I got 100 feet of rope.

Returning home, I took my purchases down to the basement. When I entered I noticed that the girl had wrapped herself in the blanket, she remained silent, but I could see total fear in her eyes. I started by saying, " From now on Susan you will not talk until I tell you.

You will also do exactly as I say, or I will punish you. You will not be allowed to ware any clothes, until I say you can. You will do what I say when I say it or I will force you to do it anyway. DO YOU UNDERSTAND!!" She just started crying. But did not answer me. "DO YOU UNDERSTAND? SUSAN," I shouted at her. Through her sniffles she nodded her head. "Want you to take off that blanket, now please," was my first order. She shook her head no. Without waiting I unlocked the cage.

I reached in and grabbed her by the hair. She started wailing as I pulled her out, but not letting go of the blanket. As I stood her up, I ripped the blanket out of her hands. I held her arm up so high that he feet hardly reached the floor.

I grabbed the two inch dog collar. And quickly even though she was crying and struggling fastened it around her neck. Then I hooked the chain to the collar.

I pulled her over to the workbench and fasted the chain into a vice. "NOW!" Stand still." I shouted She stopped struggling and stood still, trying to cover herself with her hands.

Standing next to her I brushed her hand from over her undeveloped chest. She was softly crying as I started to rub he nipples.

It felt so good, my hand on her soft skin. Not wanting to delay this any longer I thrust my hand between her legs.

It had been so long I had felt a virgin pussy. She squealed as I pulled the chain, and I stuck one finger into her vagina. I pushed harder and felt her hymen break. I unfastened the chain and hooked it to one of the rafters making sure her toes could barely reach the floor.

I could not believe that this young girl now had to do what ever I made her do. I went into the middle of the basement and started piling old construction blocks into a little platform. Then I took the dog pen and put it on top of them. I made the middle of the pen equal to my waste. Susan was just crying real loud now and I could see a small trickle of blood running down her legs.

I got my hacksaw and started cutting out a hole in the dog pen. When I knew I had it big enough, but not too big. I filed down the cut metal so that all the sides were smooth. Then I took the chain off Susan and forcibly put her back into the cage. I got a old milk carton and put it under the hole I had cut in the cage. I put one of the new dog dishes under the hole and filled it with water. The only way for her to drink was to put her head through the hole and lap at the water with her tongue.

The bowl was just big enough to not be ale to be pulled through the hole. "Now Susan "' I explained " when I first found youyou were in this dog pen.

You treated me worse than I would treat my own dog. So you will stay naked and in this cage, until you learn at least how to be as good as my dog. When you want to eat or drink you will put your head through this hole and eat out of the bowls without your hands, IS THAT UNDERSTOOD?" I emphasized.

Grudgingly she shook her head in the affirmative. I left the basement and went upstairs. I left her there for the night. The next morning, I was thinking that it would be nice if I could get her to be my personal sex slave.

The problem as I saw it was making her want to do it herself. I went down to basement to see what the night by herself had done to Susan. She was sitting up with her legs against her chest just silently shaking. I saw where she had tried to get the bowl through the hole in the cage, and she had dropped it on the floor. I went over and refilled the bowl and set it on the milk crate. "Susan" I said, "you will need to learn better manners, dogs must learn not to make a mess." I noticed she was sitting in a puddle of pee.

"Now drink your water little doggie". Susan slowly moved toward the holeas she started to put her head through the hole, I complimented her. "That's a good dog now drink" I saw that she could barely reach the water, but was lapping at it with her tongue. I walked around the cage. She was on her hands and knees drinking the water.

I could see her exposed little cunt between her legs. She was soon at a point where I could see her knees biting into the bottom wires on the cage. That's must hurt I thought. "I'm hungry" she volunteered.

"A good dog must earn her food". as I opened the cage and gave her a small washcloth, "now clean your self up." She wiped her face as she sat back on her knees. She started on her arms and legs, with me watching silently. She sat back and stopped. "You must learn to clean yourself all over" I instructed "Now start wiping your chest and be sure to wipe between your legs." As I saw her wiping her little nipples, they were raised, because of the basement chill.

I went upstairs and retrieved a candy bar. Back in the basement I showed her the candy bar. "Do you want this Susan?" I asked "Yes" was her only reply. "Then put your head back in the hole, and I will feed it to you ." I explained. She got back on her hands and knees and quickly put her head through the hole.

I unwrapped the candy bar and put it in her mouth. I realized she had not really eaten as she was trying to get the whole thing in her mouth at once. She eventually got used to the new posture and I slowly fed her the candy bar. "Now Susan", I explained "There are rules for you to follow, when you do follow the rules you'll be rewarded with a treat. The more treats you receive will earn you new privileges. For instance after your first treat I will give you back the blanket to sit on.

Would you like that" "Yes" was all I heard. I opened my pants and pulled out my semi hard cock and put it in front of the hole. "I want you to lick this". I said. A scared "No," escaped her lips. I re-buttoned my pants and went back upstairs, leaving her to think. After an hour. I returned to the basement with another candy bar. I set the candy on top of the cage. She could see it but not reach it. I again unbuttoned my pants and put my cock in front of the hole.

"Now lick this, and be a good doggie" I told her. Slowly she got on her hands and knees and put her head through the hole. I pushed my dick right into her face, and she jumped back. I just stood there waving my dick at this little ten year olds face. Ever so slowly she again put head through the hole. I started rubbing my cock on her face. She squinted her eyes closed but stayed still.

As I was enjoying the feeling of my cock on her face I said, "Now, stick out your tongue, little doggie." I was rock hard as she stuck out her tongue. There was pre-cum on the tip. I touched the tip to her tongue, letting her taste it. "Now start licking, like a good dog," I instructed.

She started licking as I moved my cock back and forth over her tongue. I kept it up. I took hold of her hair, and stated shooting cum onto her face and into her chest.

She screamed, and tried to pull back, but I had a hold of her hair. I finished cumming on her face, stepped back and pulled up my pants. Without saying a word, I tossed the candy bar into the cage and went back upstairs. I sat at the kitchen table. I could not believe what I had just done to a ten year old. I had never in my life ever treated any female with any thing but respect. There was something about this spoiled and ill mannered little vixen, that just seemed to over whelm me.

I had to admit that just the thought of her naked, made my dick harder than I could ever remember.

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I would have to fix up the basement. She needed a place to piss and shit, to take a shower, and also a place we could lie down so I would be able to fuck her. The one thing I was sure of is that I would not let her out of the basement. After all everyone and I mean everyone thought she was dead with her parents. To be continued…&hellip. Comments welcome&hellip.