Hot granny in boots takes deep anal

Hot granny in boots takes deep anal
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--------------Morgans Rape------------ The day started like any other day until I saw her, Morgan, she was about 5' 6" and long dirt blonde hair and 36b breasts and a nice tight ass. She was also the biggest tease, always wearing tight jeans and a low undershirt so that whenever she leaned forward in her seat her shirt would rise and you could see her thong.

that always got me hard and after a few months of studying her I found out when her period was bcause she would only wear panties then and also a few days after her period. I also found out her daily routine, school go out back get her hockey gear go home.

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So after i gathered the right supplies i was ready to strike. I had set up signs before the end of school saying "Hockey Equipment follow arrows" and after seeing her following it I removed them and went around, as she came into the back of the school (where noone every went) I struck I quickley covered her mouth with a cholorform soaked cloth as she struggled I grabbed her ass and whispered "I've waited so long for this morgan" and she finally fell asleep.

Chapter 2- She awoke in a dark and dank room as she regained full conscious realised she was in a dark room she tried screaming but noone answered after what seemed like days her captor finally entered through a manhole with a black bag he said " hello morgan nice to see your awake, you can scream all you want but this room is 40ft underground and soundproof" she replied " please what do you want?!" as she started to cry He said "I want you morgan, now take of your shirt and pants, if you dont I will do it the hard way" she screamed " Eww, NO you pervert!" I walked over to her and grabbed her wrists she started screaming I told her to shut up but she continued to fight!

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I grabbed a pair of panties I bought and managed to shove them into her mouth and get a piece of cloth around her mouth to hold the panties in and completing her gag and then I handcuffed her and cut her shirt off in the process of cutting her shirt off she tried screaming through her gag to no avail she finally realised that she was his sex toy now. Chapter 3- He sat down in a chair and pulled her onto his lap, and whispered into her ear " morgan, do you know how long i've been waiting to do this?

" rubbing her inner thigh she was crying even more now.

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Im your Daddy now. she shoke her head no he just laughed. he continued rubbing her thighs and her pussy through her jeans as she started to moan through her gag, " haha slut enjoying this are we?

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" he then undid her jeans and pulled them off revealing a pair of white bikini panties with polka dots he nearly blew his load in his pants then, she felt his dick poke her ass and started to fight again, he continued to rub her pussy as she continued to moan and grow wet she finally had an orgasm she trembeled in the wave of pleasure. he sat her down in the chair and started to take pictures of her in her white polkadotted panties and matching bra.

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he grabbed her and brought her to the bed, undid her handcuffs and rehandcuffing her to the post he pulled her panties off and brought them up to his nose, he smelled her sweet womanly scent as she looked at him in disgust, he put them into his pocket and got between her legs and started to eat her cunt as she struggled and moaned through her pantie gag, he undid his pants and pulled his boxers off and shoved his dick into her tight cunt until he felt her sweet sweet cherry her hymen and then he whispered to her " Time for Daddy to pop your cherry" and as he pulled in and right as he broke her hymen she attempted to scream through her gag ------To Be Continued----- This is my first story, please comment and give suggestions on how i can make part 2 better!