Sex xxx story sex stories 12

Sex xxx story sex stories 12
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Moms Girlfriends Secret By Blueheatt * A young son finds out a secret that brings new extreme sexual enjoyment into his life&hellip.* __I'm Jack, and I had always really liked mom's girlfriend Ellie. She was a very sexy woman. I was very young when it all started. I noticed the way she would hug me. She had beautiful tits and she always put my head against them when she hugged me. Of course I liked that. If there was no one else in the room she extended the tits play and It gave me some real hot sex tingles.

We both looked for opportunities to do this and now when alone we both got all aroused. She pushed her pussy up against me and rubbed it on my cock. She felt up under my t-shirt and got me real hot. She let me feel her tits now and under her sweater my hands went.


I knew she had no bra on when she wore a big sweater. We went at it the day mom was gone for the day. We stood away from the windows and that day she put her hand down my shorts and felt my cock. I started to go under her short skirt to feel her pussy. She grabbed my hand and stopped me. "Not yet." she whispered.

She let me feel her smooth ass and bare tits.

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She lifted up her sweater and let me lick her tits while her bare hands felt my cock get hard. She pulled my shorts down and got on her knees. This was all new to me as she began to kiss my cock and lick it. It felt wonderful and then, she put it in her mouth and wanked me.

I knew now why they made porn vids about this. She was wanking me with her mouth and her tongue was going wild in her mouth.

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It was the fastest cum I had ever had. She held my cock in and sucked and swallowed the cum.

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I was my first blow job and it felt so good, I got dizzy. Now I really wanted to lick her pussy and do the same for her.

She smiled at me as I licked her tits…but she was deep in thought you could tell. I hoped this wouldn't be the last time we did this. She kept rubbing her pussy up against my leg. What was she thinking I wondered…… (Ellie's thoughts…) (&hellip.that was so hot I want to savor the feeling of him cuming in my mouth forever.

I wasn't allowed near boys growing up, and at last I got me one to play sex with. The feel of his warm body is so exciting, I could feel his body for hours. I knew this day might come and just wasn't prepared for it.

I want to have sex with him so bad, but I have to deal now with my little secret. Until now only my parents and my older sister know.

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My sister is so cool and helped me deal with my lust for boys. Being born with a penis and vagina was no fun at first, but sis helped me a lot. Now I had a real hot young guy like I had always wanted. I have to find a time and a way to tell him, I'm different, and it doesn't matter because I want him and I know he wants me. He's a normal young teen kid, and I know he wants to feel and lick my pussy, and have sex with me. I've never had sex with a guy, so he'll be my first.

My sister knew how much I wanted a boyfriend and to have sex with him, so one night when our parents were gone, she let me feel her while she wanked me. We kept going and she gave me a blow job and then the ultimate. I put my cock in her and we fuck all that night. From then on she was the only sex I got. We fucked all the time as she liked it same as me. She wanked me and gave me blow jobs to.

I ate her pussy and fucked her anytime she wanted to. It was different, but it was so exciting and it worked. She moved away later and I ended up with nothing. I set out then to find a guy to have sex with. A young guy like I had always wanted, but could never have. I looked at his sexy smile as he kissed my tits. Hold on Jack, were going to have more sex that you can handle. We had the rest of the day and I was very horny.

I took him up to his room to have 'the talk' and hope he wouldn't reject me, if he didn't.,( I was going to fuck him in more ways than one.&hellip.) Ellie kept touching me all over and breathing hard. She took me up to my room and we sat on my bed. She was quiet, but I had to kiss her and feel her too.

I wanted to get my hand under her skirt, and in her panties. We both got all aroused and laid side by side. I raised her sweater up and loved sucking her tits. Not young girls tits, but a woman's big tits.

She began to talk about being 'different' and how it would be an asset to us. I scooted closer to her and pushed my cock tight into her pussy. That's when I felt a lump above her pussy. A while back, my buddy Chuck and I were watching some porn when we found these two girls that had a pussy and a dick!


Hermorf.something or 'hermies' they called them. We watched them fuck each other and then wank and cum together. We thought…wow…they could fuck a girl or get fucked by a guy, that must be great! If Ellie was one of those&hellip.I could do a lot of things with her. I listened as she explained about her 'different' thing. After a long explanation, I smiled and ask her if she was a 'hermie'?

She put my hand down in her panties. I felt a cock, and below that a wet pussy. Nothing else to say, she was. I started taking her panties off and headed down to see and lick her pussy. She started moaning as I licked. I had never licked a pussy before and I was in heaven. I was straight, but this was a 'girls' cock. I reached up and held it. It got real hard real fast. She reached down and we both wanked it slowly……I hoped she was pleased.

(…at last, a guy was not only licking my pussy but wanked with me as I wanked my cock…finally I got to feel what a guy can to a girl. He had accepted me, and was taking advantage of my being 'different'. This was long overdue and I was headed to have cum shot in my pussy and my cock cum at the same time. This would be a first for me. I pulled him up on me…I just knew he wanted his cock in me, and so did I.

It wasn't fingers now, it was the real thing. I helped him get his cock in my very tight pussy. At last I got to feel guys cock in me. He was so excited his breathing, and mine, became panting. I was over the top with good feelings. His teen cock fit perfect and we started in fucking and…us both wanking my cock.

He put his knees under my legs and started going faster. The faster he fucked, the faster we wanked me. He was now banging our bodies together as I felt a real climax coming and the cum beginning to rise in my cock.

He gave out a moan, I moaned and I felt hot cum going in me as my cock began to shoot cum like never before. My body's movements took over by itself as we pulled him in deep inside me. My cum kept shooting all over on us. I felt so good to feel his hand squeezing my cock tight as he wanked it fast. We were both trembling and squirming with the feelings. I pulled him tight to me as we just kept fucking& pussy squeezed his cock automatically as he shot more of his cum in me. We collapsed on each other and nothing in the world mattered&hellip.but us&hellip.

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I will never forget that day as long as I live. From then on we became animals. He adapted to me and anything for pleasure was a go.

We had 2 hours after his school and we used every minute of time to have glorious sex. I hired him to work at my house and 'fix' things and keep the yard up. His mom thought nothing of it. It was one day when there was no school and we knew what we wanted to do with the time we had. I had my robe on and he had just shorts and a t-shirt. He came over and did some raking on the yard to make it look good for any neighbors.

I watched him thru the curtains and got myself all horny waiting. My cock was rising and my pussy was wet. He left his tools in the yard and came in. "I'm up here." I called out and up the stairs he came. I was in my bed naked with just a sheet over me with a tent over my cock. He got a big smile&hellip.he got undressed and crawled on top of me&hellip.he grabbed my dick and jacked it.…he scooted down.… I held his head as he slowly sucked me.

He slowly stuck his 3 fingers in under my dick and moved them back and forth… This was the ultimate cum for me&hellip. I couldn't hold still&hellip.I grabbed his head and as fast as I could began to fuck his face.

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He reached up and felt my boob and moaned&hellip.his fingers were a blur as I wrapped my legs around him. I was losing it in euphoria&hellip."oooo …oooo…I couldn't hold back&hellip.and two cums let go&hellip."oooo yes yes yes ooooo"…cum when everywhere&hellip.he quick put his dick in my vagina and made a…"ooooh my god& feels soooo good"&hellip.he continued to jack my dick…cum was up our chest…and running out my vagina&hellip.

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I wrapped my arms around him and pumped till I couldn't pump anymore&hellip. -------------------------------------------------