Carnival public stealing will only get you fucked

Carnival public stealing will only get you fucked
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It had been 3 weeks since that evening and Anna had been so upset she had not been able to speak to Susan since, at first Susan had tried to talk but Anna's silence had stopped her.

People had noticed the change and tried to find out what was wrong, Mr Cairn their form teacher had spoken to Anna one afternoon, all Anna had said was they had argued, even Anna's mum had stopped asking why she didn't see Susan anymore.

At lunch that day Anna was sitting behind some girls from her class when she heard one of them tell the other that someone she knew had seen Susan with an older boy from the school and they had been having sex in the local park, shocked at this Anna decided she had to speak to Susan and find out if it was true, so after school that day Anna waited for her on her usual route home.

When Susan came into view Anna could see she had been crying, forgetting about why she was angry with Susan, Anna stopped her and asked what was wrong, when Susan told her she had been taken to the principal's office because of a rumour someone had started Anna tried to hide the fact that she knew but Susan realised and started shouting at her.

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When Anna could get Susan to listen to her she told her what she had heard at lunch and that it was the first time she had known of the rumour, Anna asked why someone would start it and Susan told her that another girl, Claire from the other class, had seen Susan talking to an older boy.

Claire had stopped Susan and told her to stay away from the boy as she fancied him, when Susan said she'd talk to who she wanted Claire had threatened to make her sorry.

Susan had told the principal this and he had said he would speak to Claire and get to the bottom of it. The next day it was all round the school, Claire had admitted to starting the rumour and had been expelled. Anna found Susan sitting on her own and hugged her without thinking; Susan said that she didn't have to be nice to her now and Anna told her that she had been wrong to stop their friendship, Anna then admitted that she had realised that she liked what they had done that evening and she was wrong to deny it.


Looking at Anna, Susan quietly asked if she would come over to her house that evening and promised that nothing would happen. Checking to make sure no one was around Anna leaned into Susan and kissed her on the lips and whispered I'll be there, then she rushed off to her first class of the day.

That evening Anna and Susan talked about what had happened and what they felt, Susan then told Anna that she had been talking to Mike since that night and he had said that he understood how Anna had felt and was sorry. Anna felt herself start trembling at his name and told Susan that she had not been online since, holding Anna, Susan told her that Mike wanted to make it up to them both by taking them shopping, Anna said that she didn't think she could but Susan kept saying it would be alright and in the end Anna gave in.

Susan said that she would speak to Mike if Anna didn't want to and arrange the shopping trip. Two days later Susan told Anna that it was all set; they were to tell their parents that they were going shopping and sightseeing with another girl and her parents in London on the following Saturday. Anna agreed and was nervous for the next day and a half. That Saturday morning Anna's mum gave her some money for food and to buy anything she wanted and Anna met Susan at the station.

The trip into London seemed to take ages and each time the train stopped at a station Anna would watch to see if Mike would get on the train.

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Finally the train arrived and they both went through the barriers, standing in the main station Anna looked round at how busy it was, suddenly Susan grabbed Anna's hand and pulled her across the station, looking round Anna saw Mike for the first time, her heart skipped a beat he was tall handsome and smiling, when they got to him he politely kissed each of them on the cheek and in his deep voice he said 'Good Morning young ladies, are you ready for some shopping fun?' Both girl nodded enthusiastically and leading the way Mike took them to the tube entrance.

It was crowded on the tube and Anna found herself squashed up against Mike and Susan, as it was hot both girls were wearing short summer dresses and for the first time Anna wished the neckline didn't drop so much, looking up at Mike she saw that he was smiling again and realised he was looking straight down her dress at her breasts, blushing slightly she felt herself tingle all over. Looking across at Susan she saw that Susan had also noticed where Mike was looking and grinned at Anna.


Just then the train lurched and Anna unconsciously put her hand out to stop herself falling. what she grabbed surprised her, her hand landed straight on Mike's groin and the beginnings of a hard bulge. Susan was shocked but before she could say anything Mike said 'this is us' and they got off the train, coming out of the tube they were in central London 'where would you like to go first?' Mike asked. Both Susan and Anna admitted that this was their first trip into the city so Mike lead them round several shops, each time they stopped he told the girls 'have some fun, trying on what you want, if you like it you can have it, my treat'.

After about 3 hour the girls were loaded down with bags, Mike suggested some lunch, where would you like to go? Looking round they saw that most of the food shops and cafes were extremely busy so they said they'd wait for a while. Walking round the shops the girls started to get tired and Susan asked Mike if they could sit anywhere, not being able to find any seats Mike looked at the girls and said 'it's always busy here, I know of a place where we could sit in comfort but only if you're happy to go there'.

Both girls looked at each other and without discussing it said 'yes please'. Mike then told them that he lived local and his apartment was just round the corner, if they wanted they could go there and have some lunch before continuing shopping.

Anna was trembling as she looked at Susan who was looking just as nervous but the girls realised that there was nowhere else to sit.

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A few minutes later they were walking through Mike's front door; both the girls were surprised at how big the living room was as Mike told them to make themselves comfortable. Flopping down onto the sofa the girls started showing each other what they had bought, coming back from the kitchen Mike had made some light sandwiches and there were 3 glasses of drink on the tray.

Both the girls picked up the glasses and taking a sip realised it was wine, smiling Mike said 'your both grownups, you're allowed wine'. With Mike sitting opposite them the girls started to relax and show him their new clothes, 'very nice girls' was Mikes comment.

Giggling Susan looked at Anna and said I think Mr Mike wants to see us wearing them, both girls laughed at the look on his face 'if you want to give me a fashion show I don't mind' he said. Looking at Anna Susan asked 'shall we?' laughing nervously Anna nodded and Mike said 'great, the bedroom is through that door. unless you'd like to change in front of me!' he laughed as both girls blushed furiously. Walking off to the bedroom the girls quickly changed into their first outfits, both had bought jeans and short tee shirts that showed their stomachs.

walking back into the living room they showed off by turning full circle to Mikes approving comments, next they put on tight shorts and another tee shirt receiving even greater approval from Mike, he told them he especially like how the shorts showed off their firm bottoms and slim smooth legs.

Back in the bedroom Anna turned to Susan and told her about the tube, Susan said she'd felt it pushing against her too, the girls looked at each other they had 2 outfits left, grinning they both had the same idea, quickly getting dressed the waited a few minutes before going back into the living room. Mike was now sitting on the sofa across from the bedroom door, as the girls entered they stopped at the edge of the sofa and both twirled so that the sundresses the worn flared out showing off their young firm legs, then they both leant forward so the necklines dropped forward, Mike was now leaning forward intently.

As the girls stood up he smiled and leaned back 'you two really know how to tease' he said, as he sat back the girls could see that he now had a bulge in his jeans.

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Leading Anna round the sofa to stand in front of Mike Susan said 'would you like to see our last outfits?' with a puzzled look Mike nodded, glancing at Anna Susan gave a nod and both girls slipped their dresses off their shoulders to drop to the floor, they were now almost naked, gasping Mike saw that they were wearing skimpy bikini's.

Turning so he could see the girls showed off how their bikini's covered very little of their bottoms, on a impulse Anna bent over so the material went tight and almost slipped in between her cheeks, Mike couldn't resist reaching out to touch her bottom but Anna quickly moved, turning back she looked at Susan who was staring at her with her mouth wide open, looking down Anna realised that her top had come undone and now her breasts were bare. A moan escaped Mikes throat, 'you're beautiful Anna' he whispered, feeling a glowing warmth at the compliment Anna casually reached over and undid Susan's top helping it to fall down, Susan gave a little yelp and tried to cover herself at first, then rising to the challenge she took the top right off giving Anna a daring look to do the same.

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Mike gave another moan and Anna looked at Susan without asking if she was willing Anna said 'would you like to see more Mike?' Susan's gasp was loud in the silence. Would you?' was Mike's reply, grinning naughtily Anna looked at Susan and replied 'we'll want to see something too.' Susan blushed deeply and quickly whispered 'Anna, what are you doing?' 'Getting my own back' Anna giggled, stepping forward Anna could not believe what she was about to do.

leaning down she deliberately started undoing the belt on his jeans, pulling it open quickly she undid the button on his jeans and stepped back.

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Slowly Mike stood, unzipping his jeans he pushed them down below his knees, 'come on Sue, let's help him' Anna commanded and moved forward, unable to do anything else Susan followed. Following Anna's example Susan knelt in front of Mike and helped pull his jeans off his legs, Mike removed his top at the same time.

Looking down Mike was confronted with the view of two 15 year old girls in bikini bottoms staring up at him and smiling, looking passed their faces he could see the swell of their firm young breasts and felt him cock get harder in his shorts. Anna was almost shaking uncontrollably as she stared up at Mike; she could feel Susan beside her and was sure she was feeling the same. Breaking eye contact with Mike Anna looked at his shorts and the bugle there, she was sure it had grown in the past minutes, slowly reaching up she touched Mikes leg beside the bulge and watched as it twitched, looking across at Susan she moved her hand up to the waistband of Mikes shorts and stopped, waiting for Susan to do the same.

Blushing furiously Susan moved her hand to the waistband and followed Anna as she slipped her fingers inside it, as Anna nodded they both pulled the shorts down slowly releasing Mike's erect cock for them to see, both girls gasped as it came free standing straight and long right in front of their eyes. for both girls it was the first sight of a cock in the flesh, as Anna reached to touch it Susan reach to touch Mike's balls, simultaneously their fingers made contact and Mike's groan was long and loud as he watch these two seeming innocents explore him.

Anna moved her hand up to the tip and then stroked down the length eliciting another groan, as Susan ran her fingers over Mike's balls feeling their hardness, encircling the shaft as she had seen Mike do on that first night, Anna could not close her fingers completely, slowly she started to move her hand up and down the shaft. She heard Mike gasp and a second gasp followed this time from Susan, who without realising had moved her other hand to her material clad pussy and was rubbing it through the bikini bottoms as she watch Anna wank a cock for the first time.

Shaking Mike slowly stopped Anna who with a look of disappointment moved back from him, sitting down now Mike hoarsely whispered, 'now it's your turn' Anna and Susan stood up together and slowly facing each other took hold of the bows at either side of their friends bikini bottoms, pulling together they undid them and let the now loose material fall to the floor, Leaning forward Mike placed a hand on each girls thigh and turned them to face him, seeing their bare pussy's up close for the first time he almost came, Mike sat looking at them frozen for a few seconds before Anna took his hand and moved it to her pussy, Susan followed suit almost reluctant to let Anna prove she was more adventurous.

Feeling their pussy's under his fingers Mike started to stroke and explore each one simultaneously, eliciting small moans and gasps from the girls. standing Mike looked at the girls and taking each by the hand lead them to the bedroom where he lay down on the bed and guided them down beside him.

Anna sat up and move Mike's hands to Susan offering her to him first, as Mike looked at Susan she lay back and took his hands one she placed on her breast the other she moved to her pussy and opened her legs slightly. Mike needed no other urging as he gentle fondled her breasts and stroked Susan's willing pussy. Not to be left out Anna moved down the bed to Mike's surprise she started wanking him again and he felt himself building as she moved her small hand faster and faster, he almost jumped off the bed when he felt Anna's mouth encircle the tip of his cock as she continued to wank him, her small tongue lapping at the tip and tasting his precum.

Now Mike leaned forward and kissed Susan's breast before making her move up the bed, he then kissed her now hot pussy bringing a cry of pleasure from her. licking this time he tasted Susan for the first time, going back again he buried his tongue in her pussy finding her clit and quickly bringing her to her first real orgasm not stopping until she was almost crying out with pleasure begging him to stop.

All the while Anna was sucking and wanking him, Mike felt his balls tightening, he had to stop her from making him cum too soon he wanted to taste her and make her cum before he did, pulling away he almost violently pushed her to the bed and without waiting buried his mouth and tongue into her wet pussy, Anna tasted so different to Susan Mike almost lost control again, this time he concentrated on Anna's hole pushing his tongue inside it fucking her with his tongue before moving to her clit and quickly bringing her to orgasm, again he didn't stop until this young girl was almost begging him to stop.

Leaning back he watched as both girl shook uncontrollably from their continuing orgasms. smiling he told them 'we haven't finished yet my sweets.'