Young babe in sports gear gets pounded and creamed in her bedroom

Young babe in sports gear gets pounded and creamed in her bedroom
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I watch from the highest hill top. Dressed in a jet black Moto-X suit, with black helmet and black gloves. The helmet is painted with the same demon face as the red one.

The motorcycle is a big red Honda CR 500. I wonder if you will show. I wonder if it is the police that will come instead. I am confident with the canyons and bluffs in this area I can even loose a helicopter if they try to catch me.

Hell, there were likely 20 or 30 other desert riders in the area and you could only give them a scant description at best. DNA would get me but I am counting on you not reporting it. Your arousal had both surprised and pleased me. Such passion and sensuality in so beautiful a woman too. I had paid the tow truck driver for your new tire, the service and an extra hundred to get me your address from your auto registration.

If you show it will be money well spent. I have never done anything close to what I did to you but there you were and even from the top of this hill I could tell you were so beautiful.

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I had taken the green Kawasaki home and brought the Honda back. My motor home is parked and I have dinner almost fixed and wine chilling. If you show I am going to try and make a real relationship with you. If all you want is the 'rough' stuff then I am going to give you more than you can handle there too. It will depend on you.

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15 minutes of 5. I scan the main highway with my binoculars. The desert is hot but will cool quickly once the sun is down. There is some wind so I am not that hot under the helmet. As long as I keep the goggles off I will not sweat that bad. I see a flash in the distance. Raising my glasses I see a vehicle coming.

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I kick the bike to life. Ready to tear away if it is the cops. I return to watching the vehicle. It is a car. It is coming slowly.

Stopping at each little dirt turn off. I think it must be you. Looking for the place where you tried to turn around and blew out your tire. Storing the binoculars, I head for you.

The terrain is easy riding so I hit close to a hundred and am stopped in front of you in the middle of the highway almost before you realize it. 'Holy Shit'!

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I realize you might run over me. Or shoot me. 'Payback can be hell'! (could not resist a little humor here.

You wouldn't really run over me would you.) You look up to the road and like a ghost there is a dirt bike in front of you, about 200 yards away. The rider is dressed all in black and the bike is hot red. Your stomach does a flip. You are scared already and the sudden appearance startles you even more. 'What am I doing here'?

'I am out of my mind'! You stop in the road. I ride toward you and stop beside your window. You lower it a little. Like before, I say nothing. 'God, the black makes him even more demon and evil looking', you think. I point back the way you came and ride that way a little. I beckon for you to come with me. This time you are very careful turning your car around and when you are headed in the same direction I am, I roll down the highway slowly waving for you to follow me.

A short distance and I turn right on a better side road. You follow and we travel about 5 miles into the desert. Over a couple of high hills and pass some impressive canyons and bluffs. We turn a corner and you see a 40 foot motor home parked near some ugly stunted trees. I stop the bike, lean it against the motorcycle trailer and indicate for you to park nearby. You sit in your car beating yourself up for being so crazy as to follow your rapist into the deep desert.

I walk over to your door. Hold out my hand to you. Still scared to death you open the door and get out. You look incredible. Light yellow mini, sleeveless white halter top. Brown sandals. You start to tear into me about what I have done to you but stop when I take off the black goggles, black gloves and undo the chin strap of the helmet.

I step close to you and offer you both of my hands. Stunned a little you give me your hands. I step against you and move your hands to the sides of the helmet.


You lift it slowly to see a smiling red to blond haired man, with twinkling blue/green eyes, clean shaved and about 25 to 30 years old. Before you can say a word I pull you to me and kiss you as gently and passionately as I can.

You drop the helmet and feeling your knees go weak melt into my arms, pressing your body against me hard. I kiss you harder, my hands on your back, feeling your shoulders and down to the small of your back. 'You are so beautiful, I am almost sorry about what I did to you'. 'If I had not, you would not be here, so I am glad', I say. I kiss you again. Holding you so close I can feel your heart pounding against my chest. I scoop you up and carry you toward the door of the motor home.

You hear the soft hum of a generator and as I open the door a rush of cool air conditioned air baths you. Letting you stand, 'Will you have a seat on the sofa'? 'I'll pour us some wine'. I bring your wine and we talk as I warm up the pasta and add the shrimp. I let you chew on me a little about what I did to you be we both know it was the most thrilling thing that had ever happened to either of us and when I tell you how scared I was while doing it you have to laugh.

I ask you to help me and you get up and fix our salads while I stir the entree. I cannot resist doing a lot of kissing on you too. Maybe a touch under your skirt every once in awhile. Your response always amazes me.

I am thrilled when your hand finds me and rubs the hard bulge in my pants then up under my shirt to my hairy chest and back down my hard muscled stomach. Sitting down finally at the small table, we hardly eat for looking at each other and talking. My name, your name (course I already know it). I was stationed near by in the ARMY. Your work. I explain how I knew where to send you flowers and the note and that I lived in the BOQ on the base but kept a large storage space for the motor home and the dirt bikes.

Since you live over 50 miles away and work even farther away I realize that I would never have met you except for the fluke of luck to catch you helpless in the desert. When we had eaten all we were going to, I stand and offer you my hand.

You stand too, and just the act of smoothing your skirt sets my passion on fire.

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I pull you to me and we kiss. More demanding than ever, my hands all over you and you at my zipper to let me out into your hand. Squeezing me just hard enough to make me gasp. I lead you back to the bedroom. I undress you slowly kissing every exposed part and adoring you with my eyes. You help me to take off my shirt and I sit on the bed while you kneel in nothing but your panties to unbuckle all the heavy straps on the motocross boots. Once off you pull off my sock and push down the pants.

I hold your shoulders and we kiss again while my pants drop to the floor and I step out of them. I look down at your body.

Your wonderful firm breasts and I bend to pull your bikini panties off to reveal your wonderful pussy. I have to kiss it before rising and leading you onto the bed. We clutch each other, your left leg over my hip, your breasts pressing into my chest, my hot hard dick pushing against your stomach. My left arm under your head, hand on your back, my right hand squeezing your delicious butt. No rush, no hurry, we kiss and caress.

Exploring each other until I have to pull you on top and to my mouth.


There are no curtains on the large one way 'picture' window and with the light of the now dying day I can see every detail of your incredible body. You have your pelvic hair trimmed to just a little line about 1 inch wide.

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I can only imagine how tiny your bikini bathing suits bottom must be. With your hands against the wall you sit on my face enjoying every lick, every suck and how I use my fingers to stroke inside you while I try to drive you crazy with my tongue.

You reach back with your right hand and slowly pump me. It almost blows my mind. I feel you are ready and lower you so you can put me inside. The sight and feel of your fingers guiding me in makes me gasp and when you push down hard and begin to use me I can only grab your breasts and bury my face in them. Sucking one nipple then the other while trying to carry your body with my pelvis and dick.

I try to hold back but you were riding me so hard I just exploded inside you. Even as you are using me the hardest I am filling you with many hard spurts and jerks. I think that excits you as you are almost screaming and cumming and cumming. Finished you slump on my chest. I kiss your cheek and hair while continuing to move in and out feeling you squeeze and milk all the liquid out into you. Turning us so you lay in my arms we just kiss and sigh while our heartbeats return to a slower rate and I come out of you soft.

I sleep remembering only your face so sweet, so close to mine. I wake up slowly. Odd for me.

I usually almost jerk up but freeze to listen. You are not in the bed. It is dark now and the lights are still on in the front. I hear a clink from a dish. I pull a pair of silk workout shorts from the drawer, put them on and go towards the front.

You are standing there with your back to me putting up the last of the dinner dishes you have washed. You have my black Moto-X shirt on. It swallows you but you look wonderful.

You have used a piece of blue ribbon and tied your hair into a pony and I am so thrilled to see you still here. You turn and smile as I walk to you. You come eagerly to my arms and I feel like I want to hold you and kiss you forever. We move to the sofa and I hold you as we talk. I know I am tumbling head over heels for you but try to stay cool to find out if you really want to see more of me.

I feel I must understand how you could be so into me and just me after what I did to you. If we are heading into a nice fling that is great but if this is serious I cannot have a woman that is turned on by just anyone forcing her.

I would end up murdering you.