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Simone West Mike John Sperma Sipper Orgien Gangbangs Szene 5
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Chapter Four Lindsey yawned as she sat next to Ellie on the bleachers at school. "I didn't sleep at all last night," Lindsey said. Ellie smirked. "I did. You fucked me so good last night.

I couldn't help but sleep. Oh, you look cute by the way." Lindsey knew that she was sexy. She had worn her tiny black shorts and pink sports bra to gym.

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But she was too tired to actually do anything. Ellie looked cute too. She was wearing her usual gray booty shorts and white sports bra. Lindsey squeezed her hand and smiled at her. "I am going to go lay down in the locker room. Wake me up when class ends." She got up and walked down to the locker room. When she got there, she was surprised to find it occupied.

One of the girls had come down to shower after a very long work out. Her name was Jordan, and she was a year younger than Lindsey. Jordan had a slim body, complete with around a 28 A bust and a nice round ass. And there she was, fresh and naked as water cascaded down her body.

Lindsey knew that Jordan wasn't a virgin. She had fucked like half the football team. So Jordan was clearly a very horny fourteen-year-old. Lindsey quickly shredded the few articles of clothing she had and stepped into the steamy shower room. She walked up behind Jordan and gently brushed the girl's bangs out of her face.

When she half turned her head, their lips brushed intimately. Lindsey slid her hand down the girl's wet stomach and began rubbing her clitoris as their tongue played.

Then she heard Jordan's soft moans. She took her hand and led her to a near by bench. When she sat her down, she spread Jordan's legs wide. Jordan watched as Lindsey spread her pussy and began licking it like an ice cream cone. What first began as soft sighs suddenly picked up as Lindsey licked faster and faster, licking in and around every sensitive spot on her. Jordan moved her pussy against her mouth and cried out. Lindsey slowly began fucking the tight hole with two fingers, smiling as she did so.

She went faster and faster. The sound of the fingers movign in and out of the wet pussy left her wanting more. Jordan was moaning, squeezing her breasts. "Yes.fuck my pussy.fuck it." She felt Jordan come, the hot liquid spilling out of her well fucked cunt. Lindsey licked up the juices, loving her sweet taste. Then she straddled her new friend. As they kissed, they moved together, their wet cunts creating an unbelievably hot friction.

Lindsey screamed as Jordan moved faster, the movements rubbing her clit like no one ever had. "Oh.Yeah.yeah." She moved with Jordan, picking up speed. Her mind was exploding with pleasure. Ellie hadn't done this. This was great. And as she came, it was the hardest orgasm that she could imagine enduring. She stopped moving and kissed Jordan hard. "We need to get dressed before everyone comes down here, Jordan." "Good idea.

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And I wont say anything to Ellie." "Huh?" "You're with her, right? She's your girlfriend?" "Oh. Yeah. But I will definitely be calling you. That was great." They kissed one last time and began getting dressed. As Lindsey lay back on a bench, she breathed heavily. She had never realized how fun having sex was. Her father had shown her a way of living. She wanted more. She had to have more. She didn't even care who gave it to her.

Lindsey was hooked. (_)(_)(_) The clock was clicking closer to the end of math class in the last five minutes. Lindsey watched as Mr.

Wright paced around the room. He was so handsome.


Every movement he made was performed with a grace so rarely seen in men of his nature. He was young and tall. His body was like that of a rock hard god. He had spiked black hair, and the cutest blue eyes. When the bell rang, she gently grabbed Ellie's arm. "Come by my house later. I am gonna stay after and get some help from Mr. Wright." "Okay," Ellie said, and then kissed her softly on the lips before leaving. It wasn't until every one was out of the room that Lindsey realized that Mr.

Wright had seen her kiss Ellie. He looked shocked. "You and Ellie always kiss?" he asked. She shrugged. "We just started dating." "Interesting. I didn't know that you liked girls." "Neither did I until Ellie came along. She is a sweet girl." Lindsey approached him as she unbuttoned her jeans. She lowered the zipper to show him the white lace of her panties. "But I wonder what it would be like to fuck a teacher. I mean, it sounds very naughty, and I love to explore naughty things." Mr.

Wright cleared his throat. "Lindsey, that is not appropriate. Please button your jeans and go." She frowned as she pressed her body against his. He inhaled sharply when she rubbed the thick lump in his pants. "You have never imagined fucking me, Mr. Wright. I am told that I have a very tight pussy." He groaned and tried to push her back.

"Stop, Lindsey. I am married." "And I am a teenage girl. Our two wrongs can make a right. I know you look at the girls in class. I have noticed you staring at my boobs and my ass. You want to touch my body?" "No," he said sharply. She backed away and scrunched up her face.

"You think I am ugly?" she asked in a sad voice. Instantly, he hugged her. "You aren't ugly, Lindsey. You are just too young. You are such a sweet little girl. I can't take your innocence." Lindsey squeezed the lump in his pants as her lips found his. When he pulled back to look into her eyes, she licked his neck seductively.

"I am not innocent Mr. Wright. I am very bad. Let me show you how bad I am." She unbuttoned his slacks and watched them fall to the floor. Then she knelt, yanking his boxers down. So he gasped as she palmed his throbbing cock. Before he could argue, though, Lindsey was licking and sucking.

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He groaned low in his throat as her head bobbed faster and faster. Her tongue flicked wildly over the head of his sex, sucking out every bit of juice. He moved his hips, loving how she sucked him so good. Then he picked her up and kissed her, pulling her shirt up over her head. She kissed him hard, sighing deeply as he removed her bra to palm her soft flesh.

His thumb and forefinger, pinched a hard bud, and she whimpered against him. "Fuck me," she begged. He lifted her hips and yanked her jeans off in one tug. Standing back, the teacher admired her cute pink and yellow thong. She laid back on the desk, and he tore the tiny strap of her thong.

Lindsey loved the feeling of the cool air of her hot cunt. She spread her pussy for him, playing with herself as he stroked his cock right in front of her. "We shouldn't do this, Lindsey," Mr. Wright said.

"Shut the hell up and fuck me!" Just as he was about to guide himself into her, the door knob shook. They began dressing hurriedly when they heard keys jangle. By the time the door opened, they were dressed. The janitor swept pass them with a mop bucket. "I should go," Lindsey said, attempting to suppress her blushing cheeks. She could feel Mr. Wright's eyes on her ass as she walked out of the room. By the time she reached the parking lot, she could feel the dampness between her legs.

It was so frustrating. She needed to fuck. "Need a ride?" her father asked, pulling up in his police cruiser. Lindsey smirked. "I was going to ask you the same thing, Daddy." "Well, get in. You and I can have some fun." Lindsey slid into the back seat of the car and smiled at her father. "I am so wet, Daddy." "Just let me find a place where no one will see us. I will take care of you, Sweetie." (_)(_)(_) Joseph groaned as he sat up in his bed.

Lindsey lay naked beneath his sheets. At first his entire plan had started out innocent. He just wanted a relationship with Lindsey. Now she wanted it at every open opportunity. It was as if she was addicted.

He was about to get up when a gentle hand touched his back. "Daddy, don't leave yet." Not being able to resist that soft voice was beginning to feel like a curse. He laid back as she kissed him, their lips locking passionately. He groaned as her hand wrapped around his cock and stroked it greedily.

Her tongue forced its way into his mouth, running up the roof of his mouth. Then she straddled him, guiding his cock into the tight, wet hole that he loved so much. She ground against him, moaning softly as she sped up. Her breasts bounced under her, and Joseph couldn't believe how beautiful she was. He kissed her hard, and moved his hips with hers. "Daddy.fuck me." Her hot breath ran down his neck as she cried out, her pussy trying to squeeze the juices from his cock.

He flipped her onto her back and began pounding her tight little pussy. Lindsey screamed as he trust deep, the force making her hips bounce off the bed. Her head tapped the bars of his head board, and she was moaning louder than ever. "Ow.Daddy!" Joseph felt his cock bash against her cervix, but he couldn't bring himself to stop.

He thrust faster, wanting to explode inside her. She was screaming in pain as he fucked her. "You're!" He slapped her hard. "Shut up! You wanted this!" Lindsey's eyes widened. He was right. The roughness wasn't so bad. She moaned as his hard impacts met her hips, pounding her pussy into oblivion. Then she felt his hot seed spill into her. Wiping sweat from his brow, her father slid out of bed. "I'm sorry, Lindsey. You just pissed me off. I am worried about you." "Why?" she asked, pulling on her panties.

"You like sex a little too much. When this started out, it was supposed to be a one time thing. Now it's like you can't stop." She pulled on her brother's large shirt. "I like sex.

You want to keep me from doing something that I like?" He sighed. "No. Just try to ease up on it. Not so much of it." She nodded. "Alright, Daddy." (_)(_)(_) Lindsey smiled as she ate fries in her father's car.

"That was a good movie, Daddy." "Yeah. I figured I would take you out for a little date. Your mother is already home from her trip." She frowned. "I was hoping for a little more alone time, Daddy." "Well, your brother is home.

Go see him once your mother and I go to bed." "He isn't you." Her father's hand rested on her thigh, and she was happy to have worn her blue jean mini skirt. As they pulled into the garage, she slid her panties off and handed them to her father. "I want you now, and I will not take no for an answer." She got out of the car and bent over the hood of the car. Being sure to give him her most devilish look. "Take me now, Daddy!" Joseph couldn't help but lick his lips as he got out of his car and stood behind his little girl's tight ass.

She had her skirt hiked up, showing off her tight back side and gloriously wet teen cunt. He quickly unzipped his pants and pulled his throbbing cock free of its restraint, allowing it to to stand erect. "Hurry, Daddy.

Mom might catch us." She squealed when he rammed his entire shaft deep into her. Her tightness enveloped him, making him thrust faster and deeper. He held his hand over her mouth, smothering the moans that threatened to alert his wife. The feeling of secretly fucking his daughter while his wife sat just through the door to his right made him move faster, wanting more.

Lindsey groaned, coming hard an orgasm rushed through her. As he thrust, her body trembled with orgasm after orgasm. She was screaming under his hand. Her cunt was dripping sweet come down his shaft, surrounding it in warmth. Finally, he came, allowing his hot seed to fill her completely. She gasped as he pulled out and situated himself. As she pulled on her panties, he couldn't help smiling. Suddenly, she ran up and kissed him. "I love you, Daddy." "I love you too.

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Let's get inside." Chapter Five Ellie smiled when she walked into Lindsey's house. Her father was sitting in the living room, watching some comedy show. Her mother was probably in bed. "Hey, Mr. Corbin," she said as she leaned against the door post. He turned and smiled at her, clearly examining her body in her tight blue lace top that was six inches above her navel, and her tight low riding blue jeans.

"How are you, Ellie?" "Fine. Just came to see my girl.


Where is she?" "In bed. She was tired. You can hang out with me, if you like." Ellie realized that she didn't mind the idea of being with Joseph. She had never been with a guy sexually, so she was technically a virgin. Perhaps this was the chance to take care of her pesky hymen. She sat down on the couch with him, sitting close, and letting him drape his arm over her shoulders. "You are so warm," Ellie mumbled as he embraced her.

She rubbed the long lump in his thin boxers, smiling as it hardened from the touch. "What was it like to fuck Lindsey?" He gasped. "She told you?" "No. I guessed. So, what was it like to stick this huge cock in her virgin pussy?" Joseph leaned in and kissed her neck softly, nibbling with the tips of his teeth so that her crotch was wet in seconds. "Are you a virgin?" he asked, to which she nodded weakly.

His hand clamped over her crotch, and she was instantly glad that she hadn't worn panties. She wanted this to happen soon, and less clothing made that easier. "Allow me to show you what it's like." He pulled her lips to his, sending passion and heat flooding through her.

His tongue slid into her mouth, exploring its surfaces, and sliding along her teeth and the roof of her mouth. She returned the action as she helped him pull his boxers down. The moment she began stroking his cock, though, he broke the kiss and leaned back. He groaned happily, and she knew what he wanted. Ellie knelt and licked up the length of his shaft and around his tip. Then she nibbled gently down his length, only to lick back up once again.

Joseph suddenly shoved her head down and began thrusting up into her mouth. She gasped, but he kept thrusting his huge meat down her throat. After only minutes, warm, hot juice erupted out of him, filling her mouth with the sweetest taste that she knew. She slid up and pulled her top off, revealing her bare breasts. He took one and began suckling the hard nipple instantly. "Oh.yeah." She ran her fingers through his hair, loving how he touched her.

This was definitely the man to take her virginity. When he laid her back and yanked off her jeans, she gasped. He pulled her legs apart, letting the air hit her wet cunt and making her sigh. His mouth instantly clamped onto her pussy, licking and sucking and probing. Ellie was lost in the passion and heat. She cried out and pulled at his hair when he bit her clitoris, causing an orgasm to rush through her.

"Fuck! That feels amazing!" Joseph slid up and kissed her, allowing her to wrap her legs around his hips. With soft lips, he kissed her, forcing her to taste herself for the first time. Then he buried himself deep inside her in one extremely hard thrust. Her eyes widened with tears. "Ow! Shit! That hurts!" "Relax," he said as he made soft thrusts and kissed up and down her neck. The pain became nonexistent as he slowly picked up his pace. She raised her hips, meeting each thrust as it gradually got harder.

His hand squeezed her breast and his lips tortured her sensitive neck. She wanted more. As if reading her mind, he rammed in deeper, making her body tremble with pleasure and need. She met forceful thrusts that caused her small body to jerk. Pain and pleasure became one beautiful thing in her mind. "Fuck me harder, Joseph!" He grasped her hips and pounded her tight pussy with all his might. She screamed, arching her back as a powerful orgasm flooded her senses.

"Fuck.right there.don't stop." Joseph thrust faster, knowing that she was about to experience the most powerful climax of her young life. She cried outand then bit her lip to keep from waking his wife up. "I'm cumming!" Joseph smiled as she came, her eyes widening with wonder.

She breathed heavily, panting as he made his final thrusts. When he emptied his hot semen inside her, her cunt drank it up. Her body was so perfect. He kissed her. "You should go spend some time with Lindsey. She misses you." Ellie nodded, and then kissed him back. "Thanks," she said. Joseph let her get up and watched as she walked upstairs naked. She was a sexy little goddess. Part of him was in amazement that he had taken the virginity of two fifteen-year-old's, though.

Then again, he was sort of proud. (_)(_)(_) The smell of perfume and sweat hit Lindsey's nostrils as she stirred. She opened her tired eyes to see Ellie curled up naked beside her.

A smile spread across her face as she proceeded to spoon with her girlfriend.

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Just as she wrapped her arm around Ellie, though, she woke up. "Hey," Ellie said softly, turning to face her. The early morning sun was slipping in through Lindsey's blinds, making her girlfriend's eyes sparkle.

"I missed you," Lindsey said. Ellie kissed her softly, and held her hand. "I came to spend the night with you, but you were already asleep, so I just crawled into bed with you." "Well, it's nice waking up to such a pretty face." Ellie smiled. She ran her finger tips over Lindsey's cheek. "I am no where near as pretty as you are, Lindsey." Lindsey smiled. "So, what do you have planned for us today?" she asked.

They sat up together on Lindsey's bed. Ellie just smiled as she talked. "My family is having a cook out today. I figured you would want to come." Lindsey nodded. "Sure. That sounds fun." "Good. I'll go take a shower and get dressed." Watching Ellie's sexy ass as she walked away, Lindsey couldn't help herself. She hopped out of bed and ran to her bedroom door as quietly as possible. After taking a look outside her door, she was positive that there wasn't anyone near by.

Her big brother would still be asleep in his room. Lindsey slipped out of her room in only her green lace bra and thong, trying not to alert her mother. When she got into Brian's room, she quickly locked the door and removed her bra. Her nipples hardened, breaking free of their restraints.

In seconds, she slid into bed and snuggled back against him so that they were spooning. The moment that his arm wrapped around her, she knew that she had him. She gently rubbed her buttocks against his hardening cock, loving how good it felt to have him so horny for her. He slid his hand up and grabbed her soft breast, squeezing it gently as he kissed her neck. Lindsey moaned softly as he pinched her nipple, twisting it to both the point of pleasure and the point of pain.

"You're a dirty little slut," he whispered, sliding his boxers down. Lindsey reached back and palmed his hard shaft, running her hand up and down the thick member. His soft groan was music to her ears. Then he slid her thong down to where she could kick it off with her feet. Brian squeezed her beautiful ass, and made a point of rubbing his cock over the crack of her ass.

"Jeezus, Brian! Just fuck me!" "Shut up, Slut! I want to enjoy your sexy little body!" She loved how he talked to her. And when his cock suddenly rammed into her from behind, her eyes widened. The feeling of him stretching her was the most intense pleasure.

His thrusts were hard, his hips bouncing off her ass. The friction between them was sweet. She wanted to lose herself in the bliss. "Fuck me." Suddenly, someone knocked on his door.

"Brian," their mother called, "I need your laundry!" Lindsey jumped up and grabbed her clothes before diving under her brother's bed. Brian quickly pulled his boxers back on, and then opened his door to hand their mother his laundry bag.

Once she was gone, Lindsey slid out from under the bed and kissed him. "Should we get back to what we were doing?" Brian asked, embracing her lovingly. "No. I should get going. Ellie wants me to spend time with her family." As she walked out of his room naked, she didn't think about it until she ran into her mother. The woman's eyes widened. "You are naked! Go put on some clothes before your brother or father sees you!" Lindsey blushed as she thought about those words.

She wouldn't mind either of them seeing her naked. "Mom, relax. No one cares if I am naked." "Well, I do. Now, go get dressed!" "Alright. And I am going to Ellie's for a cook out." Her mother looked back at her. "Okay. And be sure to buy some less revealing clothes. I saw those filthy things in your laundry. Hardly clothing at all. It's sick." "You're just jealous," Lindsey called back as she entered her room.

She quickly entered her bathroom, and looked through the steam for her shower. Once she was inside, she embraced Ellie from behind and kissed her neck. "You decided to join me?" Ellie asked, giggling. "Of course. I love seeing your sexy body." "Well, you have all day to enjoy it." Chapter Six It was a warm day, so Lindsey was glad to have worn her tiny blue jean mini shorts and her yellow bikini top.

She always had loved Ellie's house. It was large and comfortable. The huge pool and sunbathing chairs made it seem like a resort. It was all because Ellie's father was a famous actor when he was younger. Her mother was a doctor at the local hospital. That made Ellie's family incredibly wealthy. As she sat at the edge of the pool watching Ellie and her little brother, Eric, splash in the pool, she noticed the man at the grill. He was tall and muscular.

His black hair was slightly graying, but he still had the essence of youth about him. His body was lean and slick. Standing there in only his baggy swimming trunks, he looked like a god. He was tan, and his eyes were a dark brown that made her crave chocolate. But the most interesting thing about him was the huge lump in his pants.

Ellie's father, Greg Ashton, was hung and sexy for a forty-year-old man. Greg finished the last of the burgers, and then called his kids to eat. Afterward, they all talked and laughed. Greg was great at telling jokes. He always had been. When Ellie and Eric started yawning, it became apparent that their little party wasn't going to last long.

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Eric went to his room, and Ellie leaned over and kissed Lindsey's cheek. "I am going to go lay down. You gonna stay tonight?" "Sure," Lindsey said. Ellie kissed her hard and passionate. Had her mother been around, it never would have happened. Greg didn't care, though. As Ellie walked up to her room, Greg smiled across the patio table at Lindsey.

"You and my daughter are together now, huh?" "Yeah. I really care about her." Greg stood up, and then stood behind her. His strong hands began massaging her shoulders sensually. "I saw you looking at me earlier.

I was going to suggest a little swim. I wouldn't want to hurt Ellie's feelings, though." Lindsey groaned as he continued to massage her shoulders.

When his hands moved lower, sliding into the cups of her top, she didn't resist. A small moan slipped through her lips as his fingers twirled her nipple. She instantly jumped up and threw her arms and legs around him, kissing him hard. His cock was hard against her, and she knew that he would be the biggest that she had ever had inside her.

She wanted it, though. Greg sat her on her feet and walked to the edge of the pool. As she watched, he slid his trunks off, revealing a gigantic ten inch cock and perfectly sculpted ass.

He jumped in, and rose to the surface to look into her eyes as she approached the edge. "Come in. I want you so bad, Lindsey." She untied her top and threw it aside, allowing the cool night wind to harden her nipples painfully. She then slid out of her tiny shorts and bikini bottom. Her bare cunt was soaked by now, and she knew that he could tell. Greg motioned for her to come to him. So, Lindsey took a deep breath and dove into the pool.

Greg smiled as she came out of the water just inches from him. "You really are a dirty little slut, aren't you?" he asked, pulling her up against him. Lindsey smirked and stroked his cock with her gentle touch.

The groan that he let out made her want more. She wrapped her legs around his hips and guided him into her tight pussy. As he slid inside, he stretched her wider than she had ever felt. She gasped, afraid that it wouldn't fit.

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Suddenly, though, Greg grabbed her ass and yanked her hips forward, impaling her with his monstrous cock. "Oh.God," she gasped. She rocked her hips, feeling completely stuffed. Not a single sensitive spot went untouched by his shaft as he made gentle thrusts. She groaned, loving how he could both make love to her and fuck her senseless all at the same time. So Lindsey moved her hips faster, making him ram deeper into her, into untouched regions that desperately needed satisfied.

Her moans grew louder and louder. She moved faster. Then she felt a gentle hand on her shoulder. Lindsey peeled her body off Greg's and turned to kiss Ellie.

She pressed her naked body to Ellie's, touching her shaved pussy with gentle fingers. Ellie swam over to her father and grasped his cock tightly. "Are you going to fuck me too?" she asked. Greg hopped up onto the edge of the pool, his slick muscles glistening in the moon light. "I thought you'd never ask." Lindsey and Ellie climbed out of the pool.

Ellie slid up her father's body and grasped his cock as she straddled him. Lindsey sat on his chest, and squealed when his tongue dove into her wet cunt. Then she heard Ellie sliding her father up into her pussy. She leaned back and made out with her girlfriend as Greg fucked them both simultaneously.

Ellie moaned into her mouth, crying out as that gigantic cock rammed up into her newly deflowered pussy. "Oh.fuck," Ellie cried, her climax spreading through out her body.

"Ah.yeah," Lindsey moaned, running her fingers through Greg's hair. Lindsey screamed in pleasure as she came on his face, and Ellie was already climaxing behind her. She slid off of Greg and knelt to watch as her girlfriend's pussy slid up and down the large, slick cock. The veins on his shaft throbbed as Ellie moved faster and faster. Her moans filled the night. Then Lindsey watched as the cock jerked, and then rammed up hard into Ellie. Ellie's eyes widened as her father came hard inside her.

She clenched her muscles around him, loving the way his hot seed felt inside her. Then she collapsed on top of him. "Wow, Daddy. That was amazing." Greg kissed them both. "You two are the sexiest girls in the world." "We know," Ellie said, and then kissed Lindsey lovingly. (_)(_)(_) Lindsey yawned and stretched as she woke up next to Ellie.

The girl was still fast asleep. She smiled and kissed her cheek before sliding out of bed. When she walked out of the room, she didn't think about being naked. It was normal for her now.

Then she noticed the awe struck look on Ellie's brother's face as she approached him.

Eric wasn't ugly. He was just a kid. He was twelve, and skinny. His thin frame, blonde, shaggy hair, and cute blue eyes only made him seem more boyish. He was standing there in only his boxers, and Lindsey knew that he liked what he saw. "What's wrong, Eric?" she asked rubbing his smooth, bare chest.

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"'re naked. Shouldn't you get dressed?" "Or we could go to your bedroom and you could get naked with me." He blushed. "You're messing with me." She reached down his boxers and began stroking his average sized cock.

Her eyes sparkled as she looked at him. "I want you to fuck me, Eric." He grabbed her hand and pulled her into his room. In seconds he was naked and kissing her hard and demanding.

Eric rubbed her pussy, and suddenly, Lindsey was aware that he had done this before. She stroked his cock, slowly attempting to guide him to the bed. He laid her back and spread her legs wide. As he guided himself into her, a soft moan escaped her lips. Eric really knew how to please a girl. The entire time, he kissed her softly, and yet he was thrusting deep and hard.

She loved fucking him. When he came, he kept going until she did too. Then she got up and left the room without saying another word. Once out in the hallway, she went back to Ellie's room and climbed back into bed.