Son fuck hot mom story

Son fuck hot mom story
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The next day, Logan came over to my house. I was at home alone in the kitchen. Since my mom and dad both worked almost all day, I had to make my own food during the day. But right now I wasn't hungry. I was anxious. I had asked Logan to come over and now I sat waiting for my best friend- no. Boyfriend. To get here. I was sitting at the island bar in the middle of the kitchen with my hands held tightly together. I was nervous. I shouldn't be. He comes over all the time. It's like his home away from home here.

I took a few deep breaths to calm myself down, and to cool myself off. It seemed like it was getting hot. And my stomach wouldn't stop doing flips.

Finally, there was a knock on the door, which made me jump slightly. I walked through the living room and opened the door.

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Logan was quick to step inside into the air conditioning. I couldn't blame him, it was almost 85 degrees outside today. It was clear skies and breezeless air, which made it even worse. Plus he had to bike about a mile and a half to get here. "Would you like some water?" I asked. "It looks pretty fucking hot outside." "Hell yes. Please. I almost died on the way here." He laughed. But he wasn't lying. He was sweating quite a lot.

There was sweat dripping from his hairline and his hair was sticking to his face. His shirt was even sticking to his chest and back. It was a faded blue shirt with some band that he probably never even listened to's logo on the front. I walked over to the fridge and got out a bottled water and handed it to him. "Thanks." He said, then took it and placed it on his neck for a moment and wiped it down his arms to cool himself off faster.

Then he took a long drink, almost finishing the entire bottle all at once. "Damn that was good." He said and stood up, walked to me and put his arms around my waist and kissed me. I kisses him back and slid my hands around his waist as well. His hands worked their way down to my ass and gave it a quick squeeze. I jumped a little at that. I did the same to him and he was more relaxed about it. (But only because he knew it was coming after grabbing mine.) We stood there kissing for what seemed like eternity.

His lips were so amazing. They were just perfect. They felt. Right. Like they were made just for me. Finally I pulled away. Once again I had been lost in his lips. "Now then. We are alone in my house with no one but each other. Whatever shall we do?" I joked.

"I dont know. Maybe we could go into your room and play games." He joked along. Nudging me at 'play games.' Logan and I headed down into my bedroom/basement and sat on the bed.

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"Now, you lay down. since you did this to me the last time" I guided him over to the bed and pushed him onto his back like he did me and I slowly climbed over him.

I made sure to grind my dick against his all the way up. I kissed him. Savoring his precious taste. The feel of his breath on my face.

I loved it. And I loved him. I slid my hands underneath him and started grinding our junks together. We were both hard already. Logan let out a soft moan and bit his lip. His teeth were perfect. Besides the slight misdirection of one of his upper teeth.

But that didn't bother me. I kissed him again. This time, he licked my lips slightly letting me know he wanted to take it further. I parted my lips more and his tongue slid tentatively past them. It was warm and sweet tasting. I pushed my tongue against his. Exploring his tongue with mine and then I slid my tongue into his mouth. It was a new experience for me but i felt like a pro already.


We made out like that for a solid five minutes, forgetting completely about our grinding hips. We both pulled back to breath.

We both were out of breath from the make out session we just had. "Well. that was nice." I said. A smile spreading on my face. "Yeah it was." He replied, smiling back at me. "Now, for that something new?" "Yes." He said. Running his hands up my shirt and rubbing my chest. I sat up and stripped off my shirt and threw it towards the side of the bed. Logan rubbed his hands over my chest. I was 16 but I didn't have too much hair on my chest. I was rather smooth chested.

He stopped on my nipples and massaged them. I let out a low moan. He took it as a sign and massaged a bit faster. I ran my hands up his shirt now. Pulling it up as I went up. I could feel the slight six pack as I ran my hands along his stomach up to his chest.


He had a small bit of hair, but he felt smooth. I found his nipple and started rubbing it between my fingers. He seemed to like it, because he let out a moan, and sat up to take off his shirt. I laid back down onto him and kissed him, beginning our grinding again. I kissed his neck and kissed down his chest to his nipple. He looked down, watching me. I looked up at him and kissed his nipple. I looked back down to his nipple and licked it with the tip of my tongue. It was soft. And slightly hard.

After licking it with the tip of my tongue, getting the feel of things, I closed my mouth over it and used the whole flat of my tongue over it. Logan moaned loudly this time. I sucked on it. He must have liked that too because his hands went to his sides and gripped the sheets. "You like that?" I teased. "Mhmm." He moaned. Breathing faster. "Good." I reached down with my hand and groped his dick.

He jumped. In my hand and under my body. I looked up at him. He was watching me intently. I squeezed him in my hand. He was big. It felt bigger than mine. He closed his eyes and laid his head back. Letting out a load moan as I squeezed his dick again. I wanted to feel it. See it. Taste it. I wanted the whole thing. "Can I ask you something crazy?" I said. "What is it?" "Can I. Can I see? . Your dick?" I was nervous again.

And I felt my face grow hot. "I thought you would never ask." he said moaning. I instantly was relieved. I slid off of him so he could sit up. He was pulling off his shorts slowly and my stomach was rolling over and over again.

Finally he pulled off the shorts and discarded them over the edge of the bed. He still had his briefs on. He was about to star sliding them off when I said "Wait. Let me do it." He sat back. With his arms behind him. I nervously brought my hands up to his dick and rubbed him through them.

He was definitely bigger than me. I could see how big he was through his red briefs. My dick jumped as I started to pull down his covering. First the head showed. It was a soft purplish pink.

Then the rest of him followed it. I was amazed at how thick and long it was. It was at least seven inches long.

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That's the biggest I'd ever seen. (being 16 and all.) he wrapped his hand around it and held it straight towards me. I was stunned. It was magnificent.

"Go ahead." As if I knew exactly what he meant as soon as he said it, I reached and grabbed it. It was so warm in my hand. It felt warmer than mine too. Logan had a faint tan line from just above his hips to about the end of where his briefs had been. His dick was at least a shade or two darker than the rest of his skin.

And his balls. Oh god, his balls were so big. I reached with my free hand and grabbed them cautiously. He was hairy down here, but recently shaved, I could tell. He moaned loudly as a fondled then softly. "Alright. Now it's your turn." He said shyly. "Okay." I said I started sliding off my shorts a little faster than he had.

My dick was hard as a rock. I had just held his dick and mine was instantly harder. "Would you like to do the honors?" I smiled. "Would I." He smiled back and scooted closer. I leaned back like he did before and I closed my eyes. Suddenly I felt his hands wrap around my dick through my briefs.

I moaned, and without hesitation, Logan had pulled my underwear down and slid them down my legs. I had a slight tan line from the occasional outdoor activities I did.

He gripped my dick and my balls. I was only an average five and a half or six inches. But I was pretty wide too and thick. His hands were magical. I moaned again louder and looked back at Logan. Oh how I loved him and his big dick so much already. I leaned forward and kissed him, pushing him onto his back again and climbed back onto him. It was so much more different naked than it was clothed. It felt much better. We both moaned as our dicks rubbed together. "Oh god this is great." Logan moaned.

"Yeah it is." I kissed his neck and bit it lightly. I continued kissing down to his nipples, played with them for a moment and continued my kissing down to his stomach. I kissed his abs. I kissed down a little further.

To his hips. Stopped and looked up. I was nervous, but I was going with the flow of the mood. Logan had his head laid back, enjoying the moment. I kissed down to the base of his dick.

I grabbed the shaft and started stroking it slowly. He moaned and his dick throbbed. I kissed the tip of his dick. I licked my lips and kissed it more. Logan instinctively thrusted his hips up, causing the head to go all the way onto my tongue.

I licked all around it and up and down the tip. He moaned even loader than he had before. I pushed my head down further onto his dick. It tasted so good. I went down as far as I could before I almost gagged. I pulled off and started stroking his dick faster. He bucked his hips more. "Mmm! I've never had anyone else touch my dick before. It feels so good." He moaned loudly. It felt amazing making him moan and feel so turned on. " I haven't either, and you taste really good." I went back down on his dick before he could say anything else.

He moaned again.

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This time he ran his hand through my hair and held it there, slightly pushing my head down onto him. I let it happen. I wanted to have the whole thing in my mouth. But I was only about halfway down before I had to come off slightly. Sliding as much as I could into my mouth every time I went back down onto him made Logan almost scream with pleasure.

His hand was filled with my hair still holding onto it firmly. I loved it. He was pushing me with more force now. I could feel his dick sliding into my throat. "Oh god, Daniel! I'm gonna cum!" He moaned as load as he was able without full on screaming. I started moving my head up and down faster. I wanted to taste his cum. He was fucking my mouth and I was about to taste cum for the first time. This was the greatest moment in the world for me. I was sucking my lover's cock, and I loved it.

I held my head down as much as I could. "Fuck! Daniel!!!" He yelled. "I'm cumming!" As soon as he had said it my mouth was being filled with his cum. I swallowed his first shot and he came again and again.

Finally after a few more spurts he was done and I swallowed all of his cum. I sucked his dick a few seconds longer and raised up. I was gasping for air and so was he. He was sprawled out across my bed looking gave out. "That. Was. Amazing." I said, licking my lips. He raised up and looked at me. I smiled. He smiled wearily back at me. He leaned forward and kissed me on the lips "I love you.

He said, then he kissed my cheek, then my neck. He bit my neck and I threw my head back and moaned. He bit it again and I moaned again. He wrapped his arms around me and pulled me back onto my back next to him and he rolled onto me.

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He ran his fingers along my chest and played with my nipples. I but my lip.

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"Now it's your turn." He said. ~-Chapter 2: To Be Continued-~ (Sorry, it's been a little while since I wrote any more. This is what I got to so far. I'll eventually revise everything from both parts of chapter 2 and combine them.

But alas, I will work on the rest when I have time. Until then, leave a like and a comment. I enjoy the feedback. Thanks.)