Matured woman gets naughty in her black lingerie masturbate homemade

Matured woman gets naughty in her black lingerie masturbate homemade
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She was way out of it. Dexy was standing there limp against her restraints, They had dose her with something.

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She could barely move. Forcing the fog that had settle over her brain from the drug, she thought back to her time at the bar.

£€ "Another shot please mister bar tender." Dexy slurred sitting her shot glass next to the five others she had already downed. Ugh today was such a fucked up day Dexy thought as she nodded her thanks to the bar tender as he sat her seventh glass down, downing it Dexy thought back to her day at work. Working as a secertary for a rich, owning several companies stick in the ass bachelor Micah Tyrant, had there ups and downs.

Like The face he barely gave her a secound glance unless it was to ccriticizecrit how she filed this or how she explained things, but he never threaten to fire her knowing she was a cery valuable person to his companies.

"Another one please." Dexy sat the glass on top of the other the beginnings of a very depressing shot glass castle, "Thank you." downing the straight vodka that the bar tender handed her Dexy leaned back closing her eyes savouring the fiery trail sliding down her throat.

Today had to be the worst day yet at work.

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Dexy had came in late, after dropping her keys in her coffee and splashing her white dress which she than had to change, getting a scratchs on her BMW from parking to close to her garage wall, finally losing her ID to get into the building and had to wait for the guard heavily dosed with jelly doughnuts to get up and unlock the damn door.

After getting Mr.Tyrant's double shot latte from the small coffee on the first floor Dexy hurried up to stairs the office shared with her boss, but instead of sitting the coffe on his desk and sliding into her desk in the corner undetected. She was met with all 6'0 foot height of Micah Tyrant.

Dexy had to admit, he was a handsome. Well toned body that always fitted perfectly in his suits, sharp high cheek bones and square jaw that was cleaned shaven, dark wavy dark hair that feel over his forehead and brush the matching eyebrows, that arched over bright green hazel eyes that was surrounded by long girly eyelashes. Dexy had caught him a few time with one of his female accountants pinned on his desk moaning as she was fucked sensless, but Dexy knew better than to comfort them about it instead she slowly backed out closing the door making an exuse about having to print more papers.

"You are late Ms.Lynn" Micah said his eyes glittering dangerously, he folded his arms over his relatively nice chest. "Thank you for pointing that our sir," Dexy said staring unflinching back into those cold hard eyes, working for him for three years had made her immune to it "Had a bit of a rough morning." Her reaction only just made him madder, bending down until our nose almost touched he hissed "Get to work now" Keeping her face blank, Dexy handed him his latte and sliped past him her breast brushing hischest, Dexy heard Micah sudden inhale sharply glancing up Dexy saw his eyes had became heated but still had the cold hardness to it.

Her reaction to his stare, quite shocked Dexy instead of disgust she usually had when other men gave her that heated stared. She felt a sudden heat in the pit of her stomach and she was suddenly short of breath. The way Micah's eyes widen told her he did not miss it either, opening his mouth he spoke "Dexy.?" his voice was husky and was an octave lower than before, he had lower his eyelashes giving Dexy a smoldering look.


Keeping eye contact, Dexy felt her knees begin to tremble as the heat increaseincrea in the pit of her stomach. Finally unable to take it any longer Dexy looked downwards and continued her recent journey to her desk while speaking to her boss over her shoulder "Sir, you jave two board meetings after your lunch date with the owner of the wine company. I will get the paper work together as fast as I can." "Cancel it all, something important has came up, I will stay here and handle it." his words where brisk and cold, nodding Dexy sat and got to work.

For the rest of the day Mich Tyrant either had her own her feet fetching supplies and printed papers or glued to her desk sorting out files and correcting local documents.


By the end of the day Dexy was very tired and badly needed a drink. Now that her achol desire was quinched Dexy really needed to go home to her four bedrom condo and sleep. Getting up Dexy slapped enough money for her shots and give the bar tender a tip, she then stumbled out the door and inhaled the polluted New York air, walking towards the parking lot Dexy went through her purse looking for her keys, she wasn't paying attentionatt to her surrounds until she felt a sharp pain in her neck as needle broke through her skin.

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Not having any time but gasp loudly Dexy slipped into an inky darkness. €£ "I see you are up." a voice broke through the surrounding darkness that blanketed the room. Now able to move Dexy pulled at her restraints panic seizing her heart and sending into into over-drive, "W-where am I?" she asked her voice cracking in fear.

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"A place where you would be mine only, a place where I can do anything I desire to you." the voice got closer, it seemed to becoming from behind her "and the best part you have no say so in it." finishing the sentence the unknown person rip open her blouse earning a startled scream from Dexy.

"N-no please not please." Dexy sob and beg pulling harder on the coarse rope that held her captive, bruising her wrist. "Mmmm I love when you beg like that." the voice whisper huskily in Dexy's ear before nibbling on her earlobe lightly, getting a smal whimper from her.

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"N-no please stop. Please let me go!" Dexy became louder and was now tugging tugging so hard on the rope her wrist was begining to bleed.

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A sudden harsh slap on both of her breast made her cry out but shut up. The voice begin to speak harshly in her ear "Shut up!

You will do exactly what i tell you if you don't." the voice trailed off and sudden the person hands where on her boobs twisting her nipple painfully, Dexy cried out and arched her back "I will punish you in the most painful way imaginable.and you will only answer to me as Master or sir understood?" When Dexy didn't answer right away, she was punished with two hard painful slaps on her breast both each "Ah!" Dexy jolted.

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"Understood!!" the voice whisper angerily in ear. "" Dexy said meekly, her breast throbbing with each rapid beat.or her paniced seized heart. "Good." the voice cooed and begin to massage Dexy assaulted breast gently "I might just have a lot of fun with you."

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